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  1. TOLYPOTHRIX Kützing
  2. TOLYPOTHRIX Kützing ex Bornet & Flahault
  3. TOLYPOTHRIX \{also on card: sect. Diplocoleopsis Hollerbech\}
  4. TOLYPOTHRIX \{also on card: sect. Hassallia (Berkeley) Kirchner\}
  5. Tolypothrix aegagropila (Kützing) Kützing
  6. Tolypothrix aegagropila [(Kützing) Kützing] ex Frank
  7. Tolypothrix aegagropila var. bicolor (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  8. Tolypothrix aegagropila var. coactilis (Kützing) Kirchner
  9. Tolypothrix aegagropila var. kneiffii (Wallr.) Kützing
  10. Tolypothrix aegagropila var. kneiffii (Wallr.) Rabenhorst
  11. Tolypothrix aegagropila var. muscicola (Kützing) Kirchner
  12. Tolypothrix aegagropila var. pulchra (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  13. Tolypothrix aegagropila var. pygmaea (Kützing) Kirchner
  14. Tolypothrix aegagropila var. typica Kirchner
  15. Tolypothrix africana Cholnoky
  16. Tolypothrix allochroa (Kützing) Borzì
  17. Tolypothrix amoena Gardner
  18. Tolypothrix amphibica Zopf
  19. Tolypothrix andina Montagne
  20. Tolypothrix arboricola Frémy
  21. Tolypothrix arenophila W. West & G. S. West
  22. Tolypothrix aurea (Meneghini) Borzì
  23. Tolypothrix berkeleyana (Harvey) Hassall
  24. Tolypothrix bicolor Kützing
  25. Tolypothrix binata Zeller
  26. Tolypothrix bombycina Wolle
  27. Tolypothrix brebissonii Kützing
  28. Tolypothrix brebissonii Kützing
  29. Tolypothrix brevicellaris Klugh
  30. Tolypothrix bulnheimii Rabenhorst
  31. Tolypothrix bulnheimii Rabenhorst
  32. Tolypothrix byssoides (C. Agardh) Kirchner
  33. Tolypothrix calcarata Schmidle
  34. Tolypothrix calcarata f. minor Schmidle
  35. Tolypothrix campylonemoides S.L. Ghose
  36. Tolypothrix catenata P. A. Dangeard
  37. Tolypothrix cavanillesiana González Guerrero
  38. Tolypothrix cavernicola Weber Bosse
  39. Tolypothrix ceylonica Schmidle
  40. Tolypothrix chathamensis Lemmermann
  41. Tolypothrix chungii N.L. Gardner
  42. Tolypothrix coactilis Kützing
  43. Tolypothrix coactilis f. virescens [Areschoug]
  44. Tolypothrix conglutinata Borzì
  45. Tolypothrix conglutinata var. colorata S.L. Ghose
  46. Tolypothrix consociata N. L. Gardner
  47. Tolypothrix crassa W. West & G. S. West
  48. Tolypothrix cucullata O. Jaag
  49. Tolypothrix curta N. L. Gardner
  50. Tolypothrix delicatula Philson
  51. Tolypothrix dillwynii (Harvey) Hassall
  52. Tolypothrix distorta (Müller) Kützing
  53. Tolypothrix distorta Kützing ex Bornet & Flahault
  54. Tolypothrix distorta var. breviarticulata Jao
  55. Tolypothrix distorta var. endophytica J. Copeland
  56. Tolypothrix distorta var. garusica Cholnoky
  57. Tolypothrix distorta f. magma Wolle
  58. Tolypothrix distorta var. penicillata (C. Agardh) Lemmermann
  59. Tolypothrix distorta var. samoensis Wille
  60. Tolypothrix distorta f. tenuior Rabenhorst
  61. Tolypothrix elenkinii Hollerbach
  62. Tolypothrix elenkinii f. saccoideofruticulosa ('saccoideo-fruticulosa') [Gollerbakh]
  63. Tolypothrix extensa Crouan fr.
  64. Tolypothrix fasciculata (C. Agardh) J. E. Gray
  65. Tolypothrix fasciculata Gomont
  66. Tolypothrix flaccida (C. Agardh) Kützing
  67. Tolypothrix flaccida f. gracilis (Rabenhorst) Rabenhorst
  68. Tolypothrix flaccida f. tenuior Rabenhorst
  69. Tolypothrix flavavirens ('flava-virens') "Kützing"
  70. Tolypothrix flavoviridis ('flavo-viridis') Kützing
