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  2. Gomphoneis baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer
  3. Gomphoneis baicalensis var. elongata Skvortzov & Meyer
  4. Gomphoneis cantalica (Brun & Héribaud) Schmidt
  5. Gomphoneis curta (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
  6. Gomphoneis elegans (Grunow) Cleve
  7. Gomphoneis elegans var. baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer
  8. Gomphoneis elegans var. quadripunctata Skvortzov & Meyer
  9. Gomphoneis eriensis ('eriense') (Grunow) Skvortzov & Meyer
  10. Gomphoneis eriensis var. apiculata Stoermer
  11. Gomphoneis eriensis var. baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer
  12. Gomphoneis eriensis f. baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer
  13. Gomphoneis eriensis f. hastata Skvortzov & Meyer
  14. Gomphoneis geitleri Kociolek & Stoermer
  15. Gomphoneis hastata (Wislouch) Kociolek & Stoermer
  16. Gomphoneis herculeana ('herculeanum') (Ehrenberg) Cleve
  17. Gomphoneis herculeana var. baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer
  18. Gomphoneis herculeana f. gracilis Skvortzov & Meyer
  19. Gomphoneis herculeana var. clavata Cleve
  20. Gomphoneis herculeana var. robusta (Grunow) Cleve
  21. Gomphoneis herculeana var. septiceps M. Schmidt
  22. Gomphoneis mamilla (Ehrenberg) Cleve
  23. Gomphoneis olivaceoides (Hustedt) Carter
  24. Gomphoneis olivacea ('olivaceum') (Hornemann) P.A. Dawson, inval.
  25. Gomphoneis olivacea (Hornemann) P. Dawson ex Ross & Sims
  26. Gomphoneis olivacea var. calcareum (Cleve) Hartley
  27. Gomphoneis quadripunctata ('quadripunctatum') (Østrup) Cleve ex Dawson
  28. Gomphoneis quadripunctata (Østrup) P. Dawson ex Ross & Sims
  29. Gomphoneis quadripunctata var. cochleariformis Kociolek & Stoermer
  30. Gomphoneis rhombica (Fricke) Merino, García, Hernández-Mariné & Fernández
  31. Gomphoneis septa (Moghadam) Kociolek, Stoermer & Bahls
  32. Gomphoneis transsilvanica (Pantocsek) Krammer
  33. Gomphoneis tumida (Skvortzov) Kociolek & Stoermer
  34. Gomphoneis tumida var. oestrupii Kociolek & Stoermer
  35. GOMPHONELLA Rabenhorst
  36. GOMPHONELLA Brun {section of Gomphonema}
  37. Gomphonella angusta Rabenhorst
  38. Gomphonella lenormandii ('lenormandi') Rabenhorst
  39. Gomphonella olivacea (Hornemann) Rabenhorst
  40. Gomphonella parvula (Kützing) Rabenhorst