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  1. CERAMIUM Wiggers
  2. CERAMIUM Stackhouse
  3. CERAMIUM Bory {emend.}
  4. CERAMIUM \{also on card: subgenera Gaillona (Bonnemaison) Crouan fr., Leprevostia Crouan Fr.\}
  5. CERAMIUM Roth
  6. CERAMIUM Lyngbye \{also on card: sections Rubra, Diaphana\}
  7. CERAMIUM \{also on card: five sections of subgenus Rhodoceras\}
  8. CERAMIUM \{also on card: three sections by Ardissone\}
  9. CERAMIUM \{also on card: many evidently infrageneric names by J. Agardh at the ranks of Series and "Tribus"\}
  10. CERAMIUM \{also on card: sect. Seirospora (Harvey) Ardissone\}
  11. CERAMIUM \{also on card: subgen. Centroceras (Kützing) Menegh.\}
  12. CERAMIUM \{also on card: many subgenera by Nakamura, Meneghini\}
  13. Ceramium abyssale H. Petersen
  14. Ceramium acanthonotum (Carmichael) Carmichael
  15. Ceramium acanthonotum var. coronata Kleen
  16. Ceramium acanthonotum f. transcurrens Holmes & Batters
  17. Ceramium acanthonotum f. typica Kjellman
  18. Ceramium aciculare Roth
  19. Ceramium aciculare Schousboe
  20. Ceramium acrocarpum Bertoloni
  21. Ceramium acrocarpum Zanardini
  22. Ceramium acrocarpum 'Kützing'
  23. Ceramium aculeatum C. Agardh
  24. Ceramium adauctum Schousboe
  25. Ceramium aduncum Nakamura
  26. Ceramium aegagropilum (Linnaeus) DC.
  27. Ceramium aequabile J. Agardh
  28. Ceramium affine Setchell & Gardner
  29. Ceramium affine var. originale Dawson
  30. Ceramium affine var. peninsulare_('peninsularis') Dawson
  31. Ceramium agardhianum Griffiths
  32. Ceramium albidum (Roth) DC.
  33. Ceramium allochrous (Roth) Mertens
  34. Ceramium alternum Schousboe
  35. Ceramium alternum var. clavatum ('clavata') Schousboe
  36. Ceramium amamiense Itono
  37. Ceramium annulatum Schousboe
  38. Ceramium antenninum Mertens
  39. Ceramium apiculatum J. Agardh
  40. Ceramium appendiculatum Schousboe in herb.
  41. Ceramium appendiculatum Schousboe
  42. Ceramium arachnoideum (Agardh) J. Agardh
  43. Ceramium arachnoideum [beta] patentissimum Harvey
  44. Ceramium arborescens J. Agardh
  45. Ceramium arbuscula C. Agardh
  46. Ceramium arbuscula (Dillwyn) Bokry
  47. Ceramium arcticum J. Agardh
  48. Ceramium arenarium Simons
  49. Ceramium areschougii Kylin
  50. Ceramium armatum (Kützing) Grun.
  51. Ceramium armoricum Dixon & Parkes
  52. Ceramium asparagoides Boucher ined.
  53. Ceramium asparagoides (Woodw.) Roth
  54. Ceramium aspergillosum Lamouroux
  55. Ceramium asperum Roth
  56. Ceramium atlanticum H.E. Petersen
  57. Ceramium atlanticum f. norvegicum ('norvegica') H. E. Petersen
  58. Ceramium atrorubens [Liljeblad]
  59. Ceramium atrorubescens Kylin
  60. Ceramium atrum Schousboe
  61. Ceramium attenuatum Ruchinger
  62. Ceramium attenuatum Meneghini
  63. Ceramium attenuatum var. australe ('australis') Harvey
  64. Ceramium aucklandicum Kützing
  65. Ceramium aureum (L.) Agardh
  66. Ceramium australe Sonder
  67. Ceramium avalonae Dawson
  68. Ceramium axillare DC.
  70. Ceramium axillare Schousboe
  71. Ceramium azoricum Meneghini (CAS)
  72. Ceramium barbatum (J.E. Smith) Duby
  73. Ceramium barbatum Kützing
  74. Ceramium barbatum var. minus_('minor') Schiffner
  75. Ceramium barbatum f. nanum ('nana') [Schiffner]
  76. Ceramium barbatum f. typicum ('typica') [Schiffner]
  77. Ceramium bertholdii ('bertholdi') Funk
  78. Ceramium bertolonii ('Bertoloni') Lamouroux in herb.
  79. Ceramium biasolettianum (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  80. Ceramium bicorne Setchell & Gardner
