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  1. CYSTOSEIRA C. Agardh
  2. CYSTOSEIRA \{also on card: subgenera by J. Agardh\}
  3. CYSTOSIRA \{also on card: two "Sectio"'s by Kützing\}
  4. CYSTOSIRA \{also on card: sectio Halitea Kützing\}
  5. CYSTOSEIRA \{also on card: sections by Endlicher\}
  6. CYSTOSEIRA \{also on card: sections by Endlicher\}
  7. CYSTOSEIRA sections
  8. Cystoseira abies-marina (Gmelin) C. Agardh
  9. Cystoseira abrotanifolia (L.) C. Agardh
  10. Cystoseira abrotanifolia (L.) Zanardini
  11. Cystoseira abrotanifolia var. boryana Meneghini
  12. Cystoseira abrotanifolia var. conferta Kützing
  13. Cystoseira abrotanifolia [beta] conferta Kützing
  14. Cystoseira abrotanifolia [beta] discors Jones & Kingston
  15. Cystoseira abrotanifolia var. filicina (Bory) De Toni & Levi
  16. Cystoseira abrotanifolia var. leptocarpa (Kützing) [Rodríguez y Femenías]
  17. Cystoseira abrotanifolia var. microcarpa [Schiffner]
  18. Cystoseira abrotanifolia (L.) C. Agardh [beta] patens C. Agardh
  19. Cystoseira abrotanifolia subsp. plana Ercegovic
  20. Cystoseira abrotanifolia subsp. pustulata Ercegovic
  21. Cystoseira abrotanifolia subsp. rosetta Ercegovic
  22. Cystoseira abrotanifolia var. squarrosa Kützing
  23. Cystoseira abrotanifolia var. squarrosa (Kützing) Rodríguez y Femenías
  24. Cystoseira acanthophora (Lamouroux) Chiaje
  25. Cystoseira acanthophora Schiffner
  26. Cystoseira adriatica Sauvageau
  27. Cystoseira adriatica subsp. compressa Ercegovic
  28. Cystoseira adriatica var. compressa (Ercegovic) Giaccone tech. invalid
  29. Cystoseira adriatica subsp. intermedia Ercegovic
  30. Cystoseira adriatica var. intermedia (Ercegovic) Giaccone tech. invalid
  31. Cystoseira adriatica subsp. reducta Ercegovic
  32. Cystoseira adriatica f. reducta (Ercegovic) Giaccone tech. invalid
  33. Cystoseira adriatica f. tenuior (Ercegovic) Giaccone tech. invalid
  34. Cystoseira adriatica subsp. tenuior Ercegovic
  35. Cystoseira algeriensis J. Feldmann
  36. Cystoseira amentacea (C. Agardh) Bory
  37. Cystoseira amentacea [var.] ambigua De Notaris & Baglietto
  38. Cystoseira amentacea var. laxa Montagne
  39. Cystoseira amentacea [b.] patens [Rabenhorst]
  40. Cystoseira amentacea var. selaginoides (L.) J. Agardh
  41. Cystoseira amentacea var. spicata (A. Ercegovic) G. Giaccone
  42. Cystoseira amentacea var. stricta Montagne
  43. Cystoseira articulata (Forssk.) J. Agardh
  44. Cystoseira articulata var. prolifera [Sonder]
  45. Cystoseira aurantia Kützing
  46. Cystoseira australis C. Agardh
  47. Cystoseira axillaris (Turner) C. Agardh
  48. Cystoseira axillaris (Turner) C. Agardh [beta] scortea (Turner) C. Agardh
  49. Cystoseira baccata (Gmelin) P. C. Silva
  50. Cystoseira balearica Sauvageau
  51. Cystoseira banksii (Turner) C. Agardh
  52. Cystoseira barbata C. Agardh
  53. Cystoseira barbata f. aurantia (Kützing) Giaccone
  54. Cystoseira barbata [beta] concatenata Kützing
  55. Cystoseira barbata f. crinoides Filarszky
  56. Cystoseira barbata var. flaccida (Kützing) Woronichin
  57. Cystoseira barbata var. flaccida (Kützing) Woronichin
  58. Cystoseira barbata var. hoppii (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  59. Cystoseira barbata f. hoppii (C. Agardh) Woronichin
