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  2. CALLOPHYLLIS \{also on card: section Diplocoelia J. Agardh\}
  3. Callophyllis acanthocarpa Harvey
  4. Callophyllis acrocarpa Setchell
  5. Callophyllis acrodonta Kützing
  6. Callophyllis adhaerens Yamada
  7. Callophyllis adnata Okamura
  8. Callophyllis alcicornis (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  9. Callophyllis alternifida J. Agardh ms.
  10. Callophyllis alternifida J. Agardh
  11. Callophyllis angustifolia J. Agardh
  12. Callophyllis antarctica (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing
  13. Callophyllis antarctica (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing
  14. Callophyllis asperata Harvey
  15. Callophyllis atrosanguinea ('atro-sanguinea') (J. Hooker & Harvey) Hariot
  16. Callophyllis atrosanguinea f. latissima [Skottsberg]
  17. Callophyllis australis (Harvey) Kützing
  18. Callophyllis australis J. Agardh
  19. Callophyllis australis Sonder
  20. Callophyllis browneae J. Agardh
  21. Callophyllis calliblepharoides J. Agardh
  22. Callophyllis carnea J. Agardh
  23. Callophyllis centrifuga J. Agardh
  24. Callophyllis centrocarpa Orcutt
  25. Callophyllis centrocarpa (Montagne) Cleveland
  26. Callophyllis cervicornis Sonder
  27. Callophyllis chilensis (J. Agardh) Okamura
  28. Callophyllis chilensis (J. Agardh) Okamura
  29. Callophyllis chondroides J. Agardh
  30. Callophyllis coccinea (Harvey) Kützing
  31. Callophyllis coccinea var. carnea (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  32. Callophyllis coccinea var. corymbosa J. Agardh
  33. Callophyllis coccinea var. crinalis J. Agardh
  34. Callophyllis coccinea var. microcarpa (Zanardini) [Sonder]
  35. Callophyllis corollata Baardseth
  36. Callophyllis coronata Harvey
  37. Callophyllis crassifolia Setchell & Swezy
  38. Callophyllis crenulata Setchell
  39. Callophyllis crispata Okamura
  40. Callophyllis cristata (L. ex Turner) Kützing
  41. Callophyllis cristata Ruprecht
  42. Callophyllis cristata var. angustissima Kützing
  43. Callophyllis decumbens J. Agardh
  44. Callophyllis depressa (J. Agardh) Schmitz ex Laing
  45. Callophyllis dichotoma (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing
  46. Callophyllis dichotoma (J. Agardh) Schmitz ex Laing
  47. Callophyllis discigera (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  48. Callophyllis dissecta Setchell & Swezy
  49. Callophyllis divaricata (Greville) Howe & Taylor
  50. Callophyllis edentata Kylin
  51. Callophyllis erosa J. D. Hooker & Harvey
  52. Callophyllis expansa Harvey
  53. Callophyllis fabriciana (Lyngbye) Kützing
  54. Callophyllis fastigiata Harvey mss.
  55. Callophyllis fastigiata (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  56. Callophyllis fastigiata (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  57. Callophyllis fastigiata f. intricata Hohenacker
