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  1. POLYSIPHONIA Greville
  2. POLYSIPHONIA \{also on card: subgenera, sections by J. Agardh, Harvey\}
  3. POLYSIPHONIA \{also on card: sections by Kützing\}
  4. POLYSIPHONIA \{also on card: sections by J. Agardh\}
  5. POLYSIPHONIA \{also on card: sections by Ardissone\}
  6. POLYSIPHONIA Ardissone \{also on card: sect. of Polysiphonia\}
  7. POLYSIPHONIA Harvey \{also on card: sub-genus of Polysiphonia\}
  8. POLYSIPHONIA J. Agardh \{also on card: Subgenus of Polysiphonia\}
  9. POLYSIPHONIA \{also on card: series Oligosiphonia J. Agardh\}
  10. POLYSIPHONIA \{also on card: subgenera, series? by J. Agardh\}
  11. POLYSIPHONIA \{also on card: subgenus Placophora (J. Agardh) Goebel\}
  12. Polysiphonia abscissa Hook. f. & Harvey
  13. Polysiphonia abscissa f. microcarpa (J. Hooker & Harvey) Dickie
  14. Polysiphonia abscissoides Womersley
  15. Polysiphonia acanthina J. Agardh
  16. Polysiphonia acanthocarpa Kützing
  17. Polysiphonia acanthophora Kützing
  18. Polysiphonia acanthophora Harvey
  19. Polysiphonia acanthophora var. minor Schiffner
  20. Polysiphonia acanthotricha Kützing
  21. Polysiphonia acroblasta Kützing
  22. Polysiphonia acrolepta Zanardini ex A. De Toni
  23. Polysiphonia aculeata (Agardh) Montagne in litt.
  24. Polysiphonia aculeata Kützing
  25. Polysiphonia aculeifera Zanardini
  26. Polysiphonia aculeifera Kützing
  27. Polysiphonia acuminata Gardner
  28. Polysiphonia adriatica Schiffner
  29. Polysiphonia adscendens Meneghini
  30. Polysiphonia adunca Kützing
  31. Polysiphonia affinis D. Moore
  32. Polysiphonia agardhiana Greville
  33. Polysiphonia aggregata Segi
  34. Polysiphonia akkeshiensis Segi
  35. Polysiphonia allochroa (Roth) Duby
  36. Polysiphonia allochroa (Roth) Wallroth
  37. Polysiphonia allochroa (Roth) Kützing
  38. Polysiphonia allochroa var. penicillata Rabenhorst
  39. Polysiphonia amentacea (C. Agardh) Montagne
  40. Polysiphonia americana Reinsch
  41. Polysiphonia amethystea Kützing
  42. Polysiphonia amethystea f. crispa Suringar
  43. Polysiphonia amoena Sonder
  44. Polysiphonia amoena Sonder herb.
  45. Polysiphonia amphibia Harvey
  46. Polysiphonia amphibolis Womersley
  47. Polysiphonia angustissima Kützing
  48. Polysiphonia anisogona J. Hooker & Harvey
  49. Polysiphonia anomala Hollenberg
  50. Polysiphonia apiculata Hollenberg
  51. Polysiphonia aquamara I. A. Abbott
  52. Polysiphonia arachnoidea (Agardh) Zanardini
  53. Polysiphonia arachnoidea f. arachnoidea J. Agardh
  54. Polysiphonia arachnoidea f. humilior [Schiffner]
  55. Polysiphonia arachnoidea f. melagonium (Meneghini) J. Agardh
  56. Polysiphonia arachnoidea var. purpurea [Zanardini]
  57. Polysiphonia arachnoidea var. purpurea (C. Agardh) Zanardini
  58. Polysiphonia arborescens Kützing
  59. Polysiphonia arctica J. Agardh
  60. Polysiphonia arenaria Postels & Ruprecht
  61. Polysiphonia arenaria Harvey
  62. Polysiphonia arenaria Kützing
  63. Polysiphonia arenicola Kützing
  64. Polysiphonia argentinica Taylor
  65. Polysiphonia argus Kützing
  66. Polysiphonia arietina Bailey ms.
  67. Polysiphonia arietina Bailey in litt.
  68. Polysiphonia armata J. Agardh
  69. Polysiphonia adscendens (Bonnemaison) Crouan frat.
  70. Polysiphonia aspera Zanardini ex A. De Toni
  71. Polysiphonia asperula Kützing
  72. Polysiphonia asperula (Kützing) Kützing
  73. Polysiphonia aterrima J. Hooker & Harvey
  74. Polysiphonia atlantica Kapraun & J. Norris
  75. Polysiphonia atra Zanardini
  76. Polysiphonia atricapilla J. Agardh
