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  1. Navicula caddoensis Bond
  2. Navicula caduca Hustedt
  3. Navicula caeca A. Mann
  4. Navicula caenosus J.R. Carter
  5. Navicula coerulea O'Meara
  6. Navicula calcuttensis Skvortzov
  7. Navicula calcuttensis var. gracillis Skvortzov
  8. Navicula caldwellii Bastow
  9. Navicula calida Hendey
  10. Navicula californica Greville
  11. Navicula californica var. campechiana Grunow
  12. Navicula californica var. elliptica H. Peragallo
  13. Navicula caliginosa Cleve & Grove
  14. Navicula calva Østrup
  15. Navicula calvata Manguin
  16. Navicula camerata Cholnoky
  17. Navicula campanilae Cholnoky
  18. Navicula campylodiscus Grunow
  19. Navicula campbellii Petit
  20. Navicula campylogramma Ehrenberg
  21. Navicula campylogramma Ehrenberg
  22. Navicula canaliculata Cleve
  23. Navicula canalis Patrick
  24. Navicula cancellata Donkin
  25. Navicula cancellata var. ammophila (Grunow) Van Heurck
  26. Navicula cancellata var. brasiliensis Zimmermann
  27. Navicula cancellata f. constricta P. Schulz
  28. Navicula cancellata var. gregorii (Ralfs) Grunow
  29. Navicula cancellata f. stauroneiformis P. Schulz
  30. Navicula cancellata var. impressa (Lagerstedt) Grunow
  31. Navicula cancellata var. interrupta Mereschkowsky
  32. Navicula cancellata var. interrupta Mereschkowsky
  33. Navicula cancellata var. maroccana Cleve
  34. Navicula cancellata f. minor P. Schulz
  35. Navicula cancellata var. minuta Grunow
  36. Navicula cancellata var. retusa (Brébisson) Cleve
  37. Navicula cancellata var. scaldensis Van Heurck
  38. Navicula cancellata var. schmidtii Grunow
  39. Navicula cancellata var. subapiculata Grunow
  40. Navicula candida Schumann
  41. Navicula canoris M.H. Hohn & Hellerman
  42. Navicula cantonensis Ehrenberg
  43. Navicula capensis M. Peragallo
  44. Navicula capillata Giffen
  45. Navicula capitata Ehrenberg
  46. Navicula capitata Cleve
  47. Navicula capitata Fontell
  48. Navicula capitata var. hungarica (Grunow) R. Ross
  49. Navicula capitata var. luneburgensis (Grunow) Patrick
  50. Navicula capitellata Skvortzov
  51. Navicula capitellata Cleve-Euler
  52. Navicula capitulata Frenguelli
  53. Navicula capitulata var. punensis Frenguelli
  54. Navicula capsa Hohn
  55. Navicula capsula Cleve-Euler
  56. Navicula caractacus M.H. Hohn & Hellerman
  57. Navicula carassius Ehrenberg
  58. Navicula cardinaliculus (Cleve) Mann
  59. Navicula cardinaliculus var. margaritacea Zimmermann
  60. Navicula cardinalis Ehrenberg
  61. Navicula cardinalis var. africana Brun
  62. Navicula carecti Cholnoky
  63. Navicula cari Ehrenberg
  64. Navicula cari var. angusta 'Van Heurck'
  65. Navicula cari var. cincta (Ehrenberg) Lange-Bertalot
  66. Navicula cari f. indica Sarode & Kamat
  67. Navicula cari var. linearis (Østrup) Cleve- Euler
  68. Navicula cari var. minor Krasske
  69. Navicula caribaea Cleve
  70. Navicula caribaea Cleve
  71. Navicula caribaea Cleve
  72. Navicula carinata Ehrenberg
  73. Navicula carinata (Schumann) Cleve-Euler
  74. Navicula carinifera Grunow
  75. Navicula carinifera var. densius-striata A.W.F. Schmidt
  76. Navicula carinifera var. laxepunctata Cleve
  77. Navicula carinifera var. minor Grunow
  78. Navicula carloffii Foged
  79. Navicula carminata var. africana Cholnoky
  80. Navicula carniolensis Hustedt
  81. Navicula carolinensis Ehrenberg
  82. Navicula caroliniana Patrick
  83. Navicula carpathorum Pantocsek
  84. Navicula carpathorum Pantocsek
  85. Navicula carpathorum var. bivittata Pantocsek
  86. Navicula carstensenii Foged
  87. Navicula carvajaliana Patrick
  88. Navicula carvajaliana var. attenuata Patrick
  89. Navicula cascadensis Sovereign
  90. Navicula casertana De Notaris
  91. Navicula cassieana Foged
  92. Navicula castracanei Grunow
  93. Navicula cataractarum Hustedt
  94. Navicula catarinensis Krasske
  95. Navicula caterva M.H. Hohn & Hellerman
  96. Navicula catharinae Ehrenberg
  97. Navicula caupulus Hohn
  98. Navicula cavernae Cholnoky
  99. Navicula cellesensis Héribaud & Peragallo
  100. Navicula cendronii Manguin
  101. Navicula centraster Cleve
  102. Navicula centropunctata Hustedt
  103. Navicula ceratogramma Ehrenberg
  104. Navicula ceratostigma Ehrenberg
  105. Navicula ceres Schumann
  106. Navicula cerneutia Hohn
  107. Navicula certa Meister
  108. Navicula certa Hustedt
  109. Navicula cesatii Rabenhorst
  110. Navicula ceylanensis Leuduger-Fortmorel
  111. Navicula chaberti Héribaud
  112. Navicula chadwickii Foged
  113. Navicula challengeri Grunow
  114. Navicula chandolensis Gandhi
  115. Navicula chandolensis var. capitata Gandhi
  116. Navicula charcotii M. Peragallo
  117. Navicula charcotii var. magellanica Frenguelli
  118. Navicula charlatii M. Peragallo
  119. Navicula charlatii var. chilensis Hustedt
  120. Navicula charlatii f. chilensis (Hustedt) Hustedt
  121. Navicula charlatii var. jogensis --
