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Margriet Wetherwax & Noel H. Holmgren

Subshrub or shrub. Stem: wand-like to much-branched. Leaf: drought-deciduous, ± opposite or in 3s, distal occasionally alternate; sessile to short-petioled. Inflorescence: panicle or spike-like; bracts reduced. Flower: calyx lobes 5, ± equal; corolla ± white, ± yellow, or red, short-glandular outside, upper lip ± hooded, 2-lobed, lobes rounded, external in bud, lower lip rounded, lobes often reflexed; stamens 4, filaments attached at 1 level, densely nonglandular-hairy at base, anthers small, glabrous, anther sacs generally spreading flat at dehiscence; staminode well developed, glabrous to densely bearded; nectary a disk; stigma unlobed. Fruit: septicidal and sometimes also loculicidal at tip, ovoid. Seed: many, irregularly angled.
7 species: especially California, western Nevada, western Arizona, Baja California. (David D. Keck, California botanist, 1903–1995; Keckia used earlier, for genus of fossil algae) [Freeman et al. 2003 Syst Bot 28:782–790] Red-flowered species are hummingbird-pollinated.
Unabridged references: [Straw 1966 Brittonia 18:80–95; Wolfe et al. 2002 Syst Bot 27:138–148]

Key to Keckiella

1. Corolla bright pink to red or red-orange, tube 16–25 mm, throat indistinct

2. Leaves ± opposite

3. Leaf base rounded to cordate; anther sacs 1.1–1.5 mm ..... K. cordifolia

3' Leaf base wedge-shaped; anther sacs 0.9–1 mm ..... K. corymbosa

2' Leaves generally whorled in 3s (occasionally few opposite) ..... K. ternata

4. Calyx glandular, 3.8–5.5 mm ..... var. septentrionalis

4' Calyx glabrous, 4.5–7.2 mm ..... var. ternata

1' Corolla white, yellow, or brown-purple, short tube and distinct throat together 4–11 mm

5. Corolla 10–15 mm, tube + throat > upper lip

6. Inflorescence a panicle; flowers pedicelled; anther sac valves spreading widely; staminode densely hairy; young stems glabrous, glaucous ..... K. lemmonii

6' Inflorescence spike-like; flowers ± sessile; anther sac valves barely spreading; staminode glabrous near tip; young stems densely short-hairy, green ..... K. rothrockii

7. Corolla 13–15 mm, sparsely long-hairy; leaves green, becoming glabrous ..... var. jacintensis

7' Corolla 10–12 mm, becoming glabrous; leaves canescent ..... var. rothrockii

5' Corolla 12–23 mm, tube + throat < upper lip

8. Staminode densely yellow-hairy; corolla yellow; anther sacs 1.1–1.8 mm ..... K. antirrhinoides

9. Calyx 3–6 mm, lobes widely ovate, tips obtuse to acute; plant finely hairy; anther sacs 1.4–1.8 mm ..... var. antirrhinoides

9' Calyx 5.5–9 mm, lobes lanceolate, tips acute to acuminate; plant canescent; anther sacs 1.1–1.5 mm ..... var. microphylla

8' Staminode glabrous near tip; corolla white, cream, or rose-tinged; anther sacs 0.6–0.8 mm ..... K. breviflora

10. Calyx glandular ..... var. breviflora

10' Calyx glabrous ..... var. glabrisepala


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