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  2. PLEUROSIGMA {groups}
  3. PLEUROSIGMA {sections}
  4. Pleurosigma abruptum H. Peragallo CAS
  5. Pleurosigma acuminatum (Kützing) W. Smith CAS
  6. Pleurosigma acuminatum var. curtum_('curta') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
  7. Pleurosigma acuminatum var. curta M. Peragallo in Héribaud CAS
  8. Pleurosigma acuminatum var. cuspidatum (Rabenhorst) Rabenhorst CAS
  9. Pleurosigma acuminatum var. lacustre (Smith) Rabenhorst CAS
  10. Pleurosigma acuminatum f. minor Rabenhorst CAS
  11. Pleurosigma acuminatum f. obtusum_('obtusa') Dippel
  12. Pleurosigma acuminatum var. scalproides Brun CAS
  13. Pleurosigma acus Mann CAS
  14. Pleurosigma acutum Norman CAS
  15. Pleurosigma acutum Norman ex Ralfs in Pritchard CAS
  16. Pleurosigma acutum var. australicum Grunow in Cleve & Möller CAS
  17. Pleurosigma acutum f. brasilianum_('brasiliana') Müller-Melchers
  18. Pleurosigma acutum var. pelagicum H. Peragallo ex H. Peragallo {in syn.}
  19. Pleurosigma aestuarii (Brébisson) W. Smith CAS
  20. Pleurosigma aestuarii var. delicatum_('delicata') Meister
  21. Pleurosigma aestuarii var. intermedium_('intermedia') Grunow
  22. Pleurosigma aestuarii var. minutum ('minuta') (Grunow) Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  23. Pleurosigma affine Grunow CAS
  24. Pleurosigma affine var. fossile ('fossilis') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  25. Pleurosigma affine var. interruptum H. Peragallo CAS
  26. Pleurosigma affine var. marylandicum ('marylandica') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  27. Pleurosigma affine var. normannii ('normanni') (Ralfs) H. Peragallo CAS
  28. Pleurosigma affine var. temperei Frenguelli CAS
  29. Pleurosigma agellus Ralfs CAS
  30. Pleurosigma amarum_('amara') Stidolph
  31. Pleurosigma americanum H. Peragallo
  32. Pleurosigma angulatum (Quekett) W. Smith CAS
  33. Pleurosigma angulatum var. aestuarii Meunier CAS
  34. Pleurosigma angulatum f. chemburianum_('chemburiana') Gonzalves & Gandhi
  35. Pleurosigma angulatum var. convexum (Grunow) Cleve CAS
  36. Pleurosigma angulatum var. finmarchicum_('finmarchica') (Cleve) Cleve
  37. Pleurosigma angulatum var. genuinum Cleve-Euler CAS
  38. Pleurosigma angulatum var. javanicum Grunow in Cleve & Möller CAS
  39. Pleurosigma angulatum f. major Truan y Luard CAS
  40. Pleurosigma angulatum f. minor Rabenhorst CAS
  41. Pleurosigma angulatum var. quadratum Meunier
  42. Pleurosigma angulatum var. robustum McCall CAS
  43. Pleurosigma angulatum var. undulatum_('undulata') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
  44. Pleurosigma angulatum f. undulatum (Grunow) Cleve CAS
  45. Pleurosigma angusticonvexum ('angusti-convexum') Hagelstein CAS
  46. Pleurosigma angustum Donkin CAS
  47. Pleurosigma antarcticum Grunow in Cleve & Möller CAS
  48. Pleurosigma antarcticum Heiden & Kolbe CAS
  49. Pleurosigma antarcticum var. angustum ('angusta') Heiden & Kolbe CAS
  50. Pleurosigma antillarum H. Peragallo CAS
  51. Pleurosigma apulum (Rabenhorst) Ralfs in Pritchard CAS
  52. Pleurosigma arafurense Castracane CAS
  53. Pleurosigma arcticum (Cleve) Mann CAS
  54. Pleurosigma arcuatum Donkin CAS
  55. Pleurosigma atlanticum Frenguelli CAS
  56. Pleurosigma atlanticum Heiden & Kolbe CAS
  57. Pleurosigma attenuatum (Kützing) W. Smith CAS
