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  1. TETRAEDRON F.T. Kützing
  2. TETRAEDRON \{also on card: sections and subgenera by Hansgirg\}
  3. TETRAEDRON \{also on card: sections by Wille\}
  4. Tetraedron acutidens Beck-Mannagetta
  5. Tetraedron acutum Playfair
  6. Tetraedron armatum Bourrelly
  7. Tetraedron arthrodesmiforme var. contortum ('contorta') Woloszynska
  8. Tetraedron arthrodesmiforme var. elongatum ('elongata') Woloszynska
  9. Tetraedron arthrodesmiforme var. irregulare ('irregularis') Woloszynska
  10. Tetraedron arthrodesmiforme var. lobulatum ('lobulata') Woloszynska
  11. Tetraedron arthrodesmiforme f. pentagonum ('pentagona') Woloszynska
  12. Tetraedron arthrodesmiforme var. trigonum ('trigona') Woloszynska
  13. Tetraedron arthrodesmiforme f. typicum ('typica') Woloszynska
  14. Tetraedron acutum var. rectilineare Playfair
  15. Tetraedron asymmetricum Prescott
  16. Tetraedron bengalicum (Turn.) Biswas
  17. Tetraedron bifidum f. bucharicum ('bucharica') Kiselev
  18. Tetraedron bifidum var. bucharicum ('bucharica') Kiselev
  19. Tetraedron bifidum f. punctatum Kiselev
  20. Tetraedron bifurcatum (Wille) Lagerheim
  21. Tetraedron bifurcatum var. minor Prescott
  22. Tetraedron bifurcatum var. nudum G. M. Smith
  23. Tetraedron bitridens Beck-Mannagetta
  24. Tetraedron caudatum var. australe Playfair
  25. Tetraedron caudatum var. brevicaudatum Wurtz
  26. Tetraedron caudatum var. cornutum Hortobágyi
  27. Tetraedron caudatum var. depauperatum ('depauperata') Printz
  28. Tetraedron caudatum f. granulatum Hortobágyi
  29. Tetraedron caudatum var. digitum Hortobágyi
  30. Tetraedron caudatum f. flexocaudatum Hortobágyi
  31. Tetraedron caudatum f. microspinum ('microspina') Hortobágyi
  32. Tetraedron caudatum f. minutissimum ('minutissima') Lemmermann
  33. Tetraedron caudatum f. punctatoflexuosum ('punctato-flexuosum') Hortobágyi
  34. Tetraedron caudatum f. tetragonum Skuja
  35. Tetraedron caudatum var. longispinum Lemmermann
  36. Tetraedron caudatum f. punctatum Bourrelly
  37. Tetraedron caudatum f. minus ('minor') Wille
  38. Tetraedron caudatum var. punctatum Lagerheim
  39. Tetraedron caudatum f. elegans Hortobágyi
  40. Tetraedron chodatii ('chodati') (Tanner-Füllemann) Guglielmetti
  41. Tetraedron conicum Playfair
  42. Tetraedron constrictum G. M. Smith
  43. Tetraedron crassidens Beck-Mannagetta
  44. Tetraedron crassispinum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  45. Tetraedron cruciatum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  46. Tetraedron cruciatum (Wallich) West & West
  47. Tetraedron cruciatum (Wallich) W. West & G. S. West
  48. Tetraedron cruciatum var. reductum Prescott
  49. Tetraedron cruciforme Playfair
  50. Tetraedron cuspidatum var. minus ('minor') Roll
  51. Tetraedron decussatum (Reinsch) W. West & G. S. West
  52. Tetraedron decussatum f. minus Beck-Mannagetta
  53. Tetraedron dodecaedricum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  54. Tetraedron dodecaedricum f. depauperatum Beck-Mannagetta
  55. Tetraedron dodecaedricum var. ornatum F. Rich
  56. Tetraedron duospinum Ackley
  57. Tetraedron enorme (Ralfs) Hansgirg
  58. Tetraedron enorme var. pentaëdricum Prescott
  59. Tetraedron enorme var. sinense Jao
  60. Tetraedron enorme var. turneri Philipose
  61. Tetraedron floridense W. West & G. S. West
  62. Tetraedron gigas (Wittrock) Hansgirg
  63. Tetraedron gigas var. mamillatum ('mamillata') W. West
  64. Tetraedron gigas f. minus Philipose
  65. Tetraedron gigas f. obtusum ('obtusa') W. West
  66. Tetraedron gigas var. regulare Skuja
  67. Tetraedron glaucescens (Wittrock) Claus
  68. Tetraedron glaucescens var. africanum ('africana') Claus
  69. Tetraedron gracile (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  70. Tetraedron gracile f. cervicorne Behre
  71. Tetraedron gracile var. excavatum G. M. Smith
  72. Tetraedron gracile f. minus Philipose
  73. Tetraedron gracile var. tenue (Reinsch) Collins
  74. Tetraedron grande C.B. Reif
  75. Tetraedron granulosum Playfair