  71. Tolypothrix flexuosa Zanardini
  72. Tolypothrix floccosa Meneghini in herb R. Horti Pls.
  73. Tolypothrix foreaui Frémy
  74. Tolypothrix fragilis (Gardner) Geitler
  75. Tolypothrix fragilis var. cylindrica V. Das & Mitra invalid
  76. Tolypothrix fragilis var. silicophila Vogel
  77. Tolypothrix fuscescens Brébisson ex Kützing
  78. Tolypothrix geminata A. Braun ex Rabenhorst
  79. Tolypothrix glacialis G. Dickie
  80. Tolypothrix gracilis Rabenhorst
  81. Tolypothrix fragilissima Ercegovic
  82. Tolypothrix gracilis Rabenhorst
  83. Tolypothrix gracilis (Kützing) Borzì
  84. Tolypothrix guadelupensis Crouan fr.
  85. Tolypothrix hatienensis T.N.H. Phung, A. Couté, & P. Bourrelly
  86. Tolypothrix haumanii ('Haumani') Kufferath
  87. Tolypothrix helicophila Lemmermann
  88. Tolypothrix hollerbachii Muzafarov
  89. Tolypothrix implexa Martens
  90. Tolypothrix inflata Ghose
  91. Tolypothrix intricata Nägeli ex Kützing
  92. Tolypothrix irregularis Berkeley
  93. Tolypothrix kneiffii (Wallr.) Kützing
  94. Tolypothrix lanata var. aegagropila Huber
  95. Tolypothrix lanata var. flaccida (Kützing) Kirchner
  96. Tolypothrix lanata f. minor Dixit
  97. Tolypothrix lanata var. tenuior Hilse
  98. Tolypothrix lanata f. tenuis (Kützing) Cedergren
  99. Tolypothrix lanata var. typica Kirchner
  100. Tolypothrix letestui Frémy
  101. Tolypothrix lignicola Jao
  102. Tolypothrix limbata var. cylindrica Ghose
  103. Tolypothrix limbata var. cylindrica S. L. Ghose
  104. Tolypothrix lophopodellophila W. West
  105. Tolypothrix magna Bharadwaja
  106. Tolypothrix metamorpha Skuja
  107. Tolypothrix mexicana Kützing
  108. Tolypothrix muscicola var. hawaiensis Nordstedt
  109. Tolypothrix muscicola Kützing
  110. Tolypothrix mucosa Meneghini ex Kützing
  111. Tolypothrix naegelii Kützing
  112. Tolypothrix nivea (Dillwyn) Hassall
  113. Tolypothrix nodosa Bharadwaja
  114. Tolypothrix nostoc Zopf
  115. Tolypothrix papyracea Gardner
  116. Tolypothrix penicillata (C. Agardh) Thuret
  117. Tolypothrix penicillata var. brevis Gardner
  118. Tolypothrix penicillata var. gracilis Nordstedt
  119. Tolypothrix phyllophila W. West & G. S. West
  120. Tolypothrix polymorpha Lemmermann
  121. Tolypothrix pulchra Kützing
  122. Tolypothrix pulchra f. tenuior Suringar
  123. Tolypothrix pumila Kützing
  124. Tolypothrix punctata Hassall
  125. Tolypothrix pygmaea Kützing
  126. Tolypothrix pygmaea f. crassior Rabenhorst
  127. Tolypothrix ravenelii Wolle
  128. Tolypothrix rechingeri 'Wille'
  129. Tolypothrix rhenana_('rhenanum') (Schmidle) Schmidle
  130. Tolypothrix rhizomatoidea (Reinsch) Reinsch
  131. Tolypothrix roberti-lamii Bourrelly
  132. Tolypothrix robusta Gardner
  133. Tolypothrix rufescens (Harvey) Hassall
  134. Tolypothrix rupestris Wolle
  135. Tolypothrix saviczii f. paludosa Kondrateva
  136. Tolypothrix selaginellae Rabenhorst
  137. Tolypothrix setchellii Collins
  138. Tolypothrix setchellii var. epilithica Ercegovic
  139. Tolypothrix subsalsa Zanardini
  140. Tolypothrix tenella N.L. Gardner
  141. Tolypothrix tenuis Kützing
  142. Tolypothrix tenuis f. bryophila Rabenhorst
  143. Tolypothrix tenuis f. cuticularis Kondrateva
  144. Tolypothrix tenuis var. discolor Borzì
  145. Tolypothrix tenuis f. minor Whelden
  146. Tolypothrix tenuis f. terrestris J.B. Petersen
  147. Tolypothrix tenuis var. typica Kirchner
