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  1. Microcystis fuscolutea (Hansgirg) Forti
  2. Microcystis ichthyoblabe var. violacea (Itzigsohn) Forti
  3. Microcystis aeruginosa var. major (Wittrock) G.M. Smith
  4. Microcystis scripta (Richter) Geitler
  5. MICROCYSTIS {info}
  6. MICROCYSTIS E. Lemmermann
  7. MICROCYSTIS {subdivisions}
  8. MICROCYSTIS Kützing {subdivision}
  9. MICROCYSTIS Meneghini {section}
  10. MICROCYSTIS (Kützing) Kirchner {section}
  11. MICROCYSTIS sect. MICROCYSTIS (Kützing) Kirchner
  12. MICROCYSTIS (Kützing) Elenkin
  13. Microcystis adnata (L.) Meneghini
  14. Microcystis aeruginosa (Kützing) Kützing
  15. Microcystis aeruginosa var. elongata C.B. Rao
  16. Microcystis aeruginosa f. major Arnoldi & Aleksenko {nomen}
  17. Microcystis aeruginosa var. minor Colditz
  18. Microcystis aeruginosa f. minor Elenkin
  19. Microcystis aeruginosa f. occidentalis W.R. Taylor
  20. Microcystis affinis Meneghini {mss}
  21. Microcystis amethystina (Filarszky) Forti
  22. Microcystis amethystina var. vinea Printz
  23. Microcystis angulata M.D. Zalessky
  24. Microcystis angulosa (Corda) Kützing
  25. Microcystis anodontae (Hansgirg) Elenkin
  26. Microcystis aphanothecoides Zalessky
  27. Microcystis aphanothecoides f. minor Hortobagyi
  28. Microcystis argentea Schiller
  29. Microcystis atra Kützing
  30. Microcystis atrovirens (Corda) Kützing
  31. Microcystis austriaca Kützing
  32. Microcystis bengalensis Banerji
  33. Microcystis botrys Teiling
  34. Microcystis botrys var. rosea Kufferath
  35. Microcystis brebissonii Meneghini
  36. Microcystis brunnea (Naegeli) J. Stein & Borden
  37. Microcystis bullosa (Kützing) Meneghini
  38. Microcystis caerulea G. Dickie
  39. Microcystis calciphila Schwabe
  40. Microcystis chroococcoidea West & West
  41. Microcystis chroococcoidea var. minor Nygaard
  42. Microcystis cinnabarina Flotow
  43. Microcystis clarionensis (Setchell & Gardner) J. De Toni
  44. Microcystis complanata Skuja
  45. Microcystis concharum (Hansgirg) P.C. Silva
  46. Microcystis coracina Trevisan {in syn}
  47. Microcystis delicatissima (W. West & G.S. West) J. Stein
  48. Microcystis densa G.S. West
  49. Microcystis densa Schiller
  50. Microcystis deusta (Meneghini) Meneghini
  51. Microcystis dimidiata (Kützing) P.C. Silva
  52. Microcystis donnellii Wolle
  53. Microcystis elabens (Brebisson) Kützing
  54. Microcystis elabens f. intermedia Laloraya & Mitra
  55. Microcystis elabens var. major Bachmann
  56. Microcystis elabens var. minor Nygaard
  57. Microcystis elabentioides M.D. Zalessky
  58. Microcystis elachista (W. West & G.S. West) Compère
  59. Microcystis elachista (W. West & G.S. West) Compère
  60. Microcystis elongata Desikachary
  61. Microcystis exigua M.D. Zalessky
  62. Microcystis ferruginea Wawrik
  63. Microcystis firma (Kützing) Schmidle
  64. Microcystis floccosa Zalessky
  65. Microcystis flos-aquae ('flos aquae') (Wittrock) Kirchner
  66. Microcystis flos-aquae var. major Nygaard
  67. Microcystis fusca M.D. Zalessky
  68. Microcystis fusco-lutea (Hansgirg) Forti
  69. Microcystis gelatinosa Meneghini
  70. Microcystis glauca (Wolle) Drouet & Daily
  71. Microcystis globosa M.D. Zalessky
  72. Microcystis granosa (Berkeley) Meneghini
  73. Microcystis grevillei ('grevillii') (C. Agardh) Kützing
  74. Microcystis grevillei (Hassall) Elenkin
  75. Microcystis halophila Martens & Pankow
  76. Microcystis halophila var. macrococca (Hansgirg) P.C. Silva
