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  1. DINOPHYSIS C.G. Ehrenberg
  2. DINOPHYSIS C.G. Ehrenberg
  3. DINOPHYSIS sect. ACUTA J. Pavillard
  4. DINOPHYSIS group CAUDATA C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  5. DINOPHYSIS sect. SCOLOPS E.H. Jørgensen
  6. Dinophysis acuminata J.L.R.A.E. Claparède & J. Lachmann
  7. Dinophysis acuminata f. reniformis J. Pavillard
  8. Dinophysis acuminata var. reniformis J. Pavillard
  9. Dinophysis acuta C.G. Ehrenberg
  10. Dinophysis acuta C.G. Ehrenberg
  11. Dinophysis acuta var. geminata C.-H.-G. Pouchet
  12. Dinophysis acuta var. sculpta E.H. Jørgensen
  13. Dinophysis acutissima K.R. Gaarder
  14. Dinophysis acutoides E. Balech
  15. Dinophysis aggregata A.A. Weber-van Bosse
  16. Dinophysis alata E.H. Jørgensen
  17. Dinophysis alata (E.J.F. Wood) E. Balech
  18. Dinophysis allieri P. Gourret
  19. Dinophysis amandula A. Sournia
  20. Dinophysis amphora E. Balech
  21. Dinophysis amygdala E. Balech
  22. Dinophysis amygdalus O.W. Paulsen
  23. Dinophysis anabilis T.H. Abé
  24. Dinophysis antarctica_('antarcticum') E. Balech
  25. Dinophysis apicatum (C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg) T.H. Abé
  26. Dinophysis apicata (C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg) E. Balech
  27. Dinophysis apiculata A.F. Meunier
  28. Dinophysis arctica K.S. Mereschkowsky
  29. Dinophysis argus (F. Stein) T.H. Abé
  30. Dinophysis argus (F. Stein) E. Balech
  31. Dinophysis armata E. Daday
  32. Dinophysis atlantica C.G. Ehrenberg
  33. Dinophysis balechii_('balechi') D.R. Norris & L.D. Berner
  34. Dinophysis baltica (O.W. Paulsen) C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  35. Dinophysis baltica (O.W. Paulsen) J. Woloszynska
  36. Dinophysis bibulbus E. Balech
  37. Dinophysis biceps J. Schiller
  38. Dinophysis biceras J. Schiller
  39. Dinophysis bihastata V. Hensen
  40. Dinophysis bipartita (C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg) E. Balech
  41. Dinophysis bipes V. Hensen
  42. Dinophysis boehmii O.W. Paulsen
  43. Dinophysis borealis O.W. Paulsen
  44. Dinophysis borealis f. latior O.W. Paulsen
  45. Dinophysis braarudii_('braarudi') (O. Nordli) E. Balech
  46. Dinophysis brevisulcus L.-S. Tai & T. Skogsberg
  47. Dinophysis capitulata E. Balech
  48. Dinophysis carinata N. Peters
  49. Dinophysis carpentariae E.F.J. Wood
  50. Dinophysis cassubica J. Woloszynska
  51. Dinophysis caudata W.S. Kent
  52. Dinophysis caudata var. gracilis - - {info: and... var. latus and f. pedunculata}
  53. Dinophysis caudata var. abbreviata E.H. Jørgensen
  54. Dinophysis caudata f. acutiformis C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  55. Dinophysis caudata var. allieri (P. Gourret) E.H. Jørgensen
  56. Dinophysis caudata f. speciosa E.H. Jørgensen
  57. Dinophysis caudata var. diegensis (C.A. Kofoid) E.J.F. Wood
  58. Dinophysis caudata f. maris-rubri L. Matzenauer
  59. Dinophysis caudata f. marmarae E.H. Jørgensen
  60. Dinophysis caudata f. persica A. Böhm
  61. Dinophysis caudata f. pontica E.H. Jørgensen
  62. Dinophysis caudata var. subdiegensis E.H. Jørgensen