  76. Tetraedron hastatum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  77. Tetraedron hastatum Schmidle
  78. Tetraedron hastatum var. elegans Playfair
  79. Tetraedron hastatum var. gracile Roll
  80. Tetraedron hastatum var. palatinum (Schmidle) Lemmermann
  81. Tetraedron hastatum var. simplex Scott & Prescott
  82. Tetraedron hastatum var. triangulare Scott & Prescott
  83. Tetraedron hemisphaericum Skuja
  84. Tetraedron horridum West & West
  85. Tetraedron hortense Playfair
  86. Tetraedron hungaricum Hortobágyi
  87. Tetraedron inbifidum Kiselev
  88. Tetraedron inbifidum var. punctatum Kiselev
  89. Tetraedron incus (Teiling) G. M. Smith
  90. Tetraedron incus f. decoloratum ('decolorata') Philipose
  91. Tetraedron incus var. gracillimum Nauwerck
  92. Tetraedron incus var. irregulare G. M. Smith
  93. Tetraedron inflatum Woloszynska
  94. Tetraedron javanicum Woloszynska
  95. Tetraedron limneticum Borge
  96. Tetraedron limneticum var. gracile Prescott
  97. Tetraedron limneticum var. minus Jao
  98. Tetraedron limneticum var. pachydermum ('pachyderma') Teiling
  99. Tetraedron limneticum var. robustum Skuja
  100. Tetraedron limneticum f. minus ('minor') Hortobágyi
  101. Tetraedron limneticum var. simplex Schröder
  102. Tetraedron limneticum var. trifurcatum Lemmermann
  103. Tetraedron lobatum [var.] polyfurcatum G. M. Smith
  104. Tetraedron lobulatum (Nägeli) Hansgirg
  105. Tetraedron lobulatum var. crassum Prescott
  106. Tetraedron lobulatum var. decussatum (Reinsch) Playfair
  107. Tetraedron lobulatum var. sydneyense (Playfair) Playfair
  108. Tetraedron lobulatum var. triangulare Playfair
  109. Tetraedron lobuliferum Prescott
  110. Tetraedron longispinum (Perty) Hansgirg
  111. Tetraedron lunula (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  112. Tetraedron mainense ('mainensis') Whelden
  113. Tetraedron marssonii Lemmermann
  114. Tetraedron mediocre ('mediocris') Hindák
  115. Tetraedron minimum var. apiculatoscrobiculatum ('apiculato-scrobiculatum') Skuja
  116. Tetraedron minimum f. elegans Hortobágyi
  117. Tetraedron minimum f. polypapillatum Hortobágyi
  118. Tetraedron minimum var. apiculatum (Reinsch) Ergashev tech. invalid
  119. Tetraedron minimum var. australe Playfair
  120. Tetraedron minimum var. bosniacum Beck-Mannagetta
  121. Tetraedron minimum f. brachiatum ('brachiata') Printz
  122. Tetraedron minimum var. elegans (Hortobagyi) Ergashev tech. invalid
  123. Tetraedron minimum f. granulatum ('granulata') Huber-Pestalozzi
  124. Tetraedron minimum var. longispinum Deflandre
  125. Tetraedron minimum var. morsum (W. West & G. S. West) Playfair
  126. Tetraedron minimum f. papilliferum Skvortsov
  127. Tetraedron minimum var. pinacidium (Reinsch) Playfair
  128. Tetraedron minimum f. quadra Printz
  129. Tetraedron minimum f. quadraticum ('quadratica') Lagerheim
  130. Tetraedron minimum var. rectilineare Playfair
  131. Tetraedron minimum var. scrobiculatum Lagerheim
  132. Tetraedron minimum var. tetralobulatum (Reinsch) Claus
  133. Tetraedron minimum f. aggtelekiense (Claus) Claus
  134. Tetraedron minutissimum Korshikov
  135. Tetraedron muticum (A. Braun) Hansgirg
  136. Tetraedron muticum f. asteroideum ('asteroidea') Hortobágyi
  137. Tetraedron muticum f. hispanicum ('hispanica') [González Guerrero]
  138. Tetraedron obtusum Playfair
  139. Tetraedron octaëdricum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  140. Tetraedron octopus Teiling
  141. Tetraedron ornatum Lemmermann
  142. Tetraedron pachydermum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  143. Tetraedron palatinum Schmidle
  144. Tetraedron pannonicum Hortobágyi
  145. Tetraedron pannonicum var. papilliferum Hortobágyi
  146. Tetraedron paradoxum Woloszynska
  147. Tetraedron pentaedricum West & West
  148. Tetraedron pentaedricum f. granulatum Hortobágyi
  149. Tetraedron pentaedricum var. granulatum (Hortobágyi) Ergashev tech. invalid
  150. Tetraedron pentaedricum f. minimum ('minima') West & West
  151. Tetraedron planctonicum G. M. Smith
  152. Tetraedron proteiforme var. granulatum Hortobágyi
  153. Tetraedron protumidum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  154. Tetraedron pulvinus Wurtz
  155. Tetraedron punctulatum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  156. Tetraedron punctulatum f. trigonum_('trigona') Wille
  157. Tetraedron pusillum (Wallich) W. West & G. S. West
  158. Tetraedron pusillum var. angolense W. West & G. S. West
  159. Tetraedron pusillum f. minus Philipose
  160. Tetraedron pusillum var. gracile Huber-Pestalozzi
  161. Tetraedron pyramidatum Roll
  162. Tetraedron quadratum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  163. Tetraedron quadratum f. excavatum ('excavata') Playfair
  164. Tetraedron quadratum f. minorobtusum Reinsch
  165. Tetraedron quadricuspidatum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  166. Tetraedron quadrilobatum G. M. Roth
  167. Tetraedron raphidioides (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  168. Tetraedron raphidioides f. minus Beck-Mannagetta
  169. Tetraedron rectangulare Scott & Prescott
  170. Tetraedron regulare Kützing
  171. Tetraedron regulare var. granulatum ('granulata') Prescott
  172. Tetraedron regulare var. incus Teiling
  173. Tetraedron regulare f. majus ('major') Prescott
  174. Tetraedron regulare f. minus ('minor') Hortobágyi
  175. Tetraedron regulare var. inerme Playfair
  176. Tetraedron regulare f. minutissimum ('minutissima') Bourrelly
  177. Tetraedron regulare var. muzzanense Huber-Pestalozzi
  178. Tetraedron regulare var. octaëdricum ('octaedricum') (Reinsch) Playfair
  179. Tetraedron regulare f. pachydermum ('pachyderma') W. West
  180. Tetraedron regulare var. papilliferum (Schröder) Playfair
  181. Tetraedron regulare f. papilliferum Woronichin
  182. Tetraedron reticulatum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  183. Tetraedron reticulatum var. trigonum (W. West & G. S. West) Claus
  184. Tetraedron robustum Fischer
  185. Tetraedron schmidlei (Schröder) Lemmermann
  186. Tetraedron schmidlei var. euryacanthum (Schmidle) Lemmermann
  187. Tetraedron simmeri Schmidle
  188. Tetraedron simmeri (Schmidle) Lemmermann
  189. Tetraedron simmeri f. minus Beck-Mannagetta
  190. Tetraedron simmeri var. minus Philipose
  191. Tetraedron smithii Tiffany
  192. Tetraedron somogyicum Hortobágyi
  193. Tetraedron spiniferum G.M. Smith
  194. Tetraedron spinulosum Schmidle
  195. Tetraedron spinulosum var. excavatum Playfair
  196. Tetraedron starmachii Sieminska
  197. Tetraedron staurastroides Roll
  198. Tetraedron staurastroides G. M. Smith
  199. Tetraedron stellatum Svirenko
  200. Tetraedron striatum Playfair
  201. Tetraedron tetragonum (Nägeli) Hansgirg
  202. Tetraedron tetragonum f. arthrodesmiforme G. S. West
  203. Tetraedron tetragonum var. punctatum (Kirchner) Hansgirg
  204. Tetraedron tetragonum var. subtetraëdricum Guglielmetti
  205. Tetraedron tortum W. West & G. S. West
  206. Tetraedron triangulare Korshikov
  207. Tetraedron triappendiculatum var. giganticum Uherkovich
  208. Tetraedron trigonum (Nägeli) Hansgirg
  209. Tetraedron trigonum var. attenuatum_('attenuatis') Roll
  210. Tetraedron trigonum f. crassum ('crassa') [Ruttner]
  211. Tetraedron trigonum f. emarginatum ('emarginata') Huber-Pestalozzi
  212. Tetraedron trigonum f. globosum Hortobágyi
  213. Tetraedron trigonum f. tetraedricum ('tetraedrica') Schröder
  214. Tetraedron trigonum var. isoscelum G. S. West
  215. Tetraedron trigonum var. longispinum Philipose
  216. Tetraedron trigonum var. mammillatum Playfair
  217. Tetraedron trigonum f. pachydermum Behre
  218. Tetraedron trigonum var. papilliferum (Schröder) Lemmermann
  219. Tetraedron trigonum var. sagittiforme Beck-Mannagetta
  220. Tetraedron trigonum f. subsagittiforme Beck-Mannagetta
  221. Tetraedron trigonum var. schutovii ('schutovi') Roll
  222. Tetraedron trigonum f. punctatum Hortobágyi
  223. Tetraedron trigonum var. verrucosum Jao
  224. Tetraedron trilobulatum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  225. Tetraedron trispinatum (West & West) Huber-Pestalozzi
