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  1. GIFFORDIA E.A. Batters
  2. Giffordia affinis_('affine') (Setchell & Gardner) Widdowson, inval.
  3. Giffordia andamanensis Krishnamurthy & Baluswami
  4. Giffordia bhimlipatnamensis Krishnamurthy & Baluswami
  5. Giffordia clavata Krishnamurthy & Baluswami
  6. Giffordia conifera (Børgesen) W. R. Taylor
  7. Giffordia dalmatica (Ercegovic) Giaccone & Bryce Derni
  8. Giffordia dalmatica (Ercegovic) M. Cormaci & G. Furnari
  9. Giffordia duchassaingiana (Grunow) W. R. Taylor
  10. Giffordia fenestrata (Berk.) Batters
  11. Giffordia fuscata (Zanardini) Kornmann
  12. Giffordia fuscata var. arachnoidea (Reinke) Kuckuck
  13. Giffordia fuscata var. typica Kuckuck
  14. Giffordia fuscata var. uber Kuckuck
  15. Giffordia geniculata (Ercegovic) Giaccone & Bryce Derni
  16. Giffordia geniculata (Ercegovic) M. Cormaci & G. Furnari
  17. Giffordia ghardaqaensis (Nasr) Papenfuss
  18. Giffordia granulosa (J.E. Smith) Hamel
  19. Giffordia granulosa var. eugranulosa Kuckuck
  20. Giffordia granulosa var. laeta (C. Agardh) Kuckuck
  21. Giffordia granulosa var. seriata Kuckuck
  22. Giffordia granulosoides (Setchell & Gardner) Hollenberg & Abbott
  23. Giffordia hauckii (Ercegovic) Giaccone & Bryce Derni
  24. Giffordia hauckii (Ercegovic) M. Cormaci & G. Furnari
  25. Giffordia hincksiae (Harvey) Hamel
  26. Giffordia hincksiae var. californica Hollenberg & Abbott
  27. Giffordia indica Umamaheswara Rao & Sreeramulu {nomen}
  28. Giffordia indica (Sonder) Papenfuss & Chihara
  29. Giffordia intermedia (Rosenvinge) S. Lund
  30. Giffordia irregularis (Kützing) Joly
  31. Giffordia lebelii (Crouan & Crouan) Batters
  32. Giffordia mitchelliae ('mitchellae') (Harvey) Hamel
  33. Giffordia mitchelliae var. neilii Krishnamurthy & Baluswami
  34. Giffordia mucronata (Saunders) Kjeldsen & Phinney {invalid}
  35. Giffordia mucronata (Saunders) Kjeldsen & Phinney
  36. Giffordia onslowensis Amsler & Kapraun
  37. Giffordia ovata (Kjellman) Kylin
  38. Giffordia ovata var. arachnoides (Reinke) Kylin
  39. Giffordia ovata f. elongata (Rosenvinge) S. Lund
  40. Giffordia ovata f. holmii (Rosenvinge) S. Lund
  41. Giffordia ovata f. tenuis (Rosenvinge) S. Lund
  42. Giffordia ovigera_('oviger') (Harvey) Hollenberg & Abbott
  43. Giffordia padinae Buffham
  44. Giffordia prolifera Krishnamurthy & Baluswami
  45. Giffordia rallsiae (Vickers) W. R. Taylor
  46. Giffordia recurvata Cardinal
  47. Giffordia sandriana (Zanardini) Hamel
  48. Giffordia saundersii (Setchell & Gardner) Hollenberg & Abbott
  49. Giffordia secunda (Kützing) Batters
  50. Giffordia secunda Kuckuck
  51. Giffordia sordida (Harvey) Clayton
  52. Giffordia terminalis Krishnamurthy & Baluswami
  53. Giffordia thyrsoidea ('thyrsoideus') (Børgesen) Islam
  54. Giffordia turbinariae Jaasund
  55. GIGANTEA Stackhouse
  56. Gigantea bulbosa Stackhouse
  57. Gigantea bullata (Goodenough & Woodward) Stackhouse
  58. Gigantea digitata (Hudson) Stackhouse
  59. Gigantea simplicifolia Stackhouse
  61. Gigantochloris permaxima Pascher
  62. Gigantochloris permaxima f. minor A. Szabados
  64. Gigantomonas capitata Skuja
  65. Gigantomonas herculea Dogiel
  66. Gigantomonas lightii Connell
  67. Gigantomonas pulchra (Grassi) Connell
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