  77. Microcystis hansgirgiana Hollerbach
  78. Microcystis hansgirgiana f. violacea Claus
  79. Microcystis holsatica (Lemmermann) Lemmermann
  80. Microcystis holsatica var. minor (Lemmermann) Lemmermann
  81. Microcystis holsatica f. minor (Lemmermann) Hollerbach
  82. Microcystis ichthyoblabe (Kunze) Kützing
  83. Microcystis ichthyoblabe var. rosea Kufferath
  84. Microcystis ichthyoblabe var. violacea (Itzigsohn) Forti
  85. Microcystis incerta (Lemmermann) Lemmermann
  86. Microcystis incerta var. elegans Lemmermann
  87. Microcystis kerguelensis Wille
  88. Microcystis lamelliformis Hulsinger
  89. Microcystis litoralis (Hansgirg) Forti
  90. Microcystis litoralis (Hansgirg) M. Aboal
  91. Microcystis livida (Carmichael) Meneghini
  92. Microcystis lobata G. Dickie
  93. Microcystis marina Kützing
  94. Microcystis marina (Hansgirg) P.C. Silva
  95. Microcystis maxima Bernard
  96. Microcystis mellea Meneghini
  97. Microcystis merismopedioides F.E. Fritsch
  98. Microcystis microspora Meneghini
  99. Microcystis minima Bernard
  100. Microcystis minor Kützing {in litt.}
  101. Microcystis minor Kützing
  102. Microcystis minor Kützing {supplanted}
  103. Microcystis minuta Kylin
  104. Microcystis minuta var. aeruginosa Lindstedt
  105. Microcystis minuta var. violacea Lindstedt
  106. Microcystis minutissima W. West
  107. Microcystis minutissima var. rosea-violacea Kufferath
  108. Microcystis montana (Teodorescu) J. de Toni
  109. Microcystis morrenii ('Morreni') Meneghini
  110. Microcystis muscicola (Meneghini) Elenkin
  111. Microcystis neglecta Meneghini {MS.}
  112. Microcystis nigra Meneghini
  113. Microcystis noltii (C. Agardh) Kützing
  114. Microcystis novacekii (Komarek) Compère
  115. Microcystis ochracea (Brand) Lemmermann
  116. Microcystis ochracea (Brand) Forti
  117. Microcystis olivacea Kützing
  118. Microcystis orissica W. West
  119. Microcystis ovalis G.J. Hollenberg
  120. Microcystis packardii (Farlow) Tilden
  121. Microcystis pallida (Kützing) Lemmermann
  122. Microcystis pallida Migula
  123. Microcystis paludosa (Rabenhorst) Forti
  124. Microcystis parasitica Kützing
  125. Microcystis parasitica var. geresiana Guerrero
  126. Microcystis parasitica var. glacialis Fritsch
  127. Microcystis parietina (Naegeli) Elenkin
  128. Microcystis paroliniana Meneghini
  129. Microcystis piscinalis (Brügger) Forti
  130. Microcystis planctonica Usachev
  131. Microcystis prasina (Wittrock) Lemmermann
  132. Microcystis protea J. Copeland
  133. Microcystis protocystis W.B. Crow
  134. Microcystis protocystis f. major Pandey
  135. Microcystis protocystis f. major Pandey
  136. Microcystis protocystis f. minor Laloraya & Mitra
  137. Microcystis protogenita (Biasoletto) Rabenhorst
  138. Microcystis pseudofilamentosa W.B. Crow
  139. Microcystis pulchra Flotow
  140. Microcystis pulchra (Kützing) J. Stein
  141. Microcystis pulverea (Wood) Forti
  142. Microcystis pulverea var. incerta (Lemmermann) W.B. Crow
  143. Microcystis pulverea f. incerta (Lemmermann) Elenkin
  144. Microcystis pulverea f. elongata W.B. Crow
  145. Microcystis pulverea f. minor (Lemmermann) Hollerbach
  146. Microcystis pulverea var. racemiformis Nygaard
  147. Microcystis pulverea f. racemiformis (Nygaard) Hollerbach
  148. Microcystis punctata Schiller
  149. Microcystis punctiformis (Kützing) Kirchner
  150. Microcystis ramosa Bharadwaja
  151. Microcystis reinboldii (Richter) Forti
