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  1. LICMOPHORA C. Agardh
  2. Licmophora abbreviata Agardh (CAS)
  3. Licmophora abbreviata f. rostrata (Mereschkowsky) Proschkina-Lavrenko (CAS)
  4. Licmophora adriatica Rabenhorst (CAS)
  5. Licmophora adriatica Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  6. Licmophora africana Leuduger-Fortmorel (CAS)
  7. Licmophora anglica (Kützing) Grunow
  8. Licmophora anglica f. elongata Grunow
  9. Licmophora angustata (Grunow) Grunow
  10. Licmophora antarctica Carlson (CAS)
  11. Licmophora antarctica M. Peragallo
  12. Licmophora antarctica M. Peragallo (CAS)
  13. Licmophora araphidiea Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  14. Licmophora argentescens Agardh (CAS)
  15. Licmophora argentescens var. flabellata (Greville) Grunow (CAS)
  16. Licmophora argentescens var. splendida (Greville) Grunow (CAS)
  17. Licmophora aurivillii Cleve (CAS)
  18. Licmophora australis (Kützing) Grunow
  19. Licmophora australis f. major Grunow
  20. Licmophora baileyi (Edwards) Grunow (CAS)
  21. Licmophora bassanii ('bassani') M. Peragallo (CAS)
  22. Licmophora belgicae M. Peragallo (CAS)
  23. Licmophora belgicae var. minor M. Peragallo (CAS)
  24. Licmophora bharadwajae Misra
  25. Licmophora biplacata Mereschkowsky
  26. Licmophora californica Grunow
  27. Licmophora capensis (Grunow) Grunow (CAS)
  28. Licmophora capitata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  29. Licmophora charcotii M. Peragallo (CAS)
  30. Licmophora charcotii var. bacillaris M. Peragallo (CAS)
  31. Licmophora communis (Heiberg) Grunow
  32. Licmophora communis var. elegans Møller (CAS)
  33. Licmophora constricta Grunow
  34. Licmophora craticula (Montagne) De Toni
  35. Licmophora crystallina (Kützing) Grunow
  36. Licmophora dalmatica (Kützing) Grunow (CAS)
  37. Licmophora dalmatica f. brevis Grunow
  38. Licmophora dalmatica var. parva Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  39. Licmophora dalmatica var. tenella (Kützing) Grunow
  40. Licmophora debilis (Kützing) Grunow
  41. Licmophora debilis var. clavata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  42. Licmophora debilis f. elongata Grunow
  43. Licmophora debilis var. hastata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  44. Licmophora debilis var. laevissima Grunow
  45. Licmophora debilis f. elongata Grunow
  46. Licmophora debyi (Leuduger-Fortmorel) Mann (CAS)
  47. Licmophora decora Heiden
  48. Licmophora divergens Pantocsek (CAS)
  49. Licmophora divisa Kützing (CAS)
  50. Licmophora dubia var. adriatica Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  51. Supplanted
  52. Licmophora dubia var. latior Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  53. Licmophora ehrenbergii (Kützing) Grunow (CAS)
  54. Licmophora ehrenbergii f. angustata ('angustatum') (Grunow) Grunow (CAS)
  55. Licmophora ehrenbergii f. longissima [Petkoff] (CAS)
  56. Licmophora ehrenbergii var. fungoides Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  57. Licmophora ehrenbergii var. maeotica Pantocsek (CAS)
  58. Licmophora ehrenbergii f. major Grunow (CAS)
  59. Licmophora ehrenbergii f. rhombica Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  60. Licmophora ehrenbergii var. subconstricta Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  61. Licmophora ehrenbergii var. tenuistriata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  62. Licmophora ehrenbergii var. tenuistriata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  63. Licmophora elegans Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  64. Licmophora erythraea (Grunow) De Toni (CAS)
  65. Licmophora fibula (Brébisson) Grunow (CAS)
  66. Licmophora flabellata (Greville) C. Agardh (CAS)
  67. Licmophora flabellata Meneghini {ms}
  68. Licmophora flabellata f. brevior [Grunow]
