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  1. HYALOTHECE Kirchner {Section of Gloeothece}
  2. HYALOTHECIUM A.A. Pascher
  3. HYALOTRACHELOMONAS {provisional genus}
  4. HYALOTROCHUS D.M. Harwood & R. Gersonde
  5. Hyalotrochus incompositus Harwood & Gersonde CAS
  6. Hyalotrochus radiatus Harwood & Gersonde CAS
  7. Hydrocoleum ravenelii F. Wolle
  8. HYDATIPHORA C.A. Agardh
  9. HYDNOCERAS T.A. Conrad
  10. HYDRACANTHUS Kützing
  11. Hydracanthus fistulosus Kützing
  13. HYDRANTHEMA Link ex Leman
  14. HYDRANTHEMA subgen. PLUMARIA (Link) Leman
  15. HYDRIANUM G.L. Rabenhorst
  16. Hydrianum acutum (A. Braun) Rabenhorst
  17. Hydrianum brevipes Korshikov
  18. Hydrianum brevipes var. gracile (Korshikov) Fott
  19. Hydrianum clava (Herm.) Rabenhorst
  20. Hydrianum coronatum Fott
  21. Hydrianum coronatum var. elongatum Fott
  22. Hydrianum crassiapex Korshikov
  23. Hydrianum diogenes (Jane) Fott
  24. Hydrianum ellipticum Korshikov
  25. Hydrianum epipyxis (Herm.) Rabenhorst
  26. Hydrianum gibbum (A. Braun) Rabenhorst
  27. Hydrianum giganteum Wolle
  28. Hydrianum gracile Korshikov
  29. Hydrianum heteromorphum Reinsch
  30. Hydrianum horizontale Korshikov
  31. Hydrianum lageniforme Korshikov
  32. Hydrianum obtusum 'A. Braun'
  33. Hydrianum ovale Rabenhorst
  34. Hydrianum ovale f. elliptica (Korshikov) Fott
  35. Hydrianum pyrenoidiferum Masyuk
  36. Hydrianum pyriforme (A. Braun) Rabenhorst
  37. Hydrianum subsessile Wolle
  38. Hydrianum tube (Herm.) Rabenhorst
  39. Hydrianum uncum (Korshikov) Ergashev
  40. Hydrianum variabile Korshikov
  41. Hydrianum viride (Scherffel) Ettl
  42. HYDROCALYMENA G. Targioni-Tozzetti {nomen}
  43. HYDROCALYMMA G. Targioni-Tozzetti {nomen}
  45. HYDROCLATHRUS (Bory) J. Agardh
  46. HYDROCLATHRUS (Bory) Endlicher {section of Asperococcus}
  47. Hydroclathrus boryanus Trevisan
  48. Hydroclathrus cancellatus Bory
  49. Hydroclathrus cancellatus var. tenuis [Harvey]
  50. Hydroclathrus cancellatus var. tenuis Sonder
  51. Hydroclathrus clathratus (C. Agardh) M. A. Howe
  52. Hydroclathrus intricatus (J. Agardh) Heydrich
  53. Hydroclathrus orientalis (J. Agardh) Heydrich
  54. Hydroclathrus sinuosus (Roth) Zanardini
  55. Hydroclathrus tenuis Tseng & Lu
  57. HYDROCOCCUS F.T. Kützing
  58. HYDROCOCCUS (Kützing) Elenkin {subgenus}
  59. Hydrococcus brebissonii (Meneghini) Kützing
  60. Hydrococcus cesatii Cesati {nomen}
  61. Hydrococcus ericetorum Kützing
  62. Hydrococcus guadelupensis Crouan fr.
  63. Hydrococcus lacustris Brügger
  64. Hydrococcus marinus Crouan frat.
  65. Hydrococcus marinus Grunow
  66. Hydrococcus opertus Margalef
  67. Hydrococcus pisiformis (Hudson) Link
  68. Hydrococcus pruniformis (L.) Link
  69. Hydrococcus rivularis Kützing
  70. Hydrococcus ulvaceus Kützing
  71. HYDROCOLEUM (Kützing) Crouan frat. {subgenus of Microcoleus}
  72. HYDROCOLEUM Kützing ex Gomont {tribe}
  73. HYDROCOLEUM Kützing
  74. Hydrocoleum boergesenii Gardner
  75. Hydrocoleum brebissonii Kützing
  76. Hydrocoleum brebissonii Kützing ex Gomont
  77. Hydrocoleum brebissonii var. aerugineum Rabenhorst
  78. Hydrocoleum brebissonii var. joannianum (Kützing) Margalef
  79. Hydrocoleum bremii Naegeli ex Kützing
  80. Hydrocoleum caespitula Chapman
  81. Hydrocoleum calcilegum A. Braun ex Kützing
  82. Hydrocoleum calotrichoides Grunow ex Rabenhorst
  83. Hydrocoleum cantharidosmum (Montagne) Gomont
  84. Hydrocoleum cantharidosmum Gomont ex Gomont
  85. Hydrocoleum cavanillesii Gonzalez Guerrero
  86. Hydrocoleum chalybeum A. Braun {in litt}
  87. Hydrocoleum coccineum Gomont
  88. Hydrocoleum codicola Setchell & Gardner
  89. Hydrocoleum coeruleum N. L. Gardner
  90. Hydrocoleum comoides (Harvey) Gomont
  91. Hydrocoleum comoides Gomont
  92. Hydrocoleum confluens (Setchell & Gardner) Drouet
  93. Hydrocoleum eatonii ('eatoni') P.F. Reinsch
  94. Hydrocoleum ferrugineum Grunow ex Rabenhorst
  95. Hydrocoleum floccosum (Hauck) Gomont
  96. Hydrocoleum floccosum Gomont
  97. Hydrocoleum fontanum Jao
  98. Hydrocoleum fusco-luteum A. Braun
  99. Hydrocoleum glutinosum (C. Agardh) Gomont
  100. Hydrocoleum glutinosum Gomont ex Gomont
  101. Hydrocoleum glutinosum var. vermiculare (Kützing) Gomont
  102. Hydrocoleum glutinosum var. vermiculare Gomont
  103. Hydrocoleum groesbeckianum Drouet
  104. Hydrocoleum helveticum Naegeli ex Kützing
  105. Hydrocoleum heterotrichum Kützing
  106. Hydrocoleum heterotrichum Ku\*:tzing ex Gomont
  107. Hydrocoleum hieronymi P. Richter
  108. Hydrocoleum holdenii ('holdeni') Tilden
  109. Hydrocoleum homoeotrichum Kützing
  110. Hydrocoleum homoeotrichum Kützing ex Gomont
  111. Hydrocoleum homoeotrichum f. ecapitatum ('ecapitata') Wille
  112. Hydrocoleum homoeotrichum var. minor Geitler
