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beginning with POLYSIPHONIA jacobii G. De Notaris

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  1. Polysiphonia jacobii ('jacobi') G. De Notaris
  2. Polysiphonia jacobii ('Jacobi') De Notaris
  3. Polysiphonia japonica Harvey
  4. Polysiphonia japonica var. forfex (Harvey) H.Y. Yoon
  5. Polysiphonia japonica var. savatieri (Hariot) H.Y. Yoon
  6. Polysiphonia japonica var. teradomariensis (M. Noda) H.Y. Yoon
  7. Polysiphonia javanica V. Martens
  8. Polysiphonia johnstonii Setchell & Gardner
  9. Polysiphonia johnstonii var. concinna (Hollenberg) Hollenberg
  10. Polysiphonia juncea Kützing
  11. Polysiphonia kampsaxii Børgesen
  12. Polysiphonia kappannae ('kappannai') Sreenivasa Rao
  13. Polysiphonia kellneri G. Zanardini
  14. Polysiphonia kieliana Kaminski & Nizamuddin
  15. Polysiphonia kotschyana Grunow
  16. Polysiphonia kowiensis H. Stegenga, J.J. Bolton, & R. J. Anderson
  17. Polysiphonia krausii Sonder {probably ined.}
  18. Polysiphonia kuetzingii ('Kützingii') Meneghini in herb. Sonder
  19. Polysiphonia laevigata Kützing
  20. Polysiphonia laevigata var. forcipata (J. Agardh) Kützing
  21. Polysiphonia lanosa (L.) G. Tandy
  22. Polysiphonia lasiorhiza Kützing
  23. Polysiphonia lasiotricha Kützing
  24. Polysiphonia latiovalis Noda
  25. Polysiphonia latiovalis Noda
  26. Polysiphonia lawrenciana Harvey
  27. Polysiphonia laxa Kützing
  28. Polysiphonia laxa Harvey
  29. Polysiphonia laxiuscula Meneghini ex Kützing
  30. Polysiphonia lepadicola (H.C. Lyngbye) K.P.J. Sprengel
  31. Polysiphonia lepadicola var. intricata [Zanardini]
  32. Polysiphonia lepadicola var. paradoxa Meneghini
  33. Polysiphonia lepadicola var. intricata (Agardh) Zanardini
  34. Polysiphonia leptoclada (Montagne) Kützing
  35. Polysiphonia leptoclonia Zanardini ex A. De Toni
  36. Polysiphonia leptothrix Zanardini
  37. Polysiphonia leptura Kützing
  38. Polysiphonia leptura f. depauperata Schiffner
  39. Polysiphonia ligustica De Notaris herb.
  40. Polysiphonia linocladia Kützing
  41. Polysiphonia lithophila Kützing
  42. Polysiphonia lithophila Zanardini
  43. Polysiphonia littoralis Harvey ms.
  44. Polysiphonia littoralis Harvey mscr.
  45. Polysiphonia longiarticulata G. Zanardini
  46. Polysiphonia longissima J. Agardh
  47. Polysiphonia lophuroides Kützing
  48. Polysiphonia lophoclados (Montagne) Kützing
  49. Polysiphonia lophura Kützing
  50. Polysiphonia lubrica (C. Agardh) Zanardini
  51. Polysiphonia lusitanica Montagne in litt.
  52. Polysiphonia lusitanica Montagne ex Kützing
  53. Polysiphonia lutensis G. Zanardini
  54. Polysiphonia luxurians (C. Agardh) Postels & Ruprecht
  55. Polysiphonia lyallii J. D. Hooker & Harvey
  56. Polysiphonia lyngbyei (C. Agardh) Harvey
  57. Polysiphonia lyngbyei Kützing
  58. Polysiphonia lyngbyei var. robusta (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  59. Polysiphonia lyngbyei var. trichodes (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  60. Polysiphonia macra Harvey
