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James P. Smith, Jr. & Kelly W. Allred

Perennial herb, cespitose. Stem: erect. Leaf: generally basal and cauline; sheaths < internodes; ligule short, densely ciliate; blade narrow, flat to folded. Inflorescence: generally raceme-like (occasionally panicle-like or spikelet 1). Spikelet: ± laterally compressed; glumes ± equal, > florets, papery, 1–7-veined; florets 3–8, breaking above glumes and between florets; callus short-hairy; lemma rounded, (5)7–11-veined, tip 2-toothed, awn 0 or generally awned on back below teeth, awn generally bent, flat, coiled below bend, straight, ± cylindric above bend; palea = lemma; anthers 3. Fruit: elliptic.
20 species: warm temperate, tropics, America, Europe, northern Africa. (É. Danthoine, French botanist, agrostologist, 1739–1794) [Darbyshire 2003 FNANM 25:301–306] Danthonia pilosa R. Br. now treated as Rytidosperma. Variation, especially in Danthonia californica, and Danthonia unispicata, needs study. Danthonia purpurea L. f. [Karroochloa purpurea (L. f.) Conert & Türpe], grown at the Botanical Garden at Berkeley, but not naturalized.

Key to Danthonia

1. Lemma awnless ..... [D. decumbens]

1' Lemma awned

2. Upper leaf blades abruptly spreading to reflexed; lower inflorescence branches flexible, ± divergent to reflexed ..... D. californica

2' Upper leaf blades ascending; lower inflorescence branches or stalks stiff, erect

3. Spikelets generally 5–10 per inflorescence; lemma (except awns) 3–6 mm; leaves generally glabrous, not papillate ..... D. intermedia subsp. intermedia

3' Spikelets 1(2–3) per inflorescence; lemma (except awns) 5.5–11 mm; leaves generally densely hairy, hairs papillate at base or leaf surface papillate only ..... D. unispicata


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