  113. Hydrocoleum jensenii Weber-van Bosse ex Frémy {err. cit.}
  114. Hydrocoleum kurzii Martens
  115. Hydrocoleum lacustre (A. Braun ex Kützing) A. Braun ex Rabenhorst
  116. Hydrocoleum lacustre var. chalybeum Rabenhorst
  117. Hydrocoleum lauterbachii Hieronymus & Schmidle
  118. Hydrocoleum lenormandii ('lenormandi') Martens
  119. Hydrocoleum lyngbyaceum Kützing
  120. Hydrocoleum lyngbyaceum Kützing ex Gomont
  121. Hydrocoleum lyngbyaceum var. rupestre Kützing
  122. Hydrocoleum lyngbyaceum var. rupestre Kützing ex Gomont
  123. Hydrocoleum lyngbyaceum f. rupestre (Kützing) Jadin
  124. Hydrocoleum lyngbyaceum f. rupestre (Gomont) Jadin
  125. Hydrocoleum majus Martens
  126. Hydrocoleum majus I. Holden
  127. Hydrocoleum meneghinianum Kützing
  128. Hydrocoleum meneghinianum Kützing
  129. Hydrocoleum mirificus Jao
  130. Hydrocoleum oligotrichum A. Braun
  131. Hydrocoleum oligotrichum A. Braun ex Gomont
  132. Hydrocoleum penicillatum W.R. Taylor
  133. Hydrocoleum platense Nordstedt
  134. Hydrocoleum rufescens Gardner
  135. Hydrocoleum stankovici Cado
  136. Hydrocoleum striatum Zeller
  137. Hydrocoleum subhomoeotrichum Sampaio fil.
  138. Hydrocoleum tenuissimum Borzì
  139. Hydrocoleum terrestre ('terrestris') Novichkova
  140. Hydrocoleum thermale Kützing
  141. Hydrocoleum tinctorium (C. Agardh) A. Braun ex Rabenhorst
  142. Hydrocoleum turfosus Woronichin
  143. Hydrocoleum turfosus Woronichin
  144. Hydrocoleum versicolor Rabenhorst
  145. Hydrocoleum violaceum Martens
  147. HYDROCORYNE H. Schwabe
  148. HYDROCORYNE H. Schwabe ex Bornet & Flahault {tribe}
  149. Hydrocoryne arenicola Johs. Schmidt
  150. Hydrocoryne enteromorphoides (Grunow ex Bornet & Flahault) I. Umezaki & M. Watanabe
  151. Hydrocoryne soluta (Bornet & Grunow) I. Umezaki
  152. Hydrocoryne spongiosa Schwabe ex Sprengel
  153. Hydrocoryne spongiosa Schwabe ex Bornet & Flahault
  154. Hydrocoryne wardii H. Welsh
  155. HYDROCYSTIS W.B. Turner
  156. Hydrocystis hydrophila W.B. Turner
  157. HYDROCYTIUM A. Braun
  158. Hydrocytium acuminatum (A. Braun) A. Braun
  159. Hydrocytium macrosporum W. B. Turner
  160. Hydrocytium obtusum A. Braun
  161. Hydrocytium silicula Matthew
  162. HYDRODICTYOLITES V. A. Elovskij
  164. HYDRODYCTION Desvaux {nomen}
  165. HYDRODYCTYON F.F. Chevallier
  166. {Scanning error}
  167. Hydrodictyon excentricum (C. Agardh) Sprengel
  168. Hydrodictyon graniforme Biasoletto
  169. Hydrodictyon graniforme Biasoletto
  170. Hydrodictyon indicum Iyengar
  171. Hydrodictyon majus ('major') Kühnemann
  172. Hydrodictyon marinum Bory
  173. Hydrodictyon minus Chevallier
  174. Hydrodictyon pateniforme_('patenaeforme') Pocock
  175. Hydrodictyon pentagonum Vaucher
  176. Hydrodictyon reticulatum (L.) Bory
  177. Hydrodictyon reticulatum (L.) Lagerheim
  178. Hydrodictyon reticulatum var. bernardii Playfair
  179. Hydrodictyon reticulatum var. minimum Playfair
  180. Hydrodictyon reticulatum var. nodosum Playfair
  181. Hydrodictyon tenellum Roth
  182. Hydrodictyon umbilicatum (Velley) C. Agardh
  183. Hydrodictyon umbilicatum var. tenuius C. Agardh
  184. Hydrodictyon utriculatum Roth
  185. {Scanning error}
  186. Hydrodictyon utriculosum Roth ex Martius {err. cit.}
  187. Hydrodyctionella pentagona (J.P.E. Vaucher) F.B. Gaillon
  188. HYDRODICTYUM Roth ex Vaucher {orth. var.}
  190. Hydrodictyopsis planctonica (Iyengar) Desikachary
  191. HYDROEPICOCCUM G. De Notaris
  192. Hydroepicoccum genuense De Notaris
  193. HYDROGASTRUM N.A. Desvaux
  194. Hydrogastrum granulatum (L.) Desvaux
  195. Hydrogastrum ovale (Lyngbye) Endlicher
  196. Hydrogastrum pyriforme (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  197. Hydrogastrum radicatum (Retz) Chevallier
  198. Hydrogastrum utriculare (Roth) Endlicher
  199. Hydrogastrum wallrothii (Kützing) [Trevisan]
  200. HYDROLACHNE Targioni-Tozzetti {nomen}
  201. HYDROLAPATHA J. Stackhouse
  202. Hydrolapatha alata (Hudson) Kuntze
  203. Hydrolapatha angustissima (Turner) Kuntze
  204. Hydrolapatha baeri_('baerii') (Postels & Ruprecht) Kuntze
  205. Hydrolapatha bipinnatifida (Montagne) Kuntze
  206. Hydrolapatha coriifolia (Harvey) Kuntze
  207. Hydrolapatha corymbosa (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  208. Hydrolapatha crassifolia (Ruprecht) Kuntze
  209. Hydrolapatha crassinervia (Montagne) Kuntze
  210. Hydrolapatha crispatula (Harvey) Kuntze
  211. Hydrolapatha daviesii (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kuntze
  212. Hydrolapatha decipiens (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  213. Hydrolapatha dendroides ('dendrodes') (Harvey) Kuntze
  214. Hydrolapatha denticulata (Kuntze) Kuntze
  215. Hydrolapatha dichotoma (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kuntze