  148. Tolypothrix teodorescui Tarnavschi & Mitroiu
  149. Tolypothrix thermalis Kützing
  150. Tolypothrix tibestiensis Behre
  151. Tolypothrix tjipanasensis De Wildeman
  152. Tolypothrix truncicola (Rabenhorst) Thuret
  153. Tolypothrix wartmanniana Rabenhorst
  154. Tolypothrix werneckei Budde
  155. Tolypothrix willei Gardner
  156. Tolypothrix wimmeri (Hilse) Kirchner
  157. Tolypothrix woodlarkiana Borzì
  158. TOLYPOTRICHA P. A. Dangeard
  159. TOMACULOPSIS A. B. Cribb
  160. Tomaculopsis herbertiana Cribb
  161. TOMACULUM Whitford
  162. Tomaculum catenatum Whitford
  163. TOMENTOSA O.C. Schmidt \{also on card: sect. of Codium\}
  164. TOMENTULA Korde
  165. Tomentula interrupta Korde
  166. Tomentula villosa Korde
  167. TOMILITHON Maslov
  168. TOOLONGIA Cookson & Eisenack
  169. Toolongia medusoides Cookson & Eisenack
  170. TOPHORA E. M. Fries
  171. Tophora cryptarum (L.) Fries
  172. TORNACIA Stockmans & Willière
  173. Tornacia sarjeantii ('sarjeanti') Stockmans & Willière
  174. Tornacia stela Wicander
  175. TORODINIUM Kofoid & Swezy
  176. Torodinium robustum Kofoid & Swezy
  177. Torodinium teredo (Pouchet) Kofoid & Swezy
  178. TORQUENYMPHA V. E. Brown
  179. Torquenympha octoplus V. E. Brown
  180. TORRIDUM S. Kumano \{also on card: section of Batrachospermum\}
  181. TORTILARIA J. W. Barker & S. H. Meakin
  182. Tortilaria briggeri ('Briggerii') Barker & Meakin
  183. Torula cinnabarina Martius illeg.
  184. Torula guttulata Robin
  185. TORULARIA Bonnemaison
  186. Torularia dillenii (Bory) Bonnemaison
  187. Torularia fragilis Bonnemaison
  188. Torularia lenta Bonnemaison
  189. Torularia lenta var. capillina (Bory) Bonnemaison
  190. TOWEIUS Hay & Mohler \{misspelled on card\}
  191. Toweius callosus Perch-Nielsen
  192. Toweius craticulus Hay & Mohler
  193. Toweius eminens (Bramlette & Sullivan) Gartner
  194. Toweius eminens (Bramlette & Sullivan) Perch-Nielsen
  195. Toweius fulgidus Carla Müller
  196. Toweius occultatus (Locker) Perch-Nielsen
  197. Toweius tovae Perch-Nielsen
  198. TOXARIUM Bailey
  199. TOXARIUM Grunow \{also on card: Gruppe of Synedra\}
  200. TOXARIUM (Bailey) Van Heurck \{also on card: [subgenus] of Synedra\}
  201. TOXARIUM (Bailey) Schütt \{also on card: Section of Synedra\}
  202. Toxarium rostratum Hantzsch (CAS)
  203. Toxarium semilunare Lemmermann (CAS)
  204. Toxarium undulatum Bailey (CAS)
  205. TOXOBODO Sangiorgi \{also on card: subgenus of Bodo, but employs name in binomial\}
  206. Toxobodo intestinalis Sangiorgi
  207. Toxobodo sangiorgii Yakimov
  208. TOXONIDEA Donkin
  209. Toxonidea balearica Grunow
  210. Toxonidea challengeriensis Castracane (CAS)
  211. Toxonidea falcata (Donkin) Rabenhorst (CAS)
  212. Toxonidea gregoriana Donkin (CAS)
  213. Toxonidea insignis Donkin (CAS)
  214. Toxonidea insignis var. madagascarensis (Grunow) Cleve
  215. Toxonidea insignis var. undulata (Norman) Cleve
  216. Toxonidea jenseniana Rabenhorst (CAS)
  217. Toxonidea laevis O. Witt
  218. Toxonidea madagascarensis Grunow
  219. Toxonidea undulata Norman (CAS)
  220. Toxonidea undulata Norman
  221. TOXOTHRIX Molisch
  222. Toxothrix ferruginea Molisch
  223. Toxothrix gelatinosa Beger
  224. Toxothrix trichogenes (Cholodny) Beger
  225. TOXOTIUM Ehrenberg \{also on card: Subgenus of Closterium\}
  226. Trachelius globifer 'Ehrenberg'
  227. Trachelius globuliferus Ehrenberg
  228. Trachelius trichophorus Ehrenberg