  58. Callophyllis fastigiata f. pygmaea Hohenacker
  59. Callophyllis filicina Setchell & Swezy
  60. Callophyllis fimbriata (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing
  61. Callophyllis firma (Kylin) R. E. Norris
  62. Callophyllis flabellata Crouan frat.
  63. Callophyllis flabellulata W. H. Harvey
  64. Callophyllis furcata Farlow
  65. Callophyllis furcata f. dissecta Farlow ex Setchell
  66. Callophyllis furcata f. dissecta Farlow
  67. Callophyllis furcata var. dissecta Yates
  68. Callophyllis furcata f. typica Farlow ex Setchell
  69. Callophyllis gardneri Setchell
  70. Callophyllis gigartinoides ('gigastinoides') J. Agardh
  71. Callophyllis gracillarioides Farlow
  72. Callophyllis gracillarioides Farlow
  73. Callophyllis gunnii (Harvey) Kützing
  74. Callophyllis harveyana J. Agardh
  75. Callophyllis hayamensis Yamada
  76. Callophyllis heanophylla Setchell
  77. Callophyllis hombroniana (Montagne) Kützing
  78. Callophyllis hookeri Kützing
  79. Callophyllis incisa Ruprecht
  80. Callophyllis japonica Okamura
  81. Callophyllis johnstonii Setchell & Gardner
  82. Callophyllis laciniata (Hudson) Kützing
  83. Callophyllis laciniata var. ciliata Kützing
  84. Callophyllis laciniata var. immarginata Chauvin
  85. Callophyllis laingiana A.J.K. Millar
  86. Callophyllis lambertii ('lamberti') (Turner) Kützing
  87. Callophyllis lambertii f. calliblepharoides (J. Agardh) Parkinson
  88. Callophyllis lecomtei Hariot
  89. Callophyllis ligulata Taylor
  90. Callophyllis linearis Kylin in Herb.
  91. Callophyllis linearis (Kylin) Abbott & Norris
  92. Callophyllis linguata Kylin
  93. Callophyllis lingulata J. Agardh
  94. Callophyllis mageshimensis_('mageshimense') Tanaka
  95. Callophyllis marginifera J. Agardh
  96. Callophyllis marginifructa Setchell & Swezy
  97. Callophyllis megalocarpa Setchell & Swezy
  98. Callophyllis microcarpa Zanardini
  99. Callophyllis multifida (Reinsch) Kylin
  100. Callophyllis nana A.K.J. Millar
  101. Callophyllis obtusifolia J. Agardh
  102. Callophyllis odonthalioides Setchell
  103. Callophyllis okamurae P.C. Silva
  104. Callophyllis oregona Doty
  105. Callophyllis ornata (Montagne) Kützing
  106. Callophyllis palmata Yamada
  107. Callophyllis papulosa Perestenko
  108. Callophyllis patens J. Agardh ms.
  109. Callophyllis patens J. Agardh
  110. Callophyllis phyllohaptera Dawson
  111. Callophyllis pinnata Setchell & Swezy
  112. Callophyllis plumosa Setchell & Swezy
  113. Callophyllis ramentacea J. Agardh
  114. Callophyllis rangiferina ('rangiferinus') (D. Turner) Womersley
  115. Callophyllis rhynchocarpa Ruprecht
  116. Callophyllis rhynchocarpa "Ruprecht" {err. cit.}
  117. Callophyllis rhynchocarpa f. acutiloba Ruprecht
  118. Callophyllis rhynchocarpa f. crispata '(Ruprecht) Setchell & Gardner' {err. cit.}
  119. Callophyllis rhynchocarpa f. cristata (Ruprecht) Setchell & Gardner
  120. Callophyllis rhynchocarpa f. incisa (Ruprecht) Setchell & Gardner
  121. Callophyllis rhynchocarpa f. obtusiloba Ruprecht
  122. Callophyllis rhynchocarpa f. subsimplex Nagai
  123. Callophyllis ramentacea J. Agardh
  124. Callophyllis sanguinea (Montagne) Howe
  125. Callophyllis sibogae Weber Bosse
  126. Callophyllis sobolifera (Vahl) Kützing
  127. Callophyllis stenophylla Setchell
  128. Callophyllis stewartensis Levring
  129. Callophyllis tenera J. Agardh
  130. Callophyllis tenuifolia Harvey
  131. Callophyllis thompsonii Setchell
  132. Callophyllis variegata (Bory) Kützing
  133. Callophyllis variegata [beta] atrosanguinea (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing
  134. Callophyllis variegata [var.] dilatata Kützing \{also on card: no descr.\}
  135. Callophyllis variegata [alpha] flabellata (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing
  136. Callophyllis variegata [delta] lacerata (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing
  137. Callophyllis variegata [gamma] latissima (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing
  138. Callophyllis variegata [var.] linearis Kützing \{also on card: no descr.\}
  139. Callophyllis variegata var. muricata Farlow ex Mazza
  140. Callophyllis variegata [epsilon] prolifera (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing
  141. Callophyllis variegata [zeta] pulcherrima (J. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing
  142. Callophyllis violacea J. Agardh
  143. Callophyllis violacea var. epiphytica Dawson
  144. Callophyllis wilsoniana J. Agardh
  145. Callophyllis wilsoniana ('wilsonianum') J. Agardh
  147. CALLOSERIS J. Agardh
  148. Calloseris halliae J. Agardh
  149. CALLYMENIA Kützing
  150. CALLWELLIA Allman
  151. Callwellia insignis Allman
  152. Callymenia {cross reference}
  153. CALOCLADIA Greville