  216. Hydrolapatha epiglossum (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  217. Hydrolapatha fimbriata (Kuntze) Kuntze
  218. Hydrolapatha frondosa (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kuntze
  219. Hydrolapatha harveyana (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  220. Hydrolapatha hookeri (Lyall ex Harvey) Kuntze
  221. Hydrolapatha hypoglossoides (Stackhouse) Stackhouse
  222. Hydrolapatha hypoglossum (Woodward) Stackhouse
  223. Hydrolapatha imbricata (J. Areschoug) Kuntze
  224. Hydrolapatha intermedia (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  225. Hydrolapatha involvens (Harvey) Kuntze
  226. Hydrolapatha juergensii (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  227. Hydrolapatha lancifolia (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  228. Hydrolapatha lingulata (Duby) Kuntze
  229. Hydrolapatha lomentacea (Zanardini) Kuntze
  230. Hydrolapatha lyallii (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kuntze
  231. Hydrolapatha middendorfii (Ruprecht) Kuntze
  232. Hydrolapatha minuta (Kützing) Kuntze
  233. Hydrolapatha montagneana (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  234. Hydrolapatha nereifolia (Harvey) Kuntze
  235. Hydrolapatha oppositifolia (Harvey) Kuntze
  236. Hydrolapatha ovifolia (Suhr) Kuntze
  237. Hydrolapatha penicillata (Zanardini) Kuntze
  238. Hydrolapatha peruviana (Montagne) Kuntze
  239. Hydrolapatha phylloloma (Montagne) Kuntze
  240. Hydrolapatha phyllophora (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  241. Hydrolapatha pleurospora (Harvey) Kuntze
  242. Hydrolapatha pygmaea (Martens) Kuntze
  243. Hydrolapatha quercifolia (Turner) Stackhouse
  244. Hydrolapatha revoluta (Harvey) Kuntze
  245. Hydrolapatha rostrata (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  246. Hydrolapatha ruscifolia (Turner) Stackhouse
  247. Hydrolapatha sanguinea (Hudson) Stackhouse
  248. Hydrolapatha schousboei (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  249. Hydrolapatha serrata (Postels & Ruprecht) Kuntze
  250. Hydrolapatha serrulata (Harvey) Kuntze
  251. Hydrolapatha similans (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  252. Hydrolapatha sinuosa (Goodenough & Woodward) Stackhouse
  253. Hydrolapatha spinulosa (Ruprecht) Kuntze
  254. Hydrolapatha subcostata (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  255. Hydrolapatha tasmanica (F. von Mueller) Kuntze
  256. Hydrolapatha tenuifolia (Harvey) Kuntze
  257. Hydrolapatha woodii (J. Agardh) Kuntze
  258. HYDROLAPATHUM F.J. Ruprecht {orth. var.}
  259. Hydrolapathum sanguineum (Hudson) J. Agardh
  260. Hydrolapathum sanguineum f. lanceolata (C. Agardh) Hauck
  261. Hydrolapathum sanguineum f. typicum Reinke
  262. Hydrolapathum stephanocarpum A. Gepp & E.S. Gepp
  263. HYDROLINUM J.H.F. Link
  264. HYDROLOPATHA {err. typo.}
  265. Hydrolinum hermannii ('hermanni') (Roth) Nees von Esenbeck
  266. Hydrolinum rutilans (Roth) Nees von Esenbeck
  267. HYDROLITHON Foslie {subgenus}
  268. HYDROLITHON (Foslie) Foslie
  269. Hydrolithon arenicola ('arenicolum') Dawson
  270. Hydrolithon atalayense (Me. Lemoine) Mendoza
  271. Hydrolithon boreale (Foslie) Y.M. Chamberlain
  272. Hydrolithon boergesenii (Foslie) Foslie
  273. Hydrolithon breviclavium (Foslie) Foslie
  274. Hydrolithon conicum E.Y. Dawson
  275. Hydrolithon consociatum (Foslie) Mendoza
  276. Hydrolithon craspedium (Foslie) P.C. Silva
  277. Hydrolithon cruciatum (Bressan) Y.M. Chamberlain
  278. Hydrolithon cymodoceae (Foslie) D. Penrose
  279. Hydrolithon decipiens (Foslie) Adey
  280. Hydrolithon discoideum (Foslie) M.L. Mendoza & J. Cabioch
  281. Hydrolithon falklandicum (Foslie) Mendoza
  282. Hydrolithon farinosum f. callithamnioides (Foslie) D. Serio
  283. Hydrolithon farinosum var. chalicodictyum (W. R. Taylor) D. Serio
  284. Hydrolithon improcerum (Foslie & Howe) Foslie
  285. Hydrolithon iyengarii Desikachary & Ganesan
  286. Hydrolithon krusadiense Krishnamurthy & Jayagopal
  287. Hydrolithon laeve Adey, Townsend & Boykins
  288. Hydrolithon megacystum Adey, Townsend & Boykins
  289. Hydrolithon onkodes (Heydrich) D. Penrose & W. Woelkerling
  290. Hydrolithon reinboldii (Weber-van Bosse & Foslie) Foslie
  291. Hydrolithon munitum (Foslie & Howe) D.L. Penrose
  292. Hydrolithon rupestre ('rupestris') (Foslie) D.L. Penrose
  293. Hydrolithon sargassi (Foslie) Y.M. Chamberlain
  294. Hydrolithon setchellii (Foslie) Setchell & Mason
  295. Hydrolithon somaliae (Raineri) P.C. Silva
  296. Hydrolithon verrucosum Krishnamurthy & Jayagopal
  297. HYDROMORUM C.G. Ehrenberg
  298. HYDRONEMA C.G. Carus
  299. HYDRONEMA C.G. Carus ex L. Reichenbach
  300. HYDRONEMA C.G. Carus ex V.B.A. Trevisan
  301. Hydronema piscium Trevisan
  302. HYDROPHYLLA J. Stackhouse