  58. Pleurosigma attenuatum var. agellus (C.G. Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst CAS
  59. Pleurosigma attenuatum var. caspium_('caspia') Grunow
  60. Pleurosigma australe Grunow CAS
  61. Pleurosigma australicum Witt CAS
  62. Pleurosigma baileyi Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  63. Pleurosigma balearicum Cleve & Grunow in Rodrígues y Femenías CAS
  64. Pleurosigma baltico-sinense ('baltico-sinensis') Schwarz
  65. Pleurosigma balticum (C.G. Ehrenberg) W. Smith CAS
  66. Pleurosigma balticum var. californicum Grunow
  67. Pleurosigma balticum var. constrictum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  68. Pleurosigma balticum var. diminutum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  69. Pleurosigma balticum var. maeoticum Pantocsek CAS
  70. Pleurosigma balticum var. maximum ('maxima') H. Peragallo CAS
  71. Pleurosigma balticum f. minus ('minor') Leuduger-Fortmorel CAS
  72. Pleurosigma balticum f. parvum ('parva') Leuduger-Fortmorel {nomen}
  73. Pleurosigma balticum var. simile Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
  74. Pleurosigma balticum var. terryanum H. Peragallo CAS
  75. Pleurosigma balticum var. wansbeckii (Donkin) H. Peragallo CAS
  76. Pleurosigma barbadense Grunow CAS
  77. Pleurosigma biharense Pantocsek CAS
  78. Pleurosigma bistriatum Schumann CAS
  79. Pleurosigma boyeri Keeley CAS
  80. Pleurosigma brasilianum_('brasiliana') Müller-Melchers
  81. Pleurosigma brasiliense Zimmermann CAS
  82. Pleurosigma brebissonii Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  83. Pleurosigma brunii Cleve ex H. Peragallo CAS
  84. Pleurosigma candidum Schumann CAS
  85. Pleurosigma capense Petit CAS
  86. Pleurosigma capense Karsten CAS
  87. Pleurosigma carinatum Donkin
  88. Pleurosigma chilense ('chilensis') Hustedt & Krasske in Krasske
  89. Pleurosigma clevei Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  90. Pleurosigma clevei var. cornutum_('cornuta') Grunow ex Cleve
  91. Pleurosigma clevei var. fossile_('fossilis') Brun ex H. Peragallo
  92. Pleurosigma clevei var. genuinum Cleve-Euler CAS
  93. Pleurosigma clevei var. sibericum ('siberica') Grunow
  94. Pleurosigma clevei var. manitounukense ('manitounukensis') Poulin & Cardinal CAS
  95. Pleurosigma compactum Greville CAS
  96. Pleurosigma constrictum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  97. Pleurosigma convexum Grunow
  98. Pleurosigma crassum Meister CAS
  99. Pleurosigma crookii Inglis CAS
  100. Pleurosigma curiosum_('curiosa') van den Heuvel in Sterrenburg
  101. Pleurosigma curvulum (C.G. Ehrenberg) Ralfs in Pritchard CAS
  102. Pleurosigma curvulum f. longior Truan y Luard CAS
  103. Pleurosigma cuspidatum (Rabenhorst) Ralfs in Pritchard CAS
  104. Pleurosigma cuspidatum (Cleve) Cleve CAS
  105. Pleurosigma cuspidatum var. rostratum Proschkina-Lavrenko CAS
  106. Pleurosigma dalmaticum (Grunow) Grunow in Rodrígues y Femenías CAS
  107. Pleurosigma decorum W. Smith CAS
  108. Pleurosigma decorum var. americanum H. Peragallo CAS
  109. Pleurosigma decorum var. dalmaticum Grunow
  110. Pleurosigma decorum var. inflatum H. Peragallo CAS
  111. Pleurosigma delicatulum W. Smith CAS
  112. Pleurosigma delicatulum var. africanum_('africana') Grunow in Cleve & Möller
  113. Pleurosigma delicatulum var. americanum_('americana') Cleve
  114. Pleurosigma delicatulum var. genuinum Cleve-Euler CAS
  115. Pleurosigma delicatulum var. gracile McCall CAS
