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Scientific Name

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Major GroupScientific NameYearName StatusNative Status
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva angusta
(Under Ulva californica)
1920heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva bertolonii
(Under Ulva linza)
1823heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva bulbosa var. intestinalis
(Under Ulva intestinalis)
1889homotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva californica1899accepted nameCryptogenic
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva costata
(Under Ulva taeniata)
1971heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva crispata
(Under Ulva linza)
1810heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva dactylifera
(Under Ulva taeniata)
1920heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva enteromorpha f. crispata
(Under Ulva linza)
1863heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva enteromorpha var. intestinalis
(Under Ulva intestinalis)
1863homotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva enteromorpha var. lanceolata
(Under Ulva linza)
1863heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva fasciata
(Under Ulva linza)
1821heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva fasciata f. costata
(Under Ulva taeniata)
1914heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva fasciata f. taeniata
(Under Ulva taeniata)
1901homotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva intestinalis1753accepted nameCryptogenic
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva intestinalis var. asexualis
(Under Ulva intestinalis)
2007heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva intestinalis var. nana
(Under Blidingia minima)
1826heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva intybacea
(Under Ulva linza)
1779heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva lactuca1753accepted nameCryptogenic
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva lanceolata
(Under Ulva linza)
1767heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva linza1753accepted nameCryptogenic
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva linza var. lanceolata
(Under Ulva linza)
1823heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva lobata1855accepted nameCryptogenic
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva nematoidea1828misapplied; not in California
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva procera
(Under Ulva linza)
2003heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva scagelii
(Under Ulva californica)
1969heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva taeniata1920accepted nameNative
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva tanneri2003accepted nameCryptogenic
Chlorophyceae (green)Ulva vexata
(Under Blidingia minima var. vexata)
1920homotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Urospora gregaria
(Under Urospora penicilliformis)
1984homotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Urospora isogona
(Under Urospora penicilliformis)
1902heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Urospora mirabilis
(Under Urospora penicilliformis)
1866heterotypic synonym
Chlorophyceae (green)Urospora penicilliformis1874accepted nameCryptogenic
Phaeophyceae (brown)Ulva fascia
(Under Petalonia fascia)
1819homotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Ulva fascia var. tenuior
(Under Petalonia fascia)
1819heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Ulva priapus
(Under Nereocystis luetkeana)
1768heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Ulva simplicissima
(Under Scytosiphon lomentaria)
1807heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Ulva sinuosa
(Under Colpomenia sinuosa)
1806homotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Undaria pinnatifida1873accepted nameNon-native
Rhodophyceae (red)Ulva elminthoides
(Under Nemalion elminthoides)
1796homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Ulva glandiformis
(Under Halosaccion glandiforme)
1768homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Ulva rubra
(Under Nemalion elminthoides)
1778heterotypic synonym

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