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  1. DIDYMIDIUM Reinsch
  2. DIDYMIDIUM \{also on card: subgenera by Reinsch\}
  3. Didymidium aculeatum (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  4. Didymidium aculeatum f. braunii (Reinsch) Reinsch
  5. Didymidium aculeatum f. pentagonum Reinsch
  6. Didymidium aculeatum f. tetragonum Reinsch
  7. Didymidium aculeatum f. trigonum Reinsch
  8. Didymidium angulosum (Hantzsch) Reinsch
  9. Didymidium ansatum (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  10. Didymidium apiculatum (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  11. Didymidium armatum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  12. Didymidium asperum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  13. Didymidium asperum f. majus Reinsch
  14. Didymidium asperum f. minus Reinsch
  15. Didymidium bacillare (Brébisson) Reinsch
  16. Didymidium bacillare f. glabrum Reinsch
  17. Didymidium bacillare f. granulatum Reinsch
  18. Didymidium bicornutum (Reinsch) Reinsch
  19. Didymidium binale (Turpin) Reinsch
  20. Didymidium binale f. corniculatum Reinsch
  21. Didymidium binale f. integrum Reinsch
  22. Didymidium binale f. tetralobulum Reinsch
  23. Didymidium bioculatum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  24. Didymidium bisenarium (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  25. Didymidium bisenarium f. majus Reinsch
  26. Didymidium bisenarium f. minus Reinsch
  27. Didymidium botrytis (Bory) Reinsch
  28. Didymidium botrytis f. majus Reinsch
  29. Didymidium botrytis f. medium Reinsch
  30. Didymidium botrytis f. minus Reinsch
  31. Didymidium braunii ('Brauni') Reinsch
  32. Didymidium braunii f. intermedium Reinsch
  33. Didymidium braunii f. majus Reinsch
  34. Didymidium braunii f. majus Reinsch
  35. Didymidium braunii f. meneghinii (Brébisson) Reinsch
  36. Didymidium braunii f. minimum Reinsch
  37. Didymidium braunii f. minus Reinsch
  38. Didymidium brebissonii (Meneghini) Reinsch
  39. Didymidium circulare Reinsch
  40. Didymidium commissurale (Brébisson) Reinsch
  41. Didymidium concinnum (Rabenhorst) Reinsch
  42. Didymidium concinnum f. concinnum Reinsch
  43. Didymidium concinnum f. majus (Reinsch) Reinsch
  44. Didymidium conspersum (Ralfs) Reinsch
  45. Didymidium convergens (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  46. Didymidium convergens f. ellipticum Reinsch
  47. Didymidium convergens f. trigonum Reinsch
  48. Didymidium cristatum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  49. Didymidium cristatum f. uncinatum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  50. Didymidium decemdentatum (Nägeli) Reinsch
  51. Didymidium dejectum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  52. Didymidium dejectum f. ellipticum Reinsch
  53. Didymidium dejectum f. trigonum Reinsch
  54. Didymidium denticulatum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  55. Didymidium denticulatum f. crenulatum Reinsch
  56. Didymidium denticulatum f. denticulatum Reinsch
  57. Didymidium elegans (Brébisson) Reinsch
  58. Didymidium elegans var. brebissonii Reinsch
  59. Didymidium elegans f. majus Reinsch
  60. Didymidium elegans f. medius ('medium') Reinsch
  61. Didymidium elegans f. minus Reinsch
  62. Didymidium elegans f. bulnheimii ('Bulnheimi') Reinsch