  63. Dinophysis caudata var. ventricosa (J. Pavillard) [E.H. Jørgensen]
  64. Dinophysis circumcinctum (C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener) E. Balech
  65. Dinophysis circumsutum (G.H.H. Karsten) E. Balech
  66. Dinophysis collaris C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener
  67. Dinophysis complanata (K.R. Gaarder) E. Balech
  68. Dinophysis contracta (C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg) E. Balech
  69. Dinophysis cornuta (N. Peters) E. Balech
  70. Dinophysis cornuta ssp. inermis (E. Balech & S.Z. El-Sayed) A. Sournia
  71. Dinophysis cuneiformis A.F. Meunier
  72. Dinophysis cuneiformis L.A. Mangin
  73. Dinophysis cuneolus (C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg) E. Balech
  74. Dinophysis cuneus (F. Schütt) T.H. Abé
  75. Dinophysis cuneus (F. Schütt) E. Balech
  76. Dinophysis curvata J. Schiller
  77. Dinophysis cyrtoptera E. Balech
  78. Dinophysis debilior (O.W. Paulsen) O.W. Paulsen
  79. Dinophysis dens J. Pavillard
  80. Dinophysis dentata J. Schiller
  81. Dinophysis diegensis C.A. Kofoid
  82. Dinophysis diegensis var. caudata J. Pavillard
  83. Dinophysis diegensis f. contracta J. Schiller
  84. Dinophysis diegensis f. curvata C.A. Kofoid
  85. Dinophysis diegensis var. curvata C.A. Kofoid
  86. Dinophysis dolichopterygium (G. Murray & F.C. Whitting) E. Balech
  87. Dinophysis doryphorides (P.A. Dangeard) E. Balech
  88. Dinophysis doryphora_('doryphorum') (F. Stein) T.H. Abé
  89. Dinophysis doryphora_('doryphorum') (F. Stein) E. Balech
  90. Dinophysis dubia E. Balech
  91. Dinophysis ebriola E.C. Herdman
  92. Dinophysis ellipsoides C.A. Kofoid
  93. Dinophysis ellipsoidea L.A. Mangin
  94. Dinophysis elongata_('elongatum') (E.H. Jørgensen) T.H. Abé
  95. Dinophysis elongata (E.H. Jørgensen) E. Balech
  96. Dinophysis exigua C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  97. Dinophysis expulsa C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener
  98. Dinophysis favus (C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener) T.H. Abé
  99. Dinophysis fava (C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener) E. Balech
  100. Dinophysis fimbriata (C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener) E. Balech
  101. Dinophysis fortii J. Pavillard
  102. Dinophysis fortunata A. Sournia
  103. Dinophysis gaarderae A. Sournia
  104. Dinophysis galea C.-H.-G. Pouchet
  105. Dinophysis gigantea (C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener) E. Balech
  106. Dinophysis globulus (F. Schütt) E. Balech
  107. Dinophysis granii O.W. Paulsen
  108. Dinophysis granulata P.T. Cleve
  109. Dinophysis groenlandica (J. Schiller) E. Balech
  110. Dinophysis hastata F. Stein
  111. Dinophysis hastata var. parvula E. Lindemann
  112. Dinophysis hastata var. phalacromides E.H. Jørgensen
  113. Dinophysis hastata var. uracanthides E.H. Jørgensen
  114. Dinophysis hindmarchii (G. Murray & F.G. Whitting) E. Balech
  115. Dinophysis homunculus F. Stein
  116. Dinophysis homunculus var. allieri (P. Gourret) E.J. Lemmermann
  117. Dinophysis homunculus var. appendiculata O. Zacharias
  118. Dinophysis homunculus var. carinata O. Zacharias
