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  2. CALLITHAMNION Lyngbye emend. Bory
  3. CALLITHAMNION Lyngbye \{also on card: Sections by Lyngbye\}
  4. CALLITHAMNION \{also on card: Sectio's by Kützing\}
  5. CALLITHAMNION Lyngbye \{also on card: Sections by Lyngbye\}
  6. CALLITHAMNION \{also on card: subgenera and/or sections by Nägeli\}
  7. CALLITHAMNION \{also on card: sections by Harvey\}
  8. CALLITHAMNION \{also on card: subgenera and sections by Farlow\}
  9. CALLITHAMNION \{also on card: sections by Ardissone\}
  10. Callithamnion abbreviatum Kützing
  11. Callithamnion abietinum Reinsch
  12. Callithamnion acanthophorum Kützing
  13. Callithamnion acrospermum J. Agardh
  14. Callithamnion aculeatum Harvey
  15. Callithamnion acuminatum Schousboe
  16. Callithamnion acutum Kylin
  17. Callithamnion adnatum J. Agardh
  18. Callithamnion aegagropilae Funk
  19. Callithamnion aegagropilum J. Agardh
  20. Callithamnion affine Harvey
  21. Callithamnion affine Kützing
  22. Callithamnion agardhianum Trevisan
  23. Callithamnion aglaothamnioides Itono
  24. Callithamnion alternatum Schousboe mscr.
  25. Callithamnion alternatum Schousboe
  26. Callithamnion amentaceum Crouan fr.
  27. Callithamnion americanum Harvey
  28. Callithamnion angustatum J. Hooker & Harvey
  29. Callithamnion apicale ('apicalis') Noda
  30. Callithamnion apiculatum Meneghini
  31. Callithamnion apiculatum Crouan fr.
  32. Callithamnion applicitum Harvey
  33. Callithamnion arachnoideum C. Agardh
  34. Callithamnion arachnoideum D. Moore
  35. Callithamnion arborescens Gardner
  36. Callithamnion arbuscula (Brown ex Dillwyn) Lyngbye
  37. Callithamnion arbuscula var. pacificum W.H. Harvey
  38. Callithamnion arbuscula var. pacificum W.H. Harvey (cont.)
  39. Callithamnion armatum J. Agardh
  40. Callithamnion arnottii ('arnotti') Trevisan \{pcs\}
  41. Callithamnion arrawarricum A.J.K. Millar
  42. Callithamnion attenuatum (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst
  43. Callithamnion australe J. Agardh
  44. Callithamnion axillare Schousboe
  45. Callithamnion axirhizans Reinsch
  46. Callithamnion baccatum J. Agardh
  47. Callithamnion baileyi Harvey
  48. Callithamnion baileyi Harvey
  49. Callithamnion baileyi var. boreale Harvey
  50. Callithamnion baileyi var. laxum_('laxa') Farlow
  51. Callithamnion baileyi var. rochei Harvey
  52. Callithamnion baileyi var. squarrosum Harvey
  53. Callithamnion ballioides Sonder
  54. Callithamnion barbatum C. Agardh
  55. Callithamnion batrachospermum Kützing
  56. Callithamnion beaui ('beauii') Crouan fr.
  57. Callithamnion bebbii Reinsch
  58. Callithamnion bipinnatum Crouan frat.
  59. Callithamnion biseriatum Kylin
  60. Callithamnion bisporum Gardner
  61. Callithamnion bisporum var. australe Dawson
  62. Callithamnion boergesenii N. E. Aponte & D. L. Ballantine
  63. Callithamnion borreri (J. E. Smith) S. F. Gray
  64. Callithamnion borreri (J. E. Smith) C. Agardh
  65. Callithamnion borreri var. calcaratum J. Agardh
  66. Callithamnion borreri var. elongatum Kützing
  67. Callithamnion borreri var. flabellatum Kützing
  68. Callithamnion borreri var. rigidum Kützing
  69. Callithamnion borreri var. subfastigatum Kützing
  70. Callithamnion botryocarpum Harvey
  71. Callithamnion botryocarpum Harvey
  72. Callithamnion botryticum De Notaris
  73. Callithamnion botryticum De Notaris
  74. Callithamnion brachiatum (Bonnemaison) Lenormand ex Harvey
  75. Callithamnion brachiatum Schousboe
  76. Callithamnion brachygonum Harvey
  77. Callithamnion breviramosum Gardner
  78. Callithamnion brodiei_('brodiaei') Harvey
  79. Callithamnion brownianum Harvey
  80. Callithamnion brownianum var. majus Harvey
  81. Callithamnion byssoides Arnott ex Harvey
  82. Callithamnion byssoides (cont.)
  83. Callithamnion byssoides (Ducluzeau) Trevisan
  84. Callithamnion byssoides var. arachnoideum (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  85. Callithamnion byssoides var. caulescens J. Agardh
  86. Callithamnion byssoides var. fastigiatum Harvey
  87. Callithamnion byssoides var. flagellare (Zanardini) Hauck
  88. Callithamnion byssoides var. jamaicense ('jamaicensis') Collins
  89. Callithamnion byssoides var. jamaicense ('jamaicensis') Collins
  90. Callithamnion byssoides var. pseudobyssoides (Crouan) Miranda
  91. Callithamnion byssoides f. seirosporiferum ('seirosporifera') Holmes & Batters
  92. Callithamnion cabellae De Notaris
  93. Callithamnion caespitosum J. Agardh
  94. Callithamnion calcaratum De Notaris
  95. Callithamnion calcaratum Rudolphi
  96. Callithamnion calcaratum De Notaris
  97. Callithamnion californicum Gardner
  98. Callithamnion callophyllidicola Yamada
  99. Callithamnion catalinