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  2. Stichococcus allas Reisigl
  3. Stichococcus atomus Skuja
  4. Stichococcus bacillaris (Naegeli) Naegeli
  5. Stichococcus bacillaris f. confervoideus_('confervoidea') Hazen
  6. Stichococcus bacillaris var. fungicola Lagerheim
  7. Stichococcus bacillaris var. major (Naegeli) Rabenhorst
  8. Stichococcus bacillaris var. minor (Naegeli) Rabenhorst
  9. Stichococcus bacillaris f. nivalis (Chodat) Printz
  10. Stichococcus bacillaris [var.] typicus Kirchner
  11. Stichococcus bacillaris var. viridis Nakano
  12. Stichococcus braunii (Lagerheim) Wille
  13. Stichococcus castellanus Gonzalez Guerrero
  14. Stichococcus chlorelloides Grintzesco & Peterfi
  15. Stichococcus coniocybes Letellier
  16. Stichococcus cylindricus Butcher
  17. Stichococcus diplosphaera Chodat
  18. Stichococcus dissectus F. Gay
  19. Stichococcus dissectus F. Gay {card 2}
  20. Stichococcus dubius Chodat
  21. Stichococcus belonophorous Pascher
  22. Stichococcus epiplancticus Skuja
  23. Stichococcus exiguus Gerneck
  24. Stichococcus flaccidus (Kützing) Gay
  25. Stichococcus flaccidus Gerneck
  26. Stichococcus flaccidus f. tumidus_('tumida') Gay
  27. Stichococcus fluitans Gay
  28. Stichococcus fragilis Gerneck
  29. Stichococcus lacustris R. Chodat
  30. Stichococcus major Naegeli
  31. Stichococcus membranaefaciens R. Chodat
  32. Stichococcus minor Naegeli
  33. Stichococcus minutissimus Skuja
  34. Stichococcus minutus Grintzesco & Peterfi
  35. Stichococcus mirabilis Lagerheim
  36. Stichococcus nivalis R. Chodat
  37. Stichococcus nivalis R. Chodat
  38. Stichococcus pallescens R. Chodat
  39. Stichococcus rivularis (Kützing) Hazen
  40. Stichococcus scopulinus Hazen
  41. Stichococcus sequoieti Arce
  42. Stichococcus subtilis (Kützing) Klercker
  43. Stichococcus subtilis Gerneck
  44. Stichococcus undulatus Vinatzer
  45. Stichococcus variabilis West & West
  46. Stichococcus verrucariae Chodat
  47. Stichococcus verrucosus Heynig
  48. Stichococcus viscosus Letellier
  49. STICHOGLOEA Chodat
  50. Stichogloea delicatula (West) Skuja
  51. Stichogloea doederleinii (Schmidle) Wille
  52. Stichogloea globosa Starmach
  53. Stichogloea lacustris Chodat
  54. Stichococcus marinus (Wille) Hazen
  55. Stichogloea olivacea Chodat
  56. Stichogloea olivacea var. sphaerica Chodat
  57. Stichogloea olivacea var. sphaeroidea Chodat
  59. STICHOPHORA Endlicher {section of Sargassum}
  60. STICHOPHORA Kützing
  61. Stichophora debilis Kützing
  62. Stichophora hornschuchii (C. Agardh) Kützing
  63. Stichophyllium membranaceum Kützing {err. cit.}
  64. Stichophyllium venosum Kützing {err. cit.}
  66. Stichoporella cylindrica (Lignier) Pia
  67. STICHOSIPHON Geitler
  68. Stichosiphon exiguus G. Montejano, M. Gold-Morgan, & J. Komarek
  69. Stichosiphon filamentosus (Ghose) Geitler
  70. Stichosiphon hansgirgii Geitler
  71. Stichosiphon himalayensis Jao & Zhu
  72. Stichosiphon indica Rao
  73. Stichosiphon mangle L.H.Z. Branco, S.M.F. Silva, & C.L. Sant'Anna
  74. Stichosiphon mangle L.H.Z. Branco, S.M.F. Silva, & C.L. Sant'Anna
  75. Stichosiphon regularis Geitler
  76. Stichosiphon sansibaricus (Hieronymus) Drouet & Daily
  77. Stichosiphon sansibaricus var. marinus L. Hoffmann
  78. Stichosiphon skujae G. Montejano, M. Gold-Morgan, & J. Komarek
  79. STICHOSPORA Heydrich
  80. Stichospora crassa (Philippi) Heydrich {in syn.}
  81. Stichospora racema ('racemus') (Lamarck) Heydrich
  82. STICHOSTAURA Ehrenberg
  83. Stichostaura fragilaria Ehrenberg
  84. Stichostaura micrastaura [Ehrenberg]
  85. Stichostaura pinnata Ehrenberg
  86. STICHOTHAMNION Boergesen
  87. Stichothamnion antillarum Vroman
  88. Stichothamnion cymatophilum Boergesen
  90. STICTOCYCLUS (A. Mann) Karsten {section}
  91. Stictocyclus appendiculatus (Grunow) Hustedt CAS
  92. Stictocyclus stictodiscus (Grunow) R. Ross CAS
  93. Stictocyclus varicus Mann CAS
  94. STICTODESMIS Greville
  95. Stictodesmis australis Greville CAS
  96. STICTODISCELLA {section of Scictodiscus}
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