  122. Navicula charlatii var. lanceolata Gandhi
  123. Navicula charlatii f. simplex Hustedt
  124. Navicula charlottae Foged
  125. Navicula charontis Ehrenberg
  126. Navicula charontis Ehrenberg
  127. Navicula chasei Cholnoky
  128. Navicula chasmigera Cholnoky
  129. Navicula chasmaensis Foged
  130. Navicula chaspula J.R. Carter & Denny
  131. Navicula chassagnei Héribaud
  132. Navicula chersonensis Grunow
  133. Navicula cherubim R. Ross
  134. Navicula chi Cleve
  135. Navicula chiengmaiensis Foged
  136. Navicula chilensis (Ehrenberg) Kützing
  137. Navicula chimmoana O'Meara
  138. Navicula chinensis Skvortzov
  139. Navicula chloridorum Cholnoky
  140. Navicula cholnokyana Foged
  141. Navicula cholnokyi H.P. Gandhi
  142. Navicula chordata Archibald
  143. Navicula chrissiana Cholnoky
  144. Navicula chutteri Cholnoky
  145. Navicula chyzeri_('chyzerii') Pantocsek
  146. Navicula cimex Cholnoky
  147. Navicula cincta (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
  148. Navicula cincta Pantocsek
  149. Navicula cincta var. angusta (Grunow) Cleve
  150. Navicula cincta var. cari (Ehrenberg) Cleve
  151. Navicula cincta var. genuina Mayer
  152. Navicula cincta var. heufleri (Grunow) Van Heurck
  153. Navicula cincta f. curta J.B. Petersen
  154. Navicula cincta var. leptocephala (Brébisson) Van Heurck
  155. Navicula cincta var. linearis Østrup
  156. Navicula cincta-magna ('cincta magna') J. Brun
  157. Navicula cincta f. major Holsinger
  158. Navicula cincta f. minuta Van Heurck
  159. Navicula cincta var. minuta Skvortzov
  160. Navicula cincta var. paucistriata Skvortzov
  161. Navicula cincta var. rostrata Reimer
  162. Navicula cincta var. siamensis Østrup
  163. Navicula cincta f. sphagnicola Skvortzov
  164. Navicula cincta var. stricta R. d'Aubert
  165. Navicula cinctaeformis Hustedt
  166. Navicula cingens Skvortzov
  167. Navicula cingulatoides Cholnoky
  168. Navicula cinna M.H. Hohn & Hellerman
  169. Navicula circumnodosa Brun
  170. Navicula circumsecta (Grunow) Grunow
  171. Navicula circumvallata (Cleve) Cleve
  172. Navicula cistella Greville
  173. Navicula citriformis Lupikina
  174. Navicula citrea A.W.F. Schmidt
  175. Navicula citrus Krasske
  176. Navicula citrus A. Cleve-Euler
  177. Navicula citrus Cleve-Euler
  178. Navicula clamans Hustedt
  179. Navicula clamans var. africana Cholnoky
  180. Navicula clamans var. minor Cholnoky
  181. Navicula clancula A.W.F. Schmidt
  182. Navicula clarensiana Schoeman
  183. Navicula claromontensis Héribaud
  184. Navicula clathrata Østrup
  185. Navicula clavata Gregory
  186. Navicula clavata var. caribaea (Cleve) H. Peragallo
  187. Navicula clavata f. minor Cleve
  188. Navicula clavata f. corpulenta (Mann) Hustedt
  189. Navicula clavata f. elliptica (A.W.F. Schmidt) Hustedt
  190. Navicula clavata f. elongata (Peragallo) Hustedt
  191. Navicula clavata f. indica (Greville) Hustedt
  192. Navicula clavata f. proxima (Janisch) Hustedt
  193. Navicula clavata f. rhombica (Cleve) Hustedt
  194. Navicula clavata f. subconstricta Hustedt
  195. Navicula clavata f. venustoides (Mereschkowsky) Hustedt
  196. Navicula clavata var. distenta (Kuntze) Hustedt
  197. Navicula clavata var. elliptica A.W.F. Schmidt
  198. Navicula clavata var. elongata H. Peragallo
  199. Navicula clavata var. exsul (A.W.F. Schmidt) Cleve
  200. Navicula clavata var. indica (Greville) Cleve
  201. Navicula clavata var. proxima (Janisch) Cleve
  202. Navicula clavata var. rhombica Cleve
  203. Navicula clavata f. minuta Cleve
  204. Navicula clavata var. venustoides (Mereschkowsky) Amossé
  205. Navicula claviculus Gregory
  206. Navicula clementioides Hustedt
  207. Navicula clementis Grunow
  208. Navicula clementis var. alaskaensis Foged
  209. Navicula clementis var. japonica Kobayasi
  210. Navicula clementis f. major Compère
  211. Navicula clementis var. quadristigmata Manguin
  212. Navicula clementis var. rhombica Brockmann
  213. Navicula clepsydra Donkin
  214. Navicula clericii Frenguelli
  215. Navicula clevei Lagerstedt
  216. Navicula claviana O'Meara
  217. Navicula climacospheniae Booth
  218. Navicula clipeiformis D. König
  219. Navicula cluthensis Gregory
  220. Navicula cluthensis var. erythraea (Grunow) Cleve
  221. Navicula cluthensis var. finmarchica Grunow
  222. supplanted
  223. Navicula cluthensis var. maculifera Cleve
  224. Navicula cluthensis var. minuta Cleve
  225. Navicula cluthensis var. minuta Cleve
  226. Navicula cluthensis var. novae-zealandiae Grunow
  227. Navicula pagophila Grunow
  228. Navicula cluthensis var. producta O'Meara
  229. Navicula cluthensis f. rostrata (Simonsen) Simonsen
  230. Navicula cluthensis var. striolata Grunow
  231. Navicula cluthensoides Hustedt
  232. Navicula clypeus Ehrenberg
  233. Navicula coarctata Ehrenberg
  234. Navicula coarctata A.W.F. Schmidt
  235. Navicula cocconeiformis Gregory ex Greville
  236. Navicula cocconeiformis Schumann