  69. Licmophora flabellata var. gracillima Grunow (CAS)
  70. Licmophora flabellata var. minor Kützing (CAS)
  71. Supplanted
  72. Licmophora flabellata var. parva Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  73. Licmophora flabellata f. major Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  74. Licmophora flabellata var. spathulata Tsumura (CAS)
  75. Licmophora fulgens (Greville) Kützing (CAS)
  76. Licmophora gigantea Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  77. Licmophora gigantea M. Peragallo (CAS)
  78. Licmophora gracilis (C. G. Ehrenberg) Grunow (CAS)
  79. Licmophora gracilis var. aegyptiaca Compère (CAS)
  80. Licmophora gracilis f. borealis (Kützing) Grunow (CAS)
  81. Licmophora gracilis f. constricta Grunow (CAS)
  82. Licmophora gracilis f. elongata (Kützing) Grunow (CAS)
  83. Licmophora gracilis f. grandis (Kützing) Grunow (CAS)
  84. Licmophora grandis (Kützing) Grunow
  85. Licmophora grandis var. divisa (Kützing) Grunow
  86. Licmophora grandis var. somnathii Misra (CAS)
  87. Licmophora grunowii Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  88. Licmophora grunowii var. elongata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  89. Licmophora grunowii var. elongata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  90. Licmophora hamulifer Leuduger-Fortmorel (CAS)
  91. Licmophora hastata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  92. Licmophora hastata var. clavata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  93. Licmophora hastata f. clavata (Mereschkowsky) Proschkina-Lavrenko (CAS)
  94. Licmophora hyalina (Kützing) Grunow (CAS)
  95. Licmophora inflata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  96. Licmophora inflata var. intermedia Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  97. Licmophora inflata var. intermedia Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  98. Licmophora juergensii ('jurgensii') C. Agardh (CAS)
  99. Licmophora juergensii var. capensis Grunow
  100. Licmophora juergensii var. chersonensis Grunow
  101. Licmophora juergensii var. constricta Grunow
  102. Licmophora juergensii var. dubia Grunow
  103. Licmophora juergensii var. finnmarchica Grunow
  104. Licmophora juergensii [var.] genuina Grunow
  105. Licmophora juergensii var. intermedia Grunow
  106. Licmophora juergensii var. latior (Mereschkowsky) Boyer (CAS)
  107. Licmophora juergensii var. pontica Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  108. Licmophora juergensii var. reichardtii ('reichardti') Grunow
  109. Licmophora kamtschatica Grunow
  110. Licmophora kamtschatica var. elongata M. Peragallo
  111. Licmophora kamtschatica var. elongata M. Peragallo (CAS)
  112. Licmophora lata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  113. Licmophora lata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  114. Licmophora latestriata M. Peragallo (CAS)
  115. Licmophora luxuriosa Heiden
  116. Licmophora lyngbyei (Kützing) Grunow (CAS)
  117. Licmophora lyngbyei var. abbreviata (C. Agardh) Grunow
  118. Licmophora lyngbyei [var.] elongata Grunow
  119. Licmophora lyngbyei f. elongata (Grunow) Frenguelli (CAS)
  120. Licmophora lyngbyei var. genuina Grunow
  121. Licmophora lyngbyei var. longa Grunow (CAS)
  122. Licmophora lyngbyei f. minor Grunow
  123. Licmophora lyngbyei var. minuta Grunow
  124. Licmophora lyngbyei f. pappeana (Grunow) Grunow (CAS)
  125. Licmophora lyngbyei var. pappeana (Grunow) Grunow
  126. Licmophora mediterranea Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  127. Licmophora mediterranea var. adriatica Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  128. Licmophora membranacea Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  129. Licmophora meneghiniana Kützing (CAS)
  130. Licmophora minuta C. Agardh (CAS)
  131. Supplanted
