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Scientific Name

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Major GroupScientific NameYearName StatusNative Status
Phaeophyceae (brown)Zonaria farlowii1924accepted nameNative
Phaeophyceae (brown)Zonaria sinuosa
(Under Colpomenia sinuosa)
1817homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Zanardinula andersoniana
(Under Prionitis andersoniana)
1944homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Zanardinula cornea1954misapplied; not in California
Rhodophyceae (red)Zanardinula kylinii
(Under Prionitis linearis)
1947homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Zanardinula lanceolata
(Under Prionitis lanceolata)
1936homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Zanardinula linearis
(Under Prionitis linearis)
1944homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Zanardinula lyallii
(Under Prionitis sternbergii)
1936heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Zanardinula sternbergii
(Under Prionitis sternbergii)
1936homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Zanardinula vizcainensis
(Under Prionitis filiformis)
1954heterotypic synonym

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