  61. Polysiphonia macounii Hollenberg
  62. Polysiphonia macrarthra Zanardini
  63. Polysiphonia macrocarpa (C. Agardh) K.P.J. Sprengel
  64. Polysiphonia macrocarpa Harvey
  65. Polysiphonia macrocephala Zanardini
  66. Polysiphonia macroclonia Kützing
  67. Polysiphonia mallardiae (Harvey) Harvey
  68. Polysiphonia mallardiae (Harvey) Kützing
  69. Polysiphonia marchantiae ('marchantae') Setchell & Gardner
  70. Polysiphonia marrowii Harvey
  71. Polysiphonia martensiana Kützing
  72. Polysiphonia masonii Setchell & Gardner
  73. Polysiphonia megarthra Zanardini ex A. De Toni
  74. Polysiphonia melagonium Meneghini
  75. Polysiphonia melanochroa Kützing
  76. Polysiphonia meneghiniana De Notaris
  77. Polysiphonia meneghiniana De Notaris
  78. Polysiphonia micracantha Zanardini
  79. Polysiphonia micracantha Zanardini ex A. De Toni
  80. Polysiphonia micrantha "Zanardini"
  81. Polysiphonia microcarpa J. Hooker & Harvey
  82. Polysiphonia microdendron J. Agardh
  83. Polysiphonia miniata (Agardh) Endlicher
  84. Polysiphonia minutissima Hollenberg
  85. Polysiphonia mollis J. Hooker & W.H. Harvey
  86. Polysiphonia mollis J. Hooker ex Kützing
  87. Polysiphonia mollis var. tongatensis (W.H. Harvey ex F.T. Kützing) G.J. Hollenberg
  88. Polysiphonia monilifera J. Hooker & Harvey
  89. Polysiphonia monocarpa Montagne
  90. Polysiphonia montagnei De Notaris
  91. Polysiphonia montagnei De Notaris
  92. Polysiphonia montagnei De Notaris
  93. Polysiphonia montagnei De Notaris ex Kützing
  94. Polysiphonia morisiana J. Agardh
  95. Polysiphonia moritziana Sonder ex Kützing
  96. Polysiphonia morrowii W.H. Harvey
  97. Polysiphonia moestingii ('Möstingii') (Lyngbye) Sprengel
  98. Polysiphonia mottei M. Lauret
  99. Polysiphonia mucosa Crouan fr.
  100. Polysiphonia mucronata Kützing in litt
  101. Polysiphonia muelleriana J. Agardh
  102. Polysiphonia multicapsularis Zanardini
  103. Polysiphonia multifida Duby
  104. Polysiphonia multifida Kützing
  105. Polysiphonia mutabilis Harvey
  106. Polysiphonia myriococca Montagne
  107. Polysiphonia nana Kützing
  108. Polysiphonia nathanielii Hollenberg
  109. Polysiphonia nebulosa Zanardini
  110. Polysiphonia namibiensis H. Stegenga, J.J. Bolton, & R.J. Anderson
  111. Polysiphonia nana Kützing
  112. Polysiphonia nana Harvey
  113. Polysiphonia neglecta Harvey mss. nom. nudum
  114. Polysiphonia neglecta W.H. Harvey
  115. Polysiphonia nemalionis Zanardini
  116. Polysiphonia nhatrangensis Pham Hoàng Hô
  117. Polysiphonia nigra (Hudson) Batters
  118. Polysiphonia nigra var. agardhiana (Greville) Batters
  119. Polysiphonia nigrella Crouan frat.
  120. Polysiphonia nigrescens (W. Hudson) R.K. Greville
  121. Polysiphonia nigrescens (Hudson) Wallroth
  122. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. affinis (Moore) Harvey
  123. Polysiphonia nigrescens f. affinis (Moore) J. Agardh
  124. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. congesta Lenormand in herb.
  125. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. congesta Lenormand
  126. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. congesta Lenormand in herb. Crouan
  127. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. delicatissima H. Van Heurck
  128. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. disticha Harvey
  129. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. durkeei Harvey
  130. Polysiphonia nigrescens f. fastigiata Suringar
  131. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. flaccida [Areschoug]
  132. Polysiphonia nigrescens f. flaccida (Areschoug) Rosenvinge
  133. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. fucoides (W. Hudson) W.H. Harvey
  134. Polysiphonia nigrescens f. fucoides J.G. Agardh
  135. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. gracillima Harvey
  136. Polysiphonia nigrescens f. pectinata (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  137. Polysiphonia nigrescens f. pinnata Suringar
  138. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. plumosa Harvey
  139. Polysiphonia nigrescens f. protensa J. Agardh
  140. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. gracilis Kjellman
  141. Polysiphonia nigrescens f. reducta Svedelius
  142. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. secundata Suhr ex Rabenhorst