  77. Polysiphonia atrogrisea Sonder in litt.
  78. Polysiphonia atropurpurea D. Moore
  79. Polysiphonia atrorubens (Wahlenberg) Endlicher
  80. Polysiphonia atrorubescens ('atro-rubescens') (Dillwyn) Greville
  81. Polysiphonia atrorubescens var. agardhiana (Greville) Le Jolis
  82. Polysiphonia atrorubescens var. minor W.H. Harvey
  83. Polysiphonia atrorubescens ('atro-rubescens') (Dillwyn) Greville f. psammicola Tilden
  84. Polysiphonia attenuata Zanardini
  85. Polysiphonia attenuata Zanardini ex A. Ee Toni
  86. Polysiphonia aurantiaca Kützing
  87. Polysiphonia aurata Harvey
  88. Polysiphonia australiensis Womersley
  89. Polysiphonia australis (Agardh) J. Agardh
  90. Polysiphonia awabiensis Noda
  91. Polysiphonia azorica O.C. Schmidt
  92. Polysiphonia badia (Dillwyn) Sprengel
  93. Polysiphonia badia var. funicularis (Meneghini) Kützing
  94. Polysiphonia baileyi (Harvey) J. Agardh
  95. Polysiphonia bajacali Hollenberg
  96. Polysiphonia balanicola Falkenberg
  97. Polysiphonia bambusina Meneghini
  98. Polysiphonia bangii (Kützing) Kützing
  99. Polysiphonia barbatula Kützing
  100. Polysiphonia bartlingiana Kützing
  101. Polysiphonia baxteri Lucas
  102. Polysiphonia beaudettei Hollenberg
  103. Polysiphonia beguinotii Schiffner
  104. Polysiphonia bellula De Notaris
  105. Polysiphonia bellula De Notaris
  106. Polysiphonia berkeleyi (Mont.) J. Hooker & Harvey
  107. Polysiphonia berkeleyi var. davisii (J. Hooker & Harvey) J. Hooker & Harvey
  108. Polysiphonia berkeleyi var. davisii (J. Hooker & Harvey) Harvey
  109. Polysiphonia bharadwajae Sreenivasa Rao
  110. Polysiphonia biasolettiana Zanardini
  111. Polysiphonia bicornis Sonder
  112. Polysiphonia bicornis Ohta
  113. Polysiphonia biformis Zanardini
  114. Polysiphonia biformis Zanardini
  115. Polysiphonia bifurcata Hollenberg
  116. Polysiphonia binderi Bonder
  117. Polysiphonia binderi (J. Agardh) Goebel
  118. Polysiphonia binneyi Harvey
  119. Polysiphonia binneyi Harvey
  120. Polysiphonia bipinnata Postels & Ruprecht
  121. Polysiphonia bipinnata Kützing
  122. Polysiphonia bipinnata var. gemmifera (Ruprecht) J. Agardh
  123. Polysiphonia bipinnata var. tenuior J. Agardh
  124. Polysiphonia blandii ('blandi') Harvey
  125. Polysiphonia blandii ('Blandi') Harvey
  126. Polysiphonia boergesenii Baardseth
  127. Polysiphonia boldii Wynne & Edwards
  128. Polysiphonia bostrychioides Montagne
  129. Polysiphonia bostrichioides Crouan fr.
  130. Polysiphonia botryocarpa J. Hooker & Harvey
  131. Polysiphonia brachygona Harvey
  132. Polysiphonia breviarticulata (C. Agardh) Zanardini
  133. Polysiphonia breviarticulata var. adriatica Kützing
  134. Polysiphonia breviarticulata var. chrysoderma (Kützing) Schiffner
  135. Polysiphonia breviarticulata var. mexicana Kützing
  136. Polysiphonia brevisegmenta Womersley
  137. Polysiphonia brodiei ('Brodiaei') Zanardini ex A. De Toni
  138. Polysiphonia brodiei ('Brodiaei') (Dillwyn) Sprengel
  139. Polysiphonia brodiei f. typica Holmes & Batters \{also on card: f. densa Holmes & Batters\}
  140. Polysiphonia brodiei f. agardhii Kjellman
  141. Polysiphonia brodiei var. angustissima H. Van Heurck
  142. Polysiphonia brodiei f. kuetzingii Kjellman
  143. Polysiphonia brodiei var. confluens Kjellman
  144. Polysiphonia brodiei f. lyngbyei Kjellman
  145. Polysiphonia brodiei var. laxa Kjellman
  146. Polysiphonia brodiei var. subsimplex ('sub-simplex') Harvey
  147. Polysiphonia brodiei var. tingitana Bornet
  148. Polysiphonia bulbosa Suhr mscr.
