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Gary L. Hannan

Perennial herb, glabrous, glaucous or not; sap colorless. Leaf: basal, deeply dissected, segments often lobed. Inflorescence: raceme, panicle, or 1-flowered. Flower: biradial, nodding to erect; sepals 2, shed after flower; petals 4, white or cream to pale yellow to pink or pink-tipped, persistent or not, outer 2 free, lanceolate, alike, both pouched at base, inner 2 adherent at tips, oblanceolate, ± crested on back; stamens 6, ± fused in 2 sets opposite outer petals; ovary cylindric to long-conic, placentas 2, style 1, stigma lobes 2. Fruit: oblong, fusiform to ovate, or conic, dehiscent from tip. Seed: few, 1–2 mm, oblong to reniform, smooth to finely netted, black; fleshy appendage present.
18 species: North America, Asia; some ornamental. (Greek: twice spurred, from outer petals) Other species in TJM (1993) moved to Ehrendorferia (Liden et al. 1997 Plant Syst Evol 206:411–420).

Key to Dicentra

1. Inflorescence 2–30-flowered; crest on inner petals conspicuous, extending 1–2 mm beyond tip; plant rhizomed, tubers 0, bulblets 0

2. Base of central stamen of each set aligned with lateral 2; Northwestern California, Cascade Range, High Sierra Nevada, n Central Western California; < 2300 m ..... D. formosa

2' Base of central stamen of each set looped into base of outer petal; s High Sierra Nevada; 2200–3100 m ..... D. nevadensis

1' Inflorescence 1–3-flowered; crest on inner petals 0 or obscure, not extending beyond tip; plant with tubers or bulblets

3. Outer petals recurved < 1/2 length; inflorescence 1–3-flowered ..... D. pauciflora

3' Outer petals recurved > 1/2 length; inflorescence 1-flowered; ..... D. uniflora


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