  237. Navicula cocconeiformis var. bifurcata C.S. Singh
  238. Navicula cocconeiformis var. capitata Krasske
  239. Navicula cocconeiformis f. elliptica Hustedt
  240. Navicula cocconeiformis var. oblonga H.P. Gandhi
  241. Navicula cocconeiformis f. parva D. McCall
  242. Navicula cocconeis Ehrenberg
  243. Navicula cocconeoides (Rabenhorst) Ralfs
  244. Navicula cocconioides J.R. Carter
  245. Navicula coccus Schumann
  246. Navicula cochlearis Eichwald
  247. Navicula coei Cholnoky
  248. Navicula coelata (Arnott Walker) Cleve
  249. Navicula coffeiformis A. Schmidt
  250. Navicula coffeiformis var. densestriata A.W.F. Schmidt
  251. Navicula coffeiformis var. subcircularis A.W.F. Schmidt
  252. Navicula cohnii (Hilse) Lange-Bertalot
  253. Navicula colii Héribaud
  254. Navicula collisiana O'Meara
  255. Navicula columbiana Hustedt
  256. Navicula columnaris Ehrenberg
  257. Navicula columnaris var. undulata Frenguelli
  258. Navicula comerei Héribaud
  259. Navicula commixta Brébisson
  260. Navicula commutabilis Hustedt
  261. Navicula commutabilis f. lanceolata Hustedt
  262. Navicula commutata Grunow
  263. Navicula compacta Greville
  264. Navicula compar Janisch
  265. Navicula comperei Coste & Ricard
  266. Navicula complanata 'Ehrenberg'
  267. Navicula complanata (Grunow) Grunow
  268. Navicula complanata J. Brun
  269. Navicula complanata var. hyperborea (Grunow) Cleve
  270. Navicula complanata var. subinflata (Grunow) Cleve
  271. Navicula complanatoides Hustedt
  272. Navicula complanatula Hustedt
  273. Navicula completa Hustedt
  274. Navicula completaoides Foged
  275. Navicula compositestriata Jasnitsky
  276. Navicula compositestriata var. rostrata Skabichevskii
  277. Navicula compressicauda A. Schmidt
  278. Navicula concamerata Hustedt
  279. Navicula concava Harting
  280. Navicula concava Patrick
  281. Navicula concentrica Bailey
  282. Navicula concentrica J.R. Carter
  283. Navicula concilians Cleve
  284. Navicula concilians var. clevei Mereschkowsky
  285. Navicula concinna Hustedt
  286. Navicula confecta A.W.F. Schmidt
  287. Navicula confederata Pantocsek
  288. Navicula confervacea (Kützing) Grunow
  289. Navicula confervacea var. baikalensis Skvortzov
  290. Navicula confervacea var. hungarica Grunow
  291. Navicula confervacea f. nipponica Skvortzov
  292. Navicula confervacea var. peregrina (W. Smith) Grunow
  293. Navicula confervacea f. rostrata Krasske
  294. Navicula confidens Cholnoky
  295. Navicula confoederata Pantocsek
  296. Navicula congerana Hagelstein
  297. Navicula congolensis Hustedt
  298. Navicula congrua Janisch
  299. Navicula conjugata Turpin
  300. Navicula conjuncta Hustedt
  301. Navicula connectens (Grunow) Cleve
  302. Navicula conops (Ehrenberg) Kützing
  303. Navicula consanguinea Cleve
  304. Navicula conscensa Cholnoky
  305. Navicula consentanea Hustedt
  306. Navicula consimilis A. Schmidt
  307. Navicula consors A.W.F. Schmidt
  308. Navicula conspersa Ehrenberg
  309. Navicula conspersa Pantocsek
  310. Navicula conspicua A.W.F. Schmidt
  311. Navicula constans Hustedt
  312. Navicula constans var. symmetrica Hustedt
  313. Navicula constricta Ehrenberg
  314. Navicula constricta Ehrenberg
  315. Navicula constricta Grunow
  316. Navicula constricta Pero
  317. Navicula constricta (Ehrenberg) Schütt
  318. Navicula constricta var. linearis Mereschkowsky
  319. Navicula contempta Krasske
  320. Navicula contempta Krasske
  321. Navicula contenta Grunow
  322. Navicula contenta var. biceps (Grunow) Van Heurck
  323. Navicula contenta f. biceps Arnott
  324. Navicula contenta f. elliptica (Krasske) Krasske
  325. Navicula contenta var. opulenta Cleve-Euler
  326. Navicula contenta f. parallela (J.B. Petersen) [Krasske]
  327. Navicula contenta var. elliptica Krasske
  328. Navicula contenta f. elongata Cholnoky
  329. Navicula contenta f. gigantea Cholnoky
  330. Navicula contenta f. inflata Manguin
  331. Navicula contenta var. parallela J.B. Petersen
  332. Navicula contenta f. parallela (J.B. Petersen) Cleve-Euler
  333. Navicula contenta var. robusta J. Brun
  334. Navicula contenta var. typica Ross
  335. Navicula contenta f. undulata Manguin
  336. Navicula contenta f. undulata Cholnoky
  337. Navicula contentaeformis Manguin
  338. Navicula contermina A.W.F. Schmidt
  339. Navicula contigua A.W.F. Schmidt
  340. Navicula contorta Kitton
  341. Navicula contortula Sovereign
  342. Navicula contracta Ehrenberg
  343. Navicula contracta Grunow
  344. Navicula contraria Patrick
  345. Navicula controversa Mann
  346. Navicula conveniens Hustedt
  347. Navicula conveniens var. rostrata Hohn
  348. Navicula convergens Patrick
  349. Navicula convexa W. Smith
  350. Navicula copiosa A.W.F. Schmidt
  351. Navicula coquedensis Donkin
  352. Navicula corbieri Héribaud
  353. Navicula cordillerae Frenguelli
  354. Navicula cornubiensis Hendey
  355. Navicula corpulenta A. Mann
  356. Navicula correpta A.W.F. Schmidt
  357. Navicula corrugata Manguin