  119. Dinophysis homunculus var. gracilis J.L.B. Schröder
  120. Dinophysis homunculus var. latus E. Lindemann
  121. Dinophysis homunculus f. pedunculata E.J. Schmidt
  122. Dinophysis homunculus var. tripos (P. Gourret) E.J. Lemmermann
  123. Dinophysis homunculus var. ventricosa J. Pavillard
  124. Dinophysis hyalina E.J.F. Wood
  125. Dinophysis inaequalis P. Gourret
  126. Dinophysis indica M.V. Srinivasan
  127. Dinophysis infundibulus J. Schiller
  128. Dinophysis intermedia P.T. Cleve
  129. Dinophysis intermedia J. Pavillard
  130. Dinophysis intermedia f. pachyderma E.H. Jørgensen
  131. Dinophysis irregularis (M.V. Lebour) E. Balech
  132. Dinophysis islandica O.W. Paulsen
  133. Dinophysis islandica f. angulata O.W. Paulsen
  134. Dinophysis islandica f. obtusa O.W. Paulsen
  135. Dinophysis jibbonensis (E.J.F. Wood) E. Balech
  136. Dinophysis joergenseni C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  137. Dinophysis jourdani P. Gourret
  138. Dinophysis kofoidii E.H. Jørgensen
  139. Dinophysis lachmannii O.W. Paulsen
  140. Dinophysis lachmannii f. borealis (O.W. Paulsen) I. Solum
  141. Dinophysis lacrima (K.R. Gaarder) E. Balech
  142. Dinophysis laevis J.L.R.A.E. Claparède & J. Lachmann
  143. Dinophysis lapidistrigiliformis T.H. Abé
  144. Dinophysis lata (K.R. Gaarder) E. Balech
  145. Dinophysis lativelata (C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg) E. Balech
  146. Dinophysis lata E. Balech
  147. Dinophysis lens (C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg) E. Balech
  148. Dinophysis lenticula J. Pavillard
  149. Dinophysis lenticula (C.A. Kofoid) E. Balech
  150. Dinophysis levanderi J. Woloszynska
  151. Dinophysis limbata C.G. Ehrenberg
  152. Dinophysis limbata (C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener) E. Balech
  153. Dinophysis lindemanni J. Schiller
  154. Dinophysis longi-alata H.H. Gran & T. Braarud
  155. Dinophysis mawsoni (E.J.F. Wood) E. Balech
  156. Dinophysis meteori A. Böhm
  157. Dinophysis meunieri J. Schiller
  158. Dinophysis meunieri A. Cleve-Euler
  159. Dinophysis michaelis C.G. Ehrenberg
  160. Dinophysis michaelis C.G. Ehrenberg
  161. Dinophysis micheneri A. Sournia
  162. Dinophysis micropleura E. Balech
  163. Dinophysis micropterygia P.A. Dangeard
  164. Dinophysis microstrigiliformis T.H. Abé
  165. Dinophysis miles P.T. Cleve
  166. Dinophysis miles var. aggregata (A.A. Weber-van Bosse) E.J. Lemmermann
  167. Dinophysis miles f. arabica L. Matzenauer
  168. Dinophysis miles f. indica C.E.H. Ostenfeld & E.J. Schmidt
  169. Dinophysis miles f. maris-joni J.L.B. Schröder
  170. Dinophysis miles f. maris-rubri C.E.H. Ostenfeld & E.J. Schmidt
  171. Dinophysis miles ssp. maris-rubri (C.E.H. Ostenfeld & E.J. Schmidt) C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  172. Dinophysis miles ssp. schroeteri (A.I. Forti) C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  173. Dinophysis miles f. schroeteri - -
  174. Dinophysis miles f. triposoidea L. Matzenauer
  175. Dinophysis minuta (P.T. Cleve) E. Balech
  176. Dinophysis mitra (F. Schütt) T.H. Abé
  177. Dinophysis mitra (F. Schütt) E. Balech