  63. Didymidium elegans f. majus Reinsch
  64. Didymidium elegans f. minus Reinsch
  65. Didymidium erectum Reinsch
  66. Didymidium erlangense (Reinsch) Reinsch
  67. Didymidium fasciculatum (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  68. Didymidium fasciculatum f. antilopaeum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  69. Didymidium fasciculatum f. polygonum (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  70. Didymidium fimbriatum (Ralfs) Reinsch
  71. Didymidium franconicum (Reinsch) Reinsch
  72. Didymidium furcatum (C. Agardh) Reinsch
  73. Didymidium furcatum f. crux-melitensis (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  74. Didymidium furcatum f. furcatum Reinsch
  75. Didymidium furcatum f. intermedium Reinsch
  76. Didymidium furcigerum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  77. Didymidium furcigerum f. heptagonum Reinsch
  78. Didymidium furcigerum f. hexagonum Reinsch
  79. Didymidium furcigerum f. nonagonum Reinsch
  80. Didymidium furcigerum f. octagonum Reinsch
  81. Didymidium furcigerum f. pentagonum Reinsch
  82. Didymidium furcigerum f. tetragonum Reinsch
  83. Didymidium furcigerum f. trigonum Reinsch
  84. Didymidium gemmatum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  85. Didymidium gracile (Ralfs) Reinsch
  86. Didymidium gracile f. bicorne (Bulnheim) Reinsch
  87. Didymidium gracile f. tricorne Reinsch
  88. Didymidium granatum (Brébisson ex Ralfs) Reinsch
  89. Didymidium hammeri (Reinsch) Reinsch
  90. Didymidium hammeri f. majus (Reinsch) Reinsch
  91. Didymidium hammeri f. minus (Reinsch) Reinsch
  92. Didymidium hammeri f. octogibbosum (Reinsch) Reinsch
  93. Didymidium herrmannianum (Reinsch) Reinsch,
  94. Didymidium hirsutum (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  95. Didymidium hirsutum f. majus Reinsch
  96. Didymidium hirsutum f. minus Reinsch
  97. Didymidium hystrix (Ralfs) Reinsch
  98. Didymidium hystrix f. majus Reinsch
  99. Didymidium hystrix f. minus Reinsch
  100. Didymidium insigne (Hassall) Reinsch
  101. Didymidium kuetzingianum ('Kützingianum') (Reinsch) Reinsch
  102. Didymidium margaritaceum (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  103. Didymidium margaritaceum f. alternans Reinsch
  104. Didymidium margaritaceum f. bidentatum Reinsch
  105. Didymidium margaritaceum f. decedens Reinsch
  106. Didymidium margaritaceum f. intermedium Reinsch
  107. Didymidium margaritaceum f. margaritaceum Reinsch
  108. Didymidium margaritaceum f. minimum Reinsch
  109. Didymidium margaritaceum f. radiatum Reinsch
  110. Didymidium margaritaceum f. subglabrum Reinsch
  111. Didymidium margaritiferum (Turpin) Reinsch
  112. Didymidium margaritiferum f. majus Reinsch
  113. Didymidium margaritiferum f. medium Reinsch
  114. Didymidium margaritiferum f. minus Reinsch
  115. Didymidium merianii_('meriani') (Reinsch) Reinsch
  116. Didymidium merianii f. majus (Reinsch) Reinsch
  117. Didymidium merianii f. minus (Reinsch) Reinsch
  118. Didymidium minutissimum (Auerswald) Reinsch
  119. Didymidium morsum (Ralfs) Reinsch
  120. Didymidium morsum f. cornutum Reinsch
  121. Didymidium morsum f. inerme Reinsch
  122. Didymidium muticum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  123. Didymidium muticum f. alternans Reinsch
