The plant lists referred to on these pages are provided for the convenience of users, to assist field botany. They have not necessarily been authenticated by the Jepson Herbarium, and the identifications may not be supported by voucher specimens. Some of the lists are works-in-progress: they may change (or disappear) according to the wishes of the list preparer. Contact us if you have lists you would like to be posted.
See also the Consortium of California Herbaria for generation of plant lists from specimen records (see "Name list" on the search page).





If you have lists that you think should be added, please send us the list as a PDF file attached to email with the following information for each file:
1. The geographic location (California county: followed by more precise location)
2. What it's a list of (e.g., vascular plants, fungi, algae, etc.)
3. When the list was made
4. Who prepared the list
5. The name of the PDF file (please use only letters, numbers, underscores, and periods in the file name)
6. The approximate coordinates of the location for map display.
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PlaceTaxonomic scopeDateList preparerList
Alameda Co.: Oakland, Joaquin Miller ParkVascular plantsFeb 2004 to Aug 2011Jeffrey Greenhouse Download PDF
Contra Costa Co.: Huckleberry Preserve Bryophytes 2005 Eric Harris Download PDF; see photos, other information
Contra Costa Co.: Mount Diablo: Mitchell Canyon (Jepson Workshop) Vascular plants Spring, 2010 Dean Kelch Download PDF
Contra Costa Co.: Briones Overlook Vascular plants Apr 11, 2011 Dean Kelch, Richard Beidleman Download PDF
Contra Costa Co.: Black Diamond Regional Park Vascular plants Apr 11, 2011 Dean Kelch, Richard Beidleman Download PDF
Marin Co.: Point Reyes Field Trip IB 102 -- Including Samuel P. Taylor State park, Mt. Vision, Tomales Bay Marsh, North Beach, Drake's Beach Vascular Plants Apr 14, 2008 Dean G. Kelch, Abigail Moore Download PDF
Marin Co.: Mt. Tamalpais -- Bootjack Camp to West Point Inn (including portions of Bootjack and Matt Davis Trails) 51 Plant Families in the Field Vascular Plants 2011 Dean Kelch Download PDF
Mono Co.: Mono Lake Basin Vascular Plants Aug 11, 2018 Tom Schweich
Monterey Co.: Huckleberry Hill, Pacific Grove Vascular Plants 2011 Dean Kelch Download PDF
Los Angeles Co. Eudicots November 25, 2013 Aleksi Baznekian Download PDF
San Diego Co.: Cabrillo National MonumentSeaweeds2005Kathy Ann Miller, Steven Murray Download PDF