  132. Licmophora montereyana Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  133. Licmophora montereyana Mereschkowsky
  134. Licmophora monksiae Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  135. Licmophora monksiae_('Monksii') Mereschkowsky
  136. Licmophora nana (C. G. Ehrenberg) De Toni (CAS)
  137. Licmophora nubecula (Kützing) Grunow (CAS)
  138. Licmophora oceanica (Kützing) [Rodriguez y Femenías]
  139. Licmophora oedipus (Kützing) Grunow
  140. Licmophora oedipus f. elongata Grunow
  141. Licmophora onassisii_('onassisii') Hustedt
  142. Licmophora opephoroides Giffen (CAS)
  143. Licmophora ovata (W. Smith) Grunow (CAS)
  144. Licmophora ovata f. barbadensis Grunow
  145. Licmophora ovulum Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  146. Licmophora pacifica Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  147. Supplanted
  148. Licmophora paradoxa (Lyngbye) C. Agardh
  149. Licmophora paradoxa var. australis (Kützing) Grunow
  150. Licmophora paradoxa var. crystallina (Kützing) Grunow
  151. Licmophora paradoxa var. media Misra (CAS)
  152. Licmophora parasitica Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  153. Licmophora partita Giffen (CAS)
  154. Licmophora permagna Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  155. Licmophora pfannkucheae Giffen (CAS)
  156. Licmophora pinnulata Ricard (CAS)
  157. Licmophora plana Heiden
  158. Licmophora pontica Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  159. Licmophora proboscidea Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  160. Licmophora procera Meister (CAS)
  161. Licmophora profundeseptata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  162. Licmophora quadriplacata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  163. Licmophora radians (C. Agardh) Kützing
  164. Licmophora redondina Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  165. Licmophora reichardtii ('reichardti') Grunow (CAS)
  166. Licmophora remuloides Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  167. Licmophora remuloides Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  168. Licmophora remulus (Grunow) Grunow
  169. Licmophora remus Grunow (CAS)
  170. Licmophora rhombica Møller (CAS)
  171. Licmophora rhombica Ravanko & Tynni (CAS)
  172. Licmophora rostrata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  173. Licmophora rouchii M. Peragallo (CAS)
  174. Licmophora semiasymmetrica Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  175. Licmophora socialis Hanna {mss.}
  176. Licmophora socialis Hanna
  177. Licmophora spicula Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  178. Licmophora splendida Greville
  179. Licmophora strangulata Meister (CAS)
  180. Licmophora subundulata Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  181. Licmophora subundulata var. tenella Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  182. Licmophora tenella (Kützing) [Rodríguez y Femenías]
  183. Licmophora tenuis (Kützing) Grunow (CAS)
  184. Licmophora thumii Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  185. Supplanted
  186. Licmophora tincta (C. Agardh) Grunow (CAS)
  187. Licmophora tincta f. debilis (Kützing) Grunow (CAS)
  188. Licmophora tincta f. nubecula (Kützing) Grunow (CAS)
  189. Licmophora tincta f. tenella (Kützing) Grunow (CAS)
  190. Licmophora wienckensis M. Peragallo (CAS)
  191. Licmophora wienckensis var. curta M. Peragallo (CAS)
  192. LICMOSPHENIA K.S. Mereschkowsky
  193. Licmosphenia clevei Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  194. Licmosphenia grunowii Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  195. Licmosphenia hustedtii Amossé (CAS)
  196. Licmosphenia mereschkowskyi Sournia (CAS)
  197. Licmosphenia peragalloi ('peragalli') Mereschkowsky
  198. Licmosphenia schmidtii Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  199. Licmosphenia vanheurckii ('van heurckii') Mereschkowsky
