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Scientific Name

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Major GroupScientific NameYearName StatusNative Status
Rhodophyceae (red)Jania compressa
(Under Jania rosea)
1824heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Jania crispata
(Under Jania rosea)
1842heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Jania cuvieri
(Under Jania rosea)
1842heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Jania gracilis
(Under Jania rosea)
1845heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Jania micrarthrodia var. crassa
(Under Jania verrucosa)
1852heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Jania natalensis
(Under Jania verrucosa)
1849heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Jania natalensis var. tenuior
(Under Jania verrucosa)
1857heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Jania pedunculata
(Under Jania verrucosa)
1816heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Jania robusta
(Under Jania verrucosa)
1953heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Jania rosea1842accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Jania verrucosa1816accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Joculator pinnatifolius
(Under Corallina pinnatifolia)
1937homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Johansenia macmillanii2013accepted nameNative

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