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  1. DELESSERIA Lamouroux
  2. DELESSERIA \{also on card: [section] of Delesseria\}
  3. DELESSERIA \{also on card: [section]'s by Lestiboudois\}
  4. DELESSERIA \{also on card: Tribes by C. Agardh\}
  5. DELESSERIA \{also on card: [section]'s by J. Agardh\}
  6. DELESSERIA \{also on card: sections by J. Agardh\}
  7. DELESSERIA \{also on card: subgenus or section Apoglossum J. Agardh\}
  8. Delesseria adnata Zanardini
  9. Delesseria aemula A.J.K. Millar & M.J. Wynne
  10. Delesseria alata (Turner) Lamouroux
  11. Delesseria alata var. angustifolia Lyngbye
  12. Delesseria alata var. angustifolia Crouan frat.
  13. Delesseria alata var. angustifolia Le Jolis
  14. Delesseria alata var. angustissima S.F. Gray
  15. Delesseria alata var. angustissima (Turner) C. Agardh
  16. Delesseria alata var. angustissima (Turner) Greville
  17. Delesseria alata var. beringiana Ruprecht
  18. Delesseria alata var. dentata Montagne
  19. Delesseria alata var. denticulata Montagne
  20. Delesseria alata var. dilatata S. F. Gray
  21. Delesseria alata var. europaea Ruprecht
  22. Delesseria alata var. filiformis (Stackhouse) Ruprecht
  23. Delesseria alata var. latissima W.H. Harvey
  24. Delesseria alata var. phyllophora Ruprecht
  25. Delesseria alata var. prolifera Suhr
  26. Delesseria alata var. spinulosa Ruprecht
  27. Delesseria amansioides Sonder
  28. Delesseria amboinensis G. Karsten
  29. Delesseria americana C. Agardh
  30. Delesseria amethystina Schousboe
  31. Delesseria angustissima (Turner) Harvey
  32. Delesseria antarctica Skottsberg
  33. Delesseria appendiculata Mazza
  34. Delesseria armata J. Agardh
  35. Delesseria armata J. Agardh
  36. Delesseria baeri_('baerii') Ruprecht
  37. Delesseria baeri var. corymbosa (J. Agardh) Rosenvinge
  38. Delesseria balearica Rodríguez
  39. Delesseria bartoniae Schmitz
  40. Delesseria bartoniae Schmitz
  41. Delesseria beccarii Zanardini
  42. Delesseria beccarii Zanardini
  43. Delesseria belayevii Zinova
  44. Delesseria bengalensis (Martens) Prain
  45. Delesseria beringiana Ruprecht
  46. Delesseria beringiana 'form' denticulata (Mont.) Ruprecht
  47. Delesseria beringiana f. phyllophora Ruprecht
  48. Delesseria beringiana var. spinulosa Ruprecht
  49. Delesseria bifida (Turner) Lamouroux
  51. Delesseria bipinnatifida Montagne
  52. Delesseria bipinnatifida Montagne
  53. Delesseria biradicosa Mazza mscr.
  54. Delesseria bonnemaisonii ('bonnemaisoni') C. Agardh \{pcs\}
  55. Delesseria bonnemaisonii var. cuneata Greville in litt.
  56. Delesseria botryocarpa Lamouroux
  58. Delesseria botryocarpa (Turner) C. Agardh
  59. Delesseria bracteata (Turner) Lamouroux
  61. Delesseria brodiaei (Turner) Lamouroux
  62. Delesseria californica J. Agardh
  63. Delesseria carnosa Reinsch
  64. Delesseria carnosa f. latiloba Reinsch
  65. Delesseria carnosa f. rotundata Reinsch
  66. Delesseria caulescens (Gmelin) Lamouroux
  68. Delesseria chordalis C. Agardh
  69. Delesseria ciliaris Lamouroux
  70. Delesseria ciliata (Turner) Lamouroux
  71. Delesseria ciliata Schousboe
  72. Delesseria coccinea (Hudson) C. Agardh
  73. Delesseria commandorensis E. S. Sinova
  74. Delesseria complanata Ruprecht
  75. Delesseria condensata Reinsch
  76. Delesseria corallorhiza Schousboe
  77. Delesseria coriifolia ('corifolia') Harvey
  78. Delesseria cornea (Hudson) Greville
  79. Delesseria corymbosa J. Agardh
  80. Delesseria crassifolia Ruprecht
  81. Delesseria crassifolia f. pulcherrima E. S. Sinova
  82. Delesseria crassifolia f. typica [E. S. Sinova]
