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  1. FRUSTULIA C. Agardh
  2. FRUSTULIA Rabenhorst (WEB)
  3. FRUSTULIA {subgenera}
  4. FRUSTULIA {sections}
  5. FRUSTULIA {sections}
  6. FRUSTULIA (C. Agardh) Schütt
  7. Frustulia acicularis Ehrenberg (CAS)
  8. Frustulia acrosphaeria Brébisson (CAS)
  9. Frustulia acrosphaeria Brébisson (CAS)
  10. Frustulia acuminata Kützing (CAS)
  11. Frustulia acuta (Lyngbye) C. Agardh (CAS)
  12. Frustulia adnata Kützing
  13. Frustulia adnata Kützing (CAS)
  14. Frustulia aequalis Kützing (CAS)
  15. Frustulia africana Cholnoky (CAS)
  16. Frustulia amphipleuroides var. typica Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  17. Frustulia anceps Kützing (CAS)
  18. Frustulia antarctica Manguin (CAS)
  19. Frustulia appendiculata C. Agardh (CAS)
  20. Frustulia asbestina Leiblein
  21. Frustulia asymmetrica (A. Cleve) Hustedt (CAS)
  22. Frustulia attenuata Kützing (CAS)
  23. Frustulia avenacea Brébisson
  24. Frustulia bacillaris Ehrenberg
  25. Frustulia bicornis Krasske (CAS)
  26. Frustulia bidentata Kützing (CAS)
  27. Frustulia bipunctata (Bory) Brébisson
  28. Frustulia bohemica (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst (CAS)
  29. Frustulia bohemica var. fossilis (Ehrenberg) De Toni (CAS)
  30. Frustulia caffra Giffen (CAS)
  31. Frustulia ceylonica Skvortzov (CAS)
  32. Frustulia chasei Cholnoky (CAS)
  33. Frustulia chilensis Ehrenberg
  34. Frustulia circularis Duby (CAS)
  35. Frustulia coffeaeformis C. Agardh (CAS)
  36. Frustulia conjugata (Turpin) Kützing (CAS)
  37. Frustulia conspurcans Martius
  38. Frustulia conspurcans Martius (CAS)
  39. Frustulia copulata Kützing (CAS)
  40. Frustulia costata Lobarzewski (CAS)
  41. Frustulia creuzburgensis (Krasske) Hustedt (CAS)
  42. Frustulia cuneata (Lyngbye) C. Agardh (CAS)
  43. Frustulia cuspidata Kützing (CAS)
  44. Frustulia cymbiformis Kützing (CAS)
  45. Frustulia depressa Kützing (CAS)
  46. Frustulia dilatata Brébisson (CAS)
  47. Frustulia directa Salah (CAS)
  48. Frustulia elliptica C. Agardh (CAS)
  49. Frustulia entrancensis Foged (CAS)
  50. Frustulia fasciata C. Agardh (CAS)
  51. Frustulia franguellii Manguin
  52. Frustulia fulva Kützing (CAS)
  53. Frustulia fulva (Ehrenberg) Brébisson
  54. Frustulia fulva Brébisson
  55. Frustulia fulva Brébisson
  56. Frustulia gastroides Kützing (CAS)
  57. Frustulia geminata (Turpin) Kützing (CAS)
  58. Frustulia gibba (Ehrenberg) Jenner (CAS)
  59. Frustulia gracilis Jenner (CAS)
  60. Frustulia depressa Kützing (WEB)
  61. Frustulia haeckeriana Rabenhorst (CAS)
  62. Frustulia hawaiensis Hustedt (CAS)
  63. Frustulia hippocampus (Ehrenberg) Jenner (CAS)
  64. Frustulia hyalina (C. Agardh) Kützing (CAS)
  65. Frustulia incomperta (Lewis) De Toni (CAS)
  66. Frustulia incrassata Kützing (CAS)
  67. Frustulia indica Gandhi (CAS)
  68. Frustulia inflata Kützing (CAS)
  69. Frustulia inflexa Brébisson
  70. Frustulia interposita (Lewis) De Toni (CAS)
