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  1. DENTICULA Kützing
  2. DENTICULA Grunow
  3. Denticula acuta Rabenhorst CAS
  4. Denticula amphicephala Hustedt CAS
  5. Denticula amphicephala var. simplex Hustedt CAS
  6. Denticula antarctica (Castracane) Carlson CAS
  7. Denticula antarctica McCollum CAS
  8. Denticula antillarum Cleve CAS
  9. Denticula bacillum Hustedt CAS
  10. Denticula balatonis Pantocsek
  11. Denticula belehradekii_('belehradeki') Jurilj
  12. Denticula bicuneata Hustedt CAS
  13. Denticula capitata Gregory CAS
  14. Denticula constricta Kützing CAS
  15. Denticula costata Hustedt CAS
  16. Denticula crassula Naegeli CAS
  17. Denticula creticola (ěstrup) Lange-Bertalot & Krammer CAS
  18. Denticula cyprica (Grunow) Pelletan
  19. Denticula debyi Leuduger-Fortmorel CAS
  20. Denticula decipiens Arnott CAS
  21. Denticula dimorpha Schrader CAS
  22. Denticula distans Gregory CAS
  23. Denticula dusenii Cleve CAS
  24. Denticula elegans Kützing CAS
  25. Denticula elegans var. africana Hustedt CAS
  26. Denticula elegans f. constricta Krasske CAS
  27. Denticula elegans var. cyprica Grunow in Van Heurck CAS
  28. Denticula elegans var. hinganica Skvortzov CAS
  29. Denticula elegans var. lacus-karluki ('lacus karluki') Manguin
  30. Denticula elegans var. lanceolata Grunow
  31. Denticula elegans var. linearis Manguin CAS
  32. Denticula elegans var. robusta Manguin in Bourrelly & Manguin CAS
  33. Denticula elegans (Kützing) Frenguelli CAS
  34. Denticula elegans var. valida Pedicino
  35. Denticula elongata Hustedt CAS
  36. Denticula exigua (Grunow) ěstrup CAS
  37. Denticula eximia Krammer & Lange-Bertalot in Lange-Bertalot & Krammer CAS
  38. Denticula frigida var. capitata Brun CAS
  39. Denticula frigida var. cuneata Brun CAS
  40. Denticula frigida f. major Rabenhorst CAS
  41. Denticula fulva Gregory CAS
  42. Denticula fusiformis Manguin in Bourrelly & Manguin CAS
  43. Denticula hustedtii Simonsen & Kanaya CAS
  44. Denticula hustedtii var. ovata Schrader CAS
  45. Denticula hyalina Schrader CAS
  46. Denticula hyalina var. hustedtii Schrader CAS
  47. Denticula frigida Kützing CAS
  48. Denticula indica Grunow in Van Heurck CAS
  49. Denticula inflata W. Smith CAS
  50. Denticula interrupta Gregory CAS
  51. Denticula interrupta Reichelt CAS
  52. Denticula islandica ěstrup CAS
  53. Denticula kamtchatka Sabelina CAS
  54. Denticula kittoniana Grunow in Van Heurck CAS
  55. Denticula kuetzingii Grunow
  56. Denticula kuetzingii Grunow CAS
  57. Denticula kuetzingii var. major Grunow
  58. Denticula kuetzingii var. rumrichiae_('rumrichae') Krammer
  59. Denticula laevis Gregory CAS
  60. Denticula lanceolata Hustedt CAS
  61. Denticula lata Hustedt CAS
  62. Denticula lauta Bailey CAS
  63. Denticula lauta var. ovata Schrader CAS
  64. Denticula linearis Hustedt CAS
  65. Denticula marina Gregory CAS
  66. Denticula marina Semina CAS
  67. Denticula mesolepta (Grunow) Meister
  68. Denticula minor Gregory CAS
  69. Denticula miocenica Schrader CAS
  70. Denticula mutabilis (W. Smith) O'Meara CAS
  71. Denticula nana Gregory CAS
  72. Denticula neritica Holmes & Croll CAS
  73. Denticula nicobarica Grunow CAS
  74. Denticula norwegica Schrader in Schrader & Fenner CAS
  75. Denticula obtusa (Lyngbye) Kützing
  76. Denticula occidentalis ěstrup CAS
  77. Denticula ocellata W. Smith CAS
  78. Denticula ornata Gregory CAS
  79. Denticula oestrupii A. Cleve
  80. Denticula palea (Nitzsch) A.M. Edwards
  81. Denticula parva Hustedt CAS
  82. Denticula paucicostata Meister CAS
  83. Denticula pelagica Hustedt CAS
  84. Denticula praedimorpha Akiba CAS