  81. Ceramium bisporum D.L. Ballantine
  82. Ceramium boergesenii H. E. Petersen
  83. Ceramium boreale Okamura in herb.
  84. Ceramium borneense Weber-van Bosse
  85. Ceramium borreri (J.E. Smith) C. Agardh
  86. Ceramium borreri var. firmius C. Agardh
  87. Ceramium botryocarpum Griffiths ex Harvey
  88. Ceramium botryocarpum Harv. in litt.
  89. Ceramium boucheri (Bonnemaison) Duby \{also on card: bouchetii as epithet\}
  90. Ceramium boucheri var. mucilaginosum Crouan fr.
  91. Ceramium boucheri var. tenuissimum Crouan fr.
  92. Ceramium boydenii E.S. Gepp
  93. Ceramium brachiatum C. Agardh
  94. Ceramium brachiatum Bonnemaison
  95. Ceramium brachygonium Lyngbye
  96. Ceramium brasiliense Joly
  97. Ceramium breviarticulatum Shperk
  98. Ceramium breviarticulatum var. pellucidum Shperk
  99. Ceramium brevizonatum var. caraibicum ('caraibica') H.E. Petersen
  100. Ceramium brevizonatum H.E. Petersen
  101. Ceramium brodiei_('brodiaei') (Dillwyn) C. Agardh
  103. Ceramium bulbosum (Hudson) Stackhouse
  104. Ceramium byssoides (Good. & Woodw.) Ducluzeau
  105. Ceramium byssoides (Good. & Woodw.) Lamarck & DC
  106. Ceramium byssoideum Harvey
  107. Ceramium caespitosum Roth
  108. Ceramium caespitosum Roth [beta] maximum Roth
  109. Ceramium californicum J. Agardh
  110. Ceramium californicum var. decipiens J. Agardh
  111. Ceramium callipterum G. Mazoyer
  112. Ceramium callithamnium Rafinesque
  113. Ceramium calyculatum Schousboe
  114. Ceramium camouii Dawson
  115. Ceramium cancellatum (L.) DC.
  116. Ceramium cancellatum C. Agardh
  117. Ceramium cancellatum C. Agardh
  118. Ceramium cancellatum var. proliferum ('prolifera') Grun.
  119. Ceramium capense Kützing
  120. Ceramium capillaceum Meneghini
  121. Ceramium capillare (Roth) DC.
  122. Ceramium capitatum Schousboe
  123. Ceramium capitellatum De Notaris herb.
  124. Ceramium capitellatum De Notaris
  125. Ceramium capricornu ('capri-cornu') (Reinsch) Farlow
  126. Ceramium catenula (Kützing) Ardissone
  127. Ceramium casuarinae DC.
  128. Ceramium catenatum (L.) DeCandolle
  129. Ceramium caudatum Setchell & Gardner
  130. Ceramium centrale ('centralis') Schousboe
  131. Ceramium centroceratiforme Simons
  132. Ceramium ceramicola (Lyngbye) C. Agardh
  133. Ceramium chalybeum (Roth) C. Agardh
  135. Ceramium chatamense G. Feldmann
  136. Ceramium chilense (Kützing) Crouan fr.
  137. Ceramium ciliatum (Ellis) Ducluzeau
  138. Ceramium ciliatum Roussel
  139. Ceramium ciliatum [beta] acanthonotum Carmichael
  140. Ceramium ciliatum var. armatissimum Schiffner
  141. Ceramium ciliatum [alpha] ciliatum J. Agardh
  142. Ceramium ciliatum var. diaphanum (Kützing) Schiffner
  143. Ceramium ciliatum f. nanum Schiffner
  144. Ceramium ciliatum [beta] echinatum Hauck
  145. Ceramium ciliatum Ducluzeau [alpha] nitidum Moris & DeNotaris
  146. Ceramium ciliatum var. nudiusculum (Kützing) Schiffner
  147. Ceramium ciliatum f. polyspermum ('polysperma') (Shperk) Woronichin
  148. Ceramium ciliatum var. proliferum ('prolifera') C. Agardh
  149. Ceramium ciliatum var. robustum (J. Agardh) Mazoyer
  150. Ceramium ciliatum var. secundatum (Kützing) Schiffner
  151. Ceramium ciliatum var. subjulaceum Schiffner
  152. Ceramium ciliatum f. majus_('major') Schiffner
  153. Ceramium cimbricum H. Petersen
  154. Ceramium cimbricum f. flaccidum (H.E. Petersen) G. Furnari & D. Serio
  155. Ceramium cingulatum Weber-van Bosse
  156. Ceramium cingulatum f. majus_('major') Weber-van Bosse
  157. Ceramium cinnabarinum (Bonnemaison) Hauck
  158. Ceramium circinatum (Kützing) J. Agardh
  159. Ceramium circinatum f. boreale ('borealis') Foslie
  160. Ceramium circinatum var. confluens (Kützing) Ardissone
  161. Ceramium circinatum var. decipiens Schiffner
  162. Ceramium circinatum f. densecorticatum ('dense corticata') Woronichin
  163. Ceramium circinatum f. divaricatum ('divaricata') Foslie
  164. Ceramium circinatum var. duriusculum (Kützing) Ardissone
  165. Ceramium circinatum f. genuinum ('genuina') Foslie
  166. Ceramium circinatum f. infernecorticatum ('inferne corticata') Lakowitz
  167. Ceramium circinatum f. rigidum ('rigida') Foslie
  168. Ceramium circinatum var. syntrophum (Kützing) Schiffner
  169. Ceramium circinatum var. syntrophum (Kützing) Schiffner
  170. Ceramium circinatum f. tenue ('tenuis') Foslie
  171. Ceramium circinatum var. transcurrens (Kützing) Schiffner
  172. Ceramium cirrhosum (Wulf.) C. Agardh
  173. Ceramium clarionense Setchell & Gardner
  174. Ceramium clavigerum ('clavaegerum') Bonnemaison
  175. Ceramium clavigerum var. minus Bonnemaison
  176. Ceramium clavatum Schousboe
  177. Ceramium clavatum Schousboe
  178. Ceramium clavellosum (Turner) Roth
  179. Ceramium clavigerum Bonnemaison ex Chauvin
  180. Ceramium clavulatum C. Agardh
  181. Ceramium clavulatum var. borbonicum (C. Agardh) C. Agardh
  182. Ceramium clavulatum var. crispulum Montagne
  183. Ceramium clavulatum var. inerme (Kützing) [Weber-van Bosse]
  184. Ceramium cliftonianum J. Agardh
  185. Ceramium coccineum (Ellis) DC.
  187. Ceramium coccineum [Roussel]
  188. Ceramium coccineum (Hudson) Bory
  189. Ceramium coccineum Draparnaud
  190. Ceramium coccineum Zanardini
  191. Ceramium codicola J. Agardh
  192. Ceramium codii (Richards) Mazoyer
  193. Ceramium codiophilum ('codiophila') Setchell & Gardner
  194. Ceramium compactum Roth
  195. Ceramium compactum (Bory) J. Price
  196. Ceramium comptum Børgesen
  197. Ceramium confertum Schousboe
  198. Ceramium confervoides Wiggers
  199. Ceramium confervoides Roth
  200. Ceramium confervoides Bory
  201. Ceramium confervoides Schousboe
  202. Ceramium confervoides var. ferrugineum 'Roth'
  203. Ceramium confervoides [var.] marina (Roth) Bory
  204. Ceramium confluens (Kützing) Ardissone
  205. Ceramium congestum Bonnemaison
  206. Ceramium connivens Zanardini
  207. Ceramium corallinum ('corallina') Schousboe
  208. Ceramium corallinum Chiaje
  209. Ceramium corallinum (J. Murray) Bory
  210. Ceramium corallinum Schousboe
  211. Ceramium corniculatum Montagne in litt.
  212. Ceramium corniculatum (Kützing) P. Crouan & H. Crouan
  213. Ceramium cornigerum Crouan fr.
  214. Ceramium cornutum P. Dangeard
  215. Ceramium corticatulum Kylin
  216. Ceramium corymbosum (J.E. Smith) C. Agardh
  217. Ceramium crassum Okamura
  218. Ceramium corymbosum J. Agardh
  219. Ceramium crispum Draparnaud, Herb. Mus. Paris
  220. Ceramium crispum Ducluzeau
  221. Ceramium cristatum Meneghini
  222. Ceramium crouanianum J. Agardh
  223. Ceramium cruciatum Collins & Hervey
  224. Ceramium cruciatum Collins & Hervey
  225. Ceramium cryptacanthum (Kützing) Sonder
  226. Ceramium cupulatum Womersley
  227. Ceramium cymosum Okamura in Herb.
  228. Ceramium cymosum Okamura in herb.
  229. Ceramium dalmaticum Meneghini (CAS)
  230. Ceramium danicum H. Petersen
  231. Ceramium dasytrichum Montagne
  232. Ceramium daviesii (Dillw.) C. Agardh