  226. Tetraedron trispinatum Prescott
  227. Tetraedron tropicum W. West & G. S. West
  228. Tetraedron tumidulum (Reinsch) Hansgirg
  229. Tetraedron tumidulum f. arcus Hortobágyi
  230. Tetraedron tumidulum var. crenulatum ('crenulata') Hortobágyi
  231. Tetraedron tumidulum f. minus Poljansky
  232. Tetraedron tumidulum var. punctatostriatum ('punctato-striatum') Cedergren
  233. Tetraedron tumidulum f. punctatum Beck-Mannagetta
  234. Tetraedron tumidulum var. quadrilobum Beck-Mannagetta
  235. Tetraedron valdezii Kol
  236. Tetraedron verrucosum G.M. Smith
  237. Tetraedron victoriae Woloszynska
  238. Tetraedron victoriae var. major G. M. Smith
  239. Tetraedron wasteneysii Playfair
  240. TETRAGONIDIUM A.A. Pascher
  241. Tetragonidium verrucatum Pascher
  242. TETRAGONIELLA A.A. Pascher
  243. TETRAGONIELLA (Pascher) Bourrelly \{also on card: sect. of Pseudostaurastrum\}
  244. Tetragoniella gigas Pascher
  245. TETRAGONIUM West & G.S. West
  246. Tetragonium lacustre West & West
  247. TETRAGRAMMA C.G. Ehrenberg
  248. Tetragramma americana Bailey
  249. Tetragramma asiatica C.G. Ehrenberg
  250. Tetragramma libycum C.G. Ehrenberg (CAS)
  251. Tetragramma libycum C.G. Ehrenberg
  252. TETRAKENTRON A.A. Pascher
  253. TETRAKENTRON (Pascher) Bourrelly \{also on card: sect. of Pseudostaurastrum\}
  254. Tetrakentron acuminatum Pascher
  255. Tetrakentron acutum Pascher
  256. Tetrakentron torsum (Turner) Skuja
  257. Tetrakentron tribulus Pascher
  258. TETRAKLADION A. Athanasiadis \{also on card: sect. of Pterothamnion\}
  259. TETRAKTIS A.A. Pascher
  260. Tetraktis aktinastroides Pascher
  261. TETRALETES F.H. Cramer
  262. Tetraletes granulatus F. H. Cramer
  263. Tetraletes variabilis F. H. Cramer
  264. TETRALITHUS M. Gardet
  265. Tetralithus aculeus (Stradner) Gartner
  266. Tetralithus campanensis P. Cepek
  267. Tetralithus copulatus Deflandre
  268. Tetralithus crux Shumenko
  269. Tetralithus descriptus Martini
  270. Tetralithus distortus J.B. Risatti
  271. Tetralithus gothicus Deflandre
  272. Tetralithus insuetus Lyul'eva
  273. Tetralithus malticus Worsley
  274. Tetralithus mississippiensis J.B. Risatti
  275. Tetralithus multiplus K. Perch-Nielsen
  276. Tetralithus murus Martini
  277. Tetralithus nitidus Martini
  278. Tetralithus obscurus Deflandre
  279. Tetralithus ovalis H. Stradner
  280. Tetralithus parvulus Shumenko
  281. Tetralithus praemurus Bukry
  282. Tetralithus pyramidus Gardet n. cent.
  283. Tetralithus quadratus Stradner
  284. Tetralithus quadrisphenus Worsley
  285. Tetralithus servator J.B. Risatti
  286. Tetralithus tortus J.B. Risatti
  287. Tetralithus variabilis Worsley
  288. TETRALLANTHOS 'Teiling'
  289. TETRALLANTOS E. Teiling
  290. Tetrallantos gracilis Hortobágyi
  291. Tetrallantos lagerheimii Teiling