  149. Polysiphonia bulbosa Suhr in litt.
  150. Polysiphonia byssacea Kützing
  151. Polysiphonia byssacea (Kützing) Kützing
  152. Polysiphonia byssoclados Harvey
  153. Polysiphonia byssoides (Goodenough & Woodward) Greville
  154. Polysiphonia byssoides (Goodenough & Woodward) Sprengel
  155. Polysiphonia byssoides var. asperula Kützing
  156. Polysiphonia byssoides var. bangii Kützing
  157. Polysiphonia byssoides var. byssacea Kützing
  158. Polysiphonia byssoides var. dasyiformis ('dasyaeformis') Kützing
  159. Polysiphonia byssoides var. dillwynii Kützing
  160. Polysiphonia byssoides var. lyngbyei Kützing
  161. Polysiphonia byssoides var. solieri ('solierii') (J. Agardh) Ardissone
  162. Polysiphonia byssoides var. vaga Kützing
  163. Polysiphonia caespitosa (Pocock) Hollenberg
  164. Polysiphonia caespitula Sonder
  165. Polysiphonia calacantha Harvey
  166. Polysiphonia californica Harvey
  167. Polysiphonia californica var. plumigera W. H. Harvey
  168. Polysiphonia calliptera Kützing
  169. Polysiphonia callithamnioides Crouan frat.
  170. Polysiphonia callithamnium Sonder
  171. Polysiphonia callitricha Kützing
  172. Polysiphonia calodictyon Harvey
  173. Polysiphonia calodictyon Harvey
  174. Polysiphonia calodictyon var. condensata Kützing in Herb.
  175. Polysiphonia calothrix Harvey
  176. Polysiphonia calothrix Harvey
  177. Polysiphonia camerunensis Pilger
  178. Polysiphonia campanulata Chiaje
  179. Polysiphonia camptoclada Montagne
  180. Polysiphonia cancellata Harvey
  181. Polysiphonia capillata De Notaris
  182. Polysiphonia capillata De Notaris, inval.
  183. Polysiphonia capucina Crouan fr.
  184. Polysiphonia carettia Hollenberg
  185. Polysiphonia carmichaeliana Harvey
  186. Polysiphonia carnea Kützing ms.
  187. Polysiphonia carnea Kützing in litt.
  188. Polysiphonia cartilaginea Zanardini mscr. in herb.
  189. Polysiphonia caspia Kützing orth. mut.
  190. Polysiphonia caspica Kützing
  191. Polysiphonia castagnei Kützing
  192. Polysiphonia castelliana De Notaris & Dufour
  193. Polysiphonia caulescens J. Agardh
  194. Polysiphonia ceramiiformis_('ceramiaeformis') Crouan frat.
  195. Polysiphonia ceratoclada Montagne
  196. Polysiphonia ceratoclada var. secundata J. Hooker & Harvey
  197. Polysiphonia cervicornis Kützing
  198. Polysiphonia chalarophloea Kützing
  199. Polysiphonia chlamydopteris Zanardini
  200. Polysiphonia chlamydopteris Meneghini ex A. De Toni
  201. Polysiphonia chrysoderma Kützing
  202. Polysiphonia cladorrhiza Ardissone
  203. Polysiphonia cladostephus Montagne
  204. Polysiphonia clathrata Suhr in herb.
  205. Polysiphonia clavigera Kützing
  206. Polysiphonia clevelandii Farlow mscr.
  207. Polysiphonia clevelandii Farlow
  208. Polysiphonia clevelandii Farlow ms.
  209. Polysiphonia cloiophylla (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  210. Polysiphonia cloiophylla f. contigua J. Agardh
  211. Polysiphonia cloiophylla f. corymbosa (Kützing) J. Agardh
  212. Polysiphonia cloiophylla f. patens J. Agardh
  213. Polysiphonia cloiophylla f. pectinata J. Agardh
  214. Polysiphonia coacta Tseng
  215. Polysiphonia coarctata Kützing
  216. Polysiphonia coccinea (Hudson) Sprengel
  217. Polysiphonia codicola Zanardini
  218. Polysiphonia codiicola Zanardini
  219. Polysiphonia cokeri Hollenberg
  220. Polysiphonia colensoi J. D. Hooker & Harvey
  221. Polysiphonia colensoi Hooker & Harvey
  222. Polysiphonia collabens (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  223. Polysiphonia collabens var. platyspira (Kützing) Ardissone