  358. Navicula cortanensis Krasske
  359. Navicula corticola Manguin
  360. Navicula corymbosa (C. Agardh) Cleve
  361. Navicula cosmaria Brébisson
  362. Navicula costata Kützing
  363. Navicula costata var. minor Kützing
  364. Navicula costei Héribaud
  365. Navicula costei var. bacillaris Héribaud
  366. Navicula costulata Grunow
  367. Navicula costulata var. baikalensis Skvortzov
  368. Navicula costulata f. curta Skvortzov
  369. Navicula costulata var. nipponica Skvortzov
  370. Navicula costulata var. sibirica Skvortzov
  371. Navicula costulata var. tenuirostris Skvortzov
  372. Navicula costuloides Skvortzov
  373. Navicula cotiformis Grunow
  374. Navicula couperi (Bailey) Ralfs
  375. Navicula crabro (Ehrenberg) Kützing
  376. Navicula crabro var. denticulata (O'Meara) O'Meara
  377. Navicula crabro var. intermedia O'Meara
  378. Navicula crabro var. japonica A.W.F. Schmidt
  379. Navicula crabro var. multicostata (Grunow) Grunow
  380. Navicula crabro var. nankoorensis Grunow
  381. Navicula crabro var. oranensis A.W.F. Schmidt
  382. Navicula crabro var. pandura (Brébisson) Rabenhorst
  383. Navicula crabroniformis Grunow
  384. Navicula crassa Gregory
  385. Navicula crassinervia Brébisson ex W. Smith
  386. Navicula crassirostris Grunow
  387. Navicula crassirostris var. maasoensis Grunow
  388. Navicula crassula Naegeli ex Kützing
  389. Navicula crateri Patrick
  390. Navicula craticula Ehrenberg
  391. Navicula craticula Ehrenberg
  392. Navicula craticularis Frenguelli
  393. Navicula cravenii Leuduger-Fortmorel
  394. Navicula crebra Hustedt
  395. Navicula cregutii Héribaud & M. Peragallo
  396. Navicula cregutii var. lanceolata M. Peragallo & Héribaud
  397. Navicula cremorne M.H. Hohn & Hellerman
  398. Navicula cremorne var. salinarum Negoro & Gotoh
  399. Navicula crepitacula J.R. Carter & Denny
  400. Navicula creuzburgensis Krasske
  401. Navicula creuzburgensis Krasske
  402. Navicula creuzburgensis var. multistriata Patrick
  403. Navicula criophila (Castracane) Van Heurck
  404. Navicula crispa Krasske
  405. Navicula cristata Ehrenberg
  406. Navicula cristata Ehrenberg
  407. Navicula cristata M. Peragallo
  408. Navicula cristata var. curta Peragallo
  409. Navicula cristula Guermeur & Manguin
  410. Navicula crocodili Cholnoky
  411. Navicula cronullensis E.J.F. Wood
  412. Navicula crucialis Frenguelli
  413. Navicula cruciata Leuduger-Fortmorel
  414. Navicula cruciata Cleve
  415. Navicula crucicula (W. Smith) Donkin
  416. Navicula crucicula var. alaskana Patrick & Freese
  417. Navicula crucicula f. arctica Krasske
  418. Navicula crucicula var. barrowiana Patrick & Freese
  419. Navicula crucicula var. capitata Østrup
  420. Navicula crucicula var. capitata Skvortzov
  421. Navicula crucicula var. cruciculoides (Brockmann) Lange-Bertalot
  422. Navicula crucicula var. lanceolata Frenguelli
  423. Navicula crucicula var. minor Cleve-Euler
  424. Navicula crucicula var. minuta (Grunow) Cleve
  425. Navicula crucicula var. obtusata Grunow
  426. Navicula crucicula f. turkestanica Kisseleva [Kisseleva]
  427. Navicula crucicula var. orientalis Skvortzov
  428. Navicula crucicula var. protracta 'Grunow'
  429. Navicula crucicula var. protracta Grunow
  430. Navicula cruciculoides Brockmann
  431. Navicula crucifera O'Meara
  432. Navicula crucifera Grunow
  433. Navicula crucifera var. capitata Østrup
  434. Navicula crucifix Tempère & Brun
  435. Navicula cruciformis Donkin
  436. Navicula cruciformis var. brevior Cleve
  437. Navicula cruciformis var. seyschellensis Grunow
  438. Navicula cruciformis var. upolensis Grunow
  439. Navicula crucigera Ehrenberg
  440. Navicula crucigera (W. Smith) Cleve
  441. Navicula crucigera var. subhyalina Cleve-Euler
  442. Navicula crucigera var. typica Cleve-Euler
  443. Navicula crucigeriformis Hustedt
  444. Navicula crucigeroides Hustedt
  445. Navicula crux Ehrenberg
  446. Navicula cryophila Manguin
  447. Navicula cryophila var. stauroptera Manguin
  448. Navicula cryptocephala Kützing
  449. Navicula cryptocephala var. angusta J.B. Petersen
  450. Navicula cryptocephala var. angustata (W. Smith) [Brun]
  451. Navicula cryptocephala var. australis Skuja
  452. Navicula cryptocephala var. hankensis Skvortzov
  453. Navicula cryptocephala var. intermedia Grunow
  454. Navicula cryptocephala var. lanceolata Grunow
  455. Navicula cryptocephala var. latior Juhlin-Dannfelt
  456. Navicula cryptocephala var. major Suringar
  457. Navicula cryptocephala var. minor Grunow
  458. Navicula cryptocephala f. minuta J.B. Petersen
  459. Navicula cryptocephala var. perminuta (Grunow) Cleve
  460. Navicula cryptocephala var. pumila (Grunow) Cleve
  461. Navicula cryptocephala var. rhynchocephala Grunow
  462. Navicula cryptocephala var. subsalina Hustedt
  463. Navicula cryptocephala var. veneta (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  464. Navicula cryptocephala f. nanissima Manguin