  83. Delesseria crassinervia Montagne
  84. Delesseria crenata (Gmelin) Ruprecht
  85. Delesseria conferta (Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh
  86. Delesseria crenata J. Agardh mscr. in Hb.
  87. Delesseria crenata var. ciliata (Lyngbye) Ruprecht
  88. Delesseria crenata var. crassifolia Ruprecht
  89. Delesseria crenata var. incrassata (Turner) Ruprecht
  90. Delesseria crenata var. lingulata (C. Agardh) Ruprecht
  91. Delesseria crenata var. quercifolia (Turner) Ruprecht
  92. Delesseria crenata var. serratiloba Ruprecht
  93. Delesseria crispa (Zanardini) Zanardini
  94. Delesseria crispa "Sonder"
  95. Delesseria crispatula Harvey
  96. Delesseria crozetii Levring
  97. Delesseria cruenta (Harvey) J. Agardh
  98. Delesseria davisii J. Hooker & Harvey
  99. Delesseria decipiens J. Agardh
  100. Delesseria dendroides Harvey
  101. Delesseria dendroides var. lancifolia Harvey
  102. Delesseria dendroides var. oblongifolia Harvey
  103. Delesseria dentata (Turner) Lamouroux
  105. Delesseria denticulata (Montagne) Montagne
  106. Delesseria denticulata Harvey
  107. Delesseria denticulata J. Agardh
  108. Delesseria denticulata f. rostrata (Lyngbye) F. S. Collins
  109. Delesseria dichotoma J. Hooker & Harvey
  110. Delesseria edulis (Stackhouse) Lamouroux
  111. Delesseria endiviifolia ('endiviaefolia') J. Hooker & Harvey
  112. Delesseria epiglossum J. Agardh
  113. Delesseria erinacea (Turner) Lamouroux
  115. Delesseria exigua Rodríguez y Femenías in herb. Thuret
  116. Delesseria ferlusii Hariot
  117. Delesseria ferrarii Bonnemaison & Lamouroux \{also on card: sec. Lenormand\}
  118. Delesseria ferrarii Lamouroux mscr.
  119. Delesseria filicina Lamouroux
  120. Delesseria fimbriata Lamouroux
  121. Delesseria fimbriata (cont.)
  122. Delesseria fimbriata {info}
  123. Delesseria fimbriata (Greville) Montagne
  124. Delesseria fimbriata de la Pylaie ex J. Agardh
  125. Delesseria flaccida Lamouroux
  126. Delesseria fraxinifolia (Mertens ex Turner) C. Agardh
  127. Delesseria frondosa J. Hooker & Harvey
  128. Delesseria fuegiensis Skottsberg
  129. Delesseria glandulosa (Solander ex Turner) C. Agardh
  130. Delesseria gmelinii ('gmelini') Lamouroux
  131. Delesseria granosa Chauvin mscr.
  132. Delesseria griffithsia Suhr
  133. Delesseria griffitsiae C. Agardh in herb.
  134. Delesseria griffithsiana "Suhr"
  135. Delesseria hancockii W.R. Taylor
  136. Delesseria harveyana J. Agardh
  137. Delesseria heterocystidea J. Agardh
  138. Delesseria hilliae Greville
  139. Delesseria hombroniana (Montagne) Ruprecht
  140. Delesseria hookeri Lyall ex Harvey
  141. Delesseria hypoglossum_('hypoglossa') (Turner) Lamouroux
  142. Delesseria hypoglossoides Harvey
  143. Delesseria hypoglossum var. angustifolia (Kützing) Hauck
  144. Delesseria hypoglossum f. angustifolia (Kützing) Van Heurck
  145. Delesseria hypoglossum f. crispa (Zanardini) Hauck
  146. Delesseria hypoglossum var. angustissima J. Agardh
  147. Delesseria hypoglossum var. arborescens Lenormand in herb.
  148. Delesseria hypoglossum var. arborescens Harvey mscr.
  149. Delesseria hypoglossum f. crispa (Zanardini) Crouan frat.
  150. Delesseria hypoglossum var. crispum (Zanardini) Zanardini
  151. Delesseria hypoglossum var. filiformis Lenormand in herb.
  152. Delesseria hypoglossum var. filiformis Zanardini
  153. Delesseria hypoglossum f. glomerata Chauvin
  154. Delesseria hypoglossum var. incrassata (Turner) Ruprecht
  155. Delesseria hypoglossum var. lomentacea (Zanardini) Ardissone
  156. Delesseria hypoglossum var. minor (Turner) Ruprecht