  224. Polysiphonia collinsii Hollenberg
  225. Polysiphonia collinsii G. J. Hollenberg
  226. Polysiphonia collinsii var. luxurians G. J. Hollenberg
  227. Polysiphonia collinsii var. deliquescens G. J. Hollenberg
  228. Polysiphonia collinsii var. compacta G. J. Hollenberg
  229. Polysiphonia comatula Kützing
  230. Polysiphonia comatula var. penicillifera Kützing
  231. Polysiphonia commutata Kützing
  232. Polysiphonia commutata Endlicher
  233. Polysiphonia comoides Harvey
  234. Polysiphonia comosa (C. Agardh) Endlicher
  235. Polysiphonia comosa Kützing
  236. Polysiphonia comosa var. penicillifera Kützing
  237. Polysiphonia compacta Lucas
  238. Polysiphonia complanata (C. Agardh) Sprengel
  239. Polysiphonia complanata (Clemente) J. Agardh
  240. Polysiphonia concinna G.J. Hollenberg
  241. Polysiphonia condensata Kützing
  242. Polysiphonia confinis J. Hooker & Harvey ined.
  243. Polysiphonia confusa Hollenberg
  244. Polysiphonia constricta Womersley
  245. Polysiphonia corallicola Grunow
  246. Polysiphonia corallioides Suhr ex Kützing
  247. Polysiphonia corinaldii 'Meneghini'
  248. Polysiphonia corinaldii (Meneghini) De Notaris
  249. Polysiphonia corymbifera (C. Agardh) Endlicher
  250. Polysiphonia corymbosa J. Agardh
  251. Polysiphonia crassa Okamura
  252. Polysiphonia crassicollis Børgesen
  253. Polysiphonia crassiuscula Harvey
  254. Polysiphonia cristata Harvey
  255. Polysiphonia curta Montagne
  256. Polysiphonia curta Montagne ex Kützing
  257. Polysiphonia cuspidata J. Agardh
  258. Polysiphonia cymosa Kützing
  259. Polysiphonia cystophyllicola Noda
  260. Polysiphonia cystophyllicola Noda
  261. Polysiphonia dalmatica Kützing in litt.
  262. Polysiphonia dalmatica Meneghini
  263. Polysiphonia dasiiformis ('Dasiaeformis') Zanardini
  264. Polysiphonia dasyiformis ('dasyaeformis') (Kützing) Zanardini
  265. Polysiphonia dasyiformis ('dasyaeformis') Crouan fr.
  266. Polysiphonia dasyoides Zanardini
  267. Polysiphonia daveyae Reinbold
  268. Polysiphonia davisii J. Hooker & Harvey
  269. Polysiphonia decipiens Montagne
  270. Polysiphonia decipiens De Notaris
  271. Polysiphonia decumbens Segi
  272. Polysiphonia decussata Hollenberg
  273. Polysiphonia delicatula Hollenberg
  274. Polysiphonia delphina De Notaris
  275. Polysiphonia delphina De Notaris
  276. Polysiphonia deludens Falkenberg
  277. Polysiphonia dendritica (Agardh) Montagne
  278. Polysiphonia dendroidea Montagne
  279. Polysiphonia denticulata Chiaje
  280. Polysiphonia denticulata Kützing
  281. Polysiphonia denudata (Dillw.) Greville \{also on card, after Greville: ex Harvey?\}
  282. Polysiphonia derbesii Solier ex Kützing
  283. Polysiphonia derbesii f. penicillata J. Agardh