  465. Navicula cryptocephala f. terrestris J.W.G. Lund
  466. Navicula cryptocephaloides Hustedt
  467. Navicula cryptocephaloides f. angusta Cholnoky
  468. Navicula cryptocephaloides var. capitata Krasske
  469. Navicula cryptolyra C. Brockmann
  470. Navicula cryptorrhynchus Cholnoky
  471. Navicula cryptostriata Salah
  472. Navicula cryptotenella Lange-Bertalot
  473. Navicula crystallina Hustedt
  474. Navicula csaszkae_('csaszkaae') Pantocsek
  475. Navicula cubitus Tempère & Brun
  476. Navicula cumvibia M.H. Hohn & Hellerman
  477. Navicula cunctans Schoeman
  478. Navicula cuneata O'Meara
  479. Navicula cuneicephala Mann
  480. Navicula cunoniae Cholnoky
  481. Navicula curiosa Cholnoky
  482. Navicula curiosa Hustedt
  483. Navicula curta (A. Cleve) M. Peragallo
  484. Navicula curta Hustedt
  485. Navicula curta var. elongata M. Peragallo
  486. Navicula curtestria Pantocsek
  487. Navicula curtestriata Pantocsek
  488. Navicula curte-striata Østrup
  489. Navicula curvilineata Mann
  490. Navicula curvinervia Grunow in Cleve
  491. Navicula curvipunctata Leuduger-Fortmorel
  492. Navicula curvula Ehrenberg
  493. Navicula cuspidata (Kützing) Kützing
  494. Navicula cuspidata var. alaskaensis Foged
  495. Navicula cuspidata var. alpestris Brun
  496. Navicula cuspidata var. ambigua (Ehrenberg) Kirchner
  497. Navicula cuspidata var. ambigua (Ehrenberg) Cleve
  498. Navicula cuspidata f. capitata Dippel
  499. Navicula cuspidata f. diminuta Cleve-Euler
  500. Navicula cuspidata f. heribaudii_('heribaudi') (M. Peragallo) Cleve-Euler
  501. Navicula cuspidata f. subcapitata O. Müller
  502. Navicula cuspidata f. tenuirostris Cleve-Euler
  503. Navicula cuspidata var. amphisphenia (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst
  504. Navicula cuspidata f. angusta Dippel
  505. Navicula cuspidata f. asymmetrica Dippel
  506. Navicula cuspidata f. brevirostrata Gandhi
  507. Navicula cuspidata var. conspicua Venkataraman
  508. Navicula cuspidata f. crassa Venkataraman
  509. Navicula cuspidata f. craticula M. Peragallo & Héribaud
  510. Navicula cuspidata f. craticula (Ehrenberg) Dippel
  511. Navicula cuspidata f. rostrata Germain
  512. Navicula cuspidata f. craticula Frenguelli
  513. Navicula cuspidata var. danaica Grunow
  514. Navicula cuspidata var. elkabensis Muschler
  515. Navicula cuspidata f. elongata Skvortzov & Meyer
  516. Navicula cuspidata var. genuina Grunow
  517. Navicula cuspidata f. angusta Dippel
  518. Navicula cuspidata f. danaica (Grunow) Cleve-Euler
  519. Navicula cuspidata f. primigena Dippel
  520. Navicula cuspidata f. subrostrata Dippel
  521. Navicula cuspidata var. halophila Grunow
  522. Navicula cuspidata var. halophila Grunow
  523. Navicula cuspidata var. hankae Skvortzov
  524. Navicula cuspidata f. creticularis Skvortzov
  525. Navicula cuspidata var. heribaudii_('Heribaudi') M. Peragallo
  526. Navicula cuspidata f. indica Krishnamurthy
  527. Navicula cuspidata var. lanceolata Grunow
  528. Navicula cuspidata f. longicollis Suringar
  529. Navicula cuspidata var. major Meister
  530. Navicula cuspidata var. major Frenguelli
  531. Navicula cuspidata var. major Venkataraman
  532. Navicula cuspidata f. craticula Frenguelli
  533. Navicula cuspidata f. robusta Gonzalves & Gandhi
  534. Navicula cuspidata var. maxima Mereschkowsky
  535. Navicula cuspidata var. mayeri Cleve-Euler
  536. Navicula cuspidata var. media Meister
  537. Navicula cuspidata var. minima Comère
  538. Navicula cuspidata var. minor Mayer
  539. Navicula cuspidata var. obtusa Grunow
  540. Navicula cuspidata f. obtusa Dippel
  541. Navicula cuspidata var. obtusa Patrick
  542. Navicula cuspidata f. primigena Dippel
  543. Navicula cuspidata f. subrostrata Dippel
  544. Navicula cuspidata var. subrostrata (Dippel) Mayer
  545. Navicula cuspidata f. subrostrata O. Müller
  546. Navicula cuspidata f. minor Mayer
  547. Navicula cuspidata var. tibetica Jao
  548. Navicula cuspis O'Meara
  549. Navicula cuvella J.R. Carter & Denny
  550. Navicula cyclophora Castracane
  551. Navicula cyclops A. Mann
  552. Navicula cymatopleura West & West
  553. Navicula cymbelliformis Cholnoky
  554. Navicula cymbelloides Jousé
  555. Navicula cymbula Donkin
  556. Navicula cynthia A.W.F. Schmidt
  557. Navicula cyprinus (Ehrenberg) Kützing
  558. Navicula cyprinus var. linearis (Hustedt) Hendey