  157. Delesseria hypoglossum var. ovalifolia J. Agardh
  158. Delesseria hypoglossum var. penicillata (Zanardini) Hauck
  159. Delesseria hypoglossum f. recurvata Heydrich
  160. Delesseria hypoglossum var. spatulifolia Solier
  161. Delesseria hypoglossum var. woodwardii (Kützing) Hauck
  162. Delesseria hypoglossum f. woodwardii (Kützing) Van Heurck
  163. Delesseria imbricata J. E. Areschoug
  164. Delesseria imbricata Schousboe
  165. Delesseria intermedia J. Agardh
  166. Delesseria interrupta C. Agardh
  167. Delesseria involvens Harvey
  168. Delesseria juergensii (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  169. Delesseria kurilensis Ruprecht
  170. Delesseria kylinii Papenfuss ined.
  171. Delesseria lacera Lamouroux
  173. Delesseria lacerata (Gmelin) Lamouroux
  174. Delesseria lacerata var. granatea (Lamouroux) Chevallier
  175. Delesseria lacerata var. uncinata (Turner) C. Agardh
  176. Delesseria laciniata (Hudson) Greville
  177. Delesseria laciniata Kützing
  178. Delesseria lancifolia J. Agardh
  179. Delesseria lancifolia var. minor Laing
  180. Delesseria larsenii Skottsberg
  181. Delesseria laurifolia (J. Agardh) Kylin
  182. Delesseria leiphaemia (Montagne) Howe
  183. Delesseria leprieurii Montagne
  184. Delesseria leprieurii var. polychotoma Okamura
  185. Delesseria leprieurii var. subfasciculata Okamura
  186. Delesseria ligulata S. F. Gray
  187. Delesseria ligulata Reinsch
  188. Delesseria ligulata var. incrassifolia S. F. Gray
  189. Delesseria ligulata var. minor S. F. Gray
  190. Delesseria linearis Laing
  191. Delesseria lingulata Duby
  192. Delesseria lobata Lamouroux
  193. Delesseria lobata Schousboe
  194. Delesseria lomentacea Zanardini
  195. Delesseria lyallii_('lyalii') J. Hooker & Harvey
  196. Delesseria macloviana Skottsberg
  197. Delesseria marginifera J. Agardh
  198. Delesseria membranifolia (Turner) Lamouroux
  200. Delesseria middendorffii Ruprecht
  201. Delesseria minor Baardseth
  202. Delesseria minuta Kützing
  203. Delesseria mnioides Harvey
  204. Delesseria montagneana J. Agardh
  205. Delesseria montagnei Kjellman
  206. Delesseria montagnei var. rostrata (Lyngbye) Rosenvinge
  207. Delesseria montagnei var. angustifolia (Lyngbye) Rosenvinge
  208. Delesseria nana Schousboe
  209. Delesseria nereifolia Harvey
  210. Delesseria nervosa (DC) Lamouroux
  211. Delesseria nicaeensis Lamouroux in herb.
  212. Delesseria ocellata (Lamouroux) Lamouroux
  213. Delesseria oppositifolia Harvey
  214. Delesseria opuntioides J. Agardh
  215. Delesseria ovifolia Suhr
  216. Delesseria palmata (Turner) Lamouroux
  218. Delesseria palmetta Lamouroux
  219. Delesseria papenfussii Wynne
  220. Delesseria papyracea Schousboe
  221. Delesseria parisiensis Wat.
  222. Delesseria penicillata Zanardini
  223. Delesseria peruviana Montagne
  224. Delesseria peruviana Montagne
  225. Delesseria phylloloma Montagne
  226. Delesseria phylloloma Montagne
  227. Delesseria phyllophora J. Agardh
  228. Delesseria platycarpa (Turner) Lamouroux
  229. Delesseria pleurospora Harvey
  230. Delesseria plocamium (Gmelin) C. Agardh
  231. Delesseria plocamium var. costata C. Agardh
  232. Delesseria plocamium var. procera C. Agardh
  233. Delesseria plocamium var. uncinata C. Agardh
  234. Delesseria polydactyla Reinsch
  235. Delesseria pontica Deckenbach
  236. Delesseria pristoides (Turner) Lamouroux
  237. Delesseria propinqua J. Agardh mscr.
  238. Delesseria protendens J. Agardh
  239. Delesseria pseudopalmata (Lamouroux) Lamouroux
  240. Delesseria punctata (Stackhouse) C. Agardh