  116. Pleurosigma delicatulum var. hyalinum_('hyalina') Grunow
  117. Pleurosigma delicatulum var. karianum_('Kariana') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
  118. Pleurosigma delicatulum var. macilentum H. Peragallo CAS
  119. Pleurosigma delicatulum f. minor Schulz CAS
  120. Pleurosigma delicatulum var. obtusiusculum_('obtusiuscula') Grunow ex Cleve
  121. Pleurosigma delicatulum var. salinarum Grunow CAS
  122. Pleurosigma densestriatum_('densestriata') Gandhi
  123. Pleurosigma depauperatum_('depauperata') Manguin in Bourrelly & Manguin
  124. Pleurosigma diminutum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  125. Pleurosigma directum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  126. Pleurosigma directum var. membranaceum_('membranacea') Subrahmanyan
  127. Pleurosigma directum var. secumdum Karsten
  128. Pleurosigma distinguendum Hustedt CAS
  129. Pleurosigma distortum W. Smith CAS
  130. Pleurosigma diverse-striatum Meister
  131. Pleurosigma dolosum Mann CAS
  132. Pleurosigma elegantissimum Castracane CAS
  133. Pleurosigma elongatum W. Smith CAS
  134. Pleurosigma elongatum Auerswald {in litt. ed sched. Rabenhorst} CAS
  135. Pleurosigma elongatum var. balearicum H. Peragallo CAS
  136. Pleurosigma elongatum var. densestriatum ('densestriata') Andrade & Teixeira CAS
  137. Pleurosigma elongatum var. fallax (Grunow) Cleve CAS
  138. Pleurosigma elongatum var. fallax Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  139. Pleurosigma elongatum var. genuinum Cleve-Euler CAS
  140. Pleurosigma elongatum var. gracile Grunow CAS
  141. Pleurosigma elongatum var. gracilescens (Grunow) Grunow CAS
  142. Pleurosigma elongatum var. grossepunctatum John CAS
  143. Pleurosigma elongatum var. karianum ('kariana') (Grunow) Cleve
  144. Pleurosigma elongatum var. latestriatum_('latestriata') M. Peragallo
  145. Pleurosigma elongatum var. sinicum ('sinica') Skvortzov
  146. Pleurosigma eudon Pantocsek CAS
  147. Pleurosigma eudon var. kerguelense ('kerguelensis') Heiden & Kolbe
  148. Pleurosigma eudon var. strictum ('stricta') M. Peragallo
  149. Pleurosigma excelsum Meister CAS
  150. Pleurosigma exemptum Mann CAS
  151. Pleurosigma eximium (Thwaites) Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  152. Pleurosigma exsul Cleve CAS
  153. Pleurosigma falcatum Donkin CAS
  154. Pleurosigma fallax Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  155. Pleurosigma falx Mann CAS
  156. Pleurosigma fasciola (C.G. Ehrenberg) W. Smith CAS
  157. Pleurosigma fasciola var. sulcatum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  158. Pleurosigma fasciola var. tenuirostre ('tenuirostris') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  159. Pleurosigma febigeri ('febigerii') Grunow
  160. Pleurosigma finmarchicum Cleve
  161. Pleurosigma fissum_('fissa') Jurilj
  162. Pleurosigma fluviicygnorum John CAS
  163. Pleurosigma formosum W. Smith CAS
  164. Pleurosigma formosum var. arcus Cleve CAS
  165. Pleurosigma formosum var. dalmaticum ('dalmatica') (Grunow) Cleve
  166. Pleurosigma formosum var. genuinum Cleve-Euler CAS
  167. Pleurosigma formosum var. longissimum ('longissima') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  168. Pleurosigma formosum var. orientale ('orientalis') Skvortzov CAS
  169. Pleurosigma frigidum Mann CAS
  170. Pleurosigma galapagense Cleve CAS
  171. Pleurosigma galapagense var. kumariense ('kumariensis') Venkataraman CAS