  303. Hydrophylla sanguinea (Hudson) Stackhouse
  304. Hydrophylla sinuosa (Goodenough & Woodward) Stackhouse
  305. HYDROPHYLLUM G.F. Papenfuss
  306. HYDROPHYSOPHORA Micheli ex G. Targioni-Tozzetti
  307. HYDROPUNTIA J.P.F.C. Montagne
  308. Hydropuntia albornozii (N. Rodriguez de Rios) M.J. Wynne
  309. Hydropuntia changii (B.M. Xia & I.A. Abbott) M.J. Wynne
  310. Hydropuntia cornea (J. Agardh) M.J. Wynne
  311. Hydropuntia corymbiata (N. Rodriguez de Rios) M.J. Wynne
  312. Hydropuntia crassissima (Crouan frat.) M.J. Wynne
  313. Hydropuntia dentata (J. Agardh) M.J. Wynne
  314. Hydropuntia divergens (B.M. Xia & I.A. Abbott)
  315. Hydropuntia fastigiata (C.F. Chang & B.M. Xia)
  316. Hydropuntia fisheri (B.M. Xia & I.A. Abbott) M.J. Wynne
  317. Hydropuntia henriquesiana (Hariot) M.J. Wynne
  318. Hydropuntia multifurcata (Børgesen) M.J. Wynne
  319. Hydropuntia percurrens (I.A. Abbott) M.J. Wynne
  320. Hydropuntia ramulosa (C.F. Chang & B.M. Xia) M.J. Wynne
  321. Hydropuntia subtilis (B.M. Xia & I.A. Abbott) M.J. Wynne
  322. Hydropuntia tsudae (I.A. Abbott & I. Meneses) M.J. Wynne
  323. Hydropuntia urvillei Montagne
  324. Hydropuntia vanbosseae (I.A. Abbott) M.J. Wynne
  325. HYDROSERA G.C. Wallich
  326. Hydrosera boryana Pantocsek CAS
  327. Hydrosera boryana var. hexagona Pantocsek CAS
  328. Hydrosera brasiliensis Zimmermann CAS
  329. Hydrosera compressa Wallich CAS
  330. Hydrosera mauritiana P. Bergon CAS
  331. Hydrosera novae-caesareae C.S. Boyer
  332. Hydrosera tricoronata Stolterfoth
  333. Hydrosera trifoliata (Cleve) De Toni CAS
  334. Hydrosera triquetra Wallich CAS
  335. Hydrosera triquetra var. hexagona Hustedt CAS
  336. Hydrosera triquetra var. tetragona Tempere & Brun
  337. HYDROSILICON J.-J. Brun
  338. Hydrosilicon mitra Brun CAS
  339. HYDROSIRELLA F. Hustedt
  340. Hydrosirella robusta Hustedt CAS
  341. HYDROSOLEN F.P. Martius
  342. Hydrosolen compressus (L.) Martius
  343. Hydrosolen intestinalis (L.) Martius
  344. HYDROSPONDYLOS Targioni-Tozzetti
  345. HYDROTHROMBIUM Kützing {mss}
  346. HYDRURUS C.A. Agardh
  347. Hydrurus baldensis Meneghini {nomen}
  348. Hydrurus baldensis Meneghini {ms.}
  349. Hydrurus confervoides (Roth) Trevisan
  350. Hydrurus crystallophorus Schübler
  351. Hydrurus crystallophorus f. vernalis Brügger
  352. Hydrurus ducluzelii C. Agardh
  353. Hydrurus flagelliformis Kützing
  354. Hydrurus foetidus (Villars) Trevisan
  355. Hydrurus foetidus (Villars) Trevisan
  356. Hydrurus foetidus [var.] crystallophorus (Schübler) Kirchner
  357. Hydrurus foetidus [var.] ducluzelii ('ducluzeli') (C. Agardh) Kirchner
  358. Hydrurus foetidus var. indica V. Bharadwaja
  359. Hydrurus foetidus [var.] irregularis (Kützing) Kirchner
  360. Hydrurus foetidus [var.] leibleinii (Kützing) Kirchner
  361. Hydrurus foetidus var. calidarium (Wood) Wolle
  362. Hydrurus foetidus [var.] parvulus (Naegeli ex Kützing) Kirchner
  363. Hydrurus foetidus [var.] penicillatus (C. Agardh) Kirchner
  364. Hydrurus foetidus [var.] vaucheri (C. Agardh) Kirchner
  365. Hydrurus irregularis Kützing
  366. Hydrurus irregularis Kützing
  367. Hydrurus irregularis f. crassior [Brügger]
  368. Hydrurus irregularis var. flavescens Rabenhorst
  369. Hydrurus irregularis var. flavescens Rabenhorst
  370. Hydrurus irregularis f. moravica [Nave]
  371. Hydrurus irregularis var. tenuior Kützing
  372. Hydrurus leibleinii Kützing
  373. Hydrurus myosurus (Ducluz.) [Trevisan]
  374. Hydrurus olivaceus Naegeli ex Kützing
  375. Hydrurus parvulus Naegeli ex Kützing
  376. Hydrurus penicillatus C. Agardh
  377. Hydrurus penicillatus var. crystallophorus (Schübler) Rabenhorst
  378. Hydrurus penicillatus var. ducluzelii (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst
  379. Hydrurus penicillatus var. irregularis (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  380. Hydrurus penicillatus f. autumnalis [Rabenhorst] {nomen}
  381. Hydrurus penicillatus f. crassafusconigrescens ('crassa fusco-nigrescens') [Rabenhorst] {nomen}
  382. Hydrurus penicillatus f. flavescens (Rabenhorst) [Rabenhorst]
  383. Hydrurus penicillatus f. juvenilis Sauter ex Rabenhorst
  384. Hydrurus penicillatus f. moravica [Rabenhorst] {nomen}
  385. Hydrurus penicillatus var. leibleinii (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  386. Hydrurus penicillatus var. occidentalis Harvey
  387. Hydrurus penicillatus var. parvulus (Naegeli) Rabenhorst
  388. Hydrurus penicillatus var. sporochnoides (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  389. Hydrurus penicillatus var. vaucheri_('Vaucherii') (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst
  390. Hydrurus penicillatus f. libanoticus Grunow
  391. Hydrurus rothii Wallroth
  392. Hydrurus sporochnoides Kützing