  284. Polysiphonia derbesii f. spinulosa (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  285. Polysiphonia deschampsii (Agardh) Crouan frat.
  286. Polysiphonia deusta (Roth) Sprengel
  287. Polysiphonia deusta f. deusta J. Agardh
  288. Polysiphonia deusta f. nodulosa (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  289. Polysiphonia devoniensis C.A. Maggs & M.H. Hommersand
  290. Polysiphonia dichocephala Kützing
  291. Polysiphonia dichotoma Kützing
  292. Polysiphonia dichotoma Zanardini ex A. De Toni
  293. Polysiphonia dichotoma G.J. Hollenberg
  294. Polysiphonia dictyurus J. Agardh
  295. Polysiphonia dictyura Liebmann ex Kützing
  296. Polysiphonia dictyurus var. clevelandii 'Farlow'
  297. Polysiphonia diffusa (Hudson) Jones & Kingston
  298. Polysiphonia dilatata Kützing
  299. Polysiphonia dillwynii Kützing
  300. Polysiphonia dillwynii (Kützing) Kützing
  301. Polysiphonia discolor (Agardh) Sprengel
  302. Polysiphonia disticha Zanardini
  303. Polysiphonia divaricata Carmichael mss.
  304. Polysiphonia divaricata (Agardh) Sprengel
  305. Polysiphonia divergens J. Agardh
  306. Polysiphonia divergens var. grevilleana Kützing
  307. Polysiphonia divergens var. heteronema J. Agardh
  308. Polysiphonia dotyi Hollenberg
  309. Polysiphonia doubletiae Sauvageau
  310. Polysiphonia dubia Suhr in herb. Berol.
  311. Polysiphonia dubia var. imbricata Suhr in herb. Berol.
  312. Polysiphonia dumosa Hook. f. & Harvey
  313. Polysiphonia durkeei Harvey ms.
  314. Polysiphonia dysanophora Kützing
  315. Polysiphonia eastwoodiae ('Eastwoodae') Setchell & Gardner
  316. Polysiphonia echigoensis Noda
  317. Polysiphonia echigoensis Noda
  318. Polysiphonia echinata Harvey
  319. Polysiphonia elongata (Hudson) Sprengel
  320. Polysiphonia elongata Kützing
  321. Polysiphonia elongata f. typica Kylin
  322. Polysiphonia elongata var. arborescens (Kützing) Ardissone
  323. Polysiphonia elongata f. arborescens (Kützing) Ardissone
  324. Polysiphonia elongata var. arborescens (Kützing) [Schiffner]
  325. Polysiphonia elongata f. baltica Rosenvinge
  326. Polysiphonia elongata var. denudata Harvey
  327. Polysiphonia elongata var. denudata [Zanardini]
  328. Polysiphonia elongata var. denudata (Agardh) Zanardini
  329. Polysiphonia elongata var. denudata Montagne
  330. Polysiphonia elongata f. denudata (J. Agardh) Batters
  331. Polysiphonia elongata var. haematites (Kützing) [Schiffner]
  332. Polysiphonia elongata f. inflata Ercegovic
  333. Polysiphonia elongata f. lyngbyei (Agardh) J. Agardh
  334. Polysiphonia elongata var. autumnalis J. Agardh
  335. Polysiphonia elongata var. expansa (Agardh) J. Agardh \{also on card, before var.: f. lyngbyei\}
  336. Polysiphonia elongata var. luxurians (Agardh) J. Agardh \{also on card, before var.: f. lyngbyei\}