  124. Didymidium muticum f. decedens Reinsch
  125. Didymidium muticum f. minus Reinsch
  126. Didymidium muticum f. muticum Reinsch
  127. Didymidium naegelianum Reinsch
  128. Didymidium norimbergense (Reinsch) Reinsch
  129. Didymidium notabile (Brébisson) Reinsch
  130. Didymidium notabile f. majus Reinsch
  131. Didymidium notabile f. minus Reinsch
  132. Didymidium oblongum (Greville) Reinsch
  133. Didymidium octocorne (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  134. Didymidium orbiculare (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  135. Didymidium orbiculare f. intermedium Reinsch
  136. Didymidium orbiculare f. majus Reinsch
  137. Didymidium orbiculare f. minus Reinsch
  138. Didymidium papilliferum (Ralfs) Reinsch
  139. Didymidium paradoxum (Meyen) Reinsch
  140. Didymidium paradoxum f. mixtum Reinsch
  141. Didymidium paradoxum f. tetracerum Reinsch
  142. Didymidium paradoxum var. alternans Reinsch
  143. Didymidium paradoxum var. cruciforme Reinsch
  144. Didymidium paradoxum f. tetragonum Reinsch
  145. Didymidium paradoxum f. trigonum Reinsch
  146. Didymidium pectinatum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  147. Didymidium pectinatum f. brebissonii Reinsch
  148. Didymidium pectinatum f. rotundatum Reinsch
  149. Didymidium pinnatifidum (Kützing) Reinsch
  150. Didymidium plicatum (Reinsch) Reinsch
  151. Didymidium polygonum (Nägeli) Reinsch
  152. Didymidium polymorphum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  153. Didymidium polymorphum f. heptagonum Reinsch
  154. Didymidium polymorphum f. hexagonum Reinsch
  155. Didymidium polymorphum f. pentagonum Reinsch
  156. Didymidium polymorphum f. tetragonum Reinsch
  157. Didymidium polymorphum f. trigonum Reinsch
  158. Didymidium pringsheimii (Reinsch) Reinsch
  159. Didymidium pringsheimii f. franconicum (Reinsch) Reinsch
  160. Didymidium pringsheimii f. minus (Reinsch) Reinsch \{also on card: [alpha] ellipticum, [beta] trigonum\}
  161. Didymidium pringsheimii f. subcordatum (Reinsch) Reinsch
  162. Didymidium protractum (Nägeli) Reinsch
  163. Didymidium protractum f. majus Reinsch
  164. Didymidium protractum f. minus Reinsch
  165. Didymidium pseudofurcigerum (Reinsch) Reinsch
  166. Didymidium punctulatum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  167. Didymidium punctulatum f. majus Reinsch
  168. Didymidium punctulatum f. minus Reinsch
  169. Didymidium punctulatum var. alternans (Ralfs) Reinsch
  170. Didymidium pyramidatum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  171. Didymidium pyramidatum f. brebissonii Reinsch
  172. Didymidium pyramidatum f. bulnheimii ('Bulnheimi') Reinsch
  173. Didymidium pyramidatum f. franconicum Reinsch
  174. Didymidium quadratum (Ralfs.) Reinsch
  175. Didymidium ralfsii (Brébisson) Reinsch \{also on card, above Brébisson: Ralfs\}
  176. Didymidium regnesi (Reinsch) Reinsch
  177. Didymidium renardii (Reinsch) Reinsch
  178. Didymidium rotatum (Greville) Reinsch
  179. Didymidium sancti-sebaldi_('sancti sebaldi') Reinsch
  180. Didymidium sendtnerianum (Reinsch) Reinsch
  181. Didymidium sexcostatum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  182. Didymidium spinosum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  183. Didymidium spinulosum (Nägeli) Reinsch