  60. Cystoseira barbata f. insularum Ercegovic
  61. Cystoseira barbata f. macrocarpa Schiffner
  62. Cystoseira barbata var. pumila Montagne
  63. Cystoseira barbata f. punctata Ercegovic
  64. Cystoseira barbata f. repens Zinova & Kalugina
  65. Cystoseira barbata f. stenocarpa Schiffner
  66. Cystoseira barbata subsp. tophuloidea Ercegovic
  67. Cystoseira barbata var. tophuloidea (Ercegovic) Giaccone tech. invalid
  68. Cystoseira barbata var. turneri J. Agardh
  69. Cystoseira barbata var. verrucosa Kützing
  70. Cystoseira barbatula Kützing
  71. Cystoseira barbatula var. densa Schiffner
  72. Cystoseira billardieri (Bory) Endlicher
  73. Cystoseira boryana (Kützing) Meneghini
  74. Cystoseira boryana var. gracilis (Kützing) Frauenfeld
  75. Cystoseira bosphorica Sauvageau
  76. Cystoseira brachycarpa J. Agardh
  77. Cystoseira brownii (Turner) C. Agardh
  78. Cystoseira caespitosa Sauvageau
  79. Cystoseira canariensis Sauvageau
  80. Cystoseira caudata C. Agardh
  81. Cystoseira cephalornithos (Labill.) C. Agardh
  82. Cystoseira compressa (Esper) Gerloff & Nizamuddin
  83. Cystoseira compressa f. plana (Ercegovic) M. Cormaci, G. Furnari, G. Giaccone, B. Scammacca, & D. Serio
  84. Cystoseira compressa var. pustulata (Ercegovic) Verlaque invalid
  85. Cystoseira compressa f. rosetta (Ercegovic) M. Cormaci, G. Furnari, G. Giaccone, B. Scammacca, & D. Serio
  86. Cystoseira concatenata (L.) C. Agardh
  87. Cystoseira corniculata (Wulfen) Zanardini
  88. Cystoseira corniculata (Wulfen) Zanardini
  89. Cystoseira corniculata f. clydonophila Giaccone
  90. Cystoseira corniculata f. clydonophila M. Cormaci, G. Furnari, G. Giaccone, B. Scammacca, & D. Serio
  91. Cystoseira corniculata subsp. divergens Ercegovic
  92. Cystoseira corniculata f. imperfecta Ercegovic
  93. Cystoseira corniculata subsp. laxior Ercegovic
  94. Cystoseira crassipes (Turner) C. Agardh
  95. Cystoseira crassipes subsp. geminata (C. Agardh) Petrov
  96. Cystoseira crinita (Desfontaines) Duby
  97. Cystoseira crinita (Desfontaines) Bory
  98. Cystoseira crinita f. bosphorica (Sauvageau) Zinova & Kalugina
  99. Cystoseira crinita var. flaccida (Kützing) Schiffner
  100. Cystoseira crinita f. semispinosa Ercegovic
  101. Cystoseira crinitophylla Ercegovic
  102. Cystoseira decipiens (Turner) C. Agardh
  103. Cystoseira discors (L.) C. Agardh
  104. Cystoseira discors (L.) Zanardini
  105. Cystoseira discors f. dubia Ercegovic
  106. Cystoseira discors (Linnaeus) C. Agardh subsp. latiramosa A. Ercegovic
  107. Cystoseira discors (L.) C. Agardh [gamma] linearis C. Agardh
  108. Cystoseira discors [beta] microcarpa Kützing
  109. Cystoseira discors (L.) [beta] paniculata C. Agardh
  110. Cystoseira discors f. tenuiramosa A. Ercegovic
  111. Cystoseira divaricata Kützing
  112. Cystoseira dorycarpa (Turner) C. Agardh
  113. Cystoseira douglasii Harvey
  114. Cystoseira dubia Valiante
  115. Cystoseira dumosa Greville & C. Agardh Nom. nud.
  116. Cystoseira dumosa Greville ex Sonder
  117. Cystoseira elata Kützing
  118. Cystoseira elata Kützing
  119. Cystoseira elegans Sauvageau
  120. Cystoseira ensifolia C. Agardh
  121. Cystoseira epiphytica Schiffner in sched.
  122. Cystoseira epiphytica Schiffner ex Gerloff & Nizamuddin
  123. Cystoseira ercegovicii Giaccone
  124. Cystoseira ercegovicii Giaccone