  337. Polysiphonia elongata var. prolifera J. Agardh
  338. supplanted
  339. supplanted
  340. Polysiphonia elongata var. vernalis J. Agardh \{also on card, before var.: f. lyngbyei\}
  341. Polysiphonia elongata var. microdendron (J. Agardh) Gran
  342. Polysiphonia elongata f. microdendron Levring
  343. Polysiphonia elongata f. glomerata Gran
  344. Polysiphonia elongata subf. glomerata Levring
  345. Polysiphonia elongata f. nana Gran
  346. Polysiphonia elongata var. prolifera [Zanardini]
  347. Polysiphonia elongata var. prolifera (Agardh) Zanardini
  348. Polysiphonia elongata var. robustissima Zanardini
  349. Polysiphonia elongata f. rosea (Greville) Batters
  350. Polysiphonia elongata f. ruchingeri (Agardh) J. Agardh
  351. Polysiphonia elongata var. denudata (Harvey) J. Agardh
  352. Polysiphonia elongata var. hornotina J. Agardh
  353. Polysiphonia elongata f. minor [Schiffner]
  354. Polysiphonia elongata var. penicilligara J. Agardh
  355. Polysiphonia elongata var. rosea (Greville) J. Agardh
  356. Polysiphonia elongata var. sanguinolenta (C. Agardh) Harvey
  357. Polysiphonia elongata f. schuebeleri ('schuebelerii') (Foslie) Rosenvinge
  358. Polysiphonia elongata var. simplex (Hudson) Sprengel
  359. Polysiphonia elongata var. spinulosa [Zanardini]
  360. Polysiphonia elongata var. spinulosa (Agardh) Zanardini
  361. Polysiphonia elongella Harvey
  362. Polysiphonia elongella Meneghini
  363. Polysiphonia episcopalis Zanardini
  364. Polysiphonia episcopalis Zanardini mscr.
  365. Polysiphonia episcopalis Zanardini ex A. De Toni
  366. Polysiphonia ericoides Harvey
  367. Polysiphonia erythraea J. Agardh
  368. Polysiphonia erythrocoma Kützing
  369. Polysiphonia exigua Kützing
  370. Polysiphonia exilis Harvey
  371. Polysiphonia exilis Kützing
  372. Polysiphonia expansa (Agardh) Endlicher
  373. Polysiphonia expansa Zanardini
  374. Polysiphonia falcata Kützing
  375. Polysiphonia fasciculata Harvey ex D. Moore
  376. Polysiphonia fasciculata Kützing
  377. Polysiphonia fasciculifera Kützing
  378. Polysiphonia fastigiata (Roth) Greville
  379. Polysiphonia fastigiata (Roth) Sprengel
  380. Polysiphonia ferox J. Agardh
  381. Polysiphonia ferulacea Suhr ex J. Agardh
  382. Polysiphonia ferulacea f. implicata Tseng
  383. Polysiphonia fibrata (Dillwyn) Harvey
  384. Polysiphonia fibrillosa (Dillwyn) Sprengel
  385. Polysiphonia fibrillosa var. spinifera J. Agardh
  386. Polysiphonia figariana Zanardini
  387. Polysiphonia filamentosa (Wulfen) Sprengel
  388. Polysiphonia filipendula Harvey ex J. Agardh
  389. Polysiphonia filipendula Harvey
  390. Polysiphonia firma Zanardini
  391. Polysiphonia flabelliformis J. Hooker & Harvey
  392. Polysiphonia flabellulata Harvey