  200. Licrophycus flabellum S.A. Miller & C.B. Dyer
  201. Licrophycus flabellum Miller & Dyer {info}
  202. LICTORIA J.G. Agardh
  203. Lictoria taxiformis (Delile) J.G. Agardh
  204. LIEBMANNIA J.G. Agardh
  205. LIEBMANNIA G.G.A. Meneghini
  206. Liebmannia australis Harvey
  207. Liebmannia globosa Berthold
  208. Liebmannia gracilis Crouan frat.
  209. Liebmannia harveyana J. Agardh
  210. Liebmannia laccadivarum E.S. Barton
  211. Liebmannia leveillei J.G. Agardh
  212. Liebmannia major Crouan frat.
  213. Liebmannia mediterranea Derbes & Solier
  214. Liebmannia posidoniae Meneghini
  215. Liebmannia reticulata Berthold {ms}
  216. Lieskiella bifilaris Perfiliev {temp}
  217. LIESKEELLA B.V. Perfiliev
  218. Lieskeella bifida Perfiliev
  219. Lieskeella bifilaris Perfiliev
  220. LIGULARIA J.G. Agardh {tribus of Sargassum}
  221. LIGULATIUM A.G. Vologdin
  222. Ligulatium bifaciale Vologdin (CAS)
  223. Likanella lata R. Endo
  224. Likanella longispinosa R. Endo
  225. Likanella porosa R. Endo
  226. LIMAMITUS B.V. Skvortzov
  227. Limamitus salviniae Skvortzov
  228. LIMNACTIS F.T. Kützing
  229. LIMNACTIS (Kützing) Crouan frat. {subgenus}
  230. Limnactis dura (Roth) Trevisan
  231. Limnactis flagellifera Kützing
  232. Limnactis lyngbyana Kützing
  233. Limnactis minutula F.T. Kützing
  234. Limnactis minutula var. parvula (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  235. Limnactis neglecta Ardissone {herb.}
  236. Limnactis orsiniana Meneghini {in litt.}
  237. Limnactis parvula Kützing
  238. Limnactis salina (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  239. Limnactis schnurmannii ('Schnurmanni') A. Braun ex Kützing
  240. Limnactis schnurmannii var. flagellifera (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  241. Limnactis torfacea (Naegeli ex Kützing) Rabenhorst
  242. LIMNAEOPOCOS G. Targioni-Tozzetti
  243. LIMNANTHE F.T. Kützing
  244. Limnanthe linnaei Kützing
  245. LIMNOCHLIDE F.T. Kützing
  246. Limnochlide flos-aquae ('flos aquae') (L.) Kützing
  247. Limnochlide flos-aquae var. genuina Kützing
  248. Limnochlide flos-aquae var. harveyana (Kützing) Kützing
  249. Limnochlide flos-aquae var. hercynica (Kützing) Kützing
  250. Limnochlide harveyana Kützing
  251. Limnochlide hercynica Kützing
  252. LIMNOCOCCUS {subgenus of CHROOCOCCUS}
  253. LIMNODICTYON F.T. Kützing
  254. LIMNODICTYON Kützing
  255. Limnodictyon obscurum G. Dickie
  256. Limnodictyon roemerianum Kützing ex Roemer
  257. Limnophycus helleri F. Kirchheimer
  258. Limnothrix guttulata (A.C.J. Goor) I. Umezaki & M. Watanabe
  259. Limnothrix pseudominima (Skuja) I. Umezaki & M. Watanabe
  260. Limnothrix quasiperforata (Skuja) I. Umezaki & M. Watanabe
  261. LIMULINA Frenzel
  262. Limulina unica Frenzel
  263. LINCKIA F.H. Wiggers
  264. LINCKIA 'Micheli'
  265. LINCKIA 'Michel. Lyngbye'
  266. Linckia amblyonema Sprengel
  267. Linckia atra (Roth) Lyngbye
  268. Linckia atra var. viridis Lyngbye
  269. Linckia atra var. coadunata Sommerfelt
  270. Linckia ceramicola Lyngbye
  271. Linckia clavata Carmichael {mss.}
  272. Linckia conferva Sprengel
  273. Linckia dura (Roth) Lyngbye
  274. Linckia dura var. calcarea (Smith) Greville
  275. Linckia dura var. crustacea Lyngbye
  276. Linckia dura var. lutescens Lyngbye
  277. Linckia fragiformis Roth
  278. Linckia granulata (Linnaeus) Wiggers
  279. Linckia hypnicola Lyngbye
