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Scientific Name

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Major GroupScientific NameYearName StatusNative Status
Chlorophyceae (green)Derbesia marina1846accepted nameCryptogenic
Chlorophyceae (green)Derbesia pacifica
(Under Derbesia marina)
1937heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Desmarestia dudresnayi subsp. tabacoides2014accepted nameCryptogenic
Phaeophyceae (brown)Desmarestia filamentosa
(Under Desmarestia viridis)
1944heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Desmarestia herbacea1813accepted nameNative
Phaeophyceae (brown)Desmarestia latifrons1859accepted nameNative
Phaeophyceae (brown)Desmarestia ligulata var. firma1848misapplied; not in California
Phaeophyceae (brown)Desmarestia ligulata var. herbacea
(Under Desmarestia herbacea)
1848homotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Desmarestia media var. tenuis
(Under Desmarestia viridis)
1924heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Desmarestia munda
(Under Desmarestia herbacea)
1924heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Desmarestia pacifica
(Under Desmarestia viridis)
1924heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Desmarestia tabacoides
(Under Desmarestia dudresnayi subsp. tabacoides)
1908homotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Desmarestia viridis1813accepted nameCryptogenic
Phaeophyceae (brown)Desmia herbacea
(Under Desmarestia herbacea)
1840homotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dichloria viridis
(Under Desmarestia viridis)
1830homotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dictyoneuropsis reticulata
(Under Dictyoneurum reticulatum)
1942homotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dictyoneurum californicum1852accepted nameNative
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dictyoneurum reticulatum2008accepted nameNative
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dictyopteris johnstonei
(Under Dictyopteris undulata)
1940heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dictyopteris undulata1896accepted nameCryptogenic
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dictyopteris zonarioides
(Under Dictyopteris undulata)
1899heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dictyota binghamiae1894accepted nameNative
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dictyota coriacea2004accepted nameCryptogenic
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dictyota flabellata1924accepted nameNative
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dictyota hesperia
(Under Dictyota flabellata)
1924heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dictyota johnstonii
(Under Dictyota flabellata)
1924heterotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Dilophus flabellatus
(Under Dictyota flabellata)
1901homotypic synonym
Phaeophyceae (brown)Durvillaea porra
(Under Pelagophycus porra)
1828homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Dasya binghamiae1996accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Dasya delilei
(Under Asparagopsis taxiformis)
1841homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Dasya plumosa
(Under Rhodoptilum plumosum)
1851homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Dasya sinicola1959accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Dasyopsis densa
(Under Rhodoptilum plumosum)
1943heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Dasyopsis plumosa
(Under Rhodoptilum plumosum)
1893homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Delesseria decipens
(Under Cumathamnion decipiens)
1872homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Dilsea californica1891accepted nameNative
Rhodophyceae (red)Drouetia rotata
(Under Maripelta rotata)
1949homotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Dumontia decapitata
(Under Halosaccion glandiforme)
1841heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Dumontia fucicola
(Under Halosaccion glandiforme)
1840heterotypic synonym
Rhodophyceae (red)Dumontia furcata
(Under Gloiopeltis furcata)
1840homotypic synonym

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