  152. Microcystis richteriana (Hieronymus) P.C. Silva
  153. Microcystis robusta (H.W. Clark) Nygaard
  154. Microcystis rosea (Schreber) Kützing
  155. Microcystis rosea Kufferath
  156. Microcystis rosea-persicinus (Kützing) G.S. West
  157. Microcystis rubescens (Brebisson) Meneghini
  158. Microcystis rupestris (Lyngbye) Kützing
  159. Microcystis salinarum (Hansgirg) P.C. Silva
  160. Microcystis sanguinea (C. Agardh) Kützing
  161. Microcystis scripta (Richter) Lemmermann
  162. Microcystis splendens G.J. Hollenberg
  163. Microcystis stagnalis (Lemmermann) Lemmermann
  164. Microcystis stagnalis (Lemmermann) Lemmermann
  165. Microcystis stagnalis var. pulchra Lemmermann
  166. Microcystis stagnalis var. rosea Kufferath
  167. Microcystis stereophysalis Meneghini
  168. Microcystis supersalsa Schiller
  169. Microcystis testacea (A. Braun ex Kützing) Elenkin
  170. Microcystis thermalis Yoneda
  171. Microcystis thermalis (Brügger) Claus
  172. Microcystis toxica E. L. Stephens
  173. Microcystis toxica Stephens
  174. Microcystis umbrina Kützing
  175. Microcystis violacea (Corda) Kützing
  176. Microcystis viridis (A. Braun) Lemmermann
  177. Microcystis wesenbergii (Komarek) Komarek {temp}
  178. Microcystis zanardinii (Hauck) P.C. Silva
  179. MICROCYTIDEA J. Agardh {sect. or subgen. of Gracilaria}
  180. MICRODESMIA J. Agardh {sect. of Acanthococcus}
  181. MICRODICTYON Decaisne
  182. EUMICRODICTYON Setchell {section of Microdictyon}
  183. ANNULIFERAE Setchell {section of Microdictyon}
  184. Microdictyon agardhianum Decaisne
  185. Microdictyon boergesenii Setchell
  186. Microdictyon calodictyon (Montagne) Kützing
  187. Microdictyon clathratum Martens
  188. Microdictyon crassum J. Agardh
  189. Microdictyon curtissiae W.R. Taylor
  190. Microdictyon japonicum Setchell
  191. Microdictyon japonicum var. laxum Gilbert
  192. Microdictyon kraussii J.E. Gray
  193. Microdictyon laxereticulatum Setchell
  194. Microdictyon marinum (Bory) Silva
  195. Microdictyon mokilense_('mokilensis') Trono
  196. Microdictyon montagneanum Endlicher
  197. Microdictyon montagnei 'Dne.' {nomen}
  198. Microdictyon montagnei Harvey ex J.E. Gray
  199. Microdictyon mutabile Dellow
  200. Microdictyon nigrescens (Yamada) Setchell
  201. Microdictyon obscurum J. Agardh
  202. Microdictyon okamurae ('okamuraii') Setchell
  203. Microdictyon palmeri_('palmerii') Setchell
  204. Microdictyon pseudohapteron Gepp & Gepp
  205. Microdictyon pseudohapteron f. luciparense Setchell
  206. Microdictyon pseudohapteron f. typicum Setchell
  207. Microdictyon schmitzii Miliarakis
  208. Microdictyon setchellianum Howe
  209. Microdictyon spongiola Berthold
  210. Microdictyon tenue J.E. Gray
  211. Microdictyon tenuius (C. Agardh) Decaisne
  212. Microdictyon tenuius Decaisne ex J. Agardh
  213. Microdictyon tenuius f. atlanticum_('atlantica') J. Agardh
  214. Microdictyon tenuius f. australe_('australis') J. Agardh
  215. Microdictyon tenuius f. erythraeum_('erythraea') J. Agardh
  216. Microdictyon tenuius f. mediterraneum_('mediterranea') J. Agardh
  217. Microdictyon thiebautii Setchell
  218. Microdictyon umbilicatum (Velley) Zanardini
  219. Microdictyon vanbosseae Setchell
  220. Microdictyon vanbosseae f. explanatum Setchell
  221. Microdictyon vanbosseae f. typicum Setchell
  222. Microdictyon velleyanum Decaisne
  223. MICRODINIUM Cookson & Eisenack
  224. Microdinium alatum (Conrad) Sarjeant
  225. Microdinium carpaticum Baltes
  226. Microdinium crinitum Davey
