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Scientific Name

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Major GroupScientific NameYearName StatusNative Status
Chlorophyceae (green)Valonia ovalis
(Under Derbesia marina)
1822heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Vaucheria marina
(Under Derbesia marina)
1819homotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Vaucheriella marina
(Under Derbesia marina)
1833homotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Virsodes furcatum
(Under Fucus distichus)
1891heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Verrucaria rubra
(Under Hildenbrandia rubra)
1826homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Vertebrata baileyi
(Under Pterosiphonia baileyi)
1891homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Vertebrata bipinnata
(Under Pterosiphonia bipinnata)
1891homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Vertebrata paniculata
(Under Neosiphonia paniculata)
1891homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Vertebrata verticillata
(Under Herposiphonia verticillata)
1891homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Vertebrata woodii
(Under Pterochondria woodii)
1891homotypic synonym

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