  393. Hydrurus subramosus Wartmann
  394. Hydrurus vaucheri_('Vaucherii') C. Agardh
  395. Hydrurus vermicularis (Sommerfelt) Trevisan
  396. HYELLA E. Bornet & C. Flahault
  397. HYELLA R.D. Wood {subgenus of Nitella}
  398. Hyella balani Lehmann
  399. Hyella caespitosa Bornet & Flahault
  400. Hyella caespitosa var. arbuscula A.A. Al-Thukair & S. Golubic
  401. Hyella caespitosa var. nitida Batters
  402. Hyella caespitosa var. nitida Batters
  403. Hyella caespitosa f. nitida (Batters) Powell
  404. Hyella conferta A.A. Al-Thukair & S. Golubic
  405. Hyella dalmatica Ercegovic
  406. Hyella endophytica Børgesen
  407. Hyella fontana Huber & Jadin
  408. Hyella fontana var. maxima Geitler
  409. Hyella gigas Lukas & Golubic
  410. Hyella immanis A.A. Al-Thukair & S. Golubic
  411. Hyella inconstans A.A. Al-Thukair & S. Golubic
  412. Hyella infestans Howe
  413. Hyella intermedia Varma & Mitra
  414. Hyella jurana Chodat
  415. Hyella lamellosa Chu & Wu {nom. prov.}
  416. Hyella linearis Setchell & Gardner
  417. Hyella littorinae Setchell & Gardner
  418. Hyella longicellularis Chu & Wu {nom. prov.}
  419. Hyella minima Chu & Wu nom. prov.}
  420. Hyella palawaniae I. Umezaki
  421. Hyella purpurea Jao
  422. Hyella pyxis Lukas & Hoffman
  423. Hyella reptans A.A. Al-Thukair & S. Golubic
  424. Hyella salutans A.A. Al-Thukair & S. Golubic
  425. Hyella simplex Chu & Hua
  426. Hyella sinensis Chu & Wu {nom. prov.}
  427. Hyella socialis Setchell & Gardner
  428. Hyella stella A.A. Al-Thukair & S. Golubic
  429. Hyella tenuior Ercegovic
  430. Hyella terrestris Chodat
  431. Hyella unilateralis Chu & Wu {nom. prov.}
  432. Hyella vacans M. Gektidis & S. Golubic
  433. Hyella voluticola Chodat
  434. Hyella xishaensis Chu & Wu {nom. prov.}
  435. HYELLOCOCCUS W. Schmidle
  436. Hyellococcus niger Schmidle
  437. Hyellopsis basisporangia Chu & Wu {nomen}
  438. HYGROCROCIS C.A. Agardh
  439. Hygrocrocis abrotani Biasoletto
  440. Hygrocrocis acida C. Agardh
  441. Hygrocrocis amisiana Montagne
  442. Hygrocrocis arachnoidea Biasoletto
  443. Hygrocrocis arachnoidea var. simpliciuscula Biasoletto
  444. Hygrocrocis atramenti (Lyngbye) C. Agardh
  445. Hygrocrocis azurea Brebisson ex Kützing
  446. Hygrocrocis barytica C. Agardh
  447. Hygrocrocis bryti Preuss
  448. Hygrocrocis castagnei Montagne
  449. Hygrocrocis catenata Kützing
  450. Hygrocrocis cerevisiae (Desmaz.) Wallroth
  451. Hygrocrocis chamomillae Biasoletto
  452. Hygrocrocis chnaumatophora Kützing
  453. Hygrocrocis clara Kützing
  454. Hygrocrocis coerulea Roemer
  455. Hygrocrocis concatena Kützing
  456. Hygrocrocis crystallina Biasoletto
  457. Hygrocrocis cuprica Kützing
  458. Hygrocrocis cyclaminae Montagne
  459. Hygrocrocis decaisnei Kützing
  460. Hygrocrocis dendriformis Biasoletto
  461. Hygrocrocis desmazieri C. Agardh ex Duby
  462. Hygrocrocis desmazieri (Duby) Kützing
  463. Hygrocrocis diabetica Montagne
  464. Hygrocrocis disciformis Kützing
  465. Hygrocrocis fascicularis Kützing
  466. Hygrocrocis fasciculata Meneghini {ined.}
  467. Hygrocrocis fenestrale Kützing
  468. Hygrocrocis floccosa [Rabenhorst]
  469. Hygrocrocis fragilis Naegeli ex Kützing
  470. Hygrocrocis furcellata Biasoletto
  471. Hygrocrocis fusca Montagne
  472. Hygrocrocis glauca [Rabenhorst]
  473. Hygrocrocis glutinis Welwitsch {msc.}
  474. Hygrocrocis gossipina Biasoletto
  475. Hygrocrocis hypertocentrica Biasoletto
  476. Hygrocrocis juniperi Biasoletto
  477. Hygrocrocis lactis-serosi Preuss
  478. Hygrocrocis laura-cerasi Kützing
  479. Hygrocrocis leucocoma (Kützing) Kützing
  480. Hygrocrocis malina Brebisson & Godey
  481. Hygrocrocis melissae Kützing
  482. Hygrocrocis menthae Kützing
  483. Hygrocrocis meteorica Cesati {mscr.}
  484. {Scanning error}
  485. Hygrocrocis moniliformis Roemer
  486. Hygrocrocis naphae Biasoletto
  487. Hygrocrocis nebulosa Kützing
  488. Hygrocrocis nivea (C. Agardh) Kützing
  489. Hygrocrocis ochracea [Ehrenberg]
  490. Hygrocrocis olivacea C. Agardh
  491. Hygrocrocis olivacea C. Agardh
  492. Hygrocrocis olivacea Meneghini
  493. Hygrocrocis olivacea Biasoletto {msc}
  494. Hygrocrocis olivacea var. fulvescens C. Agardh
  495. Hygrocrocis pallida (Dillwyn) C. Agardh
  496. Hygrocrocis pellicula Kützing
  497. Hygrocrocis perplexa Kützing {nom. illeg.}
  498. Hygrocrocis persicorum-foliorum ('persicorum foliorum') Biasoletto
  499. Hygrocrocis phillyreae Biasoletto
  500. Hygrocrocis phosphorica Kützing
  501. Hygrocrocis plumula (Kützing) Kützing
  502. Hygrocrocis pycnocoma Biasoletto
  503. Hygrocrocis ramulosa Biasoletto
  504. Hygrocrocis reticulata Biasoletto
  505. Hygrocrocis rigidula Kützing
  506. Hygrocrocis rosae C. Agardh
  507. Hygrocrocis salviae C. Agardh
