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Scientific Name

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Major GroupScientific NameYearName StatusNative Status
Phaeophyceae (brown)Nereocystis gigantea
(Under Pelagophycus porra)
1876heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Nereocystis luetkeana1840accepted nameNative
Phaeophyceae (brown)Nereocystis priapus
(Under Nereocystis luetkeana)
1901heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Neurocarpus undulatus
(Under Dictyopteris undulata)
1928homotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Neurocarpus undulatus f. planus
(Under Dictyopteris undulata)
1936heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Neurocarpus zonarioides
(Under Dictyopteris undulata)
1914heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Nostoc marinum
(Under Leathesia marina)
1812homotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Nostoc mesentericum
(Under Leathesia marina)
1824heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Nemalion andersonii
(Under Cumagloia andersonii)
1877homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Nemalion elminthoides1902accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Nemalion helminthoides
(Under Nemalion elminthoides)
1902homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Nemalion hudsonii
(Under Nemalion elminthoides)
1842heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Nemastoma californicum
(Under Gloiosiphonia californica)
1877homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Neoagardhiella baileyi
(Under Sarcodiotheca gaudichaudii)
1973heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Neogastroclonium subarticulatum2008accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Neoptilota californica1956accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Neoptilota densa1976accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Neoptilota hypnoides1976accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Neorhodomela larix1982accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Neosiphonia paniculata2014accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Neuroglossum andersonianum
(Under Nienburgia andersoniana)
1876homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Neuroglossum lobuliferum
(Under Cryptopleura lobulifera)
1898homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Nienburgia andersoniana1935accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Nitophyllum ciliolatum
(Under Acrosorium ciliolatum)
1855homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Nitophyllum farlowianum
(Under Cryptopleura ruprechtiana)
1898heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Nitophyllum flabelligerum
(Under Hymenena flabelligera)
1876homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Nitophyllum latissimum
(Under Polyneura latissima)
1870homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Nitophyllum multilobum
(Under Hymenena multiloba)
1876homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Nitophyllum ruprechtianum
(Under Cryptopleura ruprechtiana)
1872homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Nitophyllum venulosum
(Under Acrosorium ciliolatum)
1866heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Nitophyllum violaceum
(Under Cryptopleura violacea)
1876homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Norrissia setchellii1980accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Notophyllum (Neuroglossum) andersonianum J. Agardh [msc.]
(Under Nienburgia andersoniana)
1875homotypic synonym

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