  234. Ceramium daviesii (Dillwyn) Bonnemaison
  235. Ceramium daviesii [beta] secundatum (Lyngbye) Duby
  236. Ceramium dawsonii ('dawsoni') Joly
  237. Ceramium decurrens (Kützing) Kützing ex Harvey
  238. Ceramium decurrens [beta] majus ([Kützing]) Harvey
  239. Ceramium densum Roth
  240. Ceramium derbesii_('Derbesi') Solier
  241. Ceramium deschampsii Bonnemaison mscr.
  242. Ceramium deslongchampsii Chauvin
  243. Ceramium deslongchampsii var. viminarium Melvill ex G. Murray
  244. Ceramium deslongchampsii f. semiascendens ('semi-ascendens') J. Luca
  245. Ceramium desmazieri Crouan ms.
  246. Ceramium desmazieri Crouan mscr.
  247. Ceramium diaphanoides Kützing
  248. Ceramium diaphanum (Lightf.) Roth
  249. Ceramium diaphanum var. arachnoideum ('arachnoidea') C. Agardh
  250. Ceramium diaphanum var. arachnoides C. Agardh
  251. Ceramium diaphanum var. aucklandicum Hooker f. & Harvey
  252. Ceramium diaphanum var. borbonicum C. Agardh
  253. Ceramium diaphanum var. capense Simons
  254. Ceramium diaphanum f. capricornu ('Capri Cornu') (Reinsch) Foslie
  255. Ceramium diaphanum [alpha] ciliatum (Ellis) Duby
  256. Ceramium diaphanum Roth [beta] ciliatum (Ellis) Wallroth
  257. Ceramium diaphanum var. ciliatum (Ellis) Martius
  258. Ceramium diaphanum f. corticatulum_('corticatula') H.E. Petersen
  259. Ceramium diaphanum f. corticatulum (Kylin) Kylin
  260. Ceramium diaphanum f. corticatulostrictum ('corticatulo-stricta') Kylin
  261. Ceramium diaphanum Roth [beta] elegans (Roth) Roth
  262. Ceramium diaphanum var. fastigiatum (Roth) Ruchinger
  263. Ceramium diaphanum var. fastigiatum (Roth) Trevisan
  264. Ceramium diaphanum [beta] glabellum (DC) Duby
  265. Ceramium diaphanum Roth [alpha] glabellum (DC) Wallroth
  266. Ceramium diaphanum var. attenuatum (Meneghini) Ardissone
  267. Ceramium diaphanum var. breviarticulatum Ardissone
  268. Ceramium diaphanum var. decipiens Schiffner
  269. Ceramium diaphanum f. gracile Ardissone
  270. Ceramium diaphanum var. gracillimum (Kützing) Ardissone
  271. Ceramium diaphanum var. griseoviolaceum ('griseo-violaceum') (Roth) Roth
  272. Ceramium diaphanum var. herbaceum (Roth) Roth
  273. Ceramium diaphanum var. hyalinum (Roth) Roth
  274. Ceramium diaphanum f. indicum ('indica') Feldmann-Mazoyer
  275. Ceramium diaphanum var. lophophorum Feldmann-Mazoyer
  276. Ceramium diaphanum f. medium Sjöstedt
  277. Ceramium diaphanum var. minus_('minor') Crouan fr.
  278. Ceramium diaphanum var. minus_('minor') Crouan fr.
  279. Ceramium diaphanum f. modificatum ('modificata') H.E. Petersen
  280. Ceramium diaphanum var. nanum Ardissone
  281. Ceramium diaphanum f. patentissima Foslie
  282. Ceramium diaphanum var. pilosum (Roth) C. Agardh
  283. Ceramium diaphanum var. pulchellum (Kützing) Ardissone
  284. Ceramium diaphanum var. pulcher Shperk
  285. Ceramium diaphanum f. radiculosum ('radiculosa') (Grun.) H.E. Petersen
  286. Ceramium diaphanum [var.] rigidum Griff. & Harv. mscr.
  287. Ceramium diaphanum var. serpens Montagne
  288. Ceramium diaphanum f. strictum ('stricta') (Kützing) Foslie
  289. Ceramium diaphanum f. strictoides H.E. Petersen
  290. Ceramium diaphanum subf. corticulatum ('corticatula') (Kylin) H. E. Petersen
  291. Ceramium diaphanum f. strictotenuissimum ('stricto-tenuissima') (H.E. Petersen) Kylin
  292. Ceramium diaphanum var. strictum Harvey in litt.
  293. Ceramium diaphanum var. strictum (Kützing) Feldmann-Mazoyer
  294. Ceramium diaphanum var. tenue Ardissone
  295. Ceramium diaphanum var. tenuissimum Roth
  296. Ceramium diaphanum f. typicum ('typica') H.E. Petersen
  297. Ceramium diaphanum f. umbelliferum ('umbellifera') H. Petersen
  298. Ceramium diaphanum var. virescens Lyngbye
  299. Ceramium diaphanum f. zostericola H.E. Petersen
  300. Ceramium diaphanum var. zostericola (Thuret) Feldmann-Mazoyer
  301. Ceramium diaphanum f. acrocarpum (Kützing) Feldmann-Mazoyer
  302. Ceramium diaphanum f. minusculum ('minuscula') (G. Mazoyer) Feldmann-Mazoyer
  303. Ceramium dichotomum (L.) Roth
  304. Ceramium dichotomum Pius Titius in litt.
  305. Ceramium didymum Bonnemaison
  306. Ceramium diffusum (Hudson) Stackhouse
  307. Ceramium digenea Chiaje
  308. Ceramium digeneae DeNotaris
  309. Ceramium digitatum (Hudson) Stackh.
  310. Ceramium dillwynii (Weber & Mohr) Roth
  311. Ceramium discorticatum Heydrich
  312. Ceramium divaricatum Crouan mscr.
  313. Ceramium divaricatum Crouan frat.
  314. Ceramium divaricatum Kützing
  315. Ceramium divaricatum Schousboe
  316. Ceramium divergens J. Agardh
  317. Ceramium divergens Schousboe
  318. Ceramium divergens Schousboe mscr.
  319. Ceramium dorsiventrale Hommersand
  320. Ceramium dozei Hariot
  321. Ceramium ducluzeaui ('Ducluzei') Bonnemaison
  322. Ceramium ducluzeaui var. miniatum Bonnemaison
  323. Ceramium ducluzeaui var. versicolor Bonnemaison
  324. Ceramium dudresnayi Bonnemaison
  325. Ceramium dumosum Mertens
  326. Ceramium duriusculum (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  327. Ceramium eatonianum (Farlow) De Toni
  328. Ceramium echinophorum Meneghini (CAS)
  329. Ceramium echionotum J. Agardh (CAS)
  330. Ceramium echionotum var. azoricum ('azorica') (Meneghini) Piccone
  331. Ceramium echionotum var. corticatum Mazoyer
  332. Ceramium echionotum var. mediterraneum Mazoyer
  333. Ceramium echionotum var. transcurrens (Kützing) Piccone
  334. Ceramium echionotum var. transcurrens (Kützing) Batters
  335. Ceramium edule Stackhouse
  336. Ceramium elatines Mertens ined.
  337. Ceramium elatinum Mertens ined. in Herb. Bonnemaison
  338. Ceramium elegans (Roth) Ducluzeau
  339. Ceramium elegans (Roth) Ruchinger
  340. Ceramium elegans Schousboe
  341. Ceramium elegans f. tenerior Schiffner
  342. Ceramium elegans f. nanum ('nana') Schiffner
  343. Ceramium elegans [alpha] genuina [Schiffner]
  344. Ceramium elongatum (Hudson) DC.
  346. Ceramium elongatum (Hudson) Roth
  347. Ceramium elongatum (Hudson) Roth
  348. Ceramium elongatum [beta] denudata (Agardh) [Duby]
  349. Ceramium equisetifolium (Lightf.) DC.
  351. Ceramium equisetifolium Schousboe
  352. Ceramium equisetoides Dawson
  353. Ceramium equisetoides Nakamura
  354. Ceramium erumpens Meneghini
  355. Ceramium esculentum (L.) Stackh.
  356. Ceramium evermannii Setchell & Gardner
  357. Ceramium excellens J. Agardh
  358. Ceramium fasciculatum Schousboe
  359. Ceramium fasciculatum Schousboe
  360. Ceramium fastigiatum (L.) Wiggers
  361. Ceramium fastigiatum Roth
  363. Ceramium fastigiatum Roussel
  364. Ceramium fastigiatum (Roth) Ruchinger
  365. Ceramium fastigiatum Harvey
  366. Ceramium fastigiatum Harvey
  367. Ceramium fastigiatum f. flaccidum ('flaccida') H.E. Petersen \{pcs\}
  368. Ceramium fastigiatum var. pubescens (Kützing) Piccone
  369. Ceramium fastigiramosum Boo & In Kyu Lee
  370. Ceramium fastigiramosum f. flaccidum (H.E. Petersen) M. Cormaci, G. Furnari, B. Scammacca, D. Serio, Pizzuto, Alongi, & Dinaro