  508. Hygrocrocis sanguinea (Dillwyn) C. Agardh
  509. Hygrocrocis saugerri Montagne
  510. Hygrocrocis seidlitzensis Lenormand ex Kützing
  511. Hygrocrocis simplex Kützing
  512. Hygrocrocis simplex var. sambuci Kützing
  513. Hygrocrocis stagnalis Kützing
  514. Hygrocrocis stagnalis var. batrachospermi Kützing
  515. Hygrocrocis stibica Kützing
  516. Hygrocrocis tigrina Kützing
  517. Hygrocrocis tuberis Bory
  518. Hygrocrocis typhloderma (Dillwyn) C. Agardh
  519. Hygrocrocis undula Kützing
  520. Hygrocrocis vini (C. Agardh) C. Agardh
  521. Hygrocrocis violae Crouan ex Kützing
  522. Hygrocrocis virens [Ehrenberg]
  523. HYLDENBRANTHIA Nardo {orth. var.}
  524. Hymanthalia durvillaei Bory {orth. err.}
  525. HYMANTHALIA Dumortier {nomen}
  526. HYMENENA R.K. Greville
  527. {scanning error}
  528. HYMENENA J. Agardh {Subgenus or section}
  529. HYMENENA (Greville) J. Agardh {tribe}
  530. Hymenena affinis (Harvey) Kylin
  531. Hymenena berggreniana (J. Agardh) Kylin
  532. Hymenena crispata (Hooker f. & Harvey) Kützing
  533. Hymenena cryptoneuron (Montagne) Kylin
  534. Hymenena cuneata N.L. Gardner
  535. Hymenena cuneifolia M.S. Doty
  536. Hymenena curdieana (Harvey) Kylin
  537. Hymenena decumbens Levring
  538. Hymenena dilabida (J. Agardh) Kylin
  539. Hymenena durvillei (Bory) Kützing
  540. Hymenena falklandica J.H. Kylin
  541. Hymenena fimbriata A.P. Postels & F.J. Ruprecht
  542. Hymenena fissa R.K. Greville
  543. Hymenena fissa var. marginata Harvey
  544. Hymenena flabelligera (J.G. Agardh) J.H. Kylin
  545. Hymenena fryeana J.H. Kylin
  546. Hymenena fryeana (Harvey) N.L. Gardner
  547. Hymenena harveyana (J.G. Agardh) J.H. Kylin
  548. Hymenena kylinii Gardner
  549. Hymenena laciniata (Hooker f. & Harvey) Kylin
  550. Hymenena latissima W.H. Harvey
  551. Hymenena media (Hoyt) W. R. Taylor
  552. Hymenena multiloba (J.G. Agardh) J.H. Kylin
  553. Hymenena multipartita (Hooker f. & Harvey) Kylin
  554. Hymenena palmata (Harvey) Kylin
  555. Hymenena polyglossa (J. Agardh) Kylin
  556. Hymenena ruthenica (A.P. Postels & F.J. Ruprecht) Zinova
  557. Hymenena semicostata (J.G. Agardh) J.H. Kylin
  558. Hymenena setchellii Gardner
  559. Hymenena smithii Kylin
  560. Hymenena tenuis Y. Yamada
  561. Hymenena valida (J. Agardh) Kylin
  562. Hymenena variolosa (Harvey) Kylin
  563. Hymenena venosa (L.) Krauss
  564. Hymenena venosa (L.) Kylin
  565. HYMENOCLADIA J.G. Agardh
  566. Hymenocladia australis J. Agardh
  567. Hymenocladia ceratoclada J. Agardh
  568. Hymenocladia ceratoclada f. corymbosa J. Agardh
  569. Hymenocladia chondricola (Sonder) J.A. Lewis
  570. Hymenocladia conspersa (Harvey) J. Agardh
  571. Hymenocladia corymbosa J. Agardh
  572. Hymenocladia dactyloides (Sonder) J. Agardh
  573. Hymenocladia divaricata Harvey
  574. Hymenocladia divaricata (Turner) J. Agardh
  575. Hymenocladia divaricata {info}
  576. Hymenocladia divaricata var. tropica Crouan fr.
  577. Hymenocladia filiformis J. Agardh
  578. Hymenocladia gracilarioides J.Agardh
  579. Hymenocladia husseyana (J. Agardh) Lucas
  580. Hymenocladia kallymenioides (Holmes) Schmitz
  581. Hymenocladia kallymenioides (Holmes) Barton
  582. Hymenocladia kowiensis Schmitz {mss.}
  583. Hymenocladia kowiensis (Holmes) Schmitz
  584. Hymenocladia lanceolata J. Agardh
  585. Hymenocladia linearis Sonder
  586. Hymenocladia polymorpha (Harvey) J. Agardh
  587. Hymenocladia polymorpha var. kowiensis Holmes
  588. Hymenocladia ramalina Harvey
  589. Hymenocladia sanguinea (Harvey) Sparling
  590. Hymenocladia subulosa J. Agardh
  591. Hymenocladia usnea (Turner) J. Agardh
  593. Hymenocladiopsis crustigena R.L. Moe
  594. HYMENOCLONIUM E.A.L. Batters
  595. Hymenoclonium adriaticum Schiffner
  596. Hymenoclonium serpens (Crouan) Batters
  597. HYMENOMONAS F. Stein
  598. Hymenomonas carterae (Braarud & Fagerland) Braarud
  599. Hymenomonas carterae (Braarud & Fagerland) Braarud
  600. Hymenomonas coccolithophora Massart & Conrad
  601. Hymenomonas coronata J. Mills
  602. Hymenomonas coronata J. T. Mills
  603. Hymenomonas danubiensis Kamptner
  604. Hymenomonas elongata (Droop) Parke & Green
  605. Hymenomonas flava Stokes
  606. Hymenomonas fusiformis Stokes
  607. Hymenomonas globosa (Magne) Gayral & Fresnel
  608. Hymenomonas lacuna Pienaar
  609. Hymenomonas prenanti Lecal
  610. Hymenomonas pringsheimii Parke & Green
  611. Hymenomonas roscoffensis (Chadefaud & J. Feldmann) Lecal
  612. Hymenomonas roseola Stein
  613. Hymenomonas roseola f. glabra [Klebs]
  614. Hymenomonas scherffelii Conrad
  615. HYMENONEMA A.C. Stokes
  616. Hymenonema sphagni Stokes
  617. HYMENOPHLAEA J.G. Agardh
  618. Hymenophlaea dichotoma (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  619. Hymenophlaea fastigiata J. Agardh
