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Peter F. Zika

Shrub, tree. Leaf: odd-1-pinnately compound [not], petioled, deciduous; leaflets generally toothed, terminal partly fused to uppermost lateral(s) or not. Inflorescence: panicle, many-flowered; pedicel bractlets 0. Flower: hypanthium bractlets 0, stamens generally 20; ovary generally inferior, chambers 1–5, styles 1–5, generally free. Fruit: pome, generally spheric, chambers 1–5, 1–2-seeded.
± 130 species: northern temperate, tropical Asia. (Latin: ancient name) Species intergrade.
Unabridged references: [Jones 1939 J Arnold Arbor 20:1–43]

Key to Sorbus

1. Hairs of stem-buds, leaflet axils, leaf axils, inflorescence ± white or ± gray

2. Leaflets dull adaxially, 11–17; stem-bud not shiny, not sticky, hairs dense ..... [S. aucuparia]

2' Leaflets shiny adaxially, 7–13; stem-bud shiny, sticky, hairs generally sparse ..... S. scopulina

1' Hairs of stem-buds, leaflet axils, leaf axils, inflorescence primarily red-brown

3. Leaflets shiny adaxially, 2–4 cm; stem-bud shiny, sticky, not glaucous, hairs generally only on scale margins, tips; flower, fruit pedicel ± glabrous ..... S. californica

3' Leaflets dull adaxially, 2–6 cm; stem-bud glaucous, not shiny, not sticky, hairs on scale margins, tips, faces; flower, fruit pedicel glabrous or ± hairy ..... S. sitchensis

4. Lateral leaflets ± entire or toothed above middle ..... var. grayi

4' Lateral leaflets toothed below middle ..... var. sitchensis


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