  371. Ceramium felicii Gaillon
  372. Ceramium ferrugineum (Roth) C. Agardh
  373. Ceramium ferrugineum C. Agardh
  374. Ceramium ferrugineum [beta] compactius C. Agardh
  375. Ceramium fibrillosum (Dillwyn) Mertens
  376. Ceramium fibrosum Roth
  377. Ceramium fibrosum Schousboe
  378. Ceramium filamentosum (Wulfen) C. Agardh
  379. Ceramium filamentosum Schousboe
  380. Ceramium filamentosum [delta] continuum C. Agardh
  381. Ceramium filamentosum var. friabile ('friabilis') Crouan frat.
  382. Ceramium filamentosum [gamma] repens C. Agardh
  383. Ceramium filicinum Grateloup
  384. Ceramium filicula Harvey mss.
  385. Ceramium filicula ('filiculum') Harvey ex Womersley
  386. Ceramium filiforme Schousboe
  387. Ceramium filum (L.) Wiggers
  388. Ceramium fimbriatum Setchell & Gardner
  389. Ceramium flabellatum Schousboe in coll. Hornemann
  390. Ceramium flabelligerum J. Agardh
  391. Ceramium flabelligerum var. mediterraneum F. Debray
  392. Ceramium flaccidum Harvey ms.
  393. Ceramium flaccidum Harvey mscr.
  394. Ceramium flaccidum (Harv. ex Kützing) Ardissone
  395. Ceramium flagellare (Esper) Ruchinger
  396. Ceramium flagelliferum Kützing
  397. Ceramium flavicans Schousboe
  398. Ceramium flavicans Schousboe
  399. Ceramium flavum Schousboe
  400. Ceramium flexuosum C. Agardh
  401. Ceramium flexuosum (Kützing) Grun.
  402. Ceramium flexuosum Schousboe
  403. Ceramium floccosum (O.F. Müller) Roth
  404. Ceramium floribundum Kützing
  405. Ceramium floridanum J. Agardh
  406. Ceramium floridulum (Dillw.) C. Agardh
  407. Ceramium floridum Chevallier
  408. Ceramium forcipatum DC.
  409. Ceramium forcipatum DC.
  410. Ceramium forcipatum [alpha] ciliatum (Ellis) DC.
  411. Ceramium forcipatum [beta] glabellum DC.
  412. Ceramium fosliei (H. Petersen) H. Petersen
  413. Ceramium fractum var. elongatum (Roth) Bory
  414. Ceramium fragile Ardissone
  415. Ceramium fragile Schousboe
  416. Ceramium friabile Schousboe
  417. Ceramium fructiculosum (Wulfen) Stackhouse
  418. Ceramium fruticulosum Mertens in herb.
  419. Ceramium fruticulosum Roth
  420. Ceramium fruticulosum (Wulfen) Stackhouse
  421. Ceramium fruticulosum Schousboe mss.
  422. Ceramium fruticulosum Schousboe mscr.
  423. Ceramium fruticulosum (Kützing) J. Agardh
  424. Ceramium fruticulosum f. dichotomum ('dichotoma') Petersen
  425. Ceramium fruticulosum f. penicillatum ('penicillata') (Kützing) H.E. Petersen
  426. Ceramium fruticulosum f. rescissum ('rescissa') (Kylin) H.E. Petersen
  427. Ceramium fruticulosum f. rubroides H.E. Petersen
  428. Ceramium fucoides (Hudson) DC.
  429. Ceramium fuliginosum Mertens mss.
  430. Ceramium fulvum Bertoloni
  431. Ceramium fulvum Schousboe
  432. Ceramium furcatum Schousboe
  433. Ceramium furcatum (H.E. Petersen) H.E. Petersen
  434. Ceramium furcellatum (L.) Wiggers
  435. Ceramium furcellatum Kützing
  436. Ceramium fuscum (Hudson) Roth
  437. Ceramium fusiferum Bonnemaison mscr.
  438. Ceramium gaditanum (Clemente) J. Cremades
  439. Ceramium gaditanum var. mediterraneum (F. Debray) J. Cremades
  440. Ceramium gaillonii P. Crouan & H. Crouan
  441. Ceramium gaillonii P. Crouan & H. Crouan (cont.)
  442. Ceramium gardneri Kylin
  443. Ceramium gasparrinii Meneghini
  444. Ceramium gelatinosum Schousboe
  445. Ceramium giacconei M. Cormaci & G. Furnari
  446. Ceramium gibbosum Meneghini
  447. Ceramium giganteum Meneghini
  448. Ceramium gigartinum (L.) Roth
  449. Ceramium glanduliferum Kylin
  450. Ceramium glomeratum DC.
  452. Ceramium gobii M. Waern
  453. Ceramium gracile DC.
  455. Ceramium gracile DC.
  456. Ceramium gracillimum C. Agardh
  457. Ceramium gracilliferum "Griff. & Harv."
  458. Ceramium gracillimum (Kützing) Zanardini
  459. {supplanted}
  460. Ceramium gracillimum var. byssoideum (Harvey) Mazoyer
  461. Ceramium gracillimum f. intermedium ('intermedia') Foslie
  462. Ceramium graecum E. Lazaridou & C.-F. Boudouresque
  463. Ceramium granulatum Ducluzeau
  464. Ceramium granulosum (J.E. Smith) C. Agardh
  466. Ceramium grateloupii Bonnemaison
  467. Ceramium grateloupii Duby
  468. Ceramium griffithsianum (J.E. Smith) J. Agardh
  470. Ceramium guttatum Bonnemaison
  471. Ceramium gymnogonium Meneghini
  472. Ceramium haenseleri C. Agardh mss.
  474. Ceramium hamatispinum Dawson
  475. Ceramium hamatum A.D. Cotton
  476. Ceramium helminthochortos (Schwendimann) Roth
  477. Ceramium heterospinum Subramanian
  478. Ceramium hirsutum Roth
  479. Ceramium hirsutum Schousboe
  480. Ceramium hispidum Schousboe
  481. Ceramium homomalbum Mertens mscr.
  482. Ceramium hoodii Taylor
  483. Ceramium hookeri (Dillw.) C. Agardh
  485. Ceramium hooperi Harvey
  486. Ceramium horridulum Silva
  487. Ceramium horridum Meneghini
  488. Ceramium horridum Setchell & Gardner
  489. Ceramium hospitans Zanardini
  490. Ceramium howei Weber-van Bosse
  491. Ceramium howellii Setchell & Gardner
  492. Ceramium hutchinsiae Mertens in literis
  493. Ceramium huysmansii Weber-van Bosse
  494. Ceramium hyalacanthum (Kützing) Sonder
  495. Ceramium hyalinum Rabenhorst
  496. Ceramium hyalinum Schousboe
  497. Ceramium hypnaeoides (J. Agardh) Okamura
  498. Ceramium hypnoides Schousboe
  499. Ceramium hystrix (Kützing) Frauenfeld
  500. Ceramium implexum Schousboe
  501. Ceramium inclusum [Schousboe]
  502. Ceramium inconspicuum Zanardini
  503. Ceramium incurvum (Hudson) DC.
  504. Ceramium inflexum Roth
  505. Ceramium interruptum (J.E. Smith) C. Agardh
  507. Ceramium intermedium Grateloup mscr.
  508. Ceramium interruptum Setchell & Gardner
  509. Ceramium interruptum var. nigrescens C. Agardh
  510. Ceramium intricatum C. Agardh
  511. Ceramium intricatum C. Agardh \{also on card, above C. Agardh: Gaudichaud\}
  512. Ceramium involutum Kützing
  513. Ceramium irregulare Kützing
  514. Ceramium isogonum Harvey