  184. Didymidium spongiosum (Brébisson) Reinsch
  185. Didymidium tetraophthalmum (Kützing) Reinsch
  186. Didymidium tigurinum P. Reinsch
  187. Didymidium trilobulatum (Reinsch) Reinsch
  188. Didymidium truncatum f. crenatum (Brébisson) Reinsch \{also on card, above Brébisson: Ralfs\}
  189. Didymidium truncatum f. dentatum Reinsch
  190. Didymidium turgidum f. majus Reinsch
  191. Didymidium undulatum (Corda) Reinsch
  192. Didymidium ungeri (Reinsch) Reinsch
  193. Didymidium ungeri f. tetragonum (Reinsch) Reinsch
  194. Didymidium ungeri f. trigonum (Reinsch) Reinsch
  195. Didymidium varians Reinsch
  196. Didymidium venustum (Hantzsch) Reinsch
  197. Didymidium verrucosum (Ehrenberg) Reinsch
  198. Didymidium vestitum (Ralfs) Reinsch
  199. DIDYMOCARPUS Skottsberg nom. prov.
  200. DIDYMOCHRYSIS Pascher
  201. Didymochrysis paradoxa Pascher
  203. Didymocladon cerberus Bailey
  204. Didymocladon furcigerus (Brébisson) Ralfs
  205. Didymocladon furcigerus Ralfs
  206. Didymocladon longispinus ('longispinum') Bailey
  207. Didymocladon sexangularis Bulnheim
  208. Didymocladon stella Maskell
  209. DIDYMOCYSTIS Korshikov
  210. Didymocystis bicellularis (R. Chodat) Komárek
  211. Didymocystis comasii Komárek
  212. Didymocystis costatodenticulata ('costato-denticulatus') Hortobágyi
  213. Didymocystis costatogranulata ('costato-granulata') (Skuja) Skuja
  214. Didymocystis fina J. Komárek
  215. Didymocystis grahneisii Heynig
  216. Didymocystis inconspicua Korshikov
  217. Didymocystis inermis (Fott) Fott
  218. Didymocystis inermis var. danubialis Hortobágyi invalid
  219. Didymocystis inermis f. simplex Hortobágyi
  220. Didymocystis inermis var. minima Tell
  221. Didymocystis lineata Korshikov
  222. Didymocystis planctonica Korshikov
  223. Didymocystis polonica Bucka
  224. Didymocystis tuberculata Korshikov
  225. DIDYMOGENES Schmidle
  226. Didymogenes anomala (G. M. Smith) Hindák
  227. Didymogenes dubia Fott
  228. Didymogenes granulata (Hortobágyi) Hindák
  229. Didymogenes hortobagyii [(Hortobagyi)] Ergashev invalid \{pcs\}
  230. Didymogenes palatina Schmidle
  231. DIDYMOGENOPSIS Hortobágyi
  232. Didymogenopsis danubialis Hortobágyi
  233. DIDYMOHELIX J.W. Griffith
  234. Didymohelix ferruginea (Ehrenberg) J.W. Griffith
  235. DIDYMONEMA Wei & Hu
  236. Didymonema tibeticum Wei & Hu
  237. DIDYMOPRIUM Kützing
  238. DIDYMOPRIUM Kützing ex Ralfs
  239. DIDYMOPRIUM (Kützing) Gay \{also on card: subgen. of Desmidium\}
  240. Didymoprium borreri (Ralfs) Ralfs
  241. Didymoprium borreri (Ralfs) Ralfs
  242. Didymoprium borreri Ralfs
  243. Didymoprium cylindricum (Greville) Ralfs
  244. Didymoprium cylindricum (Greville) Trevisan
  245. Didymoprium graciliceps (Nordstedt) Nordstedt
  246. Didymoprium graciliceps (Nordstedt) W. B. Turner
  247. Didymoprium graciliceps f. intermedium_('intermedia') (Nordstedt) W.B. Turner
  248. Didymoprium grevillei ('Grevillii') Kützing illeg.
  249. Didymoprium grevillei ('grevillii') Ralfs
  250. Didymoprium grevillei f. minus ('minor') Heimerl
  251. Didymoprium grevillei f. minus ('minor') Dick
  252. Didymoprium grevillei var. ralfsii Kützing
  253. DIDYMOSPHENIA [M. Schmidt] nom. cons.
  254. DIDYMOSPHENIA [M. Schmidt] nom. cons. (cont.)
  255. DIDYMOSPHENIA [(M.S.) Karsten] \{also on card: Section of GOMPHONEMA\}
  256. Didymosphenia curvirostrum (Tempère & Brun) [M. Schmidt]
  257. Didymosphenia dentata var. genuina Skvortsov & Meyer
  258. Didymosphenia dentata f. elongata Skvortsov & Meyer
  259. Didymosphenia dentata var. subcapitata Skvortsov & Meyer