  125. Cystoseira ercegovicii Giaccone
  126. Cystoseira ercegovicii f. dubia (Ercegovic) Giaccone
  127. Cystoseira ercegovicii f. latiramosa (Ercegovic) Giaccone invalid
  128. Cystoseira ercegovicii f. schiffneri (Hamel) Giaccone
  129. Cystoseira ercegovicii f. tenuiramosa (Ercegovic) Giaccone invalid
  130. Cystoseira erica-marina ('erica marina') (Gmelin) Naccari
  131. Cystoseira erica-marina Lamouroux {mss. ined.}
  132. Cystoseira erica-marina var. squarrosa (De Notaris) De Toni & Levi
  133. Cystoseira ericoides (L.) C. Agardh
  134. Cystoseira ericoides Mart. in litt.
  135. Cystoseira ericoides (L.) C. Agardh [gamma] amentacea C. Agardh
  136. Cystoseira ericoides var. corniculata (Wulfen) Meneghini
  137. Cystoseira ericoides var. densa C. Agardh
  138. Cystoseira ericoides var. divaricata Dangeard
  139. Cystoseira ericoides var. laevis Dangeard
  140. Cystoseira ericoides var. laxa C. Agardh
  141. Cystoseira ericoides (L.) C. Agardh [beta] selaginoides (L.) C. Agardh
  142. Cystoseira ericoides var. setacea Meneghini
  143. Cystoseira expansa C. Agardh
  144. Cystoseira expansa C. Agardh
  145. Cystoseira fibrosa (Hudson) C. Agardh
  146. Cystoseira fibrosa (Hudson) C. Agardh [beta] planifolia C. Agardh
  147. Cystoseira fibrosa var. thesiophylla Lenormand in herb.
  148. Cystoseira filicina Bory
  149. Cystoseira filifolia (C. Agardh) C. Agardh
  150. Cystoseira fimbriata (Desfontaines) Bory
  151. Cystoseira flabellata Schousboe
  152. Cystoseira flaccida Kützing
  153. Cystoseira foeniculacea (L.) Greville
  154. Cystoseira fucoides Ercegovic
  155. Cystoseira funkii Schiffner ex Gerloff & Nizamuddin
  156. Cystoseira geminata C. Agardh
  157. Cystoseira gerloffii Nizamuddin
  158. Cystoseira gibraltarica (Sauvageau) P. Dangeard
  159. Cystoseira glomerata Kützing
  160. Cystoseira gracilis Kützing
  161. Cystoseira graeca Schiffner
  162. Cystoseira granulata (L.) C. Agardh
  163. Cystoseira granulata Schousboe
  164. Cystoseira granulata var. concatenata Meneghini
  165. Cystoseira granulata var. esperi C. Agardh
  166. Cystoseira granulata var. inermis C. Agardh
  167. Cystoseira granulata var. macrocystis C. Agardh
  168. Cystoseira granulata var. rigida C. Agardh
  169. Cystoseira granulata var. setacea C. Agardh
  170. Cystoseira granulata var. turneri Montagne
  171. Cystoseira grevillei ('grevillii') C. Agardh ex Sonder
  172. Cystoseira hakodatensis_('hakotadense') (Yendo) Fensholt
  173. Scanning error
  174. Cystoseira halitricha Areschoug mscr.
  175. Cystoseira helvetica Heer
  176. Cystoseira hoppii C. Agardh
  177. Cystoseira hoppii (C. Agardh) Zanardini
  178. Cystoseira hoppii Kützing
  179. Cystoseira humilis Schousboe in herb. Sonder
  180. Cystoseira humilis var. myriophylloides (Sauvageau) J.H. Price & D.M. John
  181. Cystoseira hyblaea Giaccone
  182. Cystoseira hypocarpa Kützing
  183. Cystoseira indica (Thivy & Doshi) Mairh
  184. Cystoseira jabukae Ercegovic
  185. Cystoseira jabukae subsp. tenuissima Ercegovic
  186. Cystoseira jabukae f. tenuissima (Ercegovic) M. Cormaci, G. Furnari, G. Giaccone, B. Scammacca, & D. Serio
  187. Cystoseira latifrons (Kützing) De Toni
  188. Cystoseira lepidium Postels & Ruprecht
  189. Cystoseira lepidium Ruprecht
  190. Cystoseira leptocarpa Kützing
  191. Cystoseira leptocarpa Kützing