  178. Dinophysis mitroides A. Sournia
  179. Dinophysis modesta (A. Böhm) E. Balech
  180. Dinophysis moncantha C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  181. Dinophysis moresbyensis E.J.F. Wood
  182. Dinophysis mucronata (C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg) A. Sournia
  183. Dinophysis nasuta_('nasutum') (F. Stein) M. Parke & P.S. Dixon
  184. Dinophysis neolenticula A. Sournia
  185. Dinophysis norwegica J.L.R.A.E. Claparède & J. Lachmann
  186. Dinophysis norvegica var. crassicornis C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  187. Dinophysis norvegica var. crassior O.W. Paulsen
  188. Dinophysis norvegica f. crassior (O.W. Paulsen) I. Solum
  189. Dinophysis norvegica var. debilior O.W. Paulsen
  190. Dinophysis norvegica f. debilior (O.W. Paulsen) I. Solum
  191. Dinophysis norvegica f. rotundata I. Solum
  192. Dinophysis odiosa (J. Pavillard) L.-S. Tai & T. Skogsberg
  193. Dinophysis okamurae_('okamurai') C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  194. Dinophysis operculata (F. Stein) E. Balech
  195. Dinophysis operculoides (F. Schütt) E. Balech
  196. Dinophysis opposita E.J.F. Wood
  197. Dinophysis ovata J.L.R.A.E. Claparède & J. Lachmann
  198. Dinophysis ovum F. Schütt
  199. Dinophysis ovum (F. Schütt) T.H. Abé
  200. Dinophysis ovum var. baltica O.W. Paulsen
  201. Dinophysis pacifica E.J.F. Wood
  202. Dinophysis paralata A. Sournia
  203. Dinophysis parva J. Schiller
  204. Dinophysis parvula (F. Schütt) E. Balech
  205. Dinophysis paulsenii_('paulseni') J. Woloszynska
  206. Dinophysis paulsenii_('paulseni') (J. Schiller) E. Balech
  207. Dinophysis paulsenii subsp. platycephala E. Balech
  208. Dinophysis pavillardi J.L.B. Schröder
  209. Dinophysis perforata A. Sournia
  210. Dinophysis planiceps (J. Schiller) E. Balech
  211. Dinophysis pluripes V. Hensen
  212. Dinophysis ? porodictyum (F. Stein) T.H. Abé
  213. Dinophysis porodictyum (F. Stein) E. Balech
  214. Dinophysis porosa V. Hensen
  215. Dinophysis porosa (C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener) E. Balech
  216. Dinophysis praetexta_('praetextum') (C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener) E. Balech
  217. Dinophysis protuberans (C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg) E. Balech
  218. Dinophysis pugiunculus (Jørgensen) E. Balech
  219. Dinophysis pulchella (M.V. Lebour) E. Balech
  220. Dinophysis pulchra (C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener) E. Balech
  221. Dinophysis punctata E.H. Jørgensen
  222. Dinophysis pusilla E.H. Jørgensen
  223. Dinophysis pyriformis (C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg) E. Balech
  224. Dinophysis rapa (F. Stein) T.H. Abé
  225. Dinophysis rapa (F. Stein) T.H. Abé
  226. Dinophysis recurva C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  227. Dinophysis reniformis (J. Pavillard) C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  228. Dinophysis rete A. Sournia
  229. Dinophysis reticulata K.R. Gaarder
  230. Dinophysis reticulata (C.A. Kofoid) E. Balech
  231. Dinophysis richardii_('richardi') (J. Pavillard) E. Balech