  260. Didymosphenia dentata f. curta Skvortsov & Meyer (CAS)
  261. Didymosphenia fossilis Horikawa & Okuno
  262. Didymosphenia geminata (Lyngbye) M. Schmidt
  263. Didymosphenia geminata var. baicalensis Skvortsov & Meyer
  264. Didymosphenia geminata f. capitata Skvortsov & Meyer
  265. Didymosphenia geminata f. curta Skvortsov & Meyer
  266. Didymosphenia geminata f. curvata Skvortsov & Meyer
  267. Didymosphenia geminata f. elongata Skvortsov & Meyer
  268. Didymosphenia geminata var. curvata Skvortzov & Meyer
  269. Didymosphenia geminata f. curta Skvortsov & Meyer
  270. Didymosphenia geminata f. elongata Skvortsov & Meyer
  271. Didymosphenia geminata var. dorogostaiskyi ('Dorogostaiskii') Skvortsov & Meyer
  272. Didymosphenia geminata f. curta Skvortsov & Meyer
  273. Didymosphenia geminata var. genuina Skvortsov & Meyer
  274. Didymosphenia geminata f. baicalensis Skvortsov & Meyer
  275. Didymosphenia geminata f. curta Skvortsov & Meyer
  276. Didymosphenia geminata var. neocaledonica Manguin
  277. Didymosphenia geminata f. anomala Skvortzov & Meyer
  278. Didymosphenia geminata f. curta Skvortsov & Meyer
  279. Didymosphenia geminata f. curvata Skvortsov
  280. Didymosphenia geminata f. elongata Skvortsov & Meyer
  281. Didymosphenia geminata f. genuina Skvortsov & Meyer
  282. Didymosphenia geminata f. subcapitata Skvortsov
  283. Didymosphenia geminata var. stricta [M. Schmidt]
  284. Didymosphenia geminata f. baicalensis Skvortsov & Meyer
  285. Didymosphenia geminata f. curvata Skvortsov
  287. Didymosporangium repens Lambert
  288. DIDYMOTHRIX Y. Wei & H. Hu
  289. DIECTOCHARA Musacchio
  290. Diectochara andica Musacchio
  291. DIENTAMOEBA Jepps & Dobell
  292. Dientamoeba fragilis Jepps & Dobell
  293. DIEXALLOPHASIS Loeblich Jr.
  294. Diexallophasis absona Wicander
  295. Diexallophasis caperoradiola Loeblich Jr.
  296. Diexallophasis cuspidis Wicander
  297. Diexallophasis denticulata (Stockmans & Willière) Loeblich Jr.
  298. Diexallophasis granulatispinosa (Downie) P. J. Hill
  299. Diexallophasis remota ('remotum') subsp. minor Jardiné et al.
  300. Diexallophasis simplex Wicander & G. D. Wood
  301. DIFAMUS Gäbel
  302. Difamus tunensis Gäbel
  303. DIFFORMIA O.C. Schmidt \{also on card: subsect. of Codium\}
  304. DIGENEA C. Agardh
  305. Digenea dichotoma Audouin
  306. Digenea implexa Zanardini
  307. Digenea lycopodium (C. Agardh) Hering
  308. Digenea simplex (Wulfen) C. Agardh
  309. Digenea simplex var. minor C. Agardh
  310. Digenea subarticulata Simons
  311. Digenea vieillardii ('Vieillardi') Kützing
  312. Digenea wulfenii ('Wulfeni') Kützing
  313. DIGENEOPSIS Simons
  314. Digeneopsis subopaca Simons
  315. DIGITALIFORMIA P. C. Silva \{also on card: section of Codium\}
  316. DIGITELLA L. Morellet & J. Morellet
  317. Digitella dactyloporoides L. Morellet & J. Morellet
  318. DIGITULARIA Vologdin
  319. Digitularia directa Vologdin
  320. Digitularia inconcinna Vologdin
  321. DILABIFILUM Tschermak-Woess
  322. Dilabifilum arthopyreniae (Vischer & Klement) Tschermak-Woess
  323. Dilabifilum incrustans (Vischer) Tschermak-Woess
  324. Dilabifilum printzii (Vischer) Tschermak-Woess
  325. Dilabifilum prostratum P.A. Broady & M. Ingerfeld
  327. Dilatisphaera laevigata Lister
  328. Dilatisphaera williereae (F. Martin) Lister
  329. DILLWINA Grateloup ined.
  330. DILLWINA Grateloup {nomen nudum rejiciendum}
  331. DILLWINELLA \{also on card: cf. Dilwynella\}
  332. DILOMA F.H. Wind & P. Cepek
  333. Diloma placinum F.H. Wind & P. Cepek
  334. Diloma primitivum ('primitiva') (T.R. Worsley) F.H. Wind & P. Cepek \{pcs\}