  172. Pleurosigma giganteum Grunow CAS
  173. Pleurosigma giganteum var. baccatum O'Meara CAS
  174. Pleurosigma glaciale Cleve CAS
  175. Pleurosigma gracile Hustedt CAS
  176. Pleurosigma gracilentum Rabenhorst CAS
  177. Pleurosigma gracilentum Rabenhorst
  178. Pleurosigma gracilescens Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  179. Pleurosigma gracillimum Meister CAS
  180. Pleurosigma grovesii Cleve ex H. Peragallo
  181. Pleurosigma gruendleri ('gründleri') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
  182. Pleurosigma hamuliferum Brun in Brun & Tempère CAS
  183. Pleurosigma heros Cleve CAS
  184. Pleurosigma hippocampus (C.G. Ehrenberg) W. Smith CAS
  185. Pleurosigma hippocampus W. Smith
  186. Pleurosigma hungaricum Cleve & Brun in Brun & Tempère CAS
  187. Pleurosigma hyalinum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  188. Pleurosigma ibericum H. Peragallo CAS
  189. Pleurosigma incertum (H. Peragallo) Cleve CAS
  190. Pleurosigma indicum Simonsen CAS
  191. Pleurosigma inflatum Shadbolt CAS
  192. Pleurosigma intermedium W. Smith CAS
  193. Pleurosigma intermedium var. amphipleuroides Grunow CAS
  194. Pleurosigma intermedium var. subrectum Grunow {info}
  195. Pleurosigma italicum H. Peragallo CAS
  196. Pleurosigma itaparicanum Zimmermann CAS
  197. Pleurosigma itium Ricard CAS
  198. Pleurosigma itium var. angulosum Ricard CAS
  199. Pleurosigma japonicum Castracane CAS
  200. Pleurosigma javanicum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  201. Pleurosigma javanicum H. Peragallo CAS
  202. Pleurosigma karstenii Taylor CAS
  203. Pleurosigma kerguelense Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  204. Pleurosigma kerguelense var. robustum_('robusta') M. Peragallo
  205. Pleurosigma kjellmanii Cleve in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  206. Pleurosigma kjellmanii ('kjellmani') Cleve
  207. Pleurosigma kochii Pantocsek CAS
  208. Pleurosigma kowiense Giffen CAS
  209. Pleurosigma kuetzingii Grunow CAS
  210. Pleurosigma kuetzingii Grunow
  211. Pleurosigma lacustre W. Smith CAS
  212. Pleurosigma lamprocampum (C.G. Ehrenberg) Ralfs in Pritchard CAS
  213. Pleurosigma lanceolatum G. Norman
  214. Pleurosigma lanceolatum G. Norman {mss.}
  215. Pleurosigma lanceolatum Donkin CAS
  216. Pleurosigma lanceolatum var. cuspidatum Cleve CAS
  217. Pleurosigma lanceolatum var. tahitense ('tahitensis') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  218. Pleurosigma lanceolatum f. undulatum ('undulata') Frenguelli CAS
  219. Pleurosigma latiusculum H. Peragallo CAS
  220. Pleurosigma latum Cleve in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  221. Pleurosigma lineare Grunow
  222. Pleurosigma littorale W. Smith
  223. Pleurosigma littorale var. longitudinale Mann
  224. Pleurosigma longinum_('longina') W. Smith ex Brightwell
  225. Pleurosigma longissimum Cleve
  226. Pleurosigma longitudinale Mann CAS
  227. Pleurosigma longum Cleve CAS
  228. Pleurosigma longum var. americanum (H. Peragallo) Cleve CAS
  229. Pleurosigma longum var. genuinum Cleve-Euler CAS
  230. Pleurosigma longum var. inflatum ('inflata') (H. Peragallo) Cleve
  231. Pleurosigma longum f. japonicum ('japonica') Skvortzov
  232. Pleurosigma longum f. minus ('minor') Manguin
  233. Pleurosigma lorenzii Grunow CAS
  234. Pleurosigma macilentum H. Peragallo CAS