  232. Dinophysis robusta H.H. Gran & T. Braarud
  233. Dinophysis robusta (K.R. Gaarder) E. Balech
  234. Dinophysis rotundata J.L.R.A.E. Claparède & J. Lachmann
  235. Dinophysis rotundata var. intermedia E. Lindemann
  236. Dinophysis rotundata var. laevis (Claparède & J. Lachmann) E.H. Jørgensen
  237. Dinophysis rotundiformis L.-S. Tai & T. Skogsberg
  238. Dinophysis rudgei G. Murray & F.G. Whitting
  239. Dinophysis rudgei (G. Murray & F.G. Whitting) T.H. Abé
  240. Dinophysis rugosa C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener
  241. Dinophysis rugosa (K.R. Gaarder) E. Balech
  242. Dinophysis ruudii_('ruudi') (T. Braarud) E. Balech
  243. Dinophysis sacculus F. Stein
  244. Dinophysis scabra A. Sournia
  245. Dinophysis schilleri A. Sournia
  246. Dinophysis schroederi J. Pavillard
  247. Dinophysis schuettii G. Murray & F.G. Whitting
  248. Dinophysis schuettii var. uracanthoides A.I. Forti & R. Issel
  249. Dinophysis scrobiculata E. Balech
  250. Dinophysis semen A.F. Meunier
  251. Dinophysis semicarinata {info}
  252. Dinophysis similis C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  253. Dinophysis simplex A. Böhm
  254. Dinophysis simplex E. Balech
  255. Dinophysis skagii_('Skagi') O.W. Paulsen
  256. Dinophysis sphaerica F. Stein
  257. Dinophysis sphaeroidea V. Hensen
  258. Dinophysis sphaeroidea (J. Schiller) E. Balech
  259. Dinophysis spinata (N. Peters) E. Balech
  260. Dinophysis spinosa L. Rampi
  261. Dinophysis striata (C.A. Kofoid) E. Balech
  262. Dinophysis swezyae_('swezyi') C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  263. Dinophysis symmetrica (K.R. Gaarder) E. Balech
  264. Dinophysis taii E. Balech
  265. Dinophysis thompsonii (E.J.F. Wood) E. Balech
  266. Dinophysis trapezium C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  267. Dinophysis triacantha C.A. Kofoid
  268. Dinophysis triangularis_('triangulare') (E.J.F. Wood) E. Balech
  269. Dinophysis tripes V. Hensen
  270. Dinophysis tripos P. Gourret
  271. Dinophysis truncata P.T. Cleve
  272. Dinophysis tuberculata L.A. Mangin
  273. Dinophysis turbinea (C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener) E. Balech
  274. Dinophysis umbosa J. Schiller
  275. Dinophysis uracantha F. Stein
  276. Dinophysis uracantha var. mediterranea E.H. Jørgensen
  277. Dinophysis urceolus C.A. Kofoid & T. Skogsberg
  278. Dinophysis vanhoeffenii C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  279. Dinophysis vasta (F. Schütt) E. Balech
  280. Dinophysis vastiformis (L.-S. Tai & T. Skogsberg) E. Balech
  281. Dinophysis ventrecta J. Schiller
  282. Dinophysis ventricosa J.L.R.A.E. Claparède & J. Lachmann
  283. Dinophysis ventricosa (J. Pavillard) P.A. Dangeard
  284. Dinophysis vermiculata C.-H.-G. Pouchet
  285. Dinophysis vertex A.F. Meunier
  286. Dinophysis whiteleggei (E.J.F. Wood) E. Balech
  287. Dinophysis whittingiae_('whittingae') E. Balech
  288. DINOPODIELLA A.A. Pascher
  289. Dinopodiella gracilis A.A. Pascher
  290. Dinopodiella phaseolus A.A. Pascher
  291. DINOPORELLA Y. Halim
  292. Dinoporella globulus (J. Schiller) Y. Halim
  293. Dinoporella perforata (H.H. Gran) Y. Halim