  515. Ceramium itonoi F. Ardré
  516. Ceramium japonicum Okamura
  517. Ceramium johnstonii Setchell & Gardner
  518. Ceramium jolyi (Díaz-Piferrer) Ballantine & Wynne
  519. Ceramium julaceum (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  520. Ceramium kellneri Meneghini
  521. Ceramium kondoi Yendo
  522. Ceramium kondoi f. abbreviatum Nakamura
  523. Ceramium kondoi f. ambiguum Nakamura
  524. Ceramium kondoi f. trichotomum Nakamura
  525. Ceramium kondoi f. typicum Nakamura
  526. Ceramium kororensis Trono
  527. Ceramium kuetzingianum ('Kützingianum') Grunow
  528. Ceramium kuetzingianum var. subverticillatum Grunow
  529. Ceramium kylinii Papenfuss in herb.
  530. Ceramium laetum Meneghini ex Ardissone
  531. Ceramium laingii Reinbold mscr.
  532. Ceramium lamourouxii Bonnemaison
  533. Ceramium lamourouxii Duby
  534. Ceramium lanciferum Kützing
  535. Ceramium lanciferum var. monstrosum Kützing
  536. Ceramium lanuginosum (Dillw.) C. Agardh
  537. Ceramium lanuginosum (Dillwyn) Bonnemaison
  538. Ceramium laterale Schousboe
  539. Ceramium ledermannii Pilger
  540. Ceramium lenormandii Martens {nomen}
  541. Ceramium lenormandii Montagne
  542. Ceramium lenticulare Womersley
  543. Ceramium lentiforme A.J.K. Millar
  544. Ceramium leptacanthum (Kützing) Zanardini
  545. Ceramium leptocladum Schiffner
  546. Ceramium leptophloeum Kützing
  547. Ceramium leptosiphon Pilger
  548. Ceramium leptozonum M. A. Howe
  549. Ceramium lessonii Kützing
  550. Ceramium linum (Roth) DC.
  552. Ceramium littorale (L.) C. Agardh
  553. Ceramium lobatum (Kützing) Shperk
  554. Ceramium longissimum (Gmelin) Roth
  555. Ceramium longissimum [beta] flagellare (Esper) Roth
  556. Ceramium loureiroi ('loureiri') C. Agardh
  557. Ceramium lucidum Grateloup
  558. Ceramium luetzelburgii O.C. Schmidt
  559. Ceramium luetzelburgii var. australe ('australis') Joly
  560. Ceramium lumbricale ('lumbricalis') (Roth) Lamx. {err. cit.}
  561. Ceramium macilentum J. Agardh
  562. Ceramium macrocarpum Kützing
  563. Ceramium macrogonium (Kützing) Ardissone
  564. Ceramium macrotrichum Feldmann-Mazoyer
  565. Ceramium manorense ('Manorensis') Anand
  566. Ceramium marshallense Dawson
  567. Ceramium maryae Weber-van Bosse
  568. Ceramium maryae var. tenuius_('tenuior') Weber-van Bosse
  569. Ceramium masonii Dawson
  570. Ceramium mauritianum Feldmann-Mazoyer
  571. Ceramium mazatlanense Dawson
  572. Ceramium mertensii (Turner) Roth
  573. Ceramium mertensii (Turner) DC.
  574. Ceramium mexicanum Sonder in herb. Binder
  575. Ceramium microcarpon Schousboe
  576. Ceramium millefolium Lamouroux ined.
  577. Ceramium miniatum C. Agardh
  578. Ceramium miniatum Bonnemaison
  579. Ceramium miniatum Suhr ex J. Agardh
  580. Ceramium minutulum Noda & Konno
  581. Ceramium minutulum Noda & Konno
  582. Ceramium molle Roth
  583. Ceramium monacanthum J. Agardh
  584. Ceramium monile J. Hooker & Harvey
  585. Ceramium monile var. crassius_('crassior') J. Agardh
  586. Ceramium moniliforme Bachelot de la Pylaie mscr.
  587. Ceramium moniliforme Bachelot de la Pylaie herb.
  588. Ceramium moniliforme Griffiths mscr.
  589. Ceramium morisianum Bertoloni
  590. Ceramium mucronatum Segi
  591. Ceramium multicapsulare (Dillw.) C. Agardh
  592. Ceramium multijugum Jaasund
  593. Ceramium multijugum Jaasund
  594. Ceramium musciforme (Wulfen) Ruchinger
  595. Ceramium muscosum Draparnaud mss.
  596. Ceramium myriophyllum Schousboe
  597. Ceramium nakamurae Dawson
  598. Ceramium nanum Kuehne
  599. Ceramium nayalii ('nayali') Nasr
  600. Ceramium nigricans Cabrera [mss. probably]
  601. Ceramium nitens (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  602. Ceramium nitens Yendo in herb.
  603. Ceramium nobile J. Agardh
  604. Ceramium nodiferum (Kützing) Shperk
  605. Ceramium nodiferum J. Agardh
  606. Ceramium nodiferum J. Agardh
  607. Ceramium nodiferum var. moniliforme Shperk
  608. Ceramium nodosum (Kützing) Griff. & Harv.
  609. Ceramium nodosum (Kützing) Zanardini
  610. Ceramium nodulosum (Lightfoot) DC.
  612. Ceramium nodulosum Ducluzeau
  613. Ceramium nodulosum C. Agardh
  615. Ceramium nodulosum Ducluzeau
  616. Ceramium nodulosum var. barbatum (Ardissone) G. Furnari & D. Serio
  617. Ceramium nodulosum var. continuum Ruprecht
  618. Ceramium nodulosum var. minus Ruprecht
  619. Ceramium nodulosum var. tenue (C. Agardh) D. Serio
  620. Ceramium nudiusculum (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  621. Ceramium nudiusculum (Kützing) Zanardini
  622. Ceramium obesum Dawson
  623. Ceramium obliteratum Schousboe
  624. Ceramium obsoletum C. Agardh
  625. Ceramium ocellatum Grateloup
  626. Ceramium ochotense ('ochotensis') Okamura in herb.
  627. Ceramium opacum Rafinesque
  628. Ceramium oppositum Schousboe
  629. Ceramium opuntia Schousboe
  630. Ceramium ordinatum Kützing
  631. Ceramium ornatum Setchell & Gardner
  632. Ceramium orthocladum Schiffner
  633. Ceramium orthocladum f. maximum ('maxima') Schiffner
  634. Ceramium orthocladum f. nanum ('nana') Schiffner
  635. Ceramium orsinianum Meneghini
  636. Ceramium pacificum (Collins) Kylin
  637. Ceramium pallens Zanardini
  638. Ceramium pallidum Nägeli ms.
  639. Ceramium pallidum (Kützing) C.A. Maggs & M.H. Hommersand
  640. Ceramium palmatum Stackh.
  641. Ceramium paniculatum Schousboe
  642. Ceramium paniculatum Okamura
  643. Ceramium papenfussianum Simons
  644. Ceramium parvulum Zanardini
  645. Ceramium parvulum (Zanardini) Grunow ex Frauenfeld
  646. Ceramium patens Greville
  647. Ceramium patens Meneghini
  648. Ceramium pedicellatum DC.
  650. Ceramium pedicellatum (J.E. Smith) C. Agardh
  651. Ceramium pedicellatum (Dillw.) C. Agardh
  652. Ceramium pedicellatum (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  653. Ceramium pedicellatum var. minus Desmazières