  280. Linckia nostoc (L.) Roth
  281. Linckia pruniformis (L.) Wiggers
  282. Linckia punctiformis Lyngbye
  283. Linckia rugosa Trentepohl
  284. Linckia strangulans Carmichael {mss.}
  285. Linckia turbinata (Pollini) Sprengel
  286. Linckia velutina Carmichael {mss.}
  287. Linckia verrucosa (L.) Wiggers
  288. Linckia vivax Mougeot {in litt.}
  289. Linckia zosterae Lyngbye
  290. LINKIELLA F.B. Gaillon
  291. Linckiella atra (Roth) Gaillon
  292. Linckiella dura (Roth) Gaillon
  293. LINDAVIA F. Schütt
  294. LINDAVIA (Schütt) De Toni & Forti
  295. Lindavia radiosa (Grunow) De Toni & Forti (CAS)
  296. LINEADINIUM C.A. Kofoid & O. Swezy
  297. LINGBYA {see Lyngbya}
  300. Lingulodinium machaerophorum (Deflandre & Cookson) Wall
  301. Lingulodinium polyedra (F. Stein) J.D. Dodge
  302. Lingulodinium pugiatum (Drugg) Wall & Dale
  303. Lingulodinium pycnospinosum (Benedek) Stover & Evitt
  304. Lingulodinium siculum (Drugg) Wall & Dale
  305. Lingulodinium solarum (Drugg) Wall & Dale
  306. Lingulodinium xanthium (Benedek) Benedek & Sarjeant
  307. LINOPORELLA J.H.C.G.G. Steinmann
  308. Linoporella capriotica (Oppenheim) Steinmann
  309. Linoporella elliottii ('elliotti') Praturlon
  310. Linoporella lucasii_('lucasi') Cros & M. Lemoine
  311. LIOLOMA Hasle
  312. Lioloma delicatulum (Cupp) Hasle
  313. Lioloma elongatum (Grunow) Hasle
  314. Lioloma pacificum (E. Cupp) Hasle
  315. LIONEIS C.G. Ehrenberg
  316. Lioneis paradoxa C.G. Ehrenberg
  317. LIONEMA T.A. Christensen
  318. LIOSTEPHANIA C.G. Ehrenberg
  319. LIOSTEPHANIA sect. EULIOSTEPHANIA F. Schütt, H.G.A. Engler & K.A.E. Prantl
  320. Liostephania archangelskiana (J. Pantocsek) F. Schütt
  321. Lingulasphaera spinula W.S. Drugg
  322. Liostephania comta C.G. Ehrenberg
  323. Liostephania japonica J. Brun
  324. Liostephania magnifica C.G. Ehrenberg
  325. Liostephania rotula C.G. Ehrenberg
  326. Liostephania schmidtii Grunow
  327. LIOUAMONAS B.V. Skvortzov
  328. Liouamonas quinquiflagellata Skvortzov
  329. LIPARACTIS Strampff
  330. Liparactis tenella Strampff
  331. LIPAROGYRA C.G. Ehrenberg
  332. LIPAROGYRA (C.G. Ehrenberg) A. Grunow {subgenus or section of Melosira}
  333. Liparogyra circularis C.G. Ehrenberg
  334. Liparogyra dendroteres C.G. Ehrenberg
  335. Liparogyra scalaris C.G. Ehrenberg
  336. Liparogyra scalaris C.G. Ehrenberg
  337. Liparogyra spiralis C.G. Ehrenberg
  338. Liparogyra spiralis C.G. Ehrenberg
  339. Liparogyra spiralis C.G. Ehrenberg
  340. LIRADISCUS R.K. Greville
  341. Liradiscus barbadensis Greville (CAS)
  342. Liradiscus capensis Cleve (CAS)
  343. Liradiscus circularis Hanna (CAS)
  344. Liradiscus ellipticus Greville (CAS)
  345. Liradiscus furcatus Grove
  346. Liradiscus lucidus Brun
  347. Liradiscus marginatus Grove
  348. Liradiscus minutus Greville (CAS)
  349. Liradiscus oblongus Grunow
  350. Liradiscus ovalis Greville (CAS)
  351. Liradiscus plicatulus Hajós (CAS)
  352. Liradiscus plicatus Hajós
  353. Liradiscus reniformis Chin & Cheng
  354. Liradiscus rotundus Hajós
  355. Liradiscus rugulosus Forti
  356. LIRIOGRAMMA R.W. Kolbe
  357. LIRIOGRAMA (Kolbe) D. Hernández-Becerril {subgenus}
  358. Liriogramma hustedtii Kolbe (CAS)
  359. Liriogramma petterssonii Kolbe (CAS)
  360. Lisitzinia ornata f. pentagona Harwood (CAS)
  361. LISSAIELLA Er. Lindemann
  362. Lissaiella obrae (Er. Lindemann) Er. Lindemann
