Indian Ocean Catalogue


Silva, Paul C., Philip W. Basson, and Richard L. Moe. Catalogue of the Benthic Marine Algae of the Indian Ocean. University of California Publications in Botany, vol. 79. 1259 pp., 1 fig. 1996.

All published records of species and infraspecific taxa of benthic marine algae from the Indian Ocean excluding the Red Sea are assembled in a catalogue. Classes and orders are arranged according to an assumed phylogenetic scheme, while genera, species, and infraspecific taxa are arranged alphabetically within the next higher taxon. The taxonomic framework takes into account recently published opinions. Each taxonomic synonym is accompanied by a citation of the author who first proposed the synonymy. Additional taxonomic and nomenclatural notes are provided where deemed useful. Type localities are indicated for all basionyms. A total of 1323 of the 3289 accepted names have type localities lying within the Indian Ocean region.

Cyanophyceae (blue-green algae) comprise 67 genera with 287 species or infraspecific taxa. They are arranged according to the Geitlerian scheme as modified by Komárek and Anagnostidis, accompanied by a reconciliation with the Drouetian system. Their nomenclature is based on a 1753 Linnaean starting-point.

Rhodophyceae (red algae) comprise 390 genera with 1810 species or infraspecific taxa.

Phaeophyceae (brown algae) comprise 96 genera with 596 species or infraspecific taxa, of which 239 belong to Sargassum.

Xanthophyceae (represented only by Vaucheria) comprise 11 species.

Chlorophyceae (green algae) comprise 77 genera with 585 species or infraspecific taxa, of which 131 belong to Caulerpa.

Carradoriella is adopted as a new name in place of Carradoria Kylin, Nizamuddinia is adopted in place of Sargassopsis Nizamuddin et al., and Oligocladella is adopted in place of Oligocladus Weber-van Bosse. In addition, new binomials are proposed in Acrosiphonia, Beckerella, Betaphycus, Bostrychia, Brachytrichia, Carpothamnion, Carradoriella, Caulerpa, Chondria, Cladophoropsis, Coeloclonium, Derbesia, Dermocarpa, Echinothamnion, Endosiphonia, Eucheuma, Feldmannia, Gayralia, Gelidium, Gracilaria, Hapalospongidion, Husseya, Hydrolithon, Jania, Kappaphycus, Leibleinia, Lithophyllum, Lobophora, Lophocladia, Microcystis, Micropeuce, Neogoniolithon, Nizamuddinia, Oligocladella, Phloiocaulon, Phormidium, Pneophyllum, Polysiphonia, Rhizoclonium, Rytiphlaea, Sargassum, Sphaenosiphon, Spirocoleus, Sporolithon, Spyridia, Stictosiphonia, Stilophora, Struveopsis, Stypopodium, and Trichosolen.

A history of Indian Ocean phycology precedes the systematic part of the catalogue. Extensive taxonomic and nomenclatural notes by P.C. Silva on Cyanophyceae, Rhodophyta, Bangiophycidae, Dermonema, Gracilariaceae, Agardhiella, Betaphycus, Ceramium flaccidum, Carradoriella, Lophosiphonia, Ectocarpus, Phloiocaulon, Dictyopteris, Dictyota adnata, Stilophora, Sargassum, the Spongomorpha-Acrosiphonia complex, Microdictyon, and Rhizoclonium tortuosum are included in an appendix. Entries of 65 names of uncertain application or names of species excluded from the geographical scope of the catalogue are also included in an appendix. The bibliography consists of more than 4000 references.