  143. Polysiphonia nigrescens f. fasciculata v. Suhr in litt.
  144. Polysiphonia nigrescens f. fastigiata v. Suhr in litt.
  145. Polysiphonia nigrescens f. pectinata v. Suhr in litt.
  146. Polysiphonia nigrescens f. senticosa (Suhr) J. Agardh
  147. Polysiphonia nigrescens var. tenuis Harvey
  148. Polysiphonia nigrita Sonder
  149. Polysiphonia nipponica Segi
  150. Polysiphonia nitens Meneghini
  151. Polysiphonia nivea Greville mscr.
  152. Polysiphonia nivea Greville mscr.
  153. Polysiphonia nizamuddinii Farooqui & M. Begum
  154. Polysiphonia nodifera Kützing
  155. Polysiphonia nodulosa J.G. Agardh
  156. Polysiphonia notarisii Meneghini
  157. Polysiphonia notoensis Segi
  158. Polysiphonia novae-angliae W. R. Taylor
  159. Polysiphonia nutans Montagne
  160. Polysiphonia obscura (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  161. Polysiphonia obsoleta Segi
  162. Polysiphonia ocellata Gratel.
  163. Polysiphonia ohmaensis Ohta
  164. Polysiphonia olneyi Harvey
  165. Polysiphonia olneyi Harvey
  166. Polysiphonia olneyi Harvey
  167. Polysiphonia opaca (C. Agardh) G.G. Moris & G. De Notaris
  168. Polysiphonia opaca f. adscendens (Bonnemaison) J. Agardh
  169. Polysiphonia opaca var. erythrocoma (Kützing) Schiffner
  170. Polysiphonia opaca var. fasciculata (Kützing) Schiffner
  171. Polysiphonia opaca var. intricata [Zanardini]
  172. Polysiphonia opaca var. intricata (Agardh) Zanardini
  173. Polysiphonia opaca var. macrocephala (Zanardini) Schiffner
  174. Polysiphonia opaca f. opaca J. Agardh
  175. Polysiphonia opaca var. ophiocarpa (Kützing) Ardissone
  176. Polysiphonia opaca f. ramulosa (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  177. Polysiphonia opaca var. ramulosa (Kützing) Schiffner