  654. Ceramium pediculus_('Pediculum') Suhr
  655. Ceramium pediculus_('pediculum') Suhr
  656. Ceramium pellucidum Grev. & Harv.
  657. Ceramium pellucidum (Kützing) Zanardini
  658. Ceramium pellucidum (Ku\*:tzing) Rabenhorst
  659. Ceramium penicillatum DC.
  660. Ceramium penicillatum Ducluzeau
  661. Ceramium penicillatum Bory
  662. Ceramium penicillatum Areschoug
  663. Ceramium penna Schousboe
  664. Ceramium pennatum (Hudson) Roth
  665. Ceramium pennatum Roth
  666. Ceramium pennatum Chiaje
  667. Ceramium pennatum Crouan frat.
  668. Ceramium pennatum Crouan ex J. Agardh
  669. Ceramium personatum Setchell & Gardner
  670. Ceramium persoonii C. Agardh {ined.}
  671. Ceramium petitii G. Feldmann
  672. Ceramium phyllitis (Stackhouse) Stackhouse
  673. Ceramium phyllospermum Schousboe
  674. Ceramium pictaviense Delêtre
  675. Ceramium piliferum Schousboe
  676. Ceramium piliferum Schousboe
  677. Ceramium pilosum (Roth) Naccari
  678. Ceramium pilosum Bertoloni
  679. Ceramium pilosum Schousboe
  680. Ceramium pinastroides (Gmelin) Stackhouse
  681. Ceramium pinnatum Schousboe
  682. Ceramium pinnulatum C. Agardh
  683. Ceramium pinnulatum var. majus_('major') C. Agardh
  684. Ceramium planum Kützing
  685. Ceramium pleurosporum Schiffner
  686. Ceramium pleurosporum f. nanum ('nana') Schiffner prov.
  687. Ceramium plicatum (Hudson) Roth
  688. Ceramium plicatum Meneghini
  689. Ceramium plocamium (Gmelin) Roth
  690. Ceramium pluma (Dillwyn) C. Agardh
  691. Ceramium pluma Schousboe
  692. Ceramium plumosum (Hudson) Roth
  693. Ceramium plumula (Ellis) C. Agardh
  695. Ceramium plumula var. subverticillatum Bonnemaison
  696. Ceramium poeppigianum Grunow
  697. Ceramium poeppigianum subsp. unilaterale Hommersand
  698. Ceramium polyceras (Kützing) Zanardini
  699. Ceramium polygonum (Kützing) Shperk
  700. Ceramium polymorphum (L.) DC.
  702. Ceramium polyspermum Shperk
  703. Ceramium polyspermum Crouan frat.
  704. Ceramium procumbens Setchell & Gardner
  705. Ceramium proliferum Yates
  706. Ceramium proliferum (Lyngbye) H. E. Petersen
  707. Ceramium proliferum f. secundatum ('secundata') (Lyngbye) H. E. Petersen
  708. Ceramium prorepens Grun.
  709. Ceramium prostratum Dawson
  710. Ceramium pseudostrictum Schiffner
  711. Ceramium pseudostrictum f. majus_('major') Schiffner
  712. Ceramium pseudostrictum f. minus_('minor') Schiffner
  713. Ceramium pseudostrictum f. nanum ('nana') Schiffner
  714. Ceramium pteroma Schousboe
  715. Ceramium ptilocladioides R.E. Norris & I.A. Abbott
  716. Ceramium puberulum Sonder
  717. Ceramium puberulum var. crassius_('crassior') J. Agardh
  718. Ceramium puberulum [beta] monile (Hooker & Harvey) J. Agardh
  719. Ceramium pulchellum C. Agardh
  720. Ceramium pulchellum Grateloup ined.
  721. Ceramium pulchellum Grateloup in litt.
  722. Ceramium pulchellum Grateloup mscr.
  723. Ceramium pulchellum (Kützing) Grun.
  724. Ceramium pulchellum Schousboe
  725. Ceramium pulchellum var. chalybeum (Roth) C. Agardh
  726. Ceramium pulvereum (Dillw.) C. Agardh
  728. Ceramium pulvinatum ('pluvinatum') Mertens
  729. Ceramium pumilum Okamura mscr.
  730. Ceramium punctatum Grateloup mscr.
  731. Ceramium punctatum Schousboe
  732. Ceramium punctiforme Setchell
  733. Ceramium purpurascens Wallroth
  734. Ceramium purpureum Chiaje
  735. Ceramium purum Roth
  736. Ceramium pusillum Harvey
  737. Ceramium pusillum Schousboe
  738. Ceramium pusillum var. lanceolatum J. Agardh
  739. Ceramium pygmaeum (Kützing) Sonder
  740. Ceramium pygmaeum (Kützing) Ardissone
  741. Ceramium pyramidatum Schousboe
  742. Ceramium racemosum Schousboe
  743. Ceramium radicans Hofm.
  744. Ceramium radicans Ardissone
  745. Ceramium radicans Schousboe
  746. Ceramium radicans Schousboe
  747. Ceramium radicans Schousboe
  748. Ceramium radiculosum Grunow in litt.
  749. Ceramium radiculosum var. majus_('major') Schiffner
  750. Ceramium radiculosum f. venetum ('veneta') Schiffner
  751. Ceramium ramulosum Hooker f. & Harv.
  752. Ceramium ramulosum Mertens mscr. in Hb. Ag.
  753. Ceramium ramulosum Meneghini
  754. Ceramium ramulosum f. nanum ('nana') Schiffner
  755. Ceramium recticorticum Dawson
  756. Ceramium repens (Dillw.) C. Agardh
  758. Ceramium repens Zanardini
  759. Ceramium repens Harvey
  760. Ceramium repens var. saxatile Bonnemaison
  761. Ceramium repens var. spinosissimum Zanardini
  762. Ceramium repens [beta] tenellum (Dillw.) C. Agardh
  763. Ceramium rescissum Kylin
  764. Ceramium reticulatum Lyngbye mascr. in Herb. Lyngbye
  765. Ceramium rhizodes C. Agardh
  767. Ceramium rhizophorum (Montagne) De Toni
  768. Ceramium rigens Schousboe
  769. Ceramium rigidulum Griff. & Harvey ms.
  770. Ceramium rigidulum Schousboe \{also on card, after rigidulum: (et rigidum)\}
  771. Ceramium rigidum Ardissone
  772. Ceramium rigidum Schousboe
  773. Ceramium robustum J. Agardh
  774. Ceramium robustum H.E. Petersen
  775. Ceramium roettleri Roth
  776. Ceramium rosenvingii H.E. Petersen
  777. Ceramium rosenvingii f. intermedium ('intermedia') H.E. Petersen
  778. Ceramium rosenvingii f. tenue ('tenuis') H.E. Petersen
  779. Ceramium rosenvingii f. transgrediens H.E. Petersen
  780. Ceramium roseolum C. Agardh
  781. Ceramium roseolum Crouan
  782. Ceramium roseum Roth
  783. Ceramium roseum Roth (cont.)
  784. Ceramium roseum Roth [beta] majus Roth
  785. Ceramium roseum var. viscidulum Bonnemaison
  786. Ceramium rothii (Turton) W. J. Hooker
  787. Ceramium rothii (Turton) C. Agardh
  788. Ceramium rothii Schousboe
  789. Ceramium rubriforme Kylin
  790. Ceramium rubrum (Hudson) C. Agardh
  791. Ceramium rubrum var. ambiguum Schiffner
  792. Ceramium rubrum [var.] australe Harvey [in herb. fide Womersley]
  793. Ceramium rubrum f. balticum ('baltica') H.E. Petersen
  794. Ceramium rubrum [var.] barbatum Ardissone
  795. Ceramium rubrum f. barbatum ('barbata') (Ardissone) Hauck \{pcs\}
  796. Ceramium rubrum var. botryoides Montagne
  797. Ceramium rubrum var. corymbiferum (Bonnem.) J. Agardh
  798. Ceramium rubrum f. corymbiferum J. Agardh
  799. Ceramium rubrum var. corymbiferum Hariot
  800. Ceramium rubrum var. decurrens (Kützing) J. Agardh
  801. Ceramium rubrum var. decurrens (Harv.) Le Jolis
  802. Ceramium rubrum f. decurrens J. Agardh
  803. Ceramium rubrum f. decurrentoides H.E. Petersen
  804. Ceramium rubrum var. diaphanum Crouan frat.
  805. Ceramium rubrum f. diaphanum ('diaphana') Gobi
  806. Ceramium rubrum var. divaricatum C. Agardh
  807. Ceramium rubrum f. divaricatum ('divaricata') H.E. Petersen
  808. Ceramium rubrum var. fasciculatum (Bonnem.) J. Agardh
  809. Ceramium rubrum f. fasciculatum J. Agardh
  810. Ceramium rubrum [var.] fastigiatum Wollny
  811. Ceramium rubrum var. firmum C. Agardh
  812. Ceramium rubrum f. furcatum ('furcata') H. Petersen
  813. Ceramium rubrum f. genuinum ('genuina') Kjellman
  814. Ceramium rubrum var. implexocontortum ('implexo-contortum') Solier
  815. Ceramium rubrum var. involutum (Kützing) Piccone
  816. Ceramium rubrum var. involutum (Kützing) Piccone
  817. Ceramium rubrum f. irregulare ('irregularis') H.E. Petersen
  818. Ceramium rubrum f. laxum ('laxa') H. E. Petersen in litt.
  819. Ceramium rubrum var. liebetruthii Grunow
  820. Ceramium rubrum f. lineare ('linearis') H.E. Petersen
  821. Ceramium rubrum f. lineatum ('lineata') H.E. Petersen
  822. Ceramium rubrum [beta] maculatum S. F. Gray
  823. Ceramium rubrum var. majus_('major') C. Agardh
  824. Ceramium rubrum var. membranaceum C. Agardh
  825. Ceramium rubrum f. modificatum ('modificata') H.E. Petersen
  826. Ceramium rubrum var. nitens C. Agardh
  827. Ceramium rubrum [alpha] nodulosum (Hudson) Duby
  828. Ceramium rubrum var. nodulosum [Montagne]
  829. Ceramium rubrum var. pacificum Collins Herb.
  830. Ceramium rubrum var. pacificum Collins
  831. Ceramium rubrum var. pacificum Collins
  832. Ceramium rubrum var. pacificum Collins (cont.)
