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  1. DIATOMA A.P. De Candolle
  2. DIATOMA sect. ODONTIDIUM O. Kuntze
  3. DIATOMA subgen. ODONTIDIUM (F.T. Kützing) H. Van Heurck
  4. Diatoma anceps (C.G. Ehrenberg) O. Kirchner
  5. Diatoma anceps var. anomala_('anomalum') (Wm. Smith) H. Van Heurck
  6. Diatoma anceps var. curta_('curtum') (A. Grunow) O. Kirchner
  7. Diatoma anceps f. constricta Ant. Mayer
  8. Diatoma anceps var. fossilis J. Pantocsek
  9. Diatoma anceps var. genuinum (A. Grunow) O. Kirchner
  10. Diatoma anceps var. longissima (A. Grunow) Ant. Mayer
  11. Diatoma arcuata_('arcuatum') H.C. Lyngbye
  12. Diatoma aurita_('auritum') H.C. Lyngbye
  13. Diatoma biddulphiana (J.E. Smith) C.A. Agardh
  14. Diatoma boulei J. Héribaud
  15. Diatoma boulei A. Lauby
  16. Diatoma boulei f. fossilis A. Lauby
  17. Diatoma boulei f. mesodon A. Lauby
  18. Diatoma boulei var. mesodon A. Lauby
  19. Diatoma brachygona_('brachygonum') D. Carmichael
  20. Diatoma capitata A. Lauby
  21. Diatoma coelata F. Dujardin
  22. Diatoma crystallina_('crystallinum') C.A. Agardh
  23. Diatoma cuneata_('cuneatum') G.L. Rabenhorst
  24. Diatoma cuneata_('cuneatum') G.L. Rabenhorst
  25. Diatoma cuneata var. gracilis_('gracile') G.L. Rabenhorst
  26. Diatoma danica Bory
  27. Diatoma danica Bory
  28. Diatoma dissiliens (L.W. Dillwyn) C.A. Agardh
  29. Diatoma ehrenbergii F.T. Kützing
  30. Diatoma ehrenbergii f. capitulata (A. Grunow) H. Lange-Bertalot
  31. Diatoma ehrenbergii f. grandis (Wm. Smith) G.L. Rabenhorst
  32. Diatoma ehrenbergii var. grandis_('grande') (Wm. Smith) J.-J. Brun
  33. Diatoma ehrenbergii f. intermedia G.L. Rabenhorst
  34. Diatoma elongata_('elongatum') (H.C. Lyngbye) C.A. Agardh
  35. Diatoma elongata var. abbreviata_('abbreviatum') G.L. Rabenhorst
  36. Diatoma elongata var. actinastroides W. Krieger
  37. Diatoma elongata var. chappuisii_('chappuisi') H. Bachmann
  38. Diatoma elongata f. curta A. Cleve-Euler
  39. Diatoma elongata var. distorta_('distortum') W. Carruthers
  40. Diatoma elongata var. ehrenbergii (F.T. Kützing) H. Van Heurck
  41. Diatoma elongata var. fuegensis A. Cleve-Euler
  42. Diatoma elongata var. hybrida (A. Grunow) H. Van Heurck
  43. Diatoma elongata var. inflata_('inflatum') W. Carruthers
  44. Diatoma elongata f. lata M. Serbanescu & I. Serbanescu
  45. Diatoma elongata var. minor A. Grunow
  46. Diatoma elongata var. minuta_('minutum') W. Carruthers
  47. Diatoma elongata f. biceps E.E. Manguin
  48. Diatoma elongata var. subsalsa A. Cleve-Euler
  49. Diatoma elongata var. tenuis_('tenue') (C.A. Agardh) H. Van Heurck
  50. Diatoma eulensteinii F.M.H. Welwitsch
  51. Diatoma exigua_('exiguum') A. Grunow
  52. Diatoma fasciata_('fasciatum') (H.C. Lyngbye) C.A. Agardh