  178. Polysiphonia opaca var. repens (Kützing) Schiffner
  179. Polysiphonia opaca var. repens (Kützing) Schiffner
  180. Polysiphonia opaca f. nana Schiffner
  181. Polysiphonia opaca f. simplicior J. Agardh
  182. Polysiphonia opaca var. tripinnata (J. Agardh) Ardissone
  183. Polysiphonia opaca var. tripinnata Ardissone
  184. Polysiphonia opaca var. spiculifera (Zanardini) Schiffner
  185. Polysiphonia ophiocarpa Kützing
  186. Polysiphonia orbigniana Kützing
  187. Polysiphonia ornata J.G. Agardh
  188. Polysiphonia orthocarpa J.L.A.K. Rosenvinge
  189. Polysiphonia pacifica G.J. Hollenberg
  190. Polysiphonia pacifica var. delicatula G.J. Hollenberg
  191. Polysiphonia pacifica var. determinata G.J. Hollenberg
  192. Polysiphonia pacifica var. distans G.J. Hollenberg
  193. Polysiphonia pacifica var. disticha G.J. Hollenberg
  194. Polysiphonia pacifica var. gracilis G.J. Hollenberg
  195. Polysiphonia paniculata J.P.F.C. Montagne
  196. Polysiphonia pantophloea F.T. Kützing
  197. Polysiphonia pappeana Kützing
  198. Polysiphonia paradoxa G.A. Thuret
  199. Polysiphonia parasitica (Hudson) Greville
  200. Polysiphonia parasitica var. coralloides Kützing
  201. Polysiphonia parasitica f. dendroidea (Montagne) J. Agardh
  202. Polysiphonia parasitica f. parasitica J. Agardh
  203. Polysiphonia parasitica f. reptans J. Agardh
  204. Polysiphonia parasitica f. typica Kjellman
  205. Polysiphonia parthasarathyi ('parthasarathyae') Sreenivasa Rao
  206. Polysiphonia parvula (C. Agardh) J.P.F.C. Montagne
  207. Polysiphonia parvula G. Zanardini
  208. Polysiphonia parvula Suhr in herb. Sonder
  209. Polysiphonia patens (Dillwyn) Greville
  212. Polysiphonia patersonis Sonder
  213. Polysiphonia patula Kützing
  214. Polysiphonia pauperula Kützing
  215. Polysiphonia pecten J. E. Areschoug
  216. Polysiphonia pecten-veneris ('Pecten Veneris') Harvey
  217. Polysiphonia pecten-veneris ('Pecten veneris') Harvey in herb. Sonder
  218. Polysiphonia pectinata J. Hooker & Harvey
  219. Polysiphonia pectinata Harvey
  220. Polysiphonia pectinata Harvey
  221. Polysiphonia pectinella W.H. Harvey
  222. Polysiphonia penicillata (C. Agardh) Sprengel
  223. Polysiphonia pennata (C.A. Agardh) J.P.F.C. Montagne
  224. Polysiphonia pennata var. pumila (C. Agardh) Zanardini
  225. Polysiphonia pentamera Hollenberg
  226. Polysiphonia periclados (C. Agardh) Endlicher
  227. Polysiphonia perpusilla J. Agardh
  228. Polysiphonia perreymondii J.G. Agardh
  229. Polysiphonia perriniae Womersley
  230. Polysiphonia peucedanoides (Bonnem.) Crouan frat.
  231. Polysiphonia physarthra (Kützing) Kützing
  232. Polysiphonia piligera Zanardini ex. A. De Toni
  233. Polysiphonia pilosa (F.L. Naccari) G. Zanardini
  234. Polysiphonia pinnulata Kützing
  235. Polysiphonia platycarpa Børgesen
  236. Polysiphonia platyspira Kützing
  237. Polysiphonia plumigera Harvey mscr.
  238. Polysiphonia plumula J.G. Agardh
  239. Polysiphonia poko Hollenberg
  240. Polysiphonia poko var. longii Hollenberg
  241. Polysiphonia polycarpa Kützing
  242. Polysiphonia polycephala A. De Toni
  243. Polysiphonia polychotoma Kützing
  244. Polysiphonia polychroma Martens
  245. Polysiphonia polymorpha (L.) Duby
  246. Polysiphonia polyphora Kützing
  247. Polysiphonia polyphysa Kützing
  248. Polysiphonia polyphysa Kützing
  249. Polysiphonia polyrhiza Kützing
  250. Polysiphonia polyspora (C.A. Agardh) J.P.F.C. Montagne
  251. Polysiphonia porphyroides Kützing
  252. Polysiphonia porrecta Segi
  253. Polysiphonia profunda Hollenberg
  254. Polysiphonia propagulifera Womersley
  255. Polysiphonia prorepens Harvey
  256. Polysiphonia prorepens Harvey
  257. Polysiphonia prostrata Harvey
  258. Polysiphonia pseudovillum Hollenberg
  259. Polysiphonia pulchella De Notaris
  260. Polysiphonia pulchella De Notaris
  261. Polysiphonia pulvinata (A.W. Roth) K.P.J. Sprengel
  262. Polysiphonia pulvinata var. carminata Crouan fr.
  263. Polysiphonia pulvinata f. parvula Heydrich
  264. Polysiphonia pulvinata var. pygmaea (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  265. Polysiphonia pungens G.J. Hollenberg