  833. Ceramium rubrum (Hudson) C. Agardh [beta] pallens C. Agardh
  834. Ceramium rubrum [beta] pedicellatum (DC.) Duby
  835. Ceramium rubrum var. pedicellatum (DC) Duby
  836. Ceramium rubrum f. pedicellatum J. Agardh
  837. Ceramium rubrum var. pedicellatum Shperk
  838. Ceramium rubrum var. pennatum Crouan mscr.
  839. Ceramium rubrum [beta] proliferum Lyngbye
  840. Ceramium rubrum var. proliferum C. Agardh
  841. Ceramium rubrum subsp. proliferum (Lyngbye) J. Agardh
  842. Ceramium rubrum [gamma] proliferum Harvey
  843. Ceramium rubrum var. proliferum Hariot
  844. Ceramium rubrum subf. botryocarpum ('botryocarpa') (Harv.) Foslie
  845. Ceramium rubrum subf. proliferum J. Agardh
  846. Ceramium rubrum f. secundatum J. Agardh
  847. Ceramium rubrum subf. secundatum (Lyngbye) Børgesen
  848. Ceramium rubrum subf. secundatum (Lyngbye) Foslie
  849. Ceramium rubrum f. secundatum (Lyngbye) J. Agardh
  850. Ceramium rubrum [beta] pygmaeum Sonder
  851. Ceramium rubrum f. radians H.E. Petersen
  852. Ceramium rubrum [var.] ramellosum Ardissone
  853. Ceramium rubrum var. repens (Zanardini) Zanardini
  854. Ceramium rubrum var. secundatum (Lyngbye) C. Agardh
  855. Ceramium rubrum var. secundatum (Lyngbye) Harvey
  856. Ceramium rubrum var. secundatum (Lyngbye) Kützing
  857. Ceramium rubrum subsp. secundatum (Lyngbye) J. Agardh
  858. Ceramium rubrum f. secundatum ('secundata') (Lyngbye) H.E. Petersen
  859. Ceramium rubrum [epsilon] squarrosum Harvey
  860. Ceramium rubrum f. subcorticatum ('subcorticata') H.E. Petersen
  861. Ceramium rubrum f. subtypicum ('subtypica') H.E. Petersen
  862. Ceramium rubrum [subf.] aestivum ('aestiva') H.E. Petersen
  863. Ceramium rubrum [subf.] hiemale ('hiemalis') H.E. Petersen
  864. Ceramium rubrum var. tenue C. Agardh
  865. Ceramium rubrum f. tenue J. Agardh
  866. Ceramium rubrum var. tenue Kützing
  867. Ceramium rubrum subsp. tenue (C. Agardh) Ardissone
  868. Ceramium rubrum f. tenue ('tenuis') (Agardh) [Børgesen]
  869. Ceramium rubrum f. typicum ('typica') H.E. Petersen
  870. Ceramium rubrum f. typicum [Reinke]
  871. Ceramium rubrum f. virgatum J. Agardh
  872. Ceramium rubrum var. virgatum C. Agardh
  873. Ceramium rugosum Lamouroux
  874. Ceramium rupestre (L.) DC.
  876. Ceramium rupestre var. tenuissimum ('tenuissima') Lamouroux
  877. Ceramium sandrianum Meneghini
  878. Ceramium saviniae Feldmann-Mazoyer
  879. Ceramium scandinavicum H. Petersen
  880. Ceramium scoparium (L.) DC.
  881. Ceramium scoparium (L.) Roth
  882. Ceramium scoparium (L.) DC.
  883. Ceramium scopulorum C. Agardh
  884. Ceramium scorpioides (Hudson) Roth
  885. Ceramium secundatum Lyngbye
  886. Ceramium secundatum Lyngbye (cont.)
  887. Ceramium secundatum Lyngbye (cont.)
  888. Ceramium secundatum (Lyngbye) C. Agardh
  889. Ceramium septentrionale H.E. Petersen
  890. Ceramium septentrionale f. fosliei H. E. Petersen
  891. Ceramium sericeum (Hudson) DC.
  892. Ceramium sericeum (Mueller) Bory
  893. Ceramium seriosporum E.Y. Dawson
  894. Ceramium serpens Setchell & Gardner
  895. Ceramium sertularioides Draparnaud ined.
  896. Ceramium sertularioides Grateloup
  897. Ceramium setaceum (Wulfen) Ruchinger
  898. Ceramium setaceum (Hudson) Duby
  899. Ceramium setaceum (Hudson) Wallroth
  900. Ceramium setchellii Lucas
  901. Ceramium setosum Schousboe
  902. Ceramium shepherdii Womersley
  903. Ceramium shuttleworthianum (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  904. Ceramium siliculosum (Dillw.) C. Agardh
  906. Ceramium siliculosum [beta] atrovirens C. Agardh
  907. Ceramium siliculosum [gamma] ferrugineum (Roth) C. Agardh
  908. Ceramium siliculosum [delta] nebulosum C. Agardh
  909. Ceramium siliquosum J. Agardh mscr.
  910. Ceramium siliquosum Schousboe
  911. Ceramium siliquosum (Kützing) C.A. Maggs & M.H. Hommersand
  912. Ceramium siliquosum var. lophophorum (Feldmann-Mazoyer) D. Serio
  913. Ceramium simplex C. Agardh
  914. Ceramium simplicifilum DC.
  916. Ceramium sinicola Setchell & Gardner
  917. Ceramium sinicola var. interruptum (Setchell & Gardner) Dawson
  918. Ceramium sinicola var. johnstonii (Setchell & Gardner) Dawson
  919. Ceramium sinicola var. typicum Dawson
  920. Ceramium skottsbergii H.E. Petersen
  921. Ceramium speciosum Bachelot de la Pylaie mscr.
  922. Ceramium speciosum Bachelot de la Pylaie herb.
  923. Ceramium spicatum Schousboe
  924. Ceramium spiniferum Kützing
  925. Ceramium spinosopilosum ('spinoso-pilosum') Kützing
  926. Ceramium spinosum (L.) Ruchinger
  927. Ceramium spinulosum [Biasoletto]
  928. Ceramium spinulosum (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  929. Ceramium spinulosum Schousboe
  930. Ceramium spongiosum Crouan fr.
  931. Ceramium spongiosum (Hudson) DC.
  933. Ceramium pyridioides G. Feldmann
  934. Ceramium squamosum Rafinesque
  935. Ceramium squarrosum (Harvey) J. Agardh
  936. Ceramium stichidiosum J. Agardh
  937. Ceramium stichidiosum J. Agardh
  938. Ceramium stichidiosum var. scopulorum Laing
  939. Ceramium stichidiosum var. smithii Laing
  940. Ceramium striatum Schousboe in herb.
  941. Ceramium striatum Schousboe
  942. Ceramium striatum Schousboe
  943. Ceramium strictoides Crouan fr.
  944. Ceramium strictoides Crouan
  945. Ceramium strictum (Mertens ex Dillwyn) Roth
  946. Ceramium strictum Greville & Harvey
  947. Ceramium strictum (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  948. Ceramium strictum var. acrocarpum (Kützing) Schiffner
  949. Ceramium strictum var. breviarticulatum ('brevi articulatum') Ardissone
  950. Ceramium strictum f. corticatulostrictum ('corticatulo-strictum') (Kylin) Sjöstedt
  951. Ceramium strictum var. delicatum ('delicata') (Clemente) J. Agardh
  952. Ceramium strictum f. divaricatum ('divaricata') Holmes & Batters
  953. Ceramium strictum f. nanum ('nana') Schiffner \{pcs\}
  954. Ceramium strictum f. proliferum Collins
  955. Ceramium strictum f. proliferum F.S. Collins
  956. Ceramium strictum var. strictum ('stricta') J. Agardh
  957. Ceramium strictum var. strictum ('stricta') J. Agardh
  958. Ceramium strictum f. strictoides (H. E. Petersen) Sjöstedt
  959. Ceramium strictum f. strictotenuissimum ('stricto-tenuissima') H.E. Petersen
  960. Ceramium strictum f. verum ('vera') H.E. Petersen
  961. Ceramium strictum f. vertebrale (H. E. Petersen) H. E. Petersen
  962. Ceramium strictum var. zostericola Thuret
  963. Ceramium strictum f. acrocarpum (Kützing) Mazoyer
  964. Ceramium strictum f. minusculum ('minuscula') Mazoyer
  965. Ceramium strobiliforme Lawson & John
  966. Ceramium subarticulatum Mertens mscr.
  967. Ceramium subcartilagineum J. Agardh
  968. Ceramium subdichotomum Weber-van Bosse
  969. Ceramium subfuscum (Woodw.) Stackhouse
  970. Ceramium subsimplex Schousboe
  971. Ceramium subtile J. Agardh
  972. Ceramium subtile Zanardini
  973. Ceramium subulatum Ducluzeau
  974. Ceramium subverticillatum (Grunow) Weber-van Bosse
  975. Ceramium subvirgatum Zanardini
  976. Ceramium suhrianum P.C. Silva
  977. Ceramium sympodiale Dawson
  978. Ceramium syntrophum (Kützing) Ardissone
  979. Ceramium tasmanicum (Kützing) Okamura
  980. Ceramium tasmanicum (Kützing) Womersley
  981. Ceramium taylorii Dawson
  982. Ceramium teedei ('teedii') Mertens ex Roth
  983. Ceramium templetonii Setchell & Gardner
  984. Ceramium tenellum (Vahl) C. Agardh
  985. Ceramium tenerrimum (Mart.) Okamura
  986. Ceramium tenerrimum var. brevizonatum (H. E. Petersen) Mazoyer
  987. Ceramium tenue C. Agardh in Herb.
  988. Ceramium tenue (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  989. Ceramium tenuicorne Waern
  990. Ceramium tenuicorne (Kützing) Waern
  991. Ceramium tenuicorticatum Konno
  992. Ceramium tenuissimum Bonnemaison
  993. Ceramium tenuissimum (Roth) Areschoug
  994. Ceramium tenuissimum Schousboe
  995. Ceramium tenuissimum var. arachnoideum (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  996. Ceramium tenuissimum f. divaricatum ('divaricata') (Crouan) Foslie