  53. Diatoma fasciculata C.A. Agardh
  54. Diatoma fasciculata C.A. Agardh {verso}
  55. Diatoma fasciculata P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan
  56. Diatoma fasciculata_('fasciculatum') P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan
  57. Diatoma fenestrata_('fenestratum') H.C. Lyngbye
  58. Diatoma fenestrata var. flocculosum (A.G. Roth) A. Brébisson
  59. Diatoma flocculosa_('flocculosum') (A.G. Roth) A.P. De Candolle in J.P. Lamark & A.P. De Candolle
  60. Diatoma flabellulata_('flabellulatum') M.M. Jürgens
  61. Diatoma flocculosa var. tenuis (C.A. Agardh) C.A. Agardh
  62. Diatoma fossilis_('fossile') J. Pantocsek
  63. Diatoma fulgens (R.K. Greville) R.K. Greville
  64. Diatoma gracillima_('gracillimum') C.W. Nägeli ex F.T. Kützing
  65. Diatoma gracillima_('gracillimum') C.A. Hantzsch
  66. Diatoma grandis_('grande') Wm. Smith
  67. Diatoma grandis var. asymmetrica F. Meister
  68. Diatoma grandis var. clavigera F. Meister
  69. Diatoma hiemalis --
  70. Diatoma hyalina_('hyalinum') F.T. Kützing
  71. Diatoma hyalina f. minima (J. Ralfs) G.L. Rabenhorst
  72. Diatoma hyalina f. minor G.L. Rabenhorst
  73. Diatoma hyalina f. minor P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan
  74. Diatoma hyemalis_('hyemale') (A.G. Roth) P.A.C. Heiberg
  75. Diatoma hyemalis var. acuta J. Héribaud
  76. Diatoma hyemalis var. genuinum (A. Grunow) O. Kirchner
  77. Diatoma hyemalis var. genuinum (A. Grunow) F. Meister
  78. Diatoma hyemalis f. mesodon (F.T. Kützing) A.I. Forti
  79. Diatoma hyemalis var. mesodon (C.G. Ehrenberg) O. Kirchner
  80. Diatoma hyemalis var. mesodon (C.G. Ehrenberg) H. Van Heurck
  81. Diatoma hyemalis var. turgidula_('turgidulum') (C.G. Ehrenberg) O. Kirchner
  82. Diatoma hyemalis var. turgidulum (C.G. Ehrenberg) Ant. Mayer
  83. Diatoma interstitialis_('interstitiale') C.A. Agardh
  84. Diatoma laetevirens P.K.A. Schousboe
  85. Diatoma latruncularia_('latruncularium') (H.C. Lyngbye) C.A. Agardh
  86. Diatoma liber J.N. Suhr
  87. Diatoma lyngbyei C.A. Agardh
  88. Diatoma marina_('marinum') H.C. Lyngbye
  89. Diatoma marina_('marinum') P.K.A. Schousboe
  90. Diatoma marina_('marinum') P.K.A. Schousboe
  91. Diatoma marina var. brachygona (D. Carmichael) L.A. Brébisson, inval.
  92. Diatoma marina var. effiguratum J.E. Duby
  93. Diatoma marina var. taeniaeformis (C.A. Agardh) L.A. Brébisson, inval.
  94. Diatoma melobesicola P.L. Crouan & H.M. Crouan
  95. Diatoma meneghiniana_('meneghinianum') L.A. Brébisson
  96. Diatoma mesodon F.T. Kützing
  97. Diatoma mesodon var. cuneata (Kützing) Kützing
  98. Diatoma mesodon var. quadrata_('quadratum') F.T. Kützing
  99. Diatoma mesolepta_('mesoleptum') F.T. Kützing
  100. Diatoma minima_('minimum') J. Ralfs
  101. Diatoma minuta_('minutum') P.K.A. Schousboe