  71. Frustulia interposita var. chinensis Skvortzov (CAS)
  72. Frustulia interposita var. incomperta (Lewis) Cleve (CAS)
  73. Frustulia interposita f. elliptica (Hustedt) Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  74. Frustulia interposita var. julienii_('Julieni') (Heribaud & Brun) Cleve
  75. Frustulia interposita f. minor Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  76. Frustulia interposita var. labuensis (Cleve) Cleve (CAS)
  77. Frustulia isabelae Patrick (CAS)
  78. Frustulia islandica Østrup (CAS)
  79. Frustulia javanica Hustedt (CAS)
  80. Frustulia jogensis Gandhi (CAS)
  81. Frustulia jurana Prudent (CAS)
  82. Frustulia jurana var. undulata Prudent (CAS)
  83. Frustulia juergensii C. Agardh (CAS)
  84. Frustulia karelica Molder (CAS)
  85. Frustulia kuetzingiana Rabenhorst (CAS)
  86. Frustulia laevissima (Kützing) Pfitzer (CAS)
  87. Frustulia lanceolata C. Agardh (CAS)
  88. Frustulia lanceolata Berkeley (CAS)
  89. Frustulia lanceolata Zimmermann (CAS)
  90. Frustulia lata Brébisson (CAS)
  91. Frustulia latefasciata Kützing (CAS)
  92. Frustulia lewisiana (Greville) De Toni (CAS)
  93. Frustulia librilis Jenner (CAS)
  94. Frustulia linearis C. Agardh
  95. Frustulia linkei Hustedt (CAS)
  96. Frustulia lyngbyei Kützing (CAS)
  97. Frustulia maculata Kützing (CAS)
  98. Frustulia magaliesmontana Cholnoky (CAS)
  99. Frustulia major Kützing (CAS)
  100. Frustulia maritima Ehrenberg (CAS)
  101. Frustulia martonfii (Pantocsek) Hajós (CAS)
  102. Frustulia minor C. Agardh (CAS)
  103. Frustulia minuta Rabenhorst (CAS)
  104. Frustulia multifasciata Kützing (CAS)
  105. Frustulia neglecta (Thwaites) De Toni (CAS)
  106. Frustulia neocaledonica Manguin (CAS)
  107. Frustulia nidulans Brébisson
  108. Frustulia nipponica Iwahashi (CAS)
  109. Frustulia nitzschii Kützing (CAS)
  110. Frustulia nodosa Jenner (CAS)
  111. Frustulia nodulosa Brébisson (CAS)
  112. Frustulia novilunaris C. Agardh (CAS)
  113. Frustulia oblonga Kützing
  114. Frustulia oblonga Kützing (CAS)
  115. Frustulia obtusa C. Agardh (CAS)
  116. Frustulia olivacea (Hornemann) Duby
  117. Frustulia oliveri Salah (CAS)
  118. Frustulia operculata C. Agardh (CAS)
  119. Frustulia orsiniana Meneghini
  120. Frustulia orsiniana Meneghini
  121. Frustulia ovalis Kützing (CAS)
  122. Frustulia palea (Nitzsch) Kützing (CAS)
  123. Frustulia paludosa (C. Agardh) Kützing (CAS)
  124. Frustulia parasitica C. Agardh (CAS)
  125. Frustulia parvula Kützing (CAS)
  126. Frustulia pelliculosa Brébisson
  127. Frustulia pelliculosa "Grunow"
  128. Frustulia pellucida Kützing (CAS)
  129. Frustulia picta Kützing (CAS)
  130. Frustulia producta Brébisson (CAS)
  131. Frustulia pulchra Germain (CAS)
  132. Frustulia pulchra var. lanceolata Manguin (CAS)
  133. Frustulia punctata Kützing (CAS)
  134. Frustulia quadrangula C. Agardh (CAS)
  135. Frustulia quinquepunctata Kützing (CAS)
  136. Frustulia ratzeburgensis Rabenhorst (CAS)
  137. Frustulia rautenbachiae Cholnoky (CAS)
  138. Frustulia regula Hohn & Hellerman (CAS)