  85. Denticula punctata Schrader CAS
  86. Denticula punctata f. hustedtii Schrader CAS
  87. Denticula rainierensis Sovereign CAS
  88. Denticula rhynchocephala Hustedt CAS
  89. Denticula rhynchocephala var. tenuis Hustedt CAS
  90. Denticula robusta Hustedt CAS
  91. Denticula robusta var. dubia Hustedt CAS
  92. Denticula seminae Simonsen & Kanaya CAS
  93. Denticula seminae var. fossilis Schrader CAS
  94. Denticula seriata Hustedt CAS
  95. Denticula sinuata Thwaites ex W. Smith
  96. Denticula spathulifera Hustedt CAS
  97. Denticula staurophora Gregory
  98. Denticula subtilis Grunow CAS
  99. Denticula sundaysensis Archibald CAS
  100. Denticula tabellaria Grunow
  101. Denticula tabellaria Grunow CAS
  102. Denticula tenuis Kützing CAS
  103. Denticula tenuis var. antarctica Fritsch CAS
  104. Denticula tenuis var. bicuneata Grunow in Van Heurck CAS
  105. Denticula tenuis var. crassula (Naegeli) West & West
  106. Scanning error
  107. Denticula tenuis f. diminuta Manguin CAS
  108. Denticula tenuis var. elongata Bachmann
  109. Denticula tenuis var. frigida (Kützing) Grunow in Van Heurck CAS
  110. Denticula tenuis var. genuina Grunow in Van Heurck CAS
  111. Denticula tenuis var. genuina Mayer CAS
  112. Denticula tenuis var. inflata (W. Smith) Grunow in Van Heurck CAS
  113. Denticula tenuis var. intermedia Grunow in Van Heurck CAS
  114. Denticula tenuis var. mesolepta Grunow in Van Heurck CAS
  115. Denticula thermalis Kützing CAS
  116. Denticula thermalis var. minor Grunow
  117. Denticula thermalis var. rupestris Kützing CAS
  118. Denticula undulata (Ehrenberg) Kützing CAS
  119. Denticula valida (Pedicino) Grunow in Van Heurck CAS
  120. Denticula valida f. major Grunow in Van Heurck CAS
  121. Denticula valida f. minor Grunow in Van Heurck CAS
  122. Denticula vanheurckii_('van heurcki') Brun
  123. Denticula vanheurckii var. angusta Hustedt CAS
  124. Denticula vanheurckii var. obtusa Hustedt CAS
  125. Denticula vanheurckii var. subrobusta Hustedt CAS
  126. Denticula vanheurckii f. trigona Hustedt CAS
  127. Denticula vanheurckii f. ventricosa Hustedt CAS
  128. Denticula wipplingeri Cholnoky CAS
  129. Denticula yberiensis Frenguelli CAS
  130. DENTICULOPSIS Simonsen
  131. Denticulopsis dimorpha (Schrader) Simonsen CAS
  132. Denticulopsis hustedtii (Simonsen & Kanaya) Simonsen CAS
  133. Denticulopsis hustedtii var. aspera Maruyama in Harwood & Maruyama CAS
  134. Denticulopsis hustedtii var. ovata (Schrader) Simonsen
  135. Denticulopsis hyalina (Schrader) Simonsen
  136. Denticulopsis hyalina var. hustedtii (Schrader) Desikachary & Gowthaman
  137. Denticulopsis kamtschatica (Zabelina) Simonsen CAS
  138. Denticulopsis lauta (Bailey) Simonsen CAS
  139. Denticulopsis lauta var. ovata (Schrader) Simonsen CAS
  140. Denticulopsis maccollumii Simonsen CAS
  141. Denticulopsis meridionalis Maruyama in Harwood & Maruyama CAS
  142. Denticulopsis miocenica_('miocaenica') (Schrader) Simonsen
  143. Denticulopsis nicobarica (Grunow) Simonsen CAS
  144. Denticulopsis norwegica_('norvegica') (Schrader) Simonsen
  145. Denticulopsis praedimorpha (F. Akiba) J. A. Barron CAS
  146. Denticulopsis praedimorpha J. A. Barron ex F. Akiba CAS
  147. Denticulopsis praehyalina Tanimura CAS
  148. Denticulopsis praelauta Akiba & Koizumi in Akiba CAS
  149. Denticulopsis punctata (Schrader) Simonsen CAS
  150. Denticulopsis punctata f. hustedtii (Schrader) Simonsen CAS
  151. Denticulopsis seminae (Simonsen & Kanaya) Simonsen CAS
  152. Denticulopsis seminae var. fossilis (Schrader) Desikachary & Gowthaman
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