  154. CALOCLADIA (Greville) Endlicher \{also on card: [Section of] Bonnemaisonia\}
  155. CALOCLADIA (Greville) J. Agardh \{also on card: subgenus of Delisea\}
  156. Calocladia elegans (J. Agardh) J. Agardh
  157. Calocladia pulchra (Greville) J. Agardh
  158. Calocladia suhrii J. Agardh
  159. CALOCYLINDRUS Nägeli \{also on card: Subgenus of Dysphinctium\}
  160. CALOCYLINDRUS De Bary \{also on card: Section of Cosmarium\}
  161. CALOCYLINDRUS Kirchner
  162. CALOCYLINDRUS (Nägeli) Hirano \{also on card: sect. of Cosmarium\}
  163. Calocylindrus annulatus (Nägeli) Kirchner
  164. Calocylindrus brefeldii Istvanfy
  165. Calocylindrus brefeldii Istvanfy
  166. Calocylindrus brefeldii var. rotundatus_('rotundata') Istvanfy
  167. Calocylindrus brefeldii var. rotundatus_('rotundata') Istvanfy
  168. Calocylindrus clevei (Lund.) Wolle
  169. Calocylindrus cohnii Kirchner
  170. Calocylindrus connatus (Brébisson) Kirchner
  171. Calocylindrus connatus var. minor (Wolle) Wolle
  172. Calocylindrus costatus Wolle
  173. Calocylindrus cucumis (Corda) Istvanffi
  174. Calocylindrus cucurbita (Brébisson) Kirchner
  175. Calocylindrus curtus (Brébisson) Kirchner
  176. Calocylindrus cylindricus [b.] hexagonus ('hexagona') Raciborski
  177. Calocylindrus cylindricus [a.] typicus ('typica') Raciborski
  178. Calocylindrus cylindrus (Ehrenberg) Kirchner
  179. Calocylindrus cylindrus var. genuinus ('genuinum') Kirchner
  180. Calocylindrus cylindrus var. silesiacus Kirchner
  181. Calocylindrus diplosporus ('diplospora') (Lundell) Wolle
  182. Calocylindrus elongatus 'Raciborski'
  183. Calocylindrus grandis (Delponte) Istvanfy
  184. Calocylindrus grandis (Delponte) Istvanfy
  185. Calocylindrus markusovszkyi Istvanfy
  186. Calocylindrus markusovszkyi Istvanfy
  187. Calocylindrus minutus (Ralfs) Kirchner
  188. Calocylindrus palangula (Brébisson) Kirchner
  189. Calocylindrus palangula var. rotundatus ('rotundata') Istvanfy
  190. Calocylindrus pseudoconnatus (Nordstedt) Wolle
  191. Calocylindrus ralfsii (Kützing) Kirchner
  192. Calocylindrus tesselatus (Delponte) Istvanfy
  193. Calocylindrus tessellatus_('tesselatus') (Delponte) Istvanfy
  194. Calocylindrus thwaitesii (Ralfs) Wolle
  195. Calocylindrus turgidus (Brébisson) Kirchner
  196. CALODICTYON Setchell \{also on card: section of Microdictyon\}
  197. CALODISCUS Rabenhorst
  198. CALODISCUS (Rabenhorst) Grunow \{also on card: [Gruppe] of Campylodiscus\}
  199. Calodiscus superbus Rabenhorst (CAS)
  200. CALOGLOSSA Harvey
  201. CALOGLOSSA J. Agardh \{also on card: [subgenus?] of Delesseria\}
  202. CALOGLOSSA Harvey \{also on card: subgenus of Delesseria\}
  203. CALOGLOSSA (Harvey) Martens
  204. CALOGLOSSA (Harvey) J. Agardh
  205. Caloglossa adhaerens R.J. King & C.F. Puttock
  206. Caloglossa adnata (Zanardini) De Toni
  207. Caloglossa adnata f. divaricata Post
  208. Caloglossa amboinensis (G. Karsten) De Toni
  209. Caloglossa apomeiotica J.A. West & G.C. Zuccarello
  210. Caloglossa beccarii (Zanardini) De Toni
  211. Caloglossa bengalensis (Martens) R.J. King & C.F. Puttock
  212. Caloglossa bombayensis BÝrgesen
  213. Caloglossa continua (Okamura) R.J. King & C.F. Puttock
  214. Caloglossa continua subsp. axillaris R.J. King & C.F. Puttock
  215. Caloglossa continua subsp. postiae R.J. King & C.F. Puttock
  216. Caloglossa continua subsp. saigonensis (Tanaka & P. H. Hô) R.J. King & C.F. Puttock
  217. Caloglossa hookeri Harvey ined.
  218. Caloglossa leprieurii (Montagne) Martens
  219. Caloglossa leprieurii (Montagne) J. Agardh
  220. Caloglossa leprieurii var. angusta Jao
  221. Caloglossa leprieurii f. capillaris Kützing
  222. Caloglossa leprieurii f. ceylonensis Post
  223. Caloglossa leprieurii var. continua Okamura
  224. Caloglossa leprieurii f. continua (Okamura) Post
  225. Caloglossa leprieurii var. hookeri Post
  226. Caloglossa leprieurii f. pygmaea (Martens) Post
  227. Caloglossa leprieurii [beta] subtilissima Martens
  228. Caloglossa leprieurii f. triclada Post
  229. Caloglossa mnioides J. Agardh illeg.
  230. Caloglossa monosticha M. Kamiya
  231. Caloglossa ogasawaraensis Okamura
  232. Caloglossa ogasawaraensis Okamura
  233. Caloglossa ogasawaraensis var. latifolia Kumano
  234. Caloglossa pygmaea Weber Bosse mscr. in Herb. Lugd.Bat.
  235. Caloglossa saigonensis Tanaka & Pham Hoàng Hô
  236. Caloglossa stipitata Post
  237. Caloglossa triclada (Post) R.J. King & C.F. Puttock
  238. Caloglossa vieillardii ('viellardi') (Kützing) Setchell
  239. Caloglossa zanzibariensis (Goebel) De Toni
  240. CALOLITHUS Noël
  241. Calolithus martelae Noël
  242. Calolithus speetonensis Black
  243. CALOMENA J.E. Gray
  244. Calomena brownii J.E. Gray
  245. Calomena brownii J.E. Gray
  246. CALOMENA (Gray) Wille \{also on card: Section of Anadyomene\}