  139. Frustulia rhomboides (Ehrenberg) Pfitzer (CAS)
  140. Frustulia rhomboides (Ehrenberg) De Toni (CAS)
  141. Frustulia rhomboides var. amphipleuroides (Grunow) De Toni (CAS)
  142. Frustulia rhomboides var. angustata Pantocsek & Greguss
  143. Frustulia rhomboides var. baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer (CAS)
  144. Frustulia rhomboides var. compacta Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  145. Frustulia rhomboides var. crassinervia (Brébisson) Ross (CAS)
  146. Frustulia rhomboides var. elliptica Hustedt (CAS)
  147. Frustulia rhomboides var. elongata Krieger
  148. Frustulia rhomboides var. elongatissima Manguin
  149. Frustulia rhomboides var. genuina Mayer (CAS)
  150. Frustulia rhomboides var. genuina Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  151. Frustulia rhomboides var. huberi Meister (CAS)
  152. Frustulia rhomboides var. leptocephala Østrup (CAS)
  153. Frustulia rhomboides var. lineolata (Ehrenberg) Cleve (CAS)
  154. Frustulia rhomboides f. occidentalis Sovereign (CAS)
  155. Frustulia rhomboides var. oregonica Cleve (CAS)
  156. Frustulia rhomboides var. pusilla Meister (CAS)
  157. Frustulia rhomboides var. rhodesica Cholnoky (CAS)
  158. Frustulia rhomboides var. rostrata Manguin (CAS)
  159. Frustulia rhomboides var. saxonica (Rabenhorst) De Toni (CAS)
  160. Frustulia rhomboides f. capitata (Mayer) Hustedt (CAS)
  161. Frustulia rhomboides f. nipponica Skvortzov (CAS)
  162. Frustulia rhomboides f. undulata Hustedt (CAS)
  163. Frustulia rhomboides var. tenuirostris Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  164. Frustulia rhomboides var. undulata Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  165. Frustulia rhomboides var. viridula (Brébisson) Cleve
  166. Frustulia rostrata Hustedt (CAS)
  167. Frustulia salina Ehrenberg (CAS)
  168. Frustulia saxonica Rabenhorst (WEB)
  169. Frustulia saxonica f. aquatica Rabenhorst (CAS)
  170. Frustulia saxonica f. indica Sarode & Kamat (CAS)
  171. Frustulia saxonica var. laticeps Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  172. Frustulia saxonica var. leptocephala (Østrup) Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  173. Frustulia saxonica f. minor Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  174. Frustulia saxonica var. linearis Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  175. Frustulia saxonica f. capitata Gandhi (CAS)
  176. Frustulia saxonica f. minor Gandhi (CAS)
  177. Frustulia saxonica f. turfacea (A. Braun) Rabenhorst (CAS)
  178. Frustulia saxonica var. typica Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  179. Frustulia saxonica var. undulata Geissbühler
  180. Frustulia scalaris Brébisson (CAS)
  181. Frustulia scaphidum Brébisson
  182. Frustulia schoemanii Coste & Ricard (CAS)
  183. Frustulia sculpta (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst (CAS)
  184. Frustulia serians Brébisson (CAS)
  185. Frustulia sigmoidea (Ehrenberg) Jenner