  620. HYMENOPHYLLA J. Stackhouse
  621. Hymenophylla bifida (Hudson) Stackhouse
  622. Hymenophylla lacerata (Gmelin) Stackhouse
  623. Hymenophylla laciniata (Hudson) Stackhouse
  624. Hymenophylla punctata (Stackhouse) Stackhouse
  625. Hymenophylla sobolifera (Vahl) Stackhouse
  626. Hymenophylla ulvoides (Turner) Stackhouse
  627. Hymenophylla undulata Stackhouse
  628. HYMENOPHYLLUM G.F. Papenfuss
  629. HYPERAMOEBA Alexeieff
  630. HYPERAMOEBA Alexeieff
  631. Hyperamoeba flagellata Alexeieff
  632. Hyperamoeba flagellata Alexeieff
  633. HYPERANTHERELLA F. Heydrich
  634. Hyperantherella convuluta F. Heydrich
  635. Hyperantherella expansa (Philippi) Heydrich
  636. Hyperantherella expansa f. decussata (Ellis & Solander) Heydrich
  637. Hyperantherella incrustans (Philippi) Heydrich
  638. Hyperantherella incrustans f. aemulans (Foslie) Heydrich
  639. Hyperantherella incrustans f. angulata (Foslie) Heydrich
  640. Hyperantherella incrustans f. depressa (Crouan fr.)
  641. Hyperantherella incrustans f. dichotoma Heydrich
  642. Hyperantherella incrustans f. dilatata (Foslie) Heydrich
  643. Hyperantherella incrustans f. fasciculata_('fasciculatum') (Lamarck) Heydrich
  644. Hyperantherella incrustans f. harveyi (Foslie) Heydrich
  645. Hyperantherella incrustans f. gyrosa (Foslie) Heydrich
  646. Hyperantherella incrustans f. labyrinthica (Heydrich) Heydrich
  647. Hyperantherella incrustans f. lobata (Foslie) Heydrich
  648. Hyperantherella incrustans f. macallana (Foslie) Heydrich
  649. Hyperantherella incrustans f. subdichotoma (Heydrich) Heydrich
  651. Hyperdevescovina balteata Kirby
  652. Hyperdevescovina calotermites (Nurse) Kirby
  653. Hyperdevescovina caudata Kirby
  654. Hyperdevescovina falcifera Kirby
  655. Hyperdevescovina insignita Kirby
  656. Hyperdevescovina mitrata Kirby
  657. Hyperdevescovina riciniata Kirby
  658. Hyperdevescovina torquata Kirby
  659. HYPERION A.M. Gombos
  660. Hyperion binoculus (Gombos) Gombos CAS
  661. Hyperion titan Gombos CAS
  662. Hypha sulphurea Persoon {ined.}
  663. HYPHEOTHRIX F.T. Kützing
  664. HYPHEOTHRIX (Kützing) Hansgirg {sect. of Lyngbya}
  665. HYPHEOTHRIX (Kützing) Gomont
  666. HYPHEOTHRIX Gomont ex Gomont {subgenus}
  667. HYPHEOTHRIX Kützing ex Kirchner
  668. HYPHEOTHRIX [Geitler] {Section}
  669. Hypheothrix acutissima Gardner
  670. Hypheothrix aeruginea Kützing
  671. Hypheothrix aeruginea (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  672. Hypheothrix aeruginea Rabenhorst ex Forti
  673. Hypheothrix aeruginea f. pallida Rabenhorst
  674. Hypheothrix aeruginea f. pallida Rabenhorst ex Forti
  675. Hypheothrix aeruginea f. thermalis Rabenhorst
  676. Hypheothrix aeruginea f. thermalis Rabenhorst ex Forti
  677. Hypheothrix affinis (Lemmermann) Forti
  678. Hypheothrix aikenensis Wolle
  679. Hypheothrix aikenensis Wolle ex Forti
  680. Hypheothrix anguina Suringar
  681. Hypheothrix arenaria (Berkeley) Forti
  682. Hypheothrix arenaria (Gomont) Forti
  683. Hypheothrix bosniaca Forti
  684. Hypheothrix braunii (Kützing) Kützing
  685. Hypheothrix braunii var. continua Kützing
  686. Hypheothrix braunii var. fasciculata Kützing
  687. Hypheothrix braunii var. iridea (Kützing) Kützing
  688. Hypheothrix bremiana Naegeli ex Kützing
  689. Hypheothrix bremiana var. griseo-fuscescens Kützing
  690. Hypheothrix bullosa Wolle
  691. Hypheothrix bullosa Wolle ex Forti
  692. Hypheothrix caerulea H.J. Carter
  693. Hypheothrix calcarea Naegeli ex Kützing
  694. Hypheothrix calcicola (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst
  695. Hypheothrix calcicola Rabenhorst ex Kirchner
  696. Hypheothrix calcicola var. muralis (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  697. Hypheothrix calcicola f. opaca Rabenhorst
  698. Hypheothrix calcicola var. symplociformis Forti
  699. Hypheothrix calcicola var. violacea Forti
  700. Hypheothrix calida (De Wildeman) Forti
  701. Hypheothrix callitricha (Kützing) Kützing
  702. Hypheothrix cataractarum Naegeli ex Kützing
  703. Hypheothrix cataractarum var. terebriformis Kützing
  704. Hypheothrix compacta (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  705. Hypheothrix confervae Kützing
  706. Hypheothrix confervae Kützing ex Forti
  707. Hypheothrix coriacea (Kützing) Kützing
  708. Hypheothrix coriacea Kützing ex Kirchner
  709. Hypheothrix coriacea var. genuina [Rabenhorst]
  710. Hypheothrix coriacea var. meneghinii (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  711. Hypheothrix coriacea f. meneghinii (Kützing) Forti
  712. Hypheothrix coriacea f. meneghinii Forti
  713. Hypheothrix coriacea var. parietina Stizenberger
  714. Hypheothrix coriacea f. parietina (Stizenberger) Forti
  715. Hypheothrix coriacea var. parietina Stizenberger ex Forti
  716. Hypheothrix cyanea Naegeli ex Kützing
  717. Hypheothrix cyanea Naegeli ex Forti
  718. Hypheothrix cyanea (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  719. Hypheothrix dalmatica (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  720. Hypheothrix delicatissima (West & West) Forti
  721. Hypheothrix delicatula Kützing
  722. Hypheothrix dictyothrix (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  723. Hypheothrix dubia (Naegeli) Rabenhorst
  724. Hypheothrix fasciculata Naegeli ex Kützing
  725. Hypheothrix fenestralis Kützing
  726. Hypheothrix fontana (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  727. Hypheothrix fonticola Naegeli ex Kützing
  728. Hypheothrix fonticola Naegeli ex Forti
  729. Hypheothrix foveolarum (Montagne) Rabenhorst
  730. Hypheothrix fucoidea Piccone & Grunow
  731. Hypheothrix fusco-violacea Stizenberger
  732. Hypheothrix fusco-violacea Stizenberger ex Forti
  733. Hypheothrix gloeophila (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  734. Hypheothrix gloeophila Rabenhorst ex Forti
  735. Hypheothrix hegetschweileri Naegeli ex Kützing
  736. Hypheothrix herbacea (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  737. Hypheothrix herbacea Rabenhorst ex Forti
  738. Hypheothrix hilseana Rabenhorst
  739. Hypheothrix hinnulea (Wolle) Forti
  740. Hypheothrix incrustata Naegeli ex Kützing
  741. Hypheothrix investiens Martens
  742. Hypheothrix involvens (Areschoug) Kützing
  743. Hypheothrix jadertina (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  744. Hypheothrix jadertina (Kützing) Rabenhorst ex Forti
  745. Hypheothrix janthina (Montagne) Rabenhorst
  746. Hypheothrix kohleri (Naegeli) Rabenhorst
  747. Hypheothrix kuehniana ('kühniana') (Rabenhorst) Rabenhorst
  748. Hypheothrix kuetzingiana ('kützingiana') (Naegeli) Rabenhorst