  227. Microdinium deflandrei Millioud
  228. Microdinium dentatum Vozzhennikova
  229. Microdinium dentatum f. sphaericum Vozzhennikova
  230. Microdinium distinctum Davey
  231. Microdinium echinatum Clarke & Verdier
  232. Microdinium ellipsoideum (Deflandre) Sarjeant
  233. Microdinium glabrum Cookson & Eisenack
  234. Microdinium irregulare Clarke & Verdier
  235. Microdinium kustanaicum Vozzhennikova
  236. Microdinium opacum Brideaux
  237. Microdinium ornatum Cookson & Eisenack
  238. Microdinium punctulatum Vozzhennikova
  239. Microdinium reticulatum Vozzhennikova
  240. Microdinium robustum Davey
  241. Microdinium saeptum Morgenroth
  242. Microdinium setosum Sarjeant
  243. Microdinium singularis Vozzhennikova
  244. Microdinium variaspinum Davey
  245. Microdinium veligerum (Deflandre) Davey
  246. MICRODISCUS F. Steinecke
  247. Microdiscus parasiticus F. Steinecke
  250. Microdistephanus ellipticus-uniornatus ('ellipticus uniornatus') Filipescu
  251. Microdistephanus hexaradiatus var. atriornatus Filipescu
  252. Microdistephanus pentaradiatus Filipescu
  253. Microdistephanus pentaradiatus var. biannelatus Filipescu
  254. Microdistephanus pentaradiatus var. biornatus Filipescu
  255. Microdistephanus pentaradiatus var. triornatus Filipescu
  256. Microdistephanus pentaradiatus var. uniornatus Filipescu
  257. Microdistephanus stellatus Filipescu
  260. MICROGASTRIDIUM (Hansgirg) Raciborski
  261. MICROGLAENA Körber {info: lichen}
  262. MICROGLENA Ehrenberg
  263. EUMICROGLENA Conrad {section}
  264. Microglena arenicola M. Droop
  265. Microglena australica (Playfair) Conrad
  266. Microglena butcheri Belcher
  267. Microglena cordiformis Conrad
  268. Microglena elliptica Conrad
  269. Microglena gracillima (Playfair) Conrad
  270. Microglena monadina Ehrenberg
  271. Microglena multipunctata Ehrenberg
  272. Microglena ovum Conrad
  273. Microglena punctifera (O.F. Müller) Ehrenberg
  274. Microglena salina Schmarda
  275. Microglena serpens Schmarda
  276. Microglena subglobosa (Playfair) Conrad
  277. Microglena volvocina Ehrenberg
  278. MICROGONGRUS J. Agardh
  279. Microgongrus phyllophoroides J. Agardh
  280. MICROHALOA Kützing
  281. Microhaloa aurantiaca Kützing
  282. Microhaloa botryoides Kützing
  283. Microhaloa firma Kützing
  284. Microhaloa jodes Itzigsohn {in litt.}
  285. Microhaloa natans Hilse
  286. Microhaloa pallida Kützing
  287. Microhaloa pini Kützing
  288. Microhaloa protogenita (Biasoletto) Kützing
  289. Microhaloa rupestris (Lyngbye) Kützing
  290. Microhaloa virescens (Hassall) Kützing
  291. MICROJOENIA Grassi
  292. Microjoenia axostylis Cutler
  293. Microjoenia hexamitoides Grassi
  294. Microjoenia hexamitoides Grassi
  295. Microjoenia pyriformis V.E. Brown
  296. Microjoenia ratcliffei V.E. Brown
  297. MICROMARSUPIUM Deflandre
  298. Micromarsupium anceps Deflandre
  299. Micromarsupium anceps var. curticannum Deflandre
  300. Micromarsupium curticannum Deflandre
  301. Micromarsupium rostovense Martini
  302. MICROMASTIGOTES Hollande & Carruette-Valentin
  303. Micromastigotes grassei Hollande & Carruette-Valentin
  304. MICROMASTIX Frenzel
  305. Micromastix januarii Frenzel
  306. MICROMEGA C. Agardh
  307. Micromega agardhii (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
  308. Micromega albicans Kützing CAS
  309. Micromega apiculatum (Greville) C. Agardh CAS
  310. Micromega apiculatum var. ramosissimum Lenormand {nomen}
  311. Micromega aureum Kützing CAS