  186. Frustulia similis Hustedt (CAS)
  187. Frustulia spicula Amossé (CAS)
  188. Frustulia spicula var. alpina Amossé (CAS)
  189. Frustulia splendens Kützing
  190. Frustulia splendens Kützing (CAS)
  191. Frustulia splendida Hustedt (CAS)
  192. Frustulia styriaca (Grunow) De Toni (CAS)
  193. Frustulia styriaca (Grunow) Cleve
  194. Frustulia styriaca var. ventricosa Hustedt (CAS)
  195. Frustulia submarina Hustedt
  196. Frustulia subquadrata Brébisson & Godey
  197. Frustulia subtilis Kützing (CAS)
  198. Frustulia subtilissima (Cleve) Steinecke (CAS)
  199. Frustulia subulata Kützing
  200. Frustulia subvulgaris Cholnoky (CAS)
  201. Frustulia suspecta var. obtusa (Frenguelli) Woodhead & Tweed
  202. Frustulia suspecta var. obtusa (Frenguelli) Woodhead & Tweed (CAS)
  203. Frustulia tenuissima Kützing (CAS)
  204. Frustulia torfacea A. Braun
  205. Frustulia trigramma (Fresenius) Rabenhorst (CAS)
  206. Frustulia turpinii Brébisson (CAS)
  207. Frustulia ulva (Nitzsch) C.A. Agardh
  208. Frustulia ulna (Nitzsch) C. Agardh (CAS)
  209. Frustulia undulata Saveljeva-Dolgova (CAS)
  210. Frustulia ventricosa C. Agardh (CAS)
  211. Frustulia vermicularis Kützing (CAS)
  212. Frustulia viridis C. Agardh
  213. Frustulia viridis (Nitzsch) Kützing (CAS)
  214. Frustulia viridula Kützing (CAS)
  215. Frustulia viridula (Brébisson) Schaarschmidt
  216. Frustulia vitrea Østrup (CAS)
  217. Frustulia vulgaris (Thwaites) De Toni (CAS)
  218. Frustulia vulgaris var. angusta Cholnoky (CAS)
  219. Frustulia vulgaris f. ceylonica Skvortzov (CAS)
  220. Frustulia vulgaris var. asymmetrica Cleve (CAS)
  221. Frustulia vulgaris var. capitata Krasske (CAS)
  222. {supplanted}
  223. Frustulia vulgaris var. constricta Skvortzov (CAS)
  224. Frustulia vulgaris var. elliptica Hustedt (CAS)
  225. Frustulia vulgaris var. jeniseyensis Skvortzov (CAS)
  226. Frustulia vulgaris var. lacustris (Brun) De Toni (CAS)
  227. Frustulia vulgaris var. lanceolata Skvortzov (CAS)
  228. Frustulia vulgaris var. minor Zanon (CAS)
  229. Frustulia vulgaris var. muscosa Skvortzov (CAS)
  230. Frustulia vulgaris var. oblonga Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  231. Frustulia vulgaris var. rupestris Skvortzov (CAS)
  232. Frustulia vulgaris var. sinuata Maillard (CAS)
  233. Frustulia vulgaris var. subcapitata Gandhi (CAS)
  234. Frustulia vulgaris var. typica Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  235. Frustulia vulgaris f. parva Cleve-Euler (CAS)
  236. Frustulia weinholdii f. ghanaensis Foged
  237. FRUSTULINA C. Agardh
  238. Frustulina crinita Martens
  240. Fruticristatum iowense Webster
  241. Fruticristatum noraense Webster
  242. Fruticristatum pervetus Webster
  243. FRYEELLA Kylin
  244. Fryeella gardneri (Setchell) Kylin (WEB)
  245. Fryeella gardneri var. prostrata Dawson & Neushul
  246. FRYXELLIELLA A.K.S.K. Prasad
  247. Fryxelliella floridana Prasad
  248. Fryxelliella inconspicua (Rattray) Prasad
  249. FUCASTRUM Duby
  250. FUCITES Ad. Brongniart
