Native California Roses
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In 1985, a small disjunct population of Rosa minutifolia was found by Jack Reveal on Otay Mesa east of San Diego (Levin, 1986, Madroño 33: 150.). This has remained the only station known in California, some 60 miles north of the nearest populations known near Ensenada, Baja California, where the species was first discovered. The original population on Otay Mesa was unfortunately bulldozed in 1997 to make way for a new housing development, but transplanted populations are reportedly doing satisfactorily.

Former habitat on Otay Mesa; gulch in background is where transplants were to be relocated. Photo copyright Barbara Ertter, 1997

Former population behind fence on plateau. Surrounding areas already completely bulldozed for development; area within fence later bulldozed as well once success of transplant was determined. Photo copyright Barbara Ertter, 1997

"Endangered Species Habitat Restoration" takes on new meaning . . . Photo copyright Barbara Ertter, 1997

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