  559. Navicula cyprinus var. rostrata (Hustedt) Hendey
  560. Navicula czekehazensis ('czekeházensis') Pantocsek
  561. Navicula dactylus (Ehrenberg) Kützing
  562. Navicula dactylus var. argentina Frenguelli
  563. Navicula dactylus var. lata Frenguelli
  564. Navicula dactylus var. minor Østrup
  565. Navicula dahomensis Hustedt
  566. Navicula dahurica Skvortzov
  567. Navicula dahurica Skabichevskií
  568. Navicula dahurica var. elliptica Skabichevskií
  569. Navicula dailyi Reimer
  570. Navicula dalmatica Grunow
  571. Navicula damasii Hustedt
  572. Navicula damongensis Foged
  573. Navicula dapaliformis Hustedt
  574. Navicula dapalis Frenguelli
  575. Navicula dapaloides Frenguelli
  576. Navicula dariana A.W.F. Schmidt
  577. Navicula dariana f. minor Lauby
  578. Navicula dariana var. miocenica Héribaud & Peragallo
  579. Navicula dartevellei Kufferath
  580. Navicula davidsoniana O'Meara
  581. Navicula debegenica Cholnoky.
  582. Navicula debilis Pantocsek
  583. Navicula debilis Pantocsek
  584. Navicula debilissima Grunow
  585. Navicula debilitata M. Peragallo
  586. Navicula deblockii Héribaud
  587. Navicula debyi Pantocsek
  588. Navicula decens Pantocsek
  589. Navicula dechambrei Bourrelly & Manguin
  590. Navicula decipiens O'Meara
  591. Navicula decipiens Castracane
  592. Navicula decipiens P. Cleve
  593. Navicula decipiens Meister
  594. Navicula decipiens Cleve-Euler
  595. Navicula decissa J.R. Carter
  596. Navicula declinata Hustedt
  597. Navicula declivis Hustedt
  598. Navicula decora Grove & Sturt
  599. Navicula decora (Greville) Østrup
  600. Navicula decrescens Héribaud
  601. Navicula decrescens Cleve-Euler
  602. Navicula decumana Pantocsek
  603. Navicula decurrens (Ehrenberg) Kützing
  604. Navicula decurrens var. curtecostata Héribaud
  605. Navicula decurrens var. subsolaris Grunow
  606. Navicula decurrens f. tenuior Rabenhorst
  607. Navicula decussata Ehrenberg
  608. Navicula decussata (Ehrenberg) Kützing
  609. Navicula decussepunctata Simonsen
  610. Navicula decussis Østrup
  611. Navicula decussis var. subdecussis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
  612. Navicula definita Grove & Sturt
  613. Navicula definita var. intermedia Cleve
  614. Navicula defluens Hustedt
  615. Navicula degenii Pantocsek
  616. Navicula dehissa Giffen
  617. Navicula delastriata M.H. Hohn & Hellerman
  618. Navicula delata A. Schmidt
  619. Navicula delawarensis Grunow ex Cleve
  620. Navicula delawarensis var. clevei Heiden
  621. Navicula delecta A. Mann
  622. Navicula delecta Meister
  623. Navicula delginensis O'Meara
  624. Navicula delicata Frenguelli
  625. Navicula delicatula Cleve
  626. Navicula delicatula Skvortzov
  627. Navicula delognei Van Heurck
  628. Navicula delognei f. elliptica Lobban
  629. Navicula delpiroui M. Peragallo
  630. Navicula delta Cleve
  631. Navicula deltoides Hustedt
  632. Navicula demerara Grunow
  633. Navicula delicatula Skvortzov
  634. Navicula demerarae Ehrenberg
  635. Navicula demerarae Cleve
  636. Navicula demeraroides Hustedt
  637. Navicula demissa Hustedt
  638. Navicula demta A.W.F. Schmidt
  639. Navicula denizotii Manguin
  640. Navicula densa Hustedt
  641. Navicula densa var. fossilis Manguin
  642. Navicula densepunctata Hustedt
  643. Navicula densestriata Hustedt
  644. Navicula densestriata var. acuta Skvortzov
  645. Navicula densistriata var. acuta Skvortzov & Noda
  646. Navicula densuensis Foged
  647. Nitzschia denticula var. elongata Mereschkowsky
  648. Navicula denticulata O'Meara
  649. Navicula denudata Pantocsek
  650. Navicula depauxii M. Peragallo
  651. Navicula depressa Cleve
  652. Navicula derasa Grunow
  653. Navicula derasa var. erosa (Cleve) Gran
  654. Navicula derasa var. gracilenta Grunow
  655. Navicula derasa var. transitans R. Ross
  656. Navicula descripta Hustedt
  657. Navicula descripta var. arctica Patrick & Freese
  658. Navicula deserti Forti
  659. Navicula destituta Hustedt
  660. Navicula destricta Hustedt
  661. Navicula detenta Hustedt
  662. Navicula detersa Grunow
  663. Navicula detersa (Grunow) Gran
  664. Navicula de-toniana Gutwinski
  665. Navicula de-toniana Gutwinski
  666. Navicula de-wittiana_('De Wittiana') C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze
  667. Navicula diabolica Geissler & Gerloff