  241. Delesseria pusilla Schousboe
  242. Delesseria pygmaea (Martens) Prain
  243. Delessertia quercifolia Bory
  244. Delesseria quercifolia Bory
  245. Delesseria quercifolia var. linearis Collins
  246. Delesseria quercifolia var. linearis (F. S. Collins) Collins
  247. Delesseria radicosa Okamura
  248. Delesseria ramentacea C. Agardh
  249. Delesseria revoluta Harvey
  250. Delesseria rhodantha Harvey
  251. Delesseria rigida Harvey
  252. Delesseria rossica E. S. Sinova
  253. Delesseria rostrata (Lyngbye) Ruprecht prov.
  254. Delesseria rostrata (Lyngbye) J. Agardh
  255. Delesseria rubens (Turner) Lamouroux
  256. Delesseria ruscifolia (Turner) Lamouroux
  257. Delesseria ruscifolia var. firmior J. Agardh in herb.
  258. Delesseria ruscifolia var. minor (Turner) C. Agardh
  259. Delesseria ruscifolia var. minor S. F. Gray
  260. Delesseria saccata Lamouroux
  261. Delesseria salicifolia Reinsch
  262. Delesseria sandriana Zanardini
  263. Delesseria sanguinea Zanardini
  264. Delesseria sanguinea (Turner) Lamouroux
  265. Delesseria sanguinea var. lanceolata C. Agardh
  266. Delesseria sanguinea var. lancifolia J. Hooker & Harvey
  267. Delesseria sanguinea var. latifolia Carmichael
  268. Delesseria sanguinea var. ligulata Kützing
  269. Delesseria saudriana Meneghini [mss]
  270. Delesseria saudriana Meneghini [mscr.] \{also on card: corrected to sandriana by Kützing, 1849\}
  271. Delesseria schousboei J. Agardh
  272. Delesseria serrata Postels & Ruprecht
  273. Delesseria serrata 'Harvey'
  274. Delesseria serratodentata Skottsberg
  275. Delesseria serrulata Harvey
  276. Delesseria similans J. Agardh
  277. Delesseria sinuosa (Goodenough & Woodward) Lamouroux
  279. Delesseria sinuosa f. angusta Kjellman
  280. Delesseria sinuosa var. ciliata Lyngbye
  281. Delesseria sinuosa var. incrassata (Turner) S. F. Gray
  282. Delesseria sinuosa var. lingulata C. Agardh
  283. Delesseria sinuosa f. lingulata (C. Agardh) Foslie
  284. Delesseria sinuosa var. quercifolia C. Agardh
  285. Delesseria sinuosa f. quercifolia (Turner) Foslie
  286. Delesseria sinuosa f. typica Kjellman
  287. Delesseria sobolifera (Vahl) Lamouroux
  288. Delesseria spathulata Sonder
  289. Delesseria spermophora (Turner) Lamouroux
  291. Delesseria spinulosa (Ruprecht) J. Agardh
  292. Delesseria spiralis Lamouroux
  293. Delesseria squamariae 'Meneghini'
  294. Delesseria stephanocarpa (A. Gepp & E. S. Gepp) Skottsberg
  295. Delesseria stiriata (Turner) Lamouroux
  296. Delesseria subcostata (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  297. Delesseria subdichotoma J. Agardh
  298. Delesseria subtilis Grunow
  299. Delesseria tasmanica F. Mueller ex Harvey
  300. Delesseria tenerrima Greville
  301. Delesseria tenuifolia Harvey
  302. Delesseria ulvoides (Turner) C. Agardh
  303. Delesseria undulata J. Agardh
  304. Delesseria uschakovii Zinova
  305. Delesseria venosa (Turner) Lamouroux
  307. Delesseria violacea J. Agardh, illeg.
  308. Delesseria woodii J. Agardh
  309. Delesseria zanzibariensis Goebel
  311. DELESSERITES Ad. Brongniart \{also on card: sect. of Fucoides\}
  312. DELESSERITES Massalongo
  313. DELESSERITES Ruedemann
  314. Delesserites acuminata Parker & Dawson
  315. Delesserites bolcensis Massalongo
  316. Delesserites calophylla ('calophyllus') Massalongo
  317. Delesserites friedaui Unger
  318. Delesserites salicifolia Ruedemann
  319. Delesserites sphaerococcoides Ettingshausen
  320. DELESSERTIA Ruprecht
  321. Delesseriopsis elegans Okamura
  322. Delesseria vieillardii ('veillardi') (Kützing) Zanardini