Michael Park

Research Interests

I am interested in the evolution of leaf heteroblasty (seasonal heterophylly) in Eryngium (Apiaceae) of the New World and its consequences for adaptation to vernal pool habitats or other seasonally water inundated environments. I am working with Bruce Baldwin on the pollination syndrome in Collinsia, specifically the link between flower size and self-fertilization. I am also taking a fresh look at the systematics of Collinsia as well as collaborating with Robert Preston on the Eryngium treatment for the second edition of The Jepson Manual. I am working on the conservation of the annual Mount Diablo buckwheat and researching the role of disturbance (landslide and animal use) and competition in the maintenance of the only known population. When I am not busy with research projects, I might be found anywhere in California or the western United States collecting plants or adventuring.