  393. Polysiphonia flaccida Rabenhorst
  394. Polysiphonia flaccidissima G.J. Hollenberg
  395. Polysiphonia flaccidissima var. decimera Hollenberg
  396. Polysiphonia flaccidissima var. iki Hollenberg
  397. Polysiphonia flaccidissima var. lopi Hollenberg
  398. Polysiphonia flaccidissima var. smithii Hollenberg
  399. Polysiphonia flagellifera Reinsch
  400. Polysiphonia flavescens Zanardini
  401. Polysiphonia flexella (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  402. Polysiphonia flexella var. acanthotricha (Kützing) Piccone
  403. Polysiphonia flexella var. genuina [Schiffner]
  404. Polysiphonia flexella var. subverticillata Strafforello
  405. Polysiphonia flexicaulis (Harv.) Collins
  406. Polysiphonia floccosa Zanardini
  407. Polysiphonia flocculosa (C. Agardh) Endlicher
  408. Polysiphonia foeniculacea (C. Agardh) Sprengel
  409. Polysiphonia foeniculacea var. eximia Schiffner
  410. Polysiphonia foeniculacea var. genuina [Schiffner]
  411. Polysiphonia foeniculacea var. lagunarum Schiffner
  412. Polysiphonia foetidissima Cocks
  413. Polysiphonia foetidissima Cocks
  414. Polysiphonia foetidissima Cocks
  415. Polysiphonia forcipata J. Agardh
  416. Polysiphonia forcipata Harvey
  417. Polysiphonia forcipata Harvey
  418. Polysiphonia forfex Harvey
  419. Polysiphonia formosa (Suhr) Harvey
  420. Polysiphonia fracta Harvey
  421. Polysiphonia fracta Harvey
  422. Polysiphonia fragilis Suringar
  423. Polysiphonia fragilis Shperk
  424. Polysiphonia frutex Harvey
  425. Polysiphonia fruticulosa (Wulfen) Sprengel
  426. Polysiphonia fruticulosa var. genuina Bornet
  427. Polysiphonia fruticulosa var. pilosissima Schiffner
  428. Polysiphonia fruticulosa var. tenuior [Zanardini]
  429. Polysiphonia fruticulosa var. tenuior (Agardh) Zanardini
  430. Polysiphonia fruticulosa var. tenuissima H. Van Heurck
  431. Polysiphonia fruticulosa var. wulfenii ('wulfeni') (Roth) [Rodríguez y Femenías]
  432. Polysiphonia fruticulosa var. wulfenii Bornet
  433. Polysiphonia fruticulosa f. pusilla Bornet
  434. Polysiphonia fucoides (Hudson) Greville
  435. Polysiphonia fuliginosa Rudolphi
  436. Polysiphonia fuliginosa Kützing
  437. Polysiphonia fuliginosa Suhr
  438. Polysiphonia funebris De Notaris
  439. Polysiphonia funebris De Notaris ex J. Agardh
  440. Polysiphonia funebris De Notaris in herb. Lenormand
  441. Polysiphonia funicularis Meneghini
  442. Polysiphonia funicularis (Meneghini ex Kützing) Kützing
  443. Polysiphonia funicularis Meneghini mscr.
  444. Polysiphonia furcata Meneghini ex A. De Toni
  445. Polysiphonia furcellata (C. Agardh) Harvey
  446. Polysiphonia furcellata f. forcipata (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  447. Polysiphonia furcellata var. forcipata (J. Agardh) Ardissone