  102. Diatoma moniliformis_('moniliforme') F.T. Kützing
  103. Diatoma mutabilis_('mutabile') (Wm. Smith) P.A.C. Heiberg
  104. Diatoma nana_('nanum') A.P. Skabichevskii
  105. Diatoma nana var. linearis_('lineare') A.P. Skabichevskii
  106. Diatoma obliquata (J.E. Smith) C.A. Agardh
  107. Diatoma obliquata_('obliquatum') P.K.A. Schousboe
  108. Diatoma obtusata P.K.A. Schousboe
  109. Diatoma obtusata P.K.A. Schousboe
  110. Diatoma obtusa_('obtusum') O. Kirchner
  111. Diatoma oulei A. Lauby
  112. Diatoma ovalis F. Fricke
  113. Diatoma parasitica_('parasiticum') (C.A. Agardh) C.A. Agardh
  114. Diatoma paxillifera_('paxilliferum') L.A. Brébisson
  115. Diatoma pectinalis_('pectinale') (C.L. Nitzsch) F.T. Kützing
  116. Diatoma pectinalis f. constricta B. Liebetanz
  117. Diatoma pectinalis var. inflatum J. Pantocsek & P. Greguss
  118. Diatoma pectinalis var. subcapitata E.V. Østrup
  119. Diatoma pectinalis (O.F. Müller) C.A. Agardh
  120. Diatoma problematica H. Lange-Bertalot
  121. Diatoma ramesii_('ramesi') A. Lauby
  122. Diatoma pectinalis var. capitata J. Héribaud
  123. Diatoma ramosa_('ramosum') C.A. Agardh
  124. Diatoma rhombica_('rhombicum') E. O'Meara
  125. Diatoma rigida_('rigidum') A.P. de Candolle in J.P. Lamark & A.P. de Candolle
  126. Diatoma rotundata P.K.A. Schousboe
  127. Diatoma scalaris J.P.A.S. Grateloup
  128. Diatoma sera F. Dujardin
  129. Diatoma signata F. Dujardin
  130. Diatoma sinuata_('sinuatum') F. Hustedt
  131. Diatoma stellaris_('stellare') J. Ralfs
  132. Diatoma stellaris Bailey
  133. Diatoma stipitata (J.E. Smith) C.A. Agardh
  134. Diatoma subtilis_('subtile') A. Grunow
  135. Diatoma sulphurascens C.A. Agardh
  136. Diatoma swartzii C.A. Agardh
  137. Diatoma tabellaris F. Dujardin
  138. Diatoma tabulata C.A. Agardh
  139. Diatoma taeniiformis_('taeniaeformis') (J.E. Smith) C. Agardh
  140. Diatoma tenuis C.A. Agardh
  141. Diatoma tenuis var. cuneata_('cuneatum') F.T. Kützing
  142. Diatoma tenuis var. densestriata A. Grunow
  143. Diatoma tenuis var. dimota_('dimotum') F.T. Kützing
  144. Diatoma tenuis var. elongata_('elongatum') H.C. Lyngbye
  145. Diatoma tenuis var. fragilarioides L.A. Brébisson
  146. Diatoma tenuis var. fragilarioides L.A. Brébisson
  147. Diatoma tenuis var. hybrida A. Grunow
  148. Diatoma tenuis var. inflata_('inflatum') Ant. Mayer
  149. Diatoma tenuis var. intermedia_('intermedium') F.T. Kützing
  150. Diatoma tenuis var. marina_('marinum') H.C. Lyngbye
  151. Diatoma tenuis var. mesolepta_('mesoleptum') (F.T. Kützing) A. Grunow
  152. Diatoma tenuis var. minor_('minus') A. Grunow
  153. Diatoma tenuis var. moniliformis_('moniliforme') F.T. Kützing
  154. Diatoma tenuis var. normalis_('normale') F.T. Kützing
  155. Diatoma tenuis var. pachycephala A. Grunow