  292. Tetrallantos novae-geronae A. Comas
  293. Tetrallantos scenedesmoides Hortobágyi
  294. Tetrallantos schmidlei Ergashev \{also on card: [treat as invalid new species]\}
  295. Tetrallantos woloszynskae_('woloszynskii') Ergashev
  296. TETRALLANTUS A.A. Pascher
  297. Scanning error
  298. TETRAMASTIX Alexeieff
  299. TETRAMASTIX Korshikov
  300. TETRAMASTIX Pascher \{also on card: Reihe [Subgen.] of Carteria\}
  301. Tetramastix bufonis (Dobell) Alexeieff
  302. Tetramastix oleifera Korshikov
  303. Scanning error
  304. Tetramastix ovata (Jacobsen) Korshikov
  305. Tetramastix swezyi Grassé
  306. Tetramastix testudinis (Chalmers & Pekkola) Grassé
  308. Tetramerosphaera lacrimula H. Willems
  309. TETRAMITUS J.A.M. Perty
  310. Tetramitus bocis Brumpt
  311. Tetramitus brasilianus Skvortsov
  312. Tetramitus bufonis (Dobell) Lemmermann
  313. Tetramitus caulleryi (Alexeieff) Alexeieff
  314. Tetramitus cosmopolitus Ruinen
  315. Tetramitus descissus Perty
  316. Tetramitus elephas Klug
  317. Tetramitus frondarius Stokes
  318. Tetramitus globulosus "Zacharias"
  319. Tetramitus globulus Zacharias
  320. Tetramitus indonesiae Skvortsov
  321. Tetramitus melolonthae (Grassi) Lemmermann
  322. Tetramitus mesnilii ('mesnili') (Wenyon) Alexeieff
  323. Tetramitus nitschei Weltner
  324. Tetramitus ovoideus Ruinen
  325. Tetramitus pyriformis Klebs
  326. Tetramitus rostratus Perty
  327. Tetramitus rostratus var. angustus A. Szabados
  328. Tetramitus rostratus var. longispinus A. Szabados
  329. Tetramitus rostratus f. abrotundatus A. Szabados
  330. Tetramitus rostratus f. giganticus A. Szabados
  331. Tetramitus rostratus var. robustus A. Szabados
  332. Tetramitus rotundatus Skuja
  333. Tetramitus terrestris Skvortsov
  334. Tetramitus variabilis Stokes
  335. Tetramonas socialis (F. Dujardin) Warming
  336. TETRAMPHORA K.S. Mereschkowsky
  337. Tetramphora lineolata (C.G. Ehrenberg) Mereschkowsky
  338. Tetramphora ostrearia [(Brébisson ex Kützing)] Mereschkowsky
  339. TETRANEMA J.E. Areschoug
  340. Tetranema percursum (C. Agardh) Areschoug
  341. TETRANEPHRIS C.R. Leite & C.E.M. Bicudo
  342. Tetranephris brasiliensis Leite & C. Bicudo
  343. Tetranephris europaea (Hindák) Komárek
  344. TETRAPARMA B.C. Booth
  345. Tetraparma pelagica Booth & Marchant
  346. TETRAPEDIA P.F. Reinsch
  347. Tetrapedia aversa W. West & G.S. West
  348. Tetrapedia cruxmichaeli ('Crux Michaeli') Reinsch
  349. Tetrapedia emarginata Schröder
  350. Tetrapedia foliacea W.B. Turner
  351. Tetrapedia glaucescens (Wittrock) De Toni
  352. Tetrapedia glaucescens var. papillifera (Gutwinski) Gutwinski
  353. Tetrapedia gothica Reinsch
  354. Tetrapedia kirchneri Lemmermann
  355. Tetrapedia morsa West & West
  356. Tetrapedia penzigiana De Toni