  192. Cystoseira linearifolia Schousboe
  193. Cystoseira macrocarpa Kützing
  194. Cystoseira mauritanica Sauvageau
  195. Cystoseira mediterranea Sauvageau
  196. Cystoseira mediterranea var. valiantei Sauvageau
  197. Cystoseira melanothrix (Kützing) [Piccone]
  198. Cystoseira microcarpa Kützing
  199. Cystoseira microcarpa [beta] evesiculosa Kützing
  200. Cystoseira moniliformis Kützing in litt.
  201. Cystoseira montagnei J. Agardh
  202. Cystoseira montagnei [beta] moniliformis (Kützing) Hauck
  203. Cystoseira mucronata (Turner) Gaillon
  204. Cystoseira muricata C. Agardh
  205. Cystoseira myrica (Gmelin) C. Agardh
  206. Cystoseira myrica var. muricata Schimper \{also on card: (C. Agardh) Agardh, crossed out\}
  207. Cystoseira myrica var. occidentalis J. Agardh
  208. Cystoseira myrica var. tenella Hering & Martens
  209. Cystoseira myrica var. tenella 'Heering' \{also on card: [probably Hering]\}
  210. Cystoseira myriophylloides Sauvageau
  211. Cystoseira myriophylloides var. hispanica Sauvageau
  212. Cystoseira myriophylloides var. humilis (Kützing) Giaccone tech. invalid
  213. Cystoseira neglecta Setchell & Gardner
  214. Cystoseira nigra Bory
  215. Cystoseira nodicaulis Chevallier
  216. Cystoseira nodicaulis (Withering) Roberts
  217. Cystoseira nodularia (Mertens) C. Agardh
  218. Cystoseira occidentalis Gardner
  219. Cystoseira oligacantha (Kützing) Harvey
  220. Cystoseira oligacantha Kützing
  221. Cystoseira opuntioides Bory
  222. Cystoseira opuntioides Bory
  223. Cystoseira ornithocephala Sprengel
  224. Cystoseira osmundacea (Turner) C. Agardh
  225. Cystoseira osmundacea f. expansa (C. Agardh) Setchell
  226. Cystoseira osmundacea f. typica Gardner
  227. Cystoseira paniculata (Turner) C. Agardh
  228. Cystoseira pappafaviana Zanardini
  229. Cystoseira paradoxa (Turner) C. Agardh
  230. Cystoseira patentissima Kützing
  231. Cystoseira pectinata Greville & C. Agardh ined.
  232. Cystoseira pectinata Greville & Agardh
  233. Cystoseira pelagosae Ercegovic
  234. Cystoseira phyllamphora C. Agardh
  235. Cystoseira pinnata Kützing
  236. Cystoseira planiramea Schiffner
  237. Cystoseira platyclada Sauvageau
  238. Cystoseira platylobium (Mertens) C. Agardh
  239. Cystoseira platylobium (Mertens) C. Agardh
  240. Cystoseira platyramosa Ercegovic
  241. Cystoseira prolifera J. Agardh
  242. Cystoseira pumila Montagne in litt.
  243. Cystoseira pycnoclada Schiffner ex Gerloff & Nizamuddin
  244. Cystoseira quercifolia (Turner) C. Agardh
  245. Cystoseira rechingeri Schiffner {ined.}
  246. Cystoseira rechingeri Schiffner ex Gerloff & Nizamuddin
  247. Cystoseira retorta (Mertens) C. Agardh
  248. Cystoseira retroflexa (Labill.) C. Agardh
  249. Cystoseira robusta Kützing
  250. Cystoseira robusta J. Agardh
  251. Cystoseira sauvageauiana Hamel
  252. Cystoseira sauvageauana var. gibraltarica (Sauvageau) Hamel
  253. Cystoseira sauvageauana var. polyoedematis (Sauvageau) Hamel
  254. Cystoseira schiffneri Hamel
  255. Cystoseira schiffneri f. latiramosa (A. Ercegovic) G. Giaccone
  256. Cystoseira schiffneri f. tenuiramosa (A. Ercegovic) G. Giaccone
  257. Cystoseira scoparia J. Agardh
  258. Cystoseira scoparia Bory ex Lenormand \{also on card, after ex: cl.\}
  259. Cystoseira scoparia Bory
  260. Cystoseira sedoides (Desf.) C. Agardh