  749. Hypheothrix laminosa (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst
  750. Hypheothrix lardacea (Cesati) Hansgirg
  751. Hypheothrix lardacea (Gomont) Kirchner
  752. Hypheothrix lateritia Kützing
  753. Hypheothrix lateritia Kützing ex Kirchner
  754. Hypheothrix lateritia var. calcarea (Naegeli) Rabenhorst
  755. Hypheothrix lateritia var. calcarea Rabenhorst ex Forti
  756. Hypheothrix lateritia var. genuina Rabenhorst
  757. Hypheothrix lateritia var. kermesina (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  758. Hypheothrix lateritia var. kermesina Rabenhorst ex Forti
  759. Hypheothrix lateritia var. leptothrichoides Grunow
  760. Hypheothrix lateritia f. lyngbyacea (Schmidle) Forti
  761. Hypheothrix lateritia f. lyngbyacea Forti
  762. Hypheothrix lateritia var. rosea (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  763. Hypheothrix lateritia var. rosea Forti
  764. Hypheothrix lateritia var. subaeruginea Forti
  765. Hypheothrix lateritia var. subtilis (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  766. Hypheothrix lateritia var. subtilis Rabenhorst ex Forti
  767. Hypheothrix lateritia var. symplocoides Forti
  768. Hypheothrix lateritia var. variegata (Naegeli) Forti
  769. Hypheothrix lateritia var. variegata Forti
  770. Hypheothrix lenormandiana (Gomont) Forti
  771. Hypheothrix leveilleana Kützing
  772. Hypheothrix litoralis Hansgirg
  773. Hypheothrix litoralis Hansgirg ex Forti
  774. Hypheothrix longiarticulata Gardner
  775. Hypheothrix lurida (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  776. Hypheothrix lutea (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  777. Hypheothrix lutescens (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  778. Hypheothrix lutescens Rabenhorst ex Forti
  779. Hypheothrix lutescens var. streinzii (Heufler) Rabenhorst
  780. Hypheothrix lutescens var. streinzii Rabenhorst ex Forti
  781. Hypheothrix mamillosa (Meneghini) Rabenhorst
  782. Hypheothrix meneghinii (Kützing) Kützing
  783. Hypheothrix minuta (Hansgirg) Forti
  784. Hypheothrix minuta Forti
  785. Hypheothrix miraculosa (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  786. Hypheothrix miraculosa Rabenhorst ex Forti
  787. Hypheothrix naegelii Kützing
  788. Hypheothrix naegelii Kützing ex Forti
  789. Hypheothrix nullipora Grunow ex Rabenhorst
  790. Hypheothrix nullipora Grunow ex Forti
  791. Hypheothrix obscura G. Dickie
  792. Hypheothrix olivacea (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  793. Hypheothrix olivacea Rabenhorst ex Forti
  794. Hypheothrix pallida Kützing
  795. Hypheothrix pallida Kützing ex Forti
  796. Hypheothrix panniformis Rabenhorst
  797. Hypheothrix panniformis Rabenhorst ex Forti
  798. Hypheothrix parciramosa Gardner
  799. Hypheothrix parietina Stizenberger
  800. Hypheothrix porphyromelana Brühl & Biswas
  801. Hypheothrix pulvinata Naegeli ex Kützing
  802. Hypheothrix pulvinata Naegeli ex Forti
  803. Hypheothrix pulvinata var. confluens Kützing
  804. Hypheothrix pulvinata var. confluens Kützing ex Forti
  805. Hypheothrix purpurascens (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  806. Hypheothrix regeliana Naegeli ex Kützing
  807. Hypheothrix regeliana Naegeli ex Forti
  808. Hypheothrix regeliana f. crassior Forti
  809. Hypheothrix rigidula (Kützing) Grunow
  810. Hypheothrix roseola P. Richter
  811. Hypheothrix rufescens (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  812. Hypheothrix rufescens Rabenhorst ex Forti
  813. Hypheothrix rufescens var. bremiana (Naegeli) Rabenhorst
  814. Hypheothrix rufescens f. bremiana (Naegeli) Forti
  815. Hypheothrix rufescens f. bremiana Forti
  816. Hypheothrix rufescens var. genuina Rabenhorst
  817. Hypheothrix rufescens var. hegetschweileri (Naegeli ex Kützing) Rabenhorst
  818. Hypheothrix rufescens f. hegetschweileri (Naegeli) Forti
  819. Hypheothrix rufescens f. hegetschweileri Forti
  820. Hypheothrix rufescens var. lardacea (Cesati) Rabenhorst
  821. Hypheothrix sauteriana Grunow
  822. Hypheothrix sauteriana Grunow ex Forti
  823. Hypheothrix scopulorum Kützing
  824. Hypheothrix serpens Rodriguez y Femenias
  825. Hypheothrix sophiae Areschoug
  826. Hypheothrix subcontinua Kützing
  827. Hypheothrix subcontinua Kützing ex Forti
  828. Hypheothrix subcyanea Forti
  829. Hypheothrix subtilis Kützing
  830. Hypheothrix subtilissima (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  831. Hypheothrix subundulata Martens
  832. Hypheothrix sudetica Nave
  833. Hypheothrix symplocoides Gardner
  834. Hypheothrix tenax Wolle
  835. Hypheothrix tenax Wolle ex Forti
  836. Hypheothrix tenuissima (Naegeli) Rabenhorst
  837. Hypheothrix tenuissima Rabenhorst ex Forti
  838. Hypheothrix tenuissima (Naegeli ex Kützing) Rabenhorst
  839. Hypheothrix terebriformis Naegeli {ms.}
  840. Hypheothrix thermalis Rabenhorst
  841. Hypheothrix thermalis Rabenhorst ex Forti
  842. Hypheothrix thermalis var. continua (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  843. Hypheothrix thermalis var. continua Forti
  844. Hypheothrix thermalis var. fasciculata (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  845. Hypheothrix thermalis var. iridea (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  846. Hypheothrix tinctoria (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst
  847. Hypheothrix toficola Naegeli ex Kützing
  848. Hypheothrix tomentosa (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  849. Hypheothrix torulosa Grunow ex Rabenhorst
  850. Hypheothrix turicensis Naegeli ex Kützing
  851. Hypheothrix turicensis Naegeli ex Forti
  852. Hypheothrix variegata Naegeli ex Kützing
  853. Hypheothrix violacea Kützing
  854. Hypheothrix viridula Zeller
  855. Hypheothrix viridula Zeller ex Forti
  856. Hypheothrix vulpina Kützing
  857. Hypheothrix vulpina Kützing ex Forti
  858. Hypheothrix vulpina var. tumida Wittrock
  859. Hypheothrix vulpina var. tumida Wittrock ex Forti
  860. Hypheothrix willei Gardner
  861. Hypheothrix zenkeri (Kützing) Kützing
  862. Hypheothrix zenkeri Kützing ex Forti
  863. Hypheothrix zenkeri var. carpatica Rabenhorst
  864. Hypheothrix zenkeri f. viridis (Kützing) Forti
  865. Hypheothrix zenkeri f. viridis Forti
  866. HYPHOMORPHA A. Borzì
  867. HYPHOMORPHA Borzì
  868. Hyphomorpha antillana Borzì
  869. Hyphomorpha antillarum Borzì
  870. Hyphomorpha borzii Dutt, Datta & Gupta
  871. Hyphomorpha dendroidea (Frémy) K. Anagnostidis & J. Komárek
  872. Hyphomorpha perrieri Frémy
  873. Hyphomorpha radulara Tiwari & Lal
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