  363. LISSODINIUM L. Matzenauer
  364. LISSODINIUM sect. ELONGATA M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  365. LISSODINIUM sect. OBTRULLATA M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  366. Lissodinium australe M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  367. Lissodinium balechii M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  368. Lissodinium corrugatum M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  369. Lissodinium fryxelliae ('fryxellae') M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  370. Lissodinium heteracanthum M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  371. Lissodinium heteroporum M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  372. Lissodinium homacanthum M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  373. Lissodinium longisulcus M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  374. Lissodinium magnum M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  375. Lissodinium matzenaueri M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  376. Lissodinium orcadense M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  377. Lissodinium ovatum M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  378. Lissodinium parvum M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  379. Lissodinium schilleri Matzenauer
  380. Lissodinium steidingerae M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  381. Lissodinium taylorii M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  382. Lissodinium thompsonii M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  383. Lissodinium zondervanii M.C. Carbonell-Moore
  384. LISTIA F.J.F. Meyen
  385. Listia crustacea Meyen
  386. LITANAIA V.P. Maslov
  387. Litanaia anirica Maslov
  388. Litanaia cracens J.H. Johnson
  389. Litanaia maslovii ('maslovi') Palla
  390. Litanaia mira Maslov
  391. Litanaia perisseia Wray
  392. Litanaia robusta J.H. Johnson
  394. Litharchaeocystis costata Deflandre
  395. Litharchaeocystis oamaruensis Deflandre
  396. Litharchaeocystis talwanii K. Perch-Nielsen
  397. Litharchaeocystis udintsevii K. Perch-Nielsen
  398. LITHARTHRON A.A. Weber-van Bosse
  399. Litharthron australe ('australis') (Sonder) Weber-van Bosse
  400. LITHASTRINUS H. Stradner
  401. Lithastrinus floralis Stradner
  402. Lithastrinus grilli Stradner
  403. Lithastrinus moratus Stover
  404. Lithastrinus normalis Lyul'eva
  405. Lithastrinus septenarius Forchheimer
  406. Lithastrinus tessellatus Stradner, Adamiker & Maresch
  407. LITHEUSPHAERELLA G. Deflandre
  408. Litheusphaerella cretacea Perch-Nielsen
  409. Litheusphaerella frenguellii Deflandre
  410. Litheusphaerella spectabilis Deflandre
  411. LITHIOTIS C.W. Gümbel
  412. Lithiotis problematica Deflandre
  413. LITHOBOTRYS C.G. Ehrenberg
  414. Lithobotrys cribrosa C.G. Ehrenberg
  415. LITHOCAMPE C.G. Ehrenberg
  416. Lithocampe hirundo C.G. Ehrenberg
  417. Lithocampe lineata C.G. Ehrenberg
  418. Lithocampe stiligera C.G. Ehrenberg
  419. LITHOCAPSA A. Ercegovic
  420. Lithocapsa fasciculata Ercegovic
  421. LITHOCAULON G.G.A. Meneghini
  422. LITHOCAULON G.G.A. Meneghini
  424. Lithochrysites calcarea Maslov
  425. LITHOCIRCUS J. Müller Argoviensis
  426. Lithocircus triangularis Stöhr
  427. Lithocircus triangularis 'Ehrenberg & Stöhr'
  428. LITHOCOCCUS Ercegovic
  429. Lithococcus ramosus Ercegovic
  430. LITHOCODIUM G.F. Elliott