  312. Micromega berkeleyi Kützing CAS
  313. Micromega blyttii C. Agardh
  314. Micromega bombycinum Kützing CAS
  315. Micromega bryopsis (Kützing) Ralfs CAS
  316. Micromega capitatum (Kützing) Ralfs CAS
  317. Micromega chondroides Kützing CAS
  318. Micromega comoides Ralfs CAS
  319. Micromega corinaldii ('corinaldi') (Meneghini) Ralfs CAS
  320. Micromega corniculatum Agardh CAS
  321. Micromega corniculatum C. Agardh CAS
  322. Micromega corniculatum var. penicillatum (Agardh) Rabenhorst CAS
  323. Micromega cornoides Ralfs {err. cit.}
  324. Micromega corymbosum (C. Agardh) Kützing CAS
  325. Micromega crispum (Montagne) Ralfs CAS
  326. Micromega divergens (W. Smith) Ralfs CAS
  327. Micromega fastigatum Kützing CAS
  328. Micromega flagelliferum Kützing CAS
  329. Micromega floccosum Kützing CAS
  330. Micromega gracillimum (W. Smith) Crouan frat. CAS
  331. Micromega gracillimum (W. Smith) Ralfs CAS
  332. Micromega grandinosum Suhr CAS
  333. Micromega helminthosum (Chauvin ex Duby) Ralfs
  334. Micromega humile (Kützing) Ralfs CAS
  335. Micromega hyalinum Kützing CAS
  336. Micromega hyalopus Kützing CAS
  337. Micromega hydruroides (Kützing) Ralfs CAS
  338. Micromega illyricum (Kützing) Ralfs CAS
  339. Micromega intricatum Kützing CAS
  340. Micromega investiens ('investens') (Montagne) Ralfs CAS
  341. Micromega kuetzingii ('kützingii') Ralfs CAS
  342. Micromega laciniatum (Harvey) Ralfs CAS
  343. Micromega lineatum Kützing CAS
  344. Micromega medusinum Kützing CAS
  345. Micromega meneghinii Ralfs CAS
  346. Micromega mesogloeoides (Kützing) Ralfs CAS
  347. Micromega minutum (Kützing) Ralfs CAS
  348. Micromega molle (W. Smith) Crouan frat. CAS
  349. Micromega molle (W. Smith) Ralfs CAS
  350. Micromega mucosum Ralfs
  351. Micromega myxacanthum Kützing CAS
  352. Micromega nebulosum (Meneghini ex Kützing) Ralfs
  353. Micromega obtusum (Greville) Ralfs CAS
  354. Micromega pallidum C. Agardh CAS
  355. Micromega papillosum (Meneghini) Ralfs CAS
  356. Micromega parasiticum (Griffiths) Ralfs
  357. Micromega parvum (Meneghini ex Kützing) Ralfs
  358. Micromega patens Kützing CAS
  359. Micromega penicillatum C. Agardh
  360. Micromega plumosum (Kützing) Ralfs CAS
  361. Micromega polyclados Kützing CAS
  362. Micromega ramosissimum (C. Agardh) C. Agardh CAS
  363. Micromega ramosissimum var. contortum Rabenhorst CAS
  364. Micromega ramosissimum var. ramulosum Rabenhorst
  365. Micromega ramosissimum var. setaceum (Kützing) Rabenhorst CAS
  366. Micromega setaceum Kützing CAS
  367. Micromega setaceum var. corymbosum Kützing CAS
  368. Micromega setaceum var. torquatum Kützing
  369. Micromega sirospermum Kützing CAS
  370. Micromega smithii (C. Agardh) Ralfs CAS
  371. Micromega spinescens Kützing CAS
  372. Micromega splendens Meneghini {ms.}
  373. Micromega stalianum (Meneghini) Kützing CAS
  374. Micromega tenellum Kützing CAS
  375. Micromega torquatum (Kützing) Crouan frat. CAS
  376. Micromega torquatum (Harvey) Ralfs CAS
  377. Micromega trichocephalum (Kützing) Ralfs CAS
  378. Micromega wyattiae ('wyattii') (Harvey) Ralfs
  379. Micromega zanardinii (Meneghini) Ralfs CAS
  380. MICROMONAS Borrel
  381. MICROMONAS I. Manton & M. Parke
  382. Micromonas pusilla (R.W. Butcher) I. Manton & M. Parke
  383. Micromonas squamata I. Manton & M. Parke
  384. MICROMONAS Manton & Parke
  385. MICRONEIS Cleve
  386. MICRONEIS (Cleve) Cleve-Euler {subgen. of Achnanthes}