  251. FUCODIUM J. Agardh
  252. FUCODIUM (J. Agardh) Harvey
  253. FUCODIUM (J. Agardh) De Toni
  254. FUCODIUM {sections}
  255. Fucodium canaliculatum (L.) J. Agardh
  256. Fucodium capense J. E. Areschoug
  257. Fucodium chondrophyllum (Turner) J. Agardh
  258. Fucodium chondrophyllum var. maximum J. Agardh
  259. Fucodium chondrophyllum var. minus J. Agardh
  260. Fucodium compressum (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  261. Fucodium constrictum (Ku\*:tzing) J. Agardh
  262. Fucodium constrictum var. diffusum ('diffusa') J. Agardh
  263. Fucodium fastigiatum (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  264. Fucodium galapagense Piccone & Grunow
  265. Fucodium gladiatum (Labill.) J. Agardh
  266. Fucodium mackayi_('mackaii') (Turner) J. Agardh
  267. Fucodium nodosum (L.) J. Agardh
  268. Fucodium nodosum var. mackayi_('mackaii') (Turner) J. Agardh
  269. Fucodium nodosum var. scorpioides (Hornemann) J. Agardh
  270. Fucodium tuberculatum (Hudson) J. Agardh
  271. Fucodium tuberculatum var. dumosum_('dumosa') J. Agardh
  272. FUCOIDASTRUM Micheli ex J. Targioni-Tozzetti
  273. FUCOIDES Ray
  274. FUCOIDES Ray
  275. FUCOIDES Brongniart
  276. FUCOIDES Micheli ex G. Targioni-Tozzetti
  277. FUCOIDES {sections}
  278. FUCOIDES {sections}
  279. Fucoides aequalis var. flexilis Ad. Brongniart
  280. Fucoides alleghaniensis Harlan
  281. Fucoides alleghaniensis Harlan
  282. Fucoides antiqua_('antiquus') Ad. Brongniart
  283. Fucoides bertrandii_('bertrandi') Ad. Brongniart
  284. Fucoides bollensis Quenstedt
  285. Fucoides brardii Ad. Brongniart
  286. Fucoides briantea_('brianteus') A. Villa & G.B. Villa
  287. Fucoides circinata_('circinatus') Ad. Brongniart
  288. Fucoides dentata_('dentatus') Ad. Brongniart
  289. Fucoides dichotoma_('dichotomus') Reich
  290. Fucoides digitata_('digitatus') Ad. Brongniart
  291. Fucoides encoelioides Ad. Brongniart
  292. Fucoides flabellaris Ad. Brongniart
  293. Fucoides friburgensis Haer
  294. Fucoides hechingensis Quenstedt
  295. Fucoides helveticus Brunner
  296. Fucoides hypnoides Ad. Brongniart
  297. Fucoides latifrons Haer
  298. Fucoides lycopodioides Ad. Brongniart
  299. Fucoides lyngbiana_('lyngbianus') Ad. Brongniart
  300. Fucoides multifida_('multifidus') Ad. Brongniart
  301. Fucoides nilsoniana_('nilsonianus') Ad. Brongniart
  302. Fucoides obtusa_('obtusus') Ad. Brongniart
  303. Fucoides pectinata_('pectinatus') Ad. Brongniart
  304. Fucoides procera_('procerus') Heer
  305. Fucoides punctulata_('punctulatus') Ad. Brongniart
  306. Fucoides rigida_('rigidus') Heer
  307. Fucoides selaginoides Ad. Brongniart
  308. Fucoides serra Ad. Brongniart
  309. Fucoides spathulata_('spathulatus') Ad. Brongniart
  310. Fucoides stockii Ad. Brongniart
  311. Fucoides stricta_('strictus') C. Agardh & Brongniart
  312. Fucoides subtilis Eichwald
  313. Fucoides taeniola Eichwald
  314. Fucoides targionii Ad. Brongniart
  315. Fucoides tuberculosa_('tuberculosus') Ad. Brongniart