  997. Ceramium tenuissimum f. moniliforme (Shperk) Woronichin
  998. Ceramium tenuissimum var. pygmaeum (Kützing) Hauck
  999. Ceramium tenuissimum f. radicans Reinbold mss.
  1000. Ceramium tenuissimum var. tenellum Mazoyer
  1001. Ceramium tenuissimum var. uniforme Bonnemaison
  1002. Ceramium tetragonum (Stackh.) C. Agardh
  1003. Ceramium tetragonum Mertens
  1004. Ceramium tetragonum (With.) Kützing
  1006. Ceramium tetricum (Dillw.) C. Agardh
  1008. Ceramium tetricum var. pectinatum C. Agardh
  1009. Ceramium thuioides_('thuyoides') (J.E. Smith) C. Agardh
  1011. Ceramium thuioides_('thuyoides') (J.E. Smith) Bonnemaison
  1012. Ceramium thymifolium Schousboe
  1013. Ceramium tomentosum (Hudson) Roth
  1015. Ceramium tomentosum (Hudson) C. Agardh
  1016. Ceramium tomentosum [beta] ferrugineum Roth
  1017. Ceramium tomentosum [gamma] minus Roth
  1019. Ceramium tortuosum Ducluzeau
  1020. Ceramium torulosum Roth
  1021. Ceramium torulosum J. Agardh
  1022. Ceramium torulosum Schousboe
  1023. Ceramium tranquebariense Roth
  1024. Ceramium transcurrens (Kützing) Ardissone
  1025. Ceramium transcurrens (Kützing) Ardissone
  1026. Ceramium transfugum (Kützing) Ardissone
  1027. Ceramium transversale Collins & Hervey
  1028. Ceramium transversale Collins & Hervey
  1029. Ceramium trichocladis C. Agardh
  1030. Ceramium trichodes Schousboe
  1031. Ceramium truncatum H. E. Petersen
  1032. Ceramium tuberculosum Roth
  1033. Ceramium tubulosum Roth
  1034. Ceramium tumidulum Meneghini
  1035. Ceramium turgidum Schousboe
  1036. Ceramium turneri Roth
  1037. Ceramium turneri var. radicans Bonnemaison
  1038. Ceramium uncinatum Harvey
  1039. Ceramium ungulatum Suhr in herb. Binder
  1040. Ceramium ungulatum (Kützing) Hariot
  1041. Ceramium uniforme (Esper) Ruchinger
  1042. Ceramium uniforme Meneghini
  1043. Ceramium unilaterale Schousboe
  1044. Ceramium urceolatum (Dillwyn) Jürgens
  1045. Ceramium uruguayense W. R. Taylor
  1046. Ceramium vagabundum (L.) Roth
  1047. Ceramium vagabundum_('vagabunde') Dawson
  1048. Ceramium vagans P. C. Silva
  1049. Ceramium variegatum Roth
  1050. Ceramium variegatum (Kützing) Okamura
  1051. Ceramium vatovae_('Vatovai') Schiffner
  1052. Ceramium vendlicum H.E. Petersen
  1053. Ceramium venetum Zanardini
  1054. Ceramium verongiae D.L. Ballantine & M.J. Wynne
  1055. Ceramium verrucosum Roth
  1056. Ceramium verrucosum Roth
  1057. Ceramium versicolor C. Agardh
  1058. Ceramium versicolor Draparnaud ined.
  1059. Ceramium vertebrale H.E. Petersen
  1060. Ceramium verticillatum Chiaje
  1061. Ceramium verticillatum (Lightf.) DC.
  1063. Ceramium verticillatum (Lightfoot) Ducluzeau
  1064. Ceramium vestitum Harvey
  1065. Ceramium vietnamense Pham-Hoàng Ho
  1066. Ceramium villosum Kützing
  1067. Ceramium villosum Kützing
  1068. Ceramium vimineum J. Agardh
  1069. Ceramium violaceum Roth
  1070. Ceramium violaceum Roth [gamma] alochrous Roth
  1071. Ceramium violaceum Roth [beta] tenuius Roth
  1072. Ceramium virgatum Roth
  1073. Ceramium virgatum [(C. Agardh)] Chevallier
  1074. Ceramium virgatum Hooker f. & Harvey
  1075. Ceramium virgatum Schousboe
  1076. Ceramium viride Filarszky
  1077. Ceramium viscainoense Dawson
  1078. Ceramium washingtoniense Kylin
  1079. Ceramium wulfenii Roth
  1080. Ceramium wulfenii Schousboe
  1081. Ceramium youngii Farlow mscr.
  1082. Ceramium zacae Setchell & Gardner
  1083. Ceramium zebrinum J. Agardh
  1084. CERAMOPSIS Palisot de Beauvois \{also on card: Algues sect. Scutoides\}
  1085. CERAMOTHAMNION Herbert M. Richards
  1086. Ceramothamnion codii Herbert M. Richards
  1087. Ceramothamnion codii var. hawaiiense Kajimura
  1088. CERASTERIAS Reinsch
  1089. CERASTERIAS (Reinsch) Wille \{also on card: Section of Tetraedron\}
  1090. Cerasterias irregularis G.M. Smith
  1091. Cerasterias longispina (Perty) Reinsch
  1092. Cerasterias longispina var. hexactina ('hexactinum') W. West
  1093. Cerasterias nivalis Bohlin
  1094. Cerasterias raphidioides Reinsch
  1095. Cerasterias raphidioides var. inaequale Reinsch
  1096. Cerasterias raphidioides var. incrassata ('incrassatum') Reinsch
  1097. Cerasterias raphidioides f. obtusata Reinsch
  1098. Cerasterias raphidioides f. octodens Reinsch
  1099. Cerasterias raphidioides f. tetradens Reinsch
  1100. Cerasterias raphidioides f. tridens Reinsch
  1101. Cerasterias staurastroides W. West & G.S. West
  1102. CERATAULINA H. Peragallo
  1103. Cerataulina bergonii (H. Peragallo) Schütt
  1104. Cerataulina bergonii var. elongata Schröder
  1105. Cerataulina bicornis (Ehrenberg) Hasle
  1106. Cerataulina chapmanii Crosby & Wood
  1107. Cerataulina compacta Ostenfeld
  1108. Cerataulina cretacea Hajós (CAS)
  1109. Cerataulina curvata E. J. F. Wood
  1110. Cerataulina daemon (Greville) Hasle
  1111. Cerataulina dentata Hasle
  1112. Cerataulina mediterranea Schiller
  1113. Cerataulina praebergonii Hajós (CAS)
  1114. Cerataulina velifera Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  1115. CERATAULUS Ehrenberg
  1116. CERATAULUS (Ehr.) Schütt \{also on card: Subsection of Biddulphia\}
  1117. Cerataulus azoricus Pavillard (CAS)
  1118. Cerataulus azoricus Pavillard (CAS)
  1119. Cerataulus bergonii H. Peragallo
  1120. Cerataulus boryanus Pantocsek (CAS)
  1121. Cerataulus californicus Schmidt
  1122. Cerataulus chinensis Grunow \{also on card, after Cerataulus: (Laevis var.?)\}
  1123. Cerataulus deflandrei Chenevière
  1124. Cerataulus dianae Ehrenberg
  1125. Cerataulus galapagensis (Cleve) Schmidt
  1126. Cerataulus hungaricus Pantocsek \{also on card, after Cerataulus: (Thumii var.?)\}
  1127. Cerataulus hustedtii Amossé (CAS)
  1128. Cerataulus imperator Hanna & Grant (CAS)
  1129. Cerataulus japonicus Pantocsek (CAS)
  1130. Cerataulus johnsonianus (Greville) Cleve (CAS)
  1131. Cerataulus kinkeri Schmidt
  1132. Cerataulus labuani Cleve
  1133. Cerataulus labuensis Cleve (CAS)
  1134. Cerataulus labuensis var. linearis Amossé (CAS)
  1135. Cerataulus laevis (Ehrenberg) Ralfs
  1136. Cerataulus laevis var. chinensis Grunow (CAS)
  1137. Cerataulus laevis var. pangeroni Leuduger-Fortmorel (CAS)
  1138. Cerataulus laevis var. schmidtii Forti
  1139. Cerataulus laevis f. trimerus ('trimera') Forti
  1140. Cerataulus laevis var. thermalis Grunow
  1141. Cerataulus laevis var. thomei Leuduger-Fortmorel
  1142. Cerataulus laevis var. typicus ('typica') Forti
  1143. Cerataulus marginatus Grove & Sturt (CAS)
  1144. Cerataulus orbicularis Forti (CAS)
  1145. Cerataulus orbicularis var. lacustris (Holmboe) Forti
  1146. Cerataulus ovalis Schmidt
  1147. Cerataulus pacificus Grunow
  1148. Cerataulus pacificus M. Hajós
  1149. Cerataulus peragalloi Pantocsek (CAS)
  1150. Cerataulus petitii ('petiti') Leuduger-Fortmorel
  1151. Cerataulus polymorphus (Montagne) Van Heurck
  1152. Cerataulus polymorphus f. minor Van Heurck (CAS)
  1153. Cerataulus polymorphus var. petitii ('petiti') (Leuduger-Fortmorel) Forti
  1154. Cerataulus radiatus R. Ross
  1155. Cerataulus reichardtii ('Reichardti') Grunow
  1156. Cerataulus reversa Grove & Sturt
  1157. Cerataulus rotundatus Shibkova
  1158. Cerataulus rotundus Tempère & Brun
  1159. Cerataulus smithii Ralfs
  1160. Cerataulus socotrensis F. Kitton
  1161. Cerataulus subangulatus Grove & Sturt
  1162. Cerataulus thermalis (Meneghini) Ralfs
  1163. Cerataulus thermalis var. sinensis (Grunow) Forti (CAS)
  1164. Cerataulus thermalis f. ceylonicus ('ceylonica') Skvortsov
  1165. Cerataulus thumii Schmidt
  1166. Cerataulus thumii var. hungaricus Pantocsek
  1167. Cerataulus titianus Grunow (CAS)
  1168. Cerataulus turgidus (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg (CAS)
  1169. Cerataulus turgidus var. hispidissimus ('hispidissima') Pantocsek
  1170. Cerataulus turgidus var. polyceros Castracane
  1171. Cerataulus weissflogii Pantocsek (CAS)
  1172. CERATIOPSIS De Wildeman
  1173. CERATIOPSIS Vozzhennikova
  1174. CERATIOPSIS Vozzhennikova
  1175. Ceratiopsis diebelii_('diebeli') (Alberti) Vozzhennikova
  1176. Ceratiopsis diebelii f. brevicornis Vozzhennikova
  1177. Ceratiopsis leptoderma Vozzhennikova
  1178. Ceratiopsis leptoderma f. minor Vozzhennikova
  1179. Ceratiopsis markovii ('markovi') Vozzhennikova
  1180. Ceratiopsis obliquipes (Deflandre & Cookson) Lentin & G. L. Williams