  668. Navicula diaculus Schumann
  669. Navicula diagonalis Bailey
  670. Navicula diaphana Ehrenberg
  671. Navicula diaphanea Manguin
  672. Navicula dibola Hohn
  673. Navicula dicephala Ehrenberg
  674. Navicula dicephala f. australis Manguin
  675. Navicula dicephala var. chilensis Hustedt
  676. Navicula dicephala var. constricta Cleve-Euler
  677. Navicula dicephala var. constricta Frenguelli
  678. Navicula dicephala f. cuneata M. Møller ex Foged
  679. Navicula dicephala var. elginensis (Gregory) Cleve
  680. Navicula dicephala var. genuina Mayer
  681. Navicula dicephala var. genuina Mayer
  682. Navicula dicephala f. pygmaea Mayer
  683. Navicula dicephala f. intermedia Lauby
  684. Navicula dicephala var. neglecta (Krasske) Hustedt
  685. Navicula dicephala var. subcapitata Grunow
  686. Navicula dicephala var. undulata Østrup
  687. Navicula dicephala f. capitata Manguin
  688. Navicula dicephaloides P. Fusey
  689. Navicula dicurvata O'Meara
  690. Navicula didyma (Ehrenberg) Kützing
  691. Navicula didyma var. andesitica Pantocsek
  692. Navicula didyma var. elesdiana ('élesdiana') Pantocsek
  693. Navicula didymus Ehrenberg
  694. Navicula differta Pantocsek
  695. Navicula difficillima Hustedt
  696. Navicula difficilis Grunow in Van Heurck
  697. Navicula difficillimoides Hustedt
  698. Navicula diffluens A.W.F. Schmidt
  699. Navicula difformis Eichwald
  700. Navicula diffusa A.W.F. Schmidt
  701. Navicula diffusa var. balearica Cleve
  702. Navicula diffusa var. minor Cleve
  703. Navicula dificilis Pantocsek
  704. Navicula digito-radiata (Gregory) Ralfs
  705. Navicula digito-radiata var. aegyptiaca Aleem
  706. Navicula digito-radiata var. angustior Grunow
  707. Navicula digito-radiata var. arctica Patrick & Freese
  708. Navicula digito-radiata f. ceylonica Skvortzov
  709. Navicula digitoradiata var. cubaensis Foged
  710. Navicula digito-radiata var. elliptica Hustedt
  711. Navicula digito-radiata var. elliptica (Østrup) A. Cleve
  712. Navicula digitoradiata f. linearis Hustedt
  713. Navicula digito-radiata f. minor Cleve-Euler
  714. Navicula digitoradiata var. minor Krasske
  715. Navicula digitoradiata f. minor Foged
  716. Navicula digito-radiata var. obesa Héribaud
  717. Navicula digitoradiata var. rostrata Hustedt
  718. Navicula digitoradiata var. rotindus C.S. Singh
  719. Navicula digito-radiata var. seychellensis Cleve
  720. Navicula digito-radiata var. striolata Grunow
  721. Navicula digitulus Hustedt
  722. Navicula digitus (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
  723. Navicula digna Hustedt
  724. Navicula digrediens A.W.F. Schmidt
  725. Navicula dilatata Ehrenberg
  726. Navicula dilucida Hustedt
  727. Navicula dimidiata Dujardin
  728. Navicula dimidiata Mayer
  729. Navicula diomphala (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
  730. Navicula diploneoides Hustedt
  731. Navicula diplosticta Grunow
  732. Navicula directa (W. Smith) Brébisson
  733. Navicula directa (Smith) Ralfs
  734. Navicula directa var. angusta Grunow
  735. Navicula directa var. constricta Heiden
  736. Navicula directa var. cuneata Østrup
  737. Navicula directa var. decussatim-striata Grunow
  738. Navicula directa var. derasa Østrup
  739. Navicula directa var. genuina Cleve
  740. Navicula directa var. heterostriata Mereschkowsky
  741. Navicula directa var. heterostriata Mereschkowsky
  742. Navicula directa var. incus (A. Schmidt) Cleve
  743. Navicula directa var. javanica Cleve
  744. Navicula directa var. lata Østrup
  745. Navicula directa var. oceanica Karsten
  746. Navicula directa var. planctonica Frenguelli
  747. Navicula directa var. remota (Grunow) Cleve
  748. Navicula directa var. remota Grunow
  749. Navicula directa var. rostrata Heiden
  750. Navicula directa var. subtilis (Gregory) Cleve
  751. Navicula dirhynchus Ehrenberg
  752. Navicula dirrhombus A.W.F. Schmidt
  753. Navicula discernenda Pantocsek
  754. Navicula disclusa Hustedt
  755. Navicula discrepans A.W.F. Schmidt
  756. Navicula discreta Hustedt
  757. Navicula disculus Schumann
  758. Navicula diserta Hustedt
  759. Navicula disertoides Cholnoky
  760. Navicula disjuncta Hustedt in Pascher
  761. Navicula disjuncta Hustedt
  762. Navicula disjuncta f. anglica Hustedt
  763. Navicula dismutica Hustedt
  764. Navicula dispar Schumann