  235. Pleurosigma macrum W. Smith CAS
  236. Pleurosigma maeoticum Pantocsek CAS
  237. Pleurosigma majus (Grunow) Cleve CAS
  238. Pleurosigma makron Johnston CAS
  239. Pleurosigma mannii_('manni') Hanna & Grant
  240. Pleurosigma marinum Donkin CAS
  241. Pleurosigma marinum var. antillarum H. Peragallo CAS
  242. Pleurosigma marinum var. ibericum H. Peragallo CAS
  243. Pleurosigma marinum var. italicum ('italica') (Peragallo) Cleve
  244. Pleurosigma marinum var. italicum H. Peragallo CAS
  245. Pleurosigma maroccanum (Cleve ex H. Peragallo) Cleve CAS
  246. Pleurosigma minutum Donkin CAS
  247. Pleurosigma minutum Grunow in Cleve & Möller CAS
  248. Pleurosigma mirabile O'Meara CAS
  249. Pleurosigma muscicola Krasske CAS
  250. Pleurosigma naja Meister CAS
  251. Pleurosigma naviculaceum Brébisson CAS
  252. Pleurosigma naviculaceum f. minutum_('minuta') Cleve
  253. Pleurosigma neglectum Karsten CAS
  254. Pleurosigma neogradense Pantocsek CAS
  255. Pleurosigma nicobaricum Grunow
  256. Pleurosigma nicobaricum Grunow
  257. Pleurosigma nicobaricum var. hamuliferum ('hamulifera') (Brun) Cleve
  258. Pleurosigma nicobaricum var. sagitta (Brun & Tempère) Cleve
  259. Pleurosigma nodiferum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  260. Pleurosigma normanii Ralfs in Pritchard CAS
  261. Pleurosigma normanii var. affine (Grunow) Cleve-Euler CAS
  262. Pleurosigma normanii var. fossile ('fossilis') (Grunow) Cleve CAS
  263. Pleurosigma normanii var. mahe Karsten CAS
  264. Pleurosigma normanii var. marylandicum ('marylandica') (Grunow) Cleve
  265. Pleurosigma normanii var. validum Cleve-Euler CAS
  266. Pleurosigma notarisii Castracane CAS
  267. Pleurosigma nubecula W. Smith CAS
  268. Pleurosigma nubecula var. amphipleuroides (Grunow) Cleve CAS
  269. Pleurosigma nubecula var. genuinum Cleve-Euler CAS
  270. Pleurosigma nubecula var. intermedium ('intermedia') (W. Smith) Cleve
  271. Pleurosigma nubecula var. mauritianum ('mauritiana') Grunow ex Cleve CAS
  272. Pleurosigma nubecula var. parvulum ('parvula') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  273. Pleurosigma nubecula var. subrectum ('subrecta') (Cleve) Cleve CAS
  274. Pleurosigma obesum Mann CAS
  275. Pleurosigma obliquum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  276. Pleurosigma obscurum W. Smith CAS
  277. Pleurosigma obscurum var. barbadense ('barbadensis') Cleve
  278. Pleurosigma obscurum var. diminutum ('diminuta') H. Peragallo
  279. Pleurosigma obscurum var. mediterraneum ('mediterranea') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
  280. Pleurosigma obtusatum Sullivant & Wormley CAS
  281. Pleurosigma obtusum Mann CAS
  282. Pleurosigma olympianum Terry ex Boyer CAS
  283. Pleurosigma omearae ('o'mearii') (Grunow) H. Peragallo
  284. Pleurosigma paradoxum H. Peragallo CAS
  285. Pleurosigma parkeri Harrison CAS
  286. Pleurosigma parkeri var. stauroneoides Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  287. Pleurosigma peisonis Grunow CAS
  288. Pleurosigma pelagicum Cleve
  289. Pleurosigma peragalloi ('peragalli') Brun in H. Peragallo CAS
  290. Pleurosigma peragalloi ('peragalli') Brun
  291. Pleurosigma peragalloi var. gracilior Cleve
  292. Pleurosigma peragalloi var. perangustum ('perangusta') Cleve
  293. Pleurosigma permagnum Meister CAS
  294. Pleurosigma perthense John CAS
  295. Pleurosigma plagiostoma Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  296. Pleurosigma planctonicum Cleve-Euler CAS