  266. Polysiphonia punicea Montagne
  267. Polysiphonia purpurascens Harvey
  268. Polysiphonia purpurata Zanardini ex A. De Toni
  269. Polysiphonia purpurea A.P. Postels & F.J. Ruprecht
  270. Polysiphonia purpurea (C.A. Agardh) J.G. Agardh
  271. Polysiphonia purpurea f. elata J. Agardh
  272. Polysiphonia purpurea f. innovans J. Agardh
  273. Polysiphonia purpurea f. purpurea J. Agardh
  274. Polysiphonia purpureocoerulea ('purpureo-coerulea') Sonder
  275. Polysiphonia pycnocoma Kützing
  276. Polysiphonia pycnophloea Kützing
  277. Polysiphonia pygmaea F.T. Kützing
  278. Polysiphonia quadrata Hollenberg
  279. Polysiphonia radicans (G.G.A. Meneghini) J.G. Agardh
  280. Polysiphonia raineriana ('ranieriana') (Zanardini) Zanardini \{pcs\}
  281. Polysiphonia ramellosa Kützing
  282. Polysiphonia ramentacea Harvey
  283. Polysiphonia ramulosa (C.A. Agardh) K.P.J. Sprengel
  284. Polysiphonia ramulosa Harvey
  285. Polysiphonia recurva (C. Agardh) Sprengel
  286. Polysiphonia regularis Kützing
  287. Polysiphonia regularis Kützing
  288. Polysiphonia repens Kützing
  289. Polysiphonia repens var. penicillata Kützing
  290. Polysiphonia reptabunda (Suhr) Kützing
  291. Polysiphonia reptabunda Suhr ex F.T. Kützing
  292. Polysiphonia requienii Montagne ex Kützing
  293. Polysiphonia rhizoidea Meñez
  294. Polysiphonia rhododactyla Harvey
  295. Polysiphonia rhodomeloides Kützing
  296. Polysiphonia rhunensis Thuret mscr.
  297. Polysiphonia richardsonii ('richardsoni') Hooker
  298. Polysiphonia rigens (C.A. Agardh) G. Zanardini
  299. Polysiphonia rigens P.K.A. Schousboe
  300. Polysiphonia rigidula Kützing
  301. Polysiphonia rigidula (Bonnem.) Crouan frat.
  302. Polysiphonia robusta F.T. Kützing
  303. Polysiphonia roeana Harvey
  304. Polysiphonia roeana Harvey
  305. Polysiphonia rosea Greville
  306. Polysiphonia roseola (C. Agardh) Fries
  307. Polysiphonia rostrata Sonder
  308. Polysiphonia rubrorhiza Hollenberg
  309. Polysiphonia ruchingeri (C.A. Agardh) G. Zanardini
  310. Polysiphonia ruchingeri var. firmior [Zanardini]
  311. Polysiphonia ruchingeri var. firmior (C. Agardh) Zanardini
  312. Polysiphonia rudis J. Hooker & Harvey
  313. Polysiphonia rufolanosa Harvey
  314. Polysiphonia rugulosa Kützing
  315. Polysiphonia rutilans Kützing
  316. Polysiphonia rytiphloeoides J. Hooker & Harvey
  317. Polysiphonia sadoensis Noda
  318. Polysiphonia sadoensis Noda
  319. Polysiphonia sanctipetri ('sancti-petri') Collins
  320. Polysiphonia sanguinea (C.A. Agardh) G. Zanardini
  321. Polysiphonia sanguinea var. megarthra (Zanardini) Schiffner
  322. Polysiphonia sanguinea var. intermedia Schiffner
  323. Polysiphonia savatieri Hariot
  324. Polysiphonia saxicola G. Zanardini
  325. Polysiphonia schousboei Thuret
  326. Polysiphonia schuebeleri ('Schübelerii') Foslie
  327. Polysiphonia scoparia Kützing
  328. Polysiphonia scopulorum W.H. Harvey
  329. Polysiphonia scopulorum W.H. Harvey
  330. Polysiphonia scopulorum var. macrotrichia Hollenberg
  331. Polysiphonia scopulorum var. minima Hollenberg
  332. Polysiphonia scopulorum var. villum (J.G. Agardh) G.J. Hollenberg
  333. Polysiphonia secunda (C.A. Agardh) G. Zanardini
  334. Polysiphonia secunda var. adunca [Zanardini]
  335. Polysiphonia secunda var. adunca (C. Agardh) Zanardini
  336. Polysiphonia secunda var. rubescens Dufour
  337. Polysiphonia secundata (Suhr) Kützing
  338. Polysiphonia senticosa (Suhr) Kützing
  339. Polysiphonia senticulosa W.H. Harvey
  340. Polysiphonia senticulosa W.H. Harvey
  341. Polysiphonia sentosa Kützing
  342. Polysiphonia sericea Hauck
  343. Polysiphonia serpens De Notaris, herb.
  344. Polysiphonia serpens (Dufour) De Notaris ex Ardissone
  345. Polysiphonia sertularioides (J.P.A.S. Grateloup) J.G. Agardh
  346. Polysiphonia sertularioides var. tenerrima (Kützing) Hauck
  347. Polysiphonia setacea Hollenberg ms.
  348. Polysiphonia setacea G.J. Hollenberg
  349. Polysiphonia setigera Kützing
  350. Polysiphonia setigera Kützing
  351. Polysiphonia shepherdii Womersley
  352. Polysiphonia siamensis V. Martens
  353. Polysiphonia simplex G.J. Hollenberg
  354. Polysiphonia simplicifilum J. Agardh
  355. Polysiphonia simpliciuscula Crouan frat.
  356. Polysiphonia simpliciuscula Crouan
  357. Polysiphonia simulans W.H. Harvey
  358. Polysiphonia sinicola Setchell & Gardner
  359. Polysiphonia siretokoensis Yamada
  360. Polysiphonia snyderae Kylin
  361. Polysiphonia snyderae var. intricata Hollenberg
  362. Polysiphonia solieri ('Solierii') J. Agardh
  363. Polysiphonia sonorensis Hollenberg
  364. Polysiphonia sparsa (Setchell) Hollenberg
  365. Polysiphonia sphacelarioides J. Agardh
  366. Polysiphonia sphaerocarpa F.C.E. Børgesen
  367. Polysiphonia sphaerocarpa var. cheloniae Hollenberg & J.N. Norris
  368. Polysiphonia sphaerocarpa var. distans Hollenberg
  369. Polysiphonia sphaerocarpa var. filifera Hollenberg
  370. Polysiphonia sphaerospora Børgesen
  371. Polysiphonia spiculifera Zanardini in herb, Sonder
  372. Polysiphonia spinella (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  373. Polysiphonia spinella (Agardh) Kützing
  374. Polysiphonia spinescens Montagne
  375. Polysiphonia spinifera Kützing
  376. Polysiphonia spinosa (C.A. Agardh) J.G. Agardh
  377. Polysiphonia spinosa f. genuina [Schiffner]
  378. Polysiphonia spinosa f. lubrica (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  379. Polysiphonia spinosa var. pilosa (Naccari) Schiffner