  156. Diatoma tenuis var. paradoxa_('paradoxum') F.T. Kützing
  157. Diatoma tenuis var. van-heurckii A. Cleve-Euler
  158. Diatoma tenuis f. abbreviata (J. Pantocsek) A. Cleve-Euler
  159. Diatoma tenuis f. reducta A. Clever-Euler
  160. Diatoma tenuis var. van-heurckii f. subcapitata (E.V. Østrup) A. Cleve-Euler
  161. Diatoma truncata_('truncatum') (R.K. Greville) R.K. Greville
  162. Diatoma unipunctata_('unipunctatum') (Lyngbye) C.A. Agardh
  163. Diatoma variabilis_('variabile') G.L. Rabenhorst
  164. Diatoma variabilis var. cuneata_('cuneatum') G.L. Rabenhorst
  165. Diatoma variabilis var. intermedia_('intermedium') (F.T. Kützing) G.L. Rabenhorst
  166. Diatoma variabilis var. moniliformis_('moniliforme') (F.T. Kützing) G.L. Rabenhorst
  167. Diatoma variegata_('variegatum') C.A. Agardh
  168. Diatoma vesiculosa_('vesiculosum') C.A. Agardh
  169. Diatoma vexilla_('vexillum') M.M. Jürgens
  170. Diatoma virescens (J. Ralfs) A.H. Hassall
  171. Diatoma viridula_('viridulum') P.K.A. Schousboe
  172. Diatoma vitrea_('vitreum') F.T. Kützing
  173. Diatoma vulgaris Bory
  174. Diatoma vulgaris Bory
  175. Diatoma vulgaris f. abbreviata J. Pantocsek
  176. Diatoma vulgaris var. baicalensis B.V. Skvortzov & C.I. Meyer
  177. Diatoma vulgaris var. brevis_('breve') A. Grunow
  178. Diatoma vulgaris f. brevis (A. Grunow) A. Kurz
  179. Diatoma vulgaris var. capitulata A. Grunow
  180. Diatoma vulgaris f. tenuicollis_('tenuicolle') Ant. Mayer
  181. Diatoma vulgaris var. constricta A. Grunow
  182. Diatoma vulgaris f. baicalensis B.V. Skvortzov & C.I. Meyer
  183. Diatoma vulgaris f. cuneata (F.T. Kützing) G.L. Rabenhorst
  184. Diatoma vulgaris var. ehrenbergii (F.T. Kützing) A. Grunow
  185. Diatoma vulgaris f. capitulata (A. Grunow) A. Kurz
  186. Diatoma vulgaris f. elliptica G.L. Rabenhorst
  187. Diatoma vulgaris var. genuina_('genuinum') A. Grunow
  188. Diatoma vulgaris var. grandis_('grande') (Wm. Smith) A. Grunow
  189. Diatoma vulgaris var. linearis Van Heurck
  190. Diatoma vulgaris f. minor A.I. Forti
  191. Diatoma vulgaris f. ovata G.L. Rabenhorst
  192. Diatoma vulgaris var. producta_('productum') A. Grunow
  193. Diatoma vulgaris f. producta (A. Grunow) A. Kurz
  194. Diatoma vulgaris f. quadrata (F.T. Kützing) G.L. Rabenhorst
  195. Diatoma vulgaris f. quadrata G. Balsamo
  196. Diatoma vulgaris f. subsalina A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  197. Diatomella balfouriana R.K. Greville
  198. Diatomella balfouriana f. constricta G. Krasske ex Hustedt
  199. Diatomella hustedtii E.E. Manguin
  200. Diatomella parva E.E. Manguin
  201. Diatomella salina M. Voigt
  202. Diatomella salina var. brevistriata M. Voigt
  203. Diatomella salina var. septata (Nik.) I.V. Makarova