  297. Pleurosigma planctonicum Cleve-Euler
  298. Pleurosigma planctonicum Simonsen CAS
  299. Pleurosigma planktonicum ('planktonica') Schrader in Schrader & Fenner
  300. Pleurosigma portoricense Hagelstein CAS
  301. Pleurosigma praelongum Cleve CAS
  302. Pleurosigma prisma Mann CAS
  303. Pleurosigma prolongatum W. Smith CAS
  304. Pleurosigma prolongatum var. closterioides Grunow CAS
  305. Pleurosigma pulchrum Grunow CAS
  306. Pleurosigma pumilum Schumann CAS
  307. Pleurosigma pusillum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  308. Pinnularia quadratarea var. subglabra (Østrup) Poulin & Cardinal CAS
  309. Pleurosigma quadratum W. Smith CAS
  310. Pleurosigma quadratum var. rhombeum Grunow in Cleve CAS
  311. Pleurosigma quadratum var. rhombeum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  312. Pleurosigma rectum Donkin CAS
  313. Pleurosigma rectum var. minutum (Donkin) Carruthers CAS
  314. Pleurosigma reticulatum (Norman ex Ralfs) Hustedt CAS
  315. Pleurosigma retusum Zimmermann CAS
  316. Pleurosigma reversum Gregory CAS
  317. Pleurosigma rhombeum Grunow
  318. Pleurosigma rhomboides Cleve in Cleve & Grunow
  319. Pleurosigma rhomboides var. angustior Grunow in Cleve CAS
  320. Pleurosigma rigens Mann CAS
  321. Pleurosigma rigidum W. Smith CAS
  322. Pleurosigma rigidum var. genuinum Cleve-Euler CAS
  323. Pleurosigma rigidum var. giganteum ('gigantea') (Grunow) Cleve
  324. Pleurosigma rigidum f. minus ('minor') McCall
  325. Pleurosigma rigidum var. incurvum ('incurva') Brun in Cleve CAS
  326. Pleurosigma rigidum var. incurvatum ('incurvata') Brun in H. Peragallo CAS
  327. Pleurosigma robustum (Grunow) Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  328. Pleurosigma rostratum Hustedt CAS
  329. Pleurosigma sabangi Meister CAS
  330. Pleurosigma sagitta Tempère & Brun in Brun & Tempère CAS
  331. Pleurosigma salinarum (Grunow) Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  332. Pleurosigma salinarum var. boyeri (Keeley) Reimer in Patrick & Reimer CAS
  333. Pleurosigma salinarum var. paradoxum ('paradoxa') (H. Peragallo) Cleve
  334. Pleurosigma salinarum var. pusillum ('pusilla') (Grunow) Cleve CAS
  335. Pleurosigma salinarum var. typicum Cleve-Euler CAS
  336. Pleurosigma scalpellum (Kützing) Ralfs in Pritchard CAS
  337. Pleurosigma scalproides Rabenhorst CAS
  338. Pleurosigma scalproides Rabenhorst CAS
  339. Pleurosigma scalproides var. minutulum_('minutula') Dippel
  340. Pleurosigma sciotense Sullivant & Wormley CAS
  341. Pleurosigma sibericum ('siberica') (Grunow) Cardinal, Poulin & Berard-Therriault
  342. Pleurosigma sibericum var. manitounukense ('manitounukensis') (Poulin & Cardinal) Cardinal, Poulin & Berard-Therriault CAS
  343. Pleurosigma signatum Voigt CAS
  344. Pleurosigma simile Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  345. Pleurosigma simonsenii Hasle in Hasle & Syvertsen CAS
  346. Pleurosigma simplex Ricard CAS
  347. Pleurosigma simum (C.G. Ehrenberg) Ralfs
  348. Pleurosigma sinense ('sinensis') (C.G. Ehrenberg) Ralfs
  349. Pleurosigma sinense var. calcuttense ('calcuttensis') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  350. Pleurosigma sinuosum (C.G. Ehrenberg) Ralfs in Pritchard CAS
  351. Pleurosigma smithianum Castracane CAS
  352. Pleurosigma smithii Grunow CAS
  353. Pleurosigma speciosum W. Smith CAS