  387. Microneis biasolettiana (Kützing) Meister CAS
  388. Microneis delicatula var. wislouchii Poretzky CAS
  389. Microneis exilis (Kützing) Meister CAS
  390. Microneis exigua (Grunow) Comber CAS
  391. Microneis gracillima Meister CAS
  392. Microneis hungarica (Grunow) Meister CAS
  393. Microneis hustedtii Meister CAS
  394. Microneis linearis (W. Smith) Meister CAS
  395. Microneis microcephala (Kützing) Meister CAS
  396. Microneis minutissima (Kützing) Meister CAS
  397. Microneis trinodis (Ralfs) Meister CAS
  398. MICRONOSTOC Zukal
  399. MICROORBIS R. Gersonde & D.M. Harwood
  400. Microorbis convexus Gersonde & Harwood CAS
  401. Microorbis undulatus Gersonde & Harwood CAS
  402. MICROPEUCE Spach {info}
  403. MICROPEUCE J. Agardh
  404. Micropeuce feredayae (Harvey) Kylin
  405. Micropeuce feredayae (Harvey) Kylin ex P.C. Silva
  406. Micropeuce mucronata (Harvey) Kylin
  407. Micropeuce mucronata (Harvey) Kylin ex Oliveira
  408. Micropeuce sarcocaulon (Harvey) Kylin
  409. Micropeuce sarcocaulon (Harvey) Kylin ex P.C. Silva
  410. Micropeuce setosa ('setosus') I.A. Abbott
  411. Micropeuce strobiliferum J. Agardh
  412. MICROPHYCEA P.A. Dangeard
  413. Microphycea intermedia P.A. Dangeard
  414. MICROPHYCUS Trevisan
  415. MICROPHYCUS Matthew
  416. Microphycus catenatus Matthew
  417. Microphycus octoceras (Ehrenberg) Trevisan
  418. MICROPHYLLUM Weber-van Bosse
  419. Microphyllum borneense Weber-van Bosse
  420. Microphyllum crispum (Taylor) Dawson
  421. MICROPOA L. Moewus
  422. Micropoa leptochaete L. Moewus
  424. MICROPODISCUS (Grunow) Schütt {Section of Coscinodiscus}
  425. Micropodiscus weissflogii Grunow
  426. MICROPUNTIA J. Agardh {subgenus}
  428. Microrhabdulinus ambiguus Deflandre
  429. Microrhabdulinus antihelicoideus Chongyou Wang
  430. Microrhabdulinus ceratorhabdulinus_('ceratorhabdclinus') Chongyou Wang
  431. Microrhabdulinus helicoidites Chongyou Wang
  432. Microrhabdulinus tortus Stover
  434. MICRORHABDULUS Deflandre
  435. Microrhabdulus attenuatus (Deflandre) Deflandre
  436. Microrhabdulus belgicus Hay & Towe
  437. Microrhabdulus bollii Thierstein
  438. Microrhabdulus decoratus Deflandre
  439. Microrhabdulus decoratus var. attenuatus Deflandre
  440. Microrhabdulus elongatus Gartner
  441. Microrhabdulus helicoideus Deflandre
  442. Microrhabdulus margaritatus Deflandre
  443. Microrhabdulus rugosus Bouché
  444. Microrhabdulus stradneri Bramlette & Martini
  445. MICRORHINUS Skottsberg
  446. Microrhinus carnosus (Reinsch) Skottsberg
  448. Microrhopalodina enflata Grassi
  449. Microrhopalodina hoffmannii ('hofmanni') (I.F. de Mello & A.F.B. de Mello) Cross
  450. Microrhopalodina inflata 'Grassi'
  451. Microrhopalodina multinucleata (Kofoid & Swezy) Cross
  452. Microrhopalodina occidentis (Lewis) Cross
  453. MICRORUGOSINA Naumova
  454. MICROSCILLA E. G. Pringsheim
  455. MICROSCILLA E. G. Pringsheim
  456. Microscilla agilis E. G. Pringsheim
  457. Microscilla flagellum E. G. Pringsheim
  458. Microscilla marina E. G. Pringsheim
  459. MICROSIPHONA C. Weber
  460. Microsiphona potamos C. Weber CAS
  462. Microsphaeridium ancistroides Benedek
  463. MICROSPIRA Schroeter
  465. Microspironympha porteri Koidzumi
  468. Microspongium gelatinosum Reinke
  469. Microspongium globosum Reinke
  470. Microspongium immersum (Levring) Pedersen
  471. Microspongium kuckuckianum Schiffner
  472. Microspongium saundersii Setchell & Gardner
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