  431. Lithocodium aggregatum Elliott
  432. Lithocodium japonicum R. Endo
  433. Lithocodium morikawai R. Endo
  434. Lithocodium regularis J.M. Johnson
  435. LITHOCYSTIS G.J. Allman
  436. Lithocystis allmanii_('Allmanni') Harvey
  437. LITHODERMA J.E. Areschoug
  438. Lithoderma adriaticum Hauck
  439. Lithoderma antarcticum Skottsberg
  440. Lithoderma extensum (Crouan) Hamel
  441. Lithoderma fatiscens J.E. Areschoug
  442. Lithoderma fluviatile Areschoug
  443. Lithoderma fontanum Flahault
  444. Lithoderma fontanum Flahault
  445. Lithoderma kjellmanii ('kjellmani') Wille
  446. Lithoderma lignicola F.R. Kjellman
  447. Lithoderma maculiforme Wollny
  448. Lithoderma piliferum Skottsberg
  449. Lithoderma piliferum var. debile Ricker
  450. Lithoderma rosenvingii M. Waern
  451. Lithoderma subextensum Waern
  452. Lithoderma subextensum var. intermedia Rayss & Dor
  453. Lithoderma zonatum Jao
  455. Lithodesmioides minuta_('minutum') von Stosch
  456. Lithodesmioides polymorpha_('polymorphum') von Stosch
  457. LITHODESMIUM C.G. Ehrenberg
  458. LITHODESMIUM C.G. Ehrenberg
  459. Lithodesmium africanum G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  460. Lithodesmium californicum A. Grunow
  461. Lithodesmium californicum var. tigrina J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun
  462. Lithodesmium contractum Bailey
  463. Lithodesmium cornigerum J.-J. Brun
  464. Lithodesmium duckerae H.A. Stosch
  465. Lithodesmium ehrenbergii (A. Grunow) A.I. Forti
  466. Lithodesmium ehrenbergii f. dicentrica-quadragona A.I. Forti
  467. Lithodesmium ehrenbergii f. quadrigona-dicentra A.I. Forti
  468. Lithodesmium margaritaceum J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith
  469. Lithodesmium minusculum A. Grunow
  470. Lithodesmium minusculum f. majus_('major') A. Grunow
  471. Lithodesmium pliocenicum H.J. Schrader
  472. Lithodesmium rotundum ('rotunda') H.J. Schrader
  473. Lithodesmium undulatum C.G. Ehrenberg
  474. Lithodesmium undulatum C.G. Ehrenberg
  475. Lithodesmium undulatum var. minus_('minor') A. Grunow
  476. Lithodesmium victoriae G.H.H. Karsten
  477. LITHODINIA Eisenack
  478. Lithodinia jurassica Eisenack
  479. Lithodinia jurassica var. ornata Eisenack
  480. LITHODORA H. Klebahn
  481. Lithodora lacustris Klebahn
  482. LITHOLEPIS Foslie
  483. Litholepis accola Foslie
  484. Litholepis affinis Foslie
  485. Litholepis bermudensis (Foslie) Foslie
  486. Litholepis caspica (Foslie) Foslie
  487. Litholepis fertilis (Me. Lemoine) Setchell & Mason
  488. Litholepis indica Foslie
  489. Litholepis indica f. philippinensis Foslie
  490. Litholepis mediterranea Foslie
  491. Litholepis sauvageaui Foslie
  492. Litholepis sonorensis Dawson
  493. LITHOMONAS Lepsi
  494. LITHOMORPHUM F. Heydrich
  495. LITHOMYXA M.A. Howe
  496. Lithomyxa calcigena Howe
  497. Lithomyxa calcigena f. ferrifera Howe
  498. LITHONEMA A.H. Hassall
  499. LITHONEMA Foslie {Subgenus of Lithothamnion}
  500. LITHONEMA Ercegovic
  501. Lithonema adriaticum Ercegovic
  502. Lithonema calcareum (Smith) Hassall
  503. Lithonema crustaceum (Carmichael) Hassall
  504. LITHOPERIDINIUM G. Deflandre
  505. Lithoperidinium maculatum Vozzhennikova
  506. Lithoperidinium oamaruense Deflandre
  507. Lithoperidinium rossicum Deflandre
  509. Lithophyllodendron rubrum Musper
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