  354. Pleurosigma speciosum var. abruptum H. Peragallo
  355. Pleurosigma speciosum var. gracile H. Peragallo
  356. Pleurosigma speciosum var. javanicum H. Peragallo CAS
  357. Pleurosigma speciosum var. majus ('major') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  358. Pleurosigma speciosum var. mediterraneum ('mediterranea') (Grunow) Cleve
  359. Pleurosigma speciosum var. pulchrum ('pulchra') (Grunow) Cleve
  360. Pleurosigma speciosum var. sumatricum H. Peragallo CAS
  361. Pleurosigma speciosum var. tortuosum ('tortuosa') (Cleve) Cleve CAS
  362. Pleurosigma spectabile Grunow in H. Peragallo CAS
  363. Pleurosigma spectrosum Barkas CAS
  364. Pleurosigma spenceri ('spencerii') W. Smith CAS
  365. Pleurosigma spenceri var. antillarum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  366. Pleurosigma spenceri var. arnottii Cleve & Grunow CAS
  367. Pleurosigma spenceri var. boreale_('borealis') Grunow
  368. Pleurosigma spenceri var. curvula Grunow
  369. Pleurosigma spenceri var. exile ('exilis') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
  370. Pleurosigma spenceri var. kuetzingii (Grunow) Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  371. Pleurosigma spenceri var. minutulum_('minutula') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
  372. Pleurosigma spenceri var. sinense ('sinensis') Skvortzov
  373. Pleurosigma spenceri var. smithii Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  374. Pleurosigma spenceri var. subsalinum H. Peragallo
  375. Pleurosigma spenceri var. tientsinense ('tientsinensis') Skvortzov
  376. Pleurosigma spinulosum Pantocsek & Greguss in Greguss CAS
  377. Pleurosigma staurolineatum Karsten CAS
  378. Pleurosigma staurophorum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  379. Pleurosigma sterrenburgii Stidolph CAS
  380. Pleurosigma stidolphii Sterrenburg CAS
  381. Pleurosigma strigilis W. Smith CAS
  382. Pleurosigma strigosum W. Smith CAS
  383. Pleurosigma strigosum var. convexum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  384. Pleurosigma strigosum var. finmarchicum (Grunow) Cleve-Euler CAS
  385. Pleurosigma strigosum var. genuinum Cleve-Euler CAS
  386. Pleurosigma strigosum var. incisum Hagelstein CAS
  387. Pleurosigma strigosum var. latum (Cleve) Cleve-Euler CAS
  388. Pleurosigma stuxbergii Cleve & Grunow CAS
  389. Pleurosigma stuxbergii var. diminutum ('diminuta') H. Peragallo
  390. Pleurosigma stuxbergii var. genuinum Cleve-Euler CAS
  391. Pleurosigma stuxbergii var. hyperboreum ('hyperborea') Grunow
  392. Pleurosigma stuxbergii var. latiusculum_('latiuscula') (Peragallo) Cleve
  393. Pleurosigma stuxbergii var. latiusculum_('latiuscula') H. Peragallo
  394. Pleurosigma stuxbergii var. minus ('minor') Grunow
  395. Pleurosigma stuxbergii var. minus ('minor') H. Peragallo CAS
  396. Pleurosigma stuxbergii var. rhomboides (Cleve) Cleve CAS
  397. Pleurosigma subhyalinum Hustedt & Aleem CAS
  398. Pleurosigma subrectum Grunow CAS
  399. Pleurosigma subrectum Cleve
  400. Pleurosigma subrectum Cleve in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  401. Pleurosigma subrigidum Grunow CAS
  402. Pleurosigma subsalinum H. Peragallo CAS
  403. Pleurosigma subtile (Brébisson) Ralfs in Pritchard CAS
  404. Pleurosigma sulcatum Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  405. Pleurosigma suluense Mann CAS
  406. Pleurosigma tahitianum Ricard CAS
