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beginning with TOLYPELLA Braun \{also on card: subgenus of Nitella\}

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  1. TOLYPELLA Braun \{also on card: subgenus of Nitella\}
  2. TOLYPELLA Braun \{also on card: subgenus of Nitella\}
  3. TOLYPELLA Braun \{also on card: Gattung oder Untergattung\}
  4. TOLYPELLA (A. Braun) A. Braun
  5. TOLYPELLA (A. Braun) Leonhardi
  6. TOLYPELLA R.D. Wood \{also on card: Section of Tolypella\}
  8. TOLYPELLA \{also on card: sections by R. D. Wood\}
  9. Tolypella amoena Mädler
  10. Tolypella boldii Sawa
  11. Tolypella canadensis Sawa
  12. Tolypella canellata Mädler
  13. Tolypella canellata f. rostrata Mädler
  14. Tolypella comosa Allen
  15. Tolypella coutinhoi Goncalves da Cunha
  16. Tolypella fimbriata Allen
  17. Tolypella flexilis (L.) Nordstedt
  18. Tolypella giennensis Prósper
  19. Tolypella globosa Sajdakovskij
  20. Tolypella glomerata (Desvaux) Leonhardi
  21. Tolypella glomerata var. abbreviata Allen
  22. Tolypella glomerata var. erythrocarpa J. Groves & Bullock-Webster
  23. Tolypella gracilis Imahori
  24. Tolypella harrisii ('harrisi') Mädler
  25. Tolypella headonensis Reid & Groves
  26. Tolypella hispanica Nordstedt
  27. Tolypella hispanica f. gracilior Nordstedt
  28. Tolypella hispanica var. microcephala Nordstedt
  29. Tolypella hispanica var. porteri F. K. Daily
  30. Tolypella hispanica f. robustior Nordstedt
  31. Tolypella inconspicua (A. Braun) Mädler
  32. Tolypella intertexta Allen
  33. Tolypella intricata (Roth) Leonhardi
  34. Tolypella intricata f. prolifera (Ziziani ex A. Braun) R.D. Wood
  35. Tolypella intricata f. spicata R. D. Wood
  36. Tolypella intricata f. stipitata (T. F. Allen) R. D. Wood
  37. Tolypella jwalae_('jwalai') Labh & Verma
  38. Tolypella laxa Pal
  39. Tolypella macounii Allen
  40. Tolypella macounii T.F. Allen
  41. Tolypella minuta Mädler
  42. Tolypella nidifica Braun
  43. Tolypella nidifica (C. Agardh) Leonhardi
  44. Tolypella nidifica f. condensata Wahlstedt
  45. Tolypella nidifica subf. condensata Wahlstedt
  46. Tolypella nidifica subf. laxa Wahlstedt
  47. Tolypella nidifica var. glomerata (Desvaux) R. D. Wood
  48. Tolypella nidifica f. laxa Wahlstedt
  49. Tolypella nidifica f. normaniana (Nordstedt) R. D. Wood
  50. Tolypella nidifica f. stenhammariana (Wallman) R. D. Wood
  51. Tolypella nidifica f. subdivisa Imahori & R. D. Wood
  52. Tolypella nidifica var. porteri (F. K. Daily) R.D. Wood
  53. Tolypella nidifica f. robustior Wahlstedt
  54. Tolypella nidifica f. tenuior Wahlstedt
  55. Tolypella normaniana (Nordstedt) Nordstedt
  56. Tolypella palhinhae Goncalves da Cunha
  57. Tolypella parvula Reid & Groves
  58. Tolypella prolifera (Ziz) Leonhardi
  59. Tolypella prolifera [beta] montevideensis (Spegazzini) Nordstedt
  60. Tolypella prolifera f. pseudointricata Filarszky
  61. Tolypella salina Corillion
  62. Tolypella sawyarae J. Groves
  63. Tolypella stipitata Allen
  64. Tolypella xizangensis Y. Y. Lee
  65. Tolypella yunnanensis Han & W. Q. Chen
  66. TOLYPELLOPSIS Leonhardi \{also on card: subgenus, section of Chara\}
  67. Tolypellopsis obtusa (Desvaux) Béguinot & Formiggini
  68. Tolypellopsis obtusa var. ulvoides (Bertoloni) Béguinot & Formiggini
  69. Tolypellopsis simplicissima Filarszky
  70. Tolypellopsis stelligera (Bauer) Mig. f. nodulosa Filarszky
  71. Tolypellopsis ulvoides (Bertoloni) Nordstedt
  72. Tolypellopsis ulvoides (Bertoloni) Nordstedt
  73. TOLYPIOCLADIA Schmitz nomen nudum
  75. Tolypiocladia calodictyon (Harvey) P. C. Silva
  76. Tolypiocladia condensata (Weber Bosse) P.C. Silva
  77. Tolypiocladia glomerulata (C. Agardh) Schmitz