  261. Cystoseira selacia Agardh
  262. Cystoseira selaginoides Naccari
  263. Cystoseira selaginoides (L.) Bory
  264. Cystoseira selaginoides (L.) Zanardini
  265. Cystoseira selaginoides (L.) Zanardini
  266. Cystoseira selaginoides (L.) [Piccone]
  267. Cystoseira selaginoides var. gibraltarica Sauvageau
  268. Cystoseira selaginoides var. polyoedematis Sauvageau
  269. Cystoseira senegalensis P. A. Dangeard
  270. Cystoseira setchellii Gardner
  271. Cystoseira sicula Schiffner ex Gerloff & Nizamuddin
  272. Cystoseira sieberi (Bory) Endlicher
  273. Cystoseira siliquastrum (Turner) C. Agardh
  274. Cystoseira siliquosa (L.) C. Agardh
  275. Cystoseira siliquosa (L.) C. Agardh [gamma] denudata (Turner) C. Agardh
  276. Cystoseira siliquosa (L.) C. Agardh [beta] minor (Turner) C. Agardh
  277. Cystoseira sisymbrioides (Turner) Roberts
  278. Cystoseira sonderi (Kützing) Piccone
  279. Cystoseira spartioides (Turner) C. Agardh
  280. Cystoseira spicata A. Ercegovic
  281. Cystoseira spicata subsp. crassa Ercegovic
  282. Cystoseira spicata subsp. elegans Ercegovic
  283. Cystoseira spicigera C. Agardh
  284. Cystoseira spinosa Sauvageau
  285. Cystoseira spinosa var. compressa (Ercegovic) M. Cormaci, G. Furnari, G. Giaccone, B. Scammacca, & D. Serio
  286. Cystoseira spinosa var. squarrosa (De Notaris) Giaccone tech. invalid
  287. Cystoseira spinosa var. tenuior (Ercegovic) M. Cormaci, G. Furnari, G. Giaccone, B. Scammacca, & D. Serio
  288. Cystoseira squarrosa De Notaris
  289. Cystoseira squarrosa De Notaris
  290. Cystoseira squarrosa Kützing
  291. Cystoseira squarrosa Kützing
  292. Cystoseira stricta (Montagne) Sauvageau
  293. Cystoseira stricta var. amentacea Giaccone tech. invalid
  294. Cystoseira stricta var. spicata (Ercegovic) Giaccone tech. invalid
  295. Cystoseira subfarcinata (Mertens) C. Agardh
  296. Cystoseira susanensis Nizamuddin
  297. Cystoseira swartzii (C. Agardh) C. Agardh
  298. Cystoseira tamariscifolia (Hudson) Papenfuss
  299. Cystoseira thesiophylla Duby
  300. Cystoseira thunbergii (Roth) C. Agardh
  301. Cystoseira thyrsigera Postels & Ruprecht
  302. Cystoseira thyrsigera [beta] lepidium Postels & Ruprecht
  303. Cystoseira tilesii (C. Agardh) C. Agardh
  304. Cystoseira tingitana Sauvageau
  305. Cystoseira tophosa Filarszky
  306. Cystoseira torulosa (Turner) C. Agardh
  307. Cystoseira trinodis (Forssk.) C. Agardh
  308. Cystoseira trinodis var. confluens C. Agardh
  309. Cystoseira tristicha Greville & C. Agardh ined.
  310. Cystoseira tuberculata C. Agardh
  311. Cystoseira turneri (Yendo) Roberts
  312. Cystoseira usneoides (L.) M. Roberts
  313. Cystoseira virgata Endlicher & Diesing
  314. Cystoseira triquetra C. Agardh
  315. Cystoseira zosteroides (Turner) C. Agardh
  316. Cystoseirites ornata Parker & Dawson
  317. Cystoseirites triasicus Fliche
  318. CYSTOSIRA 'C. Agardh'
  319. CYSTOSPHAERA Skottsberg
  320. Cystosphaera jacquinotii (Montagne) Skottsberg
  321. CYSTOSTROMA Vologdin
  322. Cystostroma varians Vologdin
  323. CYSTOSYRA 'C. Agardh'
  324. CYSTOTHRIX J. E. Gray
  325. Cystothrix rudolphiana (C. Agardh) J. E. Gray
  326. CYSTOTRYPANOSOMA Roubaud \{also on card: subgenus of Trypanosoma\}
  327. Cystotrypanosoma intestinalis Roubaud
  328. CYTOPHORA J. E. Gray
  329. Cytophora littorea (Harvey) J. E. Gray