  294. DINOPTERYGIUM G. Deflandre
  295. Dinopterygium cladoides Deflandre
  296. Dinopterygium medusoides (I.C. Cookson & A. Eisenack) L.E. Stover & W.R. Evitt
  297. Dinopterygium perforatum R.F.A. Clarke & J.P. Verdier
  298. Dinopterygium tuberculatum (A. Eisenack & I.C. Cookson) L.E. Stover & W.R. Evitt
  299. DINOPYXIS F. Stein
  300. Dinopyxis compressa (Bailey) F. Stein
  301. Dinopyxis dactylus F. Stein
  302. Dinopyxis laevis F. Stein
  303. Dinopyxis vaginula F. Stein
  304. DINOSPHAERA C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener
  305. Dinosphaera palustris (E.J. Lemmermann) C.A. Kofoid & J.R. Michener
  306. DINOTHRIX A.A. Pascher
  307. Dinothrix paradoxa A.A. Pascher
  308. Diodium trabecula J. Ralfs
  309. DIOGENES W. Pennington
  310. DIOMPHALA C.G. Ehrenberg
  311. Diomphala clava-herculis C.G. Ehrenberg
  312. Diomphala glans C.G. Ehrenberg
  313. DIORITICAMONAS B.V. Skvortzov
  314. Dioriticamonas biplastida B.V. Skvortzov
  316. Diornatosphaera angusta C. Downie
  317. Diornatosphaera constricta Deunff
  318. Diornatosphaera divisa Deunff
  319. Diornatosphaera ignorata Deunff
  320. Diornatosphaera lineata Deunff
  321. Diornatosphaera phaseolus Deunff
  322. Diornatosphaera tuber Deunff
  323. DIOXYA I.C. Cookson & A. Eisenack
  324. Dioxya armata I.C. Cookson & A. Eisenack
  325. Dioxya villosa A. Eisenack & I.C. Cookson
  326. DIOXYS A.A. Pascher
  327. Dioxys biverruca A.A. Pascher
  328. Dioxys gallus A.A. Pascher
  329. Dioxys incus A.A. Pascher
  330. Dioxys inermis R.H. Thompson
  331. Dioxys papilioniformis G. Tell & H. Pizarro
  332. Dioxys polyceras J.A. Rino
  333. Dioxys rectus A.A. Pascher
  334. Dioxys tricornuta R.H. Thompson
  335. DIPHYES I.C. Cookson
  336. Diphyes appendicularis I.C. Cookson & A. Eisenack
  337. Diphyes colligerum (Deflandre & I.C. Cookson) I.C. Cookson
  338. Diphyes latiusculus K. Matsuoka
  339. ? Diphyes monstruosum (P. Tasch) R.J. Davey & G.L. Williams
  340. Diphyes nudum I.C. Cookson
  341. Diphyes spinulum (Drugg) L.E. Stover & W.R. Evitt
  342. DIPHYLLEIA J. Massart
  343. DIPHYLLEIA J. Massart
  344. Diphylleia rotans J. Massart
  345. DIPLAMPHORA P.T. Cleve
  346. DIPLASTIDIA T. Tokida
  347. DIPLOCANTHUM M. Hirano
  348. DIPLOCERCOMONAS A.J. Chalmers & W. Pekkola
  349. Diplocercomonas soudanensis (A.J. Chalmers & W. Pekkola) A.J. Chalmers & W. Pekkola
  350. DIPLOCHAETE C.G.D. Nees von Esenbeck
  351. DIPLOCHAETE F.S. Collins
  352. Diplochaete lamellosa (West & G.S. West) F.S. Collins
  353. Diplochaete simplex (G.S. West) F.S. Collins
  354. Diplochaete solitaris F.S. Collins
  355. DIPLOCHLORIS A.A. Korshikov
  356. Diplochloris decussata A.A. Korshikov
  357. Diplochloris dichotomococcoides B. Fott
  358. Diplochloris diplococca (F. Hindák) F. Hindák
  359. Diplochloris fluviatilis F. Hindák
  360. Diplochloris hoefleri (P. Bourrelly) F. Hindák
  361. Diplochloris hortobagyi B. Fott
  362. Diplochloris lunata (B. Fott) B. Fott
  363. Diplochloris ovalis F. Hindák
  364. Diplochloris raphidioides B. Fott
  365. DIPLOCLADIA J.H. Kylin
  366. Diplocladia patersonis (O.W. Sonder) J.H. Kylin
  367. Diplococcopsis minutissima G. Deflandre