  380. Polysiphonia spinosa f. robusta [Schiffner]
  381. Polysiphonia spinosissima Harvey
  382. Polysiphonia spinulifera Reinsch
  383. Polysiphonia spinuligera Zanardini
  384. Polysiphonia spinulosa R.K. Greville
  385. Polysiphonia spinulosa f. major J. Agardh
  386. Polysiphonia spinulosa f. minor J. Agardh
  387. Polysiphonia spinulosa f. prolifera J. Agardh
  388. Polysiphonia spinosissima Harvey
  389. Polysiphonia spiralis L. Batten
  390. Polysiphonia squarrosa Kützing
  391. Polysiphonia stangeri J. Agardh
  392. Polysiphonia stenocarpa Kützing
  393. Polysiphonia stenocarpa var. minor Kützing
  394. Polysiphonia stichidiosa G. Funk
  395. Polysiphonia stictophlaea Kützing
  396. Polysiphonia stimpsonii W.H. Harvey
  397. Polysiphonia stricta (L.W. Dillwyn) R.K. Greville
  398. Polysiphonia stricta var. gracilis Kützing
  399. Polysiphonia strictioides (Lyngbye) Derb. & Sol.
  400. Polysiphonia strictissima J. Hooker & Harvey
  401. Polysiphonia stuposa G. Zanardini
  402. Polysiphonia subadunca Kützing
  403. Polysiphonia subadunca f. intricata (C. Agardh) Hauck
  404. Polysiphonia subadunca var. major [Zeller]
  405. Polysiphonia subcontinua (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  406. Polysiphonia subcontinua (Agardh) Kützing
  407. Polysiphonia subcontinua var. flocculosa (Kützing) Ardissone
  408. Polysiphonia subcontorta C. H. Peck
  409. Polysiphonia subcontorta C. H. Peck
  410. Polysiphonia subtilis De Notaris
  411. Polysiphonia subtilis De Notaris
  412. Polysiphonia subtilis De Notaris
  413. Polysiphonia subtilis Kützing
  414. Polysiphonia subtilis Ardissone
  415. Polysiphonia subtilissima J.P.F.C. Montagne
  416. Polysiphonia subtilissima var. abbottiae_('abbottae') Hollenberg
  417. Polysiphonia subtilissima var. westpointensis Harvey
  418. Polysiphonia subulata (J.A.P. Ducluzeau) P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan
  419. Polysiphonia subulata (J.A.P. Ducluzeau) J.G. Agardh
  420. Polysiphonia subulata (Ducluzeau) Kützing
  421. Polysiphonia subulata f. griffithiana (Harvey) J. Agardh
  422. Polysiphonia subulata f. montagnei (De Notaris) J. Agardh
  423. Polysiphonia subulata f. perreymondii (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  424. Polysiphonia subulata f. purpurea (C. Agardh) Bornet