  407. Pleurosigma tahitiense O.N. Witt
  408. Pleurosigma tenerum E. Jorgensen CAS
  409. Pleurosigma tenuirostre_('tenuirostris') Grunow
  410. Pleurosigma tenuissimum W. Smith CAS
  411. Pleurosigma tenuissimum var. hyperboreum ('hyperborea') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
  412. Pleurosigma tenuissimum var. subtilissimum ('subtilissima') Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
  413. Pleurosigma terryanum H. Peragallo CAS
  414. Pleurosigma thaitiense Castracane CAS
  415. Pleurosigma thumii (Castracane ex H. Peragallo) De Toni CAS
  416. Pleurosigma thuringicum (Kützing) Ralfs in Pritchard CAS
  417. Pleurosigma tortuosum Cleve CAS
  418. Pleurosigma transylvanicum Pantocsek CAS
  419. Pleurosigma tropicum Grunow CAS
  420. Pleurosigma umbilicatum Cleve CAS
  421. Pleurosigma vairaense Ricard CAS
  422. Pleurosigma validum Shadbolt CAS
  423. Pleurosigma validum var. nicobaricum Grunow
  424. Pleurosigma vitreum Cleve CAS
  425. Pleurosigma wansbeckii Donkin CAS
  426. Pleurosigma weissflogii (Grunow) Cleve CAS
  427. Pleurosigma wigginsianum Hendey CAS
  428. Pleurosigma wormleyi Sullivant in Sullivant & Wormley CAS
  429. PLEUROSIPHONIA C.G. Ehrenberg
  430. Pleurosiphonia affinis C.G. Ehrenberg
  431. Pleurosiphonia amphisbaena C.G. Ehrenberg
  432. Pleurosiphonia fulva C.G. Ehrenberg
  433. Pleurosiphonia gracilis C.G. Ehrenberg CAS
  434. Pleurosiphonia libyca C.G. Ehrenberg CAS
  435. Pleurosiphonia obtusa C.G. Ehrenberg CAS
  436. Pleurosiphonia phoenicenteron C.G. Ehrenberg CAS
  437. PLEUROSIRA G.G.A. Meneghini
  438. PLEUROSIRA (Meneghini) Trevisan
  439. Pleurosira baileyi (Meneghini) Meneghini CAS
  440. Pleurosira laevis (C.G. Ehrenberg) Compère CAS
  441. Pleurosira laevis f. polymorpha Compère CAS
  442. Pleurosira socotrensis (Kitton) Compère CAS
  443. Pleurosira socotrensis var. bengalensis Compère CAS
  444. Pleurosira socotrensis var. ceylonica (Skvortzov) Compère CAS
  445. Pleurosira socotrensis var. pangeroni (Leuduger-Fortmorel) Compère CAS
  446. Pleurosira thermalis Meneghini CAS
  447. PLEUROSTAURON {info}
  448. PLEUROSTAURUM Rabenhorst
  449. PLEUROSTAURUM Rabenhorst
  451. PLEUROSTAURON (Rabenhorst) Schütt. {section of Navicula}
  452. Pleurostaurum acutum (W. Smith) Rabenhorst CAS
  453. Pleurostaurum acutum var. maximum ('maxima') Grunow CAS
  454. Pleurostaurum acutum f. minus ('minor') Hilse
  455. Pleurostaurum frauenfeldianum Grunow
  456. Pleurostaurum fulmen (Brightwell) Grunow CAS
  457. Pleurostaurum inflatum (Heiden) De Toni & Forti
  458. Pleurostaurum javanicum Grunow CAS
  459. Pleurostaurum legumen (C.G. Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst CAS
  460. Pleurostaurum legumen f. curtum ('curta') Rabenhorst
  461. Pleurostaurum lineare Rabenhorst CAS
  462. Pleurostaurum lineare Hilse CAS
  463. Pleurostaurum lineare (C.G. Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst CAS
  464. Pleurostaurum parvulum Grunow in Cleve & Möller CAS
  465. Pleurostaurum smithii var. lanceolatum Mayer CAS
  466. Pleurostaurum smithii f. minus ('minor') Mayer CAS
  468. Pleurostichidium falkenbergii Heydrich
  469. PLEUROSTOMUM Namyslowski
  470. Pleurostomum caudatum Namyslowski
  471. Pleurostomum flabellatum Ruinen
  472. Pleurostomum gracile Namyslowski
  473. Pleurostomum parvulum Namyslowski
  474. Pleurostomum salinum Namyslowski
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