  368. Diplococcopsis minutissima G. Deflandre
  369. DIPLOCOELLA J.G. Agardh
  370. DIPLOCOLEOPSIS M.M. Hollerbach
  371. DIPLOCOLON C.W. Nägeli ex E.F.H. Itzigsohn
  372. DIPLOCOLON C.W. Nägeli ex J.B.E. Bornet & C.H.M. Flahault
  373. Diplocolon codii E.A.L. Batters
  374. Diplocolon heppii C.W. Nägeli ex E.F.H. Itzigsohn
  375. Diplocolon heppii C.W. Nägeli ex J.B.E. Bornet & C.H.M. Flahault
  376. DIPLOCYSTIS V.B.A. Trevisan de Saint-Léon
  377. DIPLOCYSTIS J.G. Agardh
  378. DIPLOCYSTIS P.T. Cleve
  379. Diplocystis aeruginosa (Kützing) Trevisan
  380. Diplocystis antarctica P.T. Cleve
  381. Diplocystis browneae (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  382. Diplocystis elabens (Brébisson) Trevisan
  383. Diplocystis ichthyoblabe (G. Kunze) V.B.A. Trevisan
  384. Diplocystis incerta (E.J. Lemmermann) F.E. Drouet & W.A. Daily
  385. Diplocystis novacekii ('novácekii') J. Komárek
  386. Diplocystis pulverea (H.C. Wood) R. Margalef
  387. Diplocystis targionii V.B.A. Trevisan
  388. Diplocystis viridis (A.K.H. Braun) J. Komárek
  389. Diplocystis wesenbergii J. Komárek
  390. DIPLODERMA F.R. Kjellman
  391. DIPLODERMA J.L.A.K. Rosenvinge
  392. Diploderma amplissima F.R. Kjellman
  393. Diploderma amplissimum f. planiusculum M.H. Foslie
  394. Diploderma amplissimum f. tenuissimum (H.F.G. Strömfelt) M.H. Foslie
  395. Diploderma miniatum (C.A. Agardh) F.R. Kjellman
  396. Diploderma tenuissimum J.F.G. Strömfelt
  397. Diploderma variegatum F.R. Kjellamnn
  399. DIPLODINIUM G.A. Klebs
  400. Diplodinium affine (V.A. Dogiel) G.A. Klebs
  401. Diplodinium lunula (F. Schütt) G.A. Klebs
  402. Diplodinium parasiticum (V.A. Dogiel) G.A. Klebs
  403. Diplodinium roseum (V.A. Dogiel) Klebs
  404. DIPLODORINA L.E.G. Fromentel
  405. Diplodorina massoni L.E.G. De Fromentel
  406. DIPLOECA W.N. Ellis
  407. Diploeca elongata (B. Fott) P. Bourrelly
  408. Diploeca excelsa (H.L. Skuja) P. Bourrelly
  409. Diploeca flava (A.A. Korshikov) P. Bourrelly
  410. Diploeca hemisphaerica R.E. Norris
  411. Diploeca neustophila R.E. Norris
  412. Diploeca phialula R.E. Norris
  413. Diploeca placita W.N. Ellis
  414. DIPLOFUSA I.C. Cookson & A. Eisenack
  415. Diplofusa gearlensis I.C. Cookson & A. Eisenack
  416. DIPLOGLOSSA C.J.E. Morren
  417. Diploglossa purpurea C.J.E. Morren
  419. Diplomastigamaeba vorax J. Massart
  420. DIPLOMASTIX W.S. Kent
  421. Diplomastix affinis W.S. Kent
  422. Diplomastix caudata (F. Dujardin) W.S. Kent
  423. Diplomastix dahlii K. Möbius
  424. Diplomastix saltans (C.G. Ehrenberg) W.S. Kent
  425. DIPLOMENORA K.L. Blazé
  426. Diplomenora cocconeiformis_('cocconeiforma') (A. Schmidt) K.L. Blazé
  427. DIPLOMITA L.E.G. Fromentel
  428. DIPLOMITA W.S. Kent
  429. Diplomita insignis L.E.G. De Fromentel
  430. Diplomita socialis (W.S. Kent) W.S. Kent
  431. DIPLOMITELLA P.C. Silva
  432. Diplomitella socialis (W.S. Kent) P.C. Silva
  433. DIPLOMONAS G. Penso
  434. Diplomonas minutus G. Penso
  435. DIPLOMORPHA M. Rose & J. Cachon
  436. Diplomorpha echinaria J. Cachon
  437. Diplomorpha paradoxa M. Rose & J. Cachon
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