  425. Polysiphonia subulata J. Agardh f. vestita Rodríguez y Femenías
  426. Polysiphonia subulifera (C.A. Agardh) W.H. Harvey
  427. Polysiphonia subulifera var. polyrhiza Shperk
  428. Polysiphonia subulifera var. templetonii ('templetoni') Harvey
  429. Polysiphonia succulenta Harvey
  430. Polysiphonia sulcata Rudolphi
  431. Polysiphonia sulivaniae_('sulivanae') J. Hooker & Harvey
  432. Polysiphonia tapinocarpa Suringar
  433. Polysiphonia tasmanica (Sonder) J. Agardh
  434. Polysiphonia taylorii ('Taylori') Hollenberg ex Williams nom. subnud.
  435. Polysiphonia teges Womersley
  436. Polysiphonia tenebrosa Harvey
  437. Polysiphonia tenella (C. Agardh) Moris & De Notaris
  438. Polysiphonia tenella (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  439. Polysiphonia tenera Harvey
  440. Polysiphonia tenuis (C. Agardh) Fries
  441. Polysiphonia tenuis Hollenberg
  442. Polysiphonia tenuissima De Notaris
  443. Polysiphonia tenuistriata Hook. f. & Harvey
  444. Polysiphonia tepida Hollenberg
  445. Polysiphonia teradomariensis M. Noda
  446. Polysiphonia thuyoides Harvey
  447. Polysiphonia thwaitesii Harvey
  448. Polysiphonia thwaitesii Harvey
  449. Polysiphonia thwaitesii Harvey
  450. Polysiphonia thyrsigera J. Agardh
  451. Polysiphonia tinctoria De Notaris
  452. Polysiphonia tinctoria Zanardini
  453. Polysiphonia tokidae Segi
  454. Polysiphonia tongatensis Harvey
  455. Polysiphonia tongatensis W.H. Harvey ex F.T. Kützing
  456. Polysiphonia tongatensis var. corallicola (Grunow) Grunow
  457. Polysiphonia tongatensis var. corallicola Grunow
  458. Polysiphonia tongatensis var. upolensis Grunow
  459. Polysiphonia tongatensis var. upolensis Grunow
  460. Polysiphonia torva De Notaris in herb.
  461. Polysiphonia trichoclada Kützing
  462. Polysiphonia trichodes Kützing
  463. Polysiphonia tripinnata J. Agardh
  464. Polysiphonia triton P. C. Silva
  465. Polysiphonia tsudana Hollenberg
  466. Polysiphonia tuberosa Hollenberg
  467. Polysiphonia turgidula Crouan frat.
  468. Polysiphonia tuticorinensis Børgesen
  469. Polysiphonia ulex Derbes & Solier
  470. Polysiphonia umbellifera F.T. Kützing
  471. Polysiphonia uncinata Kützing
  472. Polysiphonia uncinata (Bonnem.) Crouan frat.
  473. Polysiphonia uncinata var. intricata (C. Agardh) Kützing
  474. Polysiphonia unguiformis Børgesen
  475. Polysiphonia upolensis Grunow
  476. Polysiphonia urbana Harvey
  477. Polysiphonia urbanoides Levring
  478. Polysiphonia urceolata (L.W. Dillwyn) R.K. Greville
  479. Polysiphonia urceolata f. comosa (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  480. Polysiphonia urceolata f. formosa (Suhr) J. Agardh
  481. Polysiphonia urceolata var. formosa [(Suhr) Farlow]
  482. Polysiphonia urceolata f. lepadicola (Lyngbye) Segi
  483. Polysiphonia urceolata f. patens (Dillwyn) J. Agardh
  484. Polysiphonia urceolata var. patens (Dillwyn) Harvey
  485. Polysiphonia urceolata subf. distans Foslie
  486. Polysiphonia urceolata subf. fasciculata Foslie
  487. Polysiphonia urceolata f. roseola (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  488. Polysiphonia urceolata var. senticulosa (Harvey) Collins