  204. DIATOMOSIRA V.B.A. Trevisan de Saint-Léon
  205. Diatomosira hyalina (F.T. Kützing) Trevisan
  206. Diatomosira pectinalis (C.L. Nitzsch) V.B.A. Trevisan de Saint-Léon
  207. Diatomosira vitrea (Kützing) Trevisan
  209. Diazomatolithus lehmani D. Noël
  210. Diazomatolithus pulcher (S.I. Shumenko) S.I. Shumenko
  211. Diazomatolithus subbeticus W. Grün
  213. Diblepharomonas stercoralis G. Penso
  214. DICARPELLA Bory
  215. Dicarpella fastigiata (A.G. Roth) Bory
  216. Dicarpella violacea (A.G. Roth) Bory
  217. DICELLA L.F.F. Werneck
  218. DICELLULA D.O. Svirenko
  219. Dicellula geminata (K.H.O. Printz) A.A. Korshikov
  220. Dicellula inermis B. Fott
  221. Dicellula planctonica D.O. Svirenko
  222. Dicellula planctonica f. simplicior H. Bucka
  223. DICERAS L. Reverdin
  224. Diceras chodatii_('chodati') L. Reverdin
  225. Diceras longispinum J.W.G. Lund
  226. Diceras ohridana B. Fott
  227. Diceras ollula B. Fott
  228. Diceras phaseolus B. Fott
  229. Diceras skujae_('Skujai') A. Nauwerck
  230. DICERCOMONAS K.M. Diesing
  231. Dicercomonas succisa (J.A.M. Perty) K.M. Diesing
  232. DICERCOMONAS G.B. Grassi
  234. Dicercomonas intestinalis (F. Dujardin) G.B. Grassi
  235. Dicercomonas muris G.B. Grassi
  236. DICERCOMONAS A.J. Chalmers & W. Pekkola
  237. Dicercomonas soudanensis A.J. Chalmers & W. Pekkola
  239. Dichadogonyaulax culmula (G. Norris) W.A.S. Sarjeant
  240. Dichadogonyaulax culmula (G. Norris) A.R. Loeblich Jr. & A.R. Loeblich III
  241. Dichadogonyaulax pannea (G. Norris) W.A.S. Sarjeant
  242. Dichadogonyaulax pannea (G. Norris) W.A.S. Sarjeant
  243. Dichadogonyaulax schizoblata (G. Norris) W.A.S. Sarjeant
  244. Dichadogonyaulax schizoblata (G. Norris) W.A.S. Sarjeant
  245. DICHLORIA R.K. Greville
  246. Dichloria viridis (O.F. Müller) R.K. Greville
  247. DICHOCLINIA J.G. Agardh
  248. DICHOCODUS C.W. Nägeli
  249. DICHOMENIS C.G. Ehrenberg
  250. Dichomenis subtilis C.G. Ehrenberg
  251. DICHONEMA C.L. Blume & T.F.L. Nees
  252. Dichonema erectum M.J. Berkeley
  253. Dichonema sericeum J.P.F.C. Montagne
  254. DICHOPHYCUS G. Zanardini
  255. Dichophycus repens (C.A. Agardh) G.A.M. Zanardini
  256. DICHOPHYLLIUM F.T. Kützing
  257. Dichophyllium dentatum F.T. Kützing
  258. Dichophyllium denticulatum F.T. Kützing
  259. Dichophyllium dichotomum (Hudson) Kützing
  260. Dichophyllium fasciola (A.W. Roth) F.T. Kützing
  261. Dichophyllium implexum (R.L. Desfontaines) F.T. Kützing
  262. Dichophyllium kunthii (C. Agardh) Kützing
  263. Dichophyllium lineare (C. Agardh) Kützing
  264. Dichophyllium vulgare F.T. Kützing
  266. Dichosporangium chordariae R. Wollny
  267. Dichosporangium repens (F. Hauck) F. Hauck
  268. Dichosporangium repens f. varians M.H. Foslie
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