  448. Polysiphonia furcellata f. patula J. Agardh
  449. Polysiphonia furcellata var. patula (J. Agardh) [Piccone]
  450. Polysiphonia fuscescens Harvey
  451. Polysiphonia fuscorubens ('fusco-rubens') J. Hooker & Harvey
  452. Polysiphonia gardneri Kylin
  453. Polysiphonia gaudichaudii (C. Agardh) Kützing
  454. Polysiphonia gelidii Zanardini
  455. Polysiphonia gemmifera Yates
  456. Polysiphonia gibbesii Harvey
  457. Polysiphonia giraudii Derb. & Sol.
  458. Polysiphonia glomerulata (Agardh) Sprengel
  459. Polysiphonia gonatophora Kützing
  460. Polysiphonia gonatophora var. rigidula Kützing
  461. Polysiphonia gopnathensis Thivy & Rao
  462. Polysiphonia gorgoniae Harvey
  463. Polysiphonia gracilis Greville mss.
  464. Polysiphonia gracilis Crouan frat.
  465. Polysiphonia gracilis Shperk
  466. Polysiphonia gracilis Tseng
  467. Polysiphonia grateloupeoides Noda
  468. Polysiphonia grevillei ('grevillii') Harvey
  469. Polysiphonia griffithsiana Harvey
  470. Polysiphonia grisea Kützing
  471. Polysiphonia guadalupensis Setchell & Gardner
  472. Polysiphonia guernisacii_('Guernisaci') (Crouan) J. Agardh
  473. Polysiphonia gunniana Harvey
  474. Polysiphonia haematites Kützing
  475. Polysiphonia hakodatensis Yendo
  476. Polysiphonia hamulifera Kützing
  477. Polysiphonia hancockii Dawson
  478. Polysiphonia hapalacantha Harvey
  479. Polysiphonia haplodasyae Womersley
  480. Polysiphonia harlandii Harvey
  481. Polysiphonia harlandii f. minutissima Tseng
  482. Polysiphonia harlandii f. typica Tseng
  483. Polysiphonia harveyi Bailey
  484. Polysiphonia harveyi var. arietina Harvey
  485. Polysiphonia harveyi var. olneyi (Harvey) Collins
  486. Polysiphonia hassleri Taylor
  487. Polysiphonia havanensis Montagne
  488. Polysiphonia havanensis f. binneyi (Harvey) J. Agardh
  489. Polysiphonia havanensis f. havanensis J. Agardh
  490. Polysiphonia havanensis f. insidiosa J. Agardh
  491. Polysiphonia havanensis f. mucosa J. Agardh
  492. Polysiphonia hawaiiensis Hollenberg
  493. Polysiphonia hemisphaerica J. E. Areschoug
  494. Polysiphonia hemisphaerica var. boldii (Wynne & Edwards) J. Rueness
  495. Polysiphonia hendryi Gardner
  496. Polysiphonia hendryi var. compacta (Hollenberg) Hollenberg
  497. Polysiphonia hendryi var. deliquescens (Hollenberg) Hollenberg
  498. Polysiphonia hendryi var. gardneri (Kylin) Hollenberg
  499. Polysiphonia hendryi var. luxurians (Hollenberg) Hollenberg
  500. Polysiphonia heringii Harvey
  501. Polysiphonia herpa G.J. Hollenberg
  502. Polysiphonia heteroclada J. Agardh
  503. Polysiphonia hillebrandii Bornet
  504. Polysiphonia hirsuta (Roth) Wallroth
  505. Polysiphonia hirsuta Zanardini
  506. Polysiphonia hirta J. Agardh
  507. Polysiphonia hispida f. vestita (J. Agardh) Hauck
  508. Polysiphonia hochstetteriana O.C. Schmidt
  509. Polysiphonia homoia Setchell & Gardner
  510. Polysiphonia hookeri Harvey
  511. Polysiphonia hooperi Bailey ms.
  512. Polysiphonia howei Hollenberg
  513. Polysiphonia humilis Kützing
  514. Polysiphonia hypnoides Welwitsch
  515. Polysiphonia hystrix J. Hooker & Harvey
  516. Polysiphonia implexa J. Hooker & Harvey
  517. Polysiphonia implexa J. Hooker & Harvey
  518. Polysiphonia impolita Zanardini
  519. Polysiphonia incompa De Notaris, inval.
  520. Polysiphonia incompta De Notaris, inval.
  521. Polysiphonia incompta Harvey
  522. Polysiphonia inconspicua Reinsch
  523. Polysiphonia inconspicua G.J. Hollenberg
  524. Polysiphonia incurva Zanardini
  525. Polysiphonia indigena Hollenberg
  526. Polysiphonia infestans Harvey
  527. Polysiphonia infestans Harvey
  528. Polysiphonia inflata V. Martens
  529. Polysiphonia insidiosa Crouan frat.
  530. Polysiphonia insidiosa Greville ex J. Agardh
  531. Polysiphonia insignis Crouan frat.
  532. Polysiphonia intricata (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  533. Polysiphonia intricata var. crassa Ardissone
  534. Polysiphonia intricata var. simplicior J. Agardh
  535. Polysiphonia inversa Sonder
  536. Polysiphonia irregularis Zanardini [mscr.]
  537. Polysiphonia irregularis Zanardini mscr.
  538. Polysiphonia isogona Harvey