  489. Polysiphonia urceolata f. typica Kjellman
  490. Polysiphonia urceolata f. urceolata J. Agardh
  491. Polysiphonia utricularis Zanardini
  492. Polysiphonia vaga Kützing
  493. Polysiphonia vaga (Kützing) Kützing
  494. Polysiphonia vagabunda Harvey
  495. Polysiphonia valida J. Agardh
  496. Polysiphonia variabilis Harvey
  497. Polysiphonia variabilis Hooker & Harvey
  498. Polysiphonia variabilis Harvey
  499. Polysiphonia variabilis var. longiarticulata Harvey
  500. Polysiphonia variegata (C.A. Agardh) G. Zanardini
  501. Polysiphonia variegata var. arctica (J. Agardh) Gobi
  502. Polysiphonia variegata var. fragilis (Sperk) Voronikhin
  503. Polysiphonia variegata var. genuina [Schiffner]
  504. Polysiphonia variegata var. leptura (Kützing) Schiffner
  505. Polysiphonia variegata f. major Schiffner
  506. Polysiphonia variegata f. minor [Schiffner]
  507. Polysiphonia variegata var. radicana [Zanardini]
  508. Polysiphonia variegata var. radicans (C. Agardh) Zanardini
  509. Polysiphonia veneta G. Zanardini
  510. Polysiphonia versicolor J. Hooker & Harvey
  511. Polysiphonia verticillata Harvey
  512. Polysiphonia vestita J. Agardh
  513. Polysiphonia victoriae Harvey mscr.
  514. Polysiphonia victoriae (J. Agardh) Harvey
  515. Polysiphonia vidovichii Meneghini ex Kützing
  516. Polysiphonia villifera (C. Agardh) Endlicher
  517. Polysiphonia villum J.G. Agardh
  518. Polysiphonia vinosa F.T. Kützing
  519. Polysiphonia violacea (A.W. Roth) K.P.J. Sprengel
  520. Polysiphonia violacea f. aculeata (C. Agardh) Rosenvinge
  521. Polysiphonia violacea f. allochroa (Roth) J. Agardh
  522. Polysiphonia violacea var. amethystea (Kützing) Kützing
  523. Polysiphonia violacea var. bulbosa Areschoug
  524. Polysiphonia violacea var. fibrillosa (Dillwyn) Areschoug
  525. Polysiphonia violacea f. fibrillosa (Dillwyn) Rosenvinge
  526. Polysiphonia violacea var. flexicaulis Harvey
  527. Polysiphonia violacea var. genuina Hauck
  528. Polysiphonia violacea var. griffithsiana (Harvey) L. Batten
  529. Polysiphonia violacea var. myriotricha Kützing
  530. Polysiphonia violacea f. robusta J. Agardh
  531. Polysiphonia violacea var. subbrodiaei ('sub-brodiaei') Areschoug
  532. Polysiphonia violacea var. subulata (Ducluzeau) Hauck
  533. Polysiphonia violacea var. tenuis Greville
  534. Polysiphonia violacea f. tenuis [(Roth) Rosenvinge]
  535. Polysiphonia violacea var. tenuissima Areschoug
  536. Polysiphonia violacea var. violacea Areschoug
  537. Polysiphonia violacea f. violacea J. Agardh
  538. Polysiphonia violascens Kützing
  539. Polysiphonia violascens var. strictiuscula Kützing
  540. Polysiphonia virens Kützing
  541. Polysiphonia virens var. major Kützing
  542. Polysiphonia virgata (C. Agardh) Sprengel
  543. Polysiphonia vulpina De Notaris herb.
  544. Polysiphonia vulpina De Notaris
  545. Polysiphonia woodii W.H. Harvey
  546. Polysiphonia wulfenii ('Wulfeni') (Roth) J. Agardh
  547. Polysiphonia wulfenii ('Wulfeni') Kützing
  548. Polysiphonia wulfenii var. forcipata Kützing
  549. Polysiphonia wulfenii var. fruticulosa (Wulfen) Rabenhorst
  550. Polysiphonia yendoi Segi
  551. Polysiphonia yokoskensis Hariot
  552. Polysiphonia yonakuniensis Segi
  553. Polysiphonia zanardinii Schiffner
  554. Polysiphonia zimmermannii ('Zimmermanni') Suhr mscr.
  555. Polysiphonia zostericola Lucas
  556. POLYSOLENIA J.D. Hooker
  557. POLYSOLENIA C.G. Ehrenberg
  558. POLYSOLENIA C.G. Ehrenberg ex F.T. Kützing
  559. Polysolenia closterium C.G. Ehrenberg
  560. POLYSPERMA J.P.E. Vaucher
  561. Polysperma abyssinicum (Kützing) Kuntze
  562. Polysperma annulatum_('annulata') (Kützing) Trevisan
  563. Polysperma australe (Atkinson) Kuntze \{pcs\}
  564. Polysperma caespitosum (Bornemann) Kuntze \{pcs\}
  565. Polysperma catenatum_('catenata') (Kützing) Trevisan
  566. Polysperma ciliatum (Sirodot) Kuntze \{pcs\}
  567. Polysperma dichotomum (DC) Kuntze \{pcs\}
  568. Polysperma fluviatile_('fluviatilis') (L.) Vaucher
  569. Polysperma glomeratum_('glomerata') (L.) Vaucher
  570. Polysperma grande (Wolle) Kuntze
  571. Polysperma italicum (Meneghini) Kuntze \{pcs\}
  572. Polysperma mamillosum (Kützing) Kuntze \{pcs\}
  573. Polysperma mexicanum (Kützing) Kuntze
  574. Polysperma nodosum (Kützing) Kuntze \{pcs\}
  575. Polysperma parvulum (Sirodot) Kuntze \{pcs\}
  576. Polysperma rubrum (Bornemann) Kuntze \{pcs\}
  577. Polysperma sudeticum_('sudetica') (Kützing) Trevisan
  578. Polysperma torulosum_('torulosa') (Roth) Trevisan
  579. Polysperma variegatum_('variegata') (Agardh) Trevisan
  580. Polyspermum corinaldii (Meneghini) Trevisan
  581. Polyspermum dillwynii ('Dillwyni') Trevisan
  582. Polyspermum fluviatile (L.) Weber & Mohr
  583. Polyspermum fucinum (Bory) Trevisan
  584. Polyspermum subtile (Agardh) Trevisan
  585. POLYSPHAERA H. Reisigl
  586. Polysphaera composita Reisigl
  587. POLYSPHAERIDIUM R.J. Davey & G.L. Williams
  588. Polysphaeridium asperum (Maier) Davey & Williams
  589. Polysphaeridium belgicum Sarjeant
  590. Polysphaeridium cephalum R.K. Kar
  591. Polysphaeridium conispinum (Davey & Verdier) Stover & Evitt
  592. Polysphaeridium deflandrei (Valensi) Davey & Williams
  593. Polysphaeridium fabium (Tasch, McClure, & Oftedahl) Davey & Williams
  594. Polysphaeridium fluctuans (Pastiels) Davey & Williams invalid
  595. Polysphaeridium follium (Tasch, McClure, & Oftedahl) Davey & Williams
  596. Polysphaeridium fucosum (Valensi) Davey & Williams
  597. Polysphaeridium giganteum Caro
  598. Polysphaeridium laminaspinosum Davey Williams
  599. Polysphaeridium marsupium (Tasch, McClure, & Oftedahl) Davey & Williams
  600. Polysphaeridium microtriainum (B. Klumpp) R.K. Kar
  601. Polysphaeridium multispinosum R.J. Davey
  602. Polysphaeridium pastielsii ('pastielsi') Davey & Williams
  603. Polysphaeridium paulinae (Valensi) Davey & Williams invalid
  604. Polysphaeridium perovatum (Tasch, McClure, & Oftedahl) Davey & Williams
  605. Polysphaeridium polypes (Cookson & Eisenack) Davey & Williams
  606. Polysphaeridium pumilum Davey & Williams
  607. Polysphaeridium rhabdophorum (Valensi) Davey & Williams
  608. Polysphaeridium simplex (White) Davey & Williams
  609. Polysphaeridium subtile Davey & Williams
  610. Polysphaeridium tribrachiosum (Tasch) Davey & Williams invalid
  611. Polysphaeridium warrenii Habib
  612. Polysphaeridium zoharyi (Rossignol) Davey & Williams
  614. Polysphaerinella bulla (Conil & Lys) Mamet
  616. Polystephanephorus calathus (Sarjeant) Sarjeant
  617. Polystephanephorus euryanthus Cookson & Eisenack
  618. Polystephanephorus paracalathus (Sarjeant) Sarjeant
  619. Polystephanephorus sarjeantii Gitmez
  620. Polystephanephorus sarrisii Archangelsky
  621. Polystephanephorus urnaformis (Cookson) Sarjeant
  623. Polystephanosphaera calathus Sarjeant
  624. Polystephanosphaera calathus Sarjeant {cont.}
  625. Polystephanosphaera calathus Sarjeant
  626. Polystephanosphaera paracalathus Sarjeant
  627. Polystephanosphaera urnaformis (Cookson) Sarjeant
  628. Polystephanosphaera valensii Sarjeant
  629. POLYSTIGMA R. Lauterborn
  630. Polystigma reniforme R. Lauterborn
  631. POLYSTRATA F. Heydrich
  632. Polystrata alba (Pfender) Denizot
  633. Polystrata compacta (Foslie) Denizot
  634. Polystrata dura F. Heydrich
  635. Polystrata dura f. fusca F. Heydrich
  636. Polystrata dura f. nigra F. Heydrich
  637. Polystrata fosliei (Weber-van Bosse) Denizot
  638. POLYTAENIA W.B. Turner \{also on card: subgenus of Spirotaenia\}
  639. POLYTHRIX G. Zanardini
  640. POLYTHRIX Zanardini ex Bornet & Flahault
  641. Polythrix corymbosa (Harvey) Grunow in herb.
  642. Polythrix corymbosa Grunow in herb. ex Bornet & Flahault
  643. Polythrix spongiosa Zanardini