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Iranian Visitors
The University and Jepson Herbaria hosted visiting Iranian botanists in August and September, 2003 as part of the Californian-Iranian Botanical Program. An account of this program was written up in the CalIran Newsletter
Multiple entry keys
MEKA and keys to Asteraceae are available for download
The Jepson Online Interchange
now includes links to photographs in Cal Photos, lists of plants by county and bioregion, and the Jepson Manual (incorporating information from the Jepson Desert Manual).
Constancea announced
The online publication jointly sponsored by the Herbaria and the University of California Press posted its first issue, a Festschrift celebrating Paul Silva's 80th birthday, on December 13, 2002.
New Grant to Brent Mishler and Alan Smith as part of a collaborative effort to reconstruct the relationships of green plants using comparative genomics.
Read the University press release
Read about the Tree of Life Project (~2.5M PDF file)
UC press release on Desert Manual
The Jepson Desert Manual is featured in a June 14 University of California press release that includes a slide show of some of the images of desert wildflowers
Job listing for assistant researcher posted
UC Berkeley's Jepson Herbarium seeks a qualified botanist to conduct studies on phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary questions in the true thistles (Cirsium)

Coordinator of Public Programs sought
See the job announcement
The MossCam Project:
The world's first remote-sensing project on moss ecology is now online
Developing collaborations with Chinese universities -- recent visiting delegations.
Mo-Mei Chen introduced two groups from Chinese universities to the Herbaria in February and March
New book - March 1, 2002
The Jepson Desert Manual is available in bookstores! For more information or to place an order go to:
SoBeFree 7 - March 23-26, 2002
Herbarium Director Brent Mishler will be leading the seventh annual SoBeFree field trip March 23-26. This year's destination is the Hopland Research and Extension Center in Mendocino and Lake counties, California. For more information or to sign up, please visit the SoBeFree page
Sunday Feb 10, 2002: Getting to the roots of plant evolution, a workshop on using plants to teach evolution, diversity of life, and the nature of science
Professor Emeritus Lincoln Constance, director of the University Herbarium in the 60's and 70's, passed away on June 11, 2001.
The University has released an obituary.
Big changes in the bryophyte section.
UC has received a grant from the National Science Foundation (DBI-0097026), which we gratefully acknowledge, to improve the bryophyte section, which has been very active recently as the result of Dan Norris's work, but which has occupied very cramped and makeshift quarters. During May, the bryophyte specimens were unavailable as preperations for renovation began. In June new herbarium cabinets were mounted on compactor units, and specimens were transferred from a variety of temporary storage locations into their new quarters.
On Biocultural Diversity
Brent Mishler and Tom Carlson have papers in this recently published book resulting from the symposium: Endangered Languages, Endangered Knowledge, Endangered Environments
Vernal outing
In the spirit of spring the Herbaria made an outing to Jepson Prairie Reserve on Wednesday, April 11th. We were met by Dan Tolson, Reserve Steward, who gave us an introduction to this wonderful vernal pool area. We had a great turnout of staff, researchers and students for a brisk spring day of botanizing.
Fern phylogeny
Alan Smith, Ray Cranfill, and Harald Schneider, UC fern researchers, were among the co-authors of a paper that appeared recently in Nature. Here is a report in Science Daily, here a news release from NSF (which funded the project), here is a pdf file of the paper, and here is a reproduction of the ferny cover.
New grant to integrate plant phylogenetics with plant genomics announced at AAAS meeting
University of California press release (complete with link to talk by Brent Mishler)
Deep Green
News reports about the effort to reconstruct the phylogeny of green plants
Herbaria featured on Bay Area Backroads
KRON-TV's Bay Area Backroads spotlighted biological research at Berkeley on April 29, with the Herbaria, along with the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and Lawrence Berkeley Labs, gaining special attention.

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 7:30
Luisa Maffi
Coevolution: Nature and Culture
BNHM Public Lecture Series
Luisa Maffi is the editor of On Biocultural Diversity, symposium papers from Endangered Languages, Endangered Knowledge, Endangered Environments

Robert Ornduff, 1932 - 2000
Robert Ornduff, former director of the University and Jepson Herbaria, died on Sept. 22.

Botanical Trip to Iran
Barbara Ertter and Fosiee Tahbaz have put together an outline (including images) of their travels in Iran in 1999. Workshops
The brochure for the Jepson Weekend Workshops and other public programs is out. Here is an electronic version.

Tarweed nomenclature
Research into California tarweeds has altered how the relationships are interpreted and has necessitated some name changes. Here is a table relating new names to old.

Keys to California species of Juncus and Luzula
Newly updated by Barbara Ertter

HEBE: Health, Ecology, Biodiversity, & Ethnobiology
A new site hosted at UC/JEPS

Hyperbolic trees We are experimenting with a way to display phylogenetic and taxonomic information compactly.
Check them out if you have a Java-enabled browser

The SMASCH interface to UC and JEPS California specimens is being expanded
Collections may be searched by collection information, or common or scientific name. County distribution maps may be generated.

UC fern type specimens now on-line
UC has within its holdings 1591 identified type specimens (holotypes, lectotypes, isotypes, isolectotypes, syntypes, isosyntypes) of pteridophytes.

Change in the list of California vascular plant species
Henceforward, the list will be updated to reflect ongoing work on California floristics.

New discoveries
Audio file of interview with Barbara Ertter on WAMU's "Public Interest", Feb. 7, 2000

Floristic surprises in North America:
Coverage in U.S. News and World Report (external link)
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