  357. Tetrapedia penzigiana De Toni
  358. Tetrapedia quadrata Ghose
  359. Tetrapedia reinschiana Archer
  360. Tetrapedia reinschiana Archer
  361. Tetrapedia reinschiana f. aggtelekiensis ('agtelekiensis') Claus
  362. Tetrapedia setigera Archer
  363. Tetrapedia setigera Archer
  364. Tetrapedia trigona W. West & G. S. West
  365. Tetrapedia wallichiana W. B. Turner
  366. TETRAPION A.A. Pascher
  367. Tetrapion gelatinosum Pascher
  368. Tetrapion gloeocystiforme Pascher
  370. Tetraplektron acuminatum (Pascher) Fott
  371. Tetraplektron acutum (Pascher) Fott
  372. Tetraplektron acutum var. laeve ('laevis') (Bourrelly) Fott
  373. Tetraplektron acutum f. laeve ('laevis') (Bourrelly) Dedusenko-Shchegoleva
  374. Tetraplektron bourrellyi Ettl
  375. Tetraplektron deniseae M. Bittencourt-Oliveira
  376. Tetraplektron laevis (Bourrelly) Ettl
  377. Tetraplektron torsum (Turner) Dedusenko-Shchegoleva
  378. Tetraplektron torsum var. longispinum Y. Thérézien
  379. Tetraplektron tribulus (Pascher) Fott
  380. Tetraplektron tribulus (Pascher) A. R. Loeblich, Jr. \{also on card: [loeblich (sic) considers Fott's comb. invalid ICBN 33]\}
  381. TETRAPLEURA F.T. Kützing \{also on card: subgenus of Desmidium\}
  382. TETRAPLOPORELLA G. Steinmann
  383. Tetraploporella remesii ('Remesi') Steinmann
  384. Tetrapodiscus germanicus C.G. Ehrenberg
  385. Tetrapodiscus monstruosus C.G. Ehrenberg (CAS)
  387. Tetrapodorhabdus coptensis M. Black
  388. Tetrapodorhabdus decorus (Deflandre & Fert) F.H. Wind & S. W. Wise, Jr.
  389. Tetrapodorhabdus granulatus (Reinhardt) Grün
  390. Tetrapodorhabdus hunmanbiensis M. Black
  391. TETRAPORINA S.N. Naumova
  392. Tetraporina alaevis Naumova
  393. Tetraporina antiqua Naumova
  394. Tetraporina apora Sah & Kar
  395. Tetraporina complanata Naumova
  396. Tetraporina concava Naumova
  397. Tetraporina confusa Naumova
  398. Tetraporina contorta Naumova
  399. Tetraporina crassa Naumova
  400. Tetraporina glabra Naumova
  401. Tetraporina granulosa Naumova
  402. Tetraporina incrassata Naumova
  403. Tetraporina kryshtofovichii ('kryshtofovichi') Naumova
  404. Tetraporina major Naumova
  405. Tetraporina maxima Naumova
  406. Tetraporina mosquensis Naumova
  407. Tetraporina pachyderma Sah & Kar
  408. Tetraporina papulosa Naumova
  409. Tetraporina pellucida Naumova
  410. Tetraporina perforata Naumova
  411. Tetraporina prima Naumova
  412. Tetraporina pusilla Naumova
  413. Tetraporina rugosa Naumova
  414. Tetraporina verrucosa Naumova
  415. TETRAPTERA A. Rasumov
  416. Tetraptera halophila Rasumov
  418. Tetrapteromonas cornelii Ruinen
  419. Tetrapteromonas wardii Ruinen
  420. TETRARCUS H.L. Skuja
  421. Tetrarcus ilsteri Skuja
  422. Tetrarcus ilsteri f. compositus Kukk
  423. Tetrarcus minutus Skuja ex T. Willén