  765. Navicula disparata Hustedt
  766. Navicula disparilis Hustedt
  767. Navicula dispensata Hustedt & Manguin
  768. Navicula dispensata f. constricta (Manguin) Manguin
  769. Navicula dispensata f. rostrata (Manguin) Manguin
  770. Navicula disjunctoides Manguin
  771. Navicula dispersa Grove & Sturt
  772. Navicula dispersa Manguin
  773. Navicula dispersa J.R. Carter
  774. Navicula dispersa f. constricta Manguin
  775. Navicula dispersa f. rostrata Manguin
  776. Navicula dispersepunctata Skabichevskií
  777. Navicula dispersepunctata Hustedt
  778. Navicula dispersepunctulata Hustedt
  779. Navicula disphenia (Ehrenberg) Kützing
  780. Navicula disposita Hustedt
  781. Navicula disposita f. minor Foged
  782. Navicula disputans Patrick
  783. Navicula dissimilis W. Smith
  784. Navicula dissimilis (Rabenhorst) Ralfs
  785. Navicula dissuta Giffen
  786. Navicula distans (W. Smith) Brébisson.
  787. Navicula distans (Smith) Ralfs
  788. Navicula distans var. borealis Grunow
  789. Navicula distantepunctata Simonsen
  790. Navicula distauridium Ehrenberg
  791. Navicula distenta Schumann
  792. Navicula distenta A.W.F. Schmidt
  793. Navicula disticha A.W.F. Schmidt
  794. Navicula disticha A.W.F. Schmidt
  795. Navicula distincta G.S. West
  796. Navicula distinctastriata M.H. Hohn & Hellerman
  797. Navicula distinguenda (Cleve) Pantocsek
  798. Navicula distoma Grunow
  799. Navicula distoma f. angustior Grunow
  800. Navicula distoma f. latior Grunow
  801. Navicula dithmarsica D. König
  802. Navicula diuturna Cholnoky
  803. Navicula diuturnoides Archibald
  804. Navicula divaricata Hustedt
  805. Navicula divaricata Manguin
  806. Navicula divergens A.W.F. Schmidt
  807. Navicula divergens (W. Smith) Grunow
  808. Navicula divergens var. elliptica O'Meara
  809. Navicula divergens var. elliptica Grunow
  810. Navicula divergens var. laticeps Frenguelli
  811. Navicula divergens f. major Frenguelli
  812. Navicula divergens f. minor Frenguelli
  813. Navicula divergens var. longa O'Meara
  814. Navicula divergens f. minor A.W.F. Schmidt
  815. Navicula divergens var. parallela (Brun) Frenguelli
  816. Navicula divergens var. prolongata J. Brun & M. Peragallo
  817. Navicula divergens var. undulata M. Peragallo & Héribaud
  818. Navicula divergens var. undulato-cuneata Héribaud
  819. Navicula divergentissima Grunow
  820. Navicula diversa Greville
  821. Navicula diversa Pantocsek
  822. Navicula diversestriata Jasnitsky
  823. Navicula diversipunctata Hustedt
  824. Navicula diversistriata Hustedt
  825. Navicula diverta J.R. Carter
  826. Navicula doczii ('dóczii') Pantocsek
  827. Navicula dodowaensis Foged
  828. Navicula doello-juradoi Frenguelli
  829. Navicula doeringii Frenguelli
  830. Navicula doeringii var. cryptocephala Frenguelli
  831. Navicula doeringii var. undulata Frenguelli
  832. Navicula doljensis Pantocsek
  833. Navicula dolomitica W. Bock
  834. Navicula dolosa Manguin
  835. Navicula dolosa Giffen
  836. Navicula donkinia O'Meara
  837. Navicula donkinii Carruthers
  838. Navicula donkinii A. Schmidt
  839. Navicula dorenbergi Reichelt
  840. Navicula dorogostaiskyi Østrup
  841. Navicula dosseti-azpeitia Moros
  842. Navicula drouetiana Patrick
  843. Navicula dubia Ehrenberg
  844. Navicula dubia Heiden
  845. Navicula dubia var. acuta Heiden
  846. Navicula dubia var. signata Pantocsek
  847. Navicula dubitanda Hustedt & Kolbe
  848. Navicula dubitata Héribaud
  849. Navicula dubravicensis Grunow
  850. Navicula dubravicensis var. gallica Héribaud
  851. Navicula dugaensis Foged
  852. Navicula dulcioides Foged
  853. Navicula dulcis Krasske
  854. Navicula dulcis Patrick
  855. Navicula dulcis Foged
  856. Navicula dumontiae Baardseth & Taasen
  857. Navicula dunstonii Salah
  858. Navicula duomedia Patrick
  859. Navicula duplex Pantocsek
  860. Navicula duplex Nygaard
  861. Navicula duplicata Ehrenberg
  862. Navicula duplocapitata Hustedt
  863. Navicula durrandii Kitton
  864. Navicula durrandii var. intermedia A.W.F. Schmidt
  865. Navicula durrandii var. rhomboidea (Castracane) A.W.F. Schmidt
  866. Navicula durrandii f. rhomboidea (Castracane) Hustedt
  867. Navicula dutoitana Cholnoky
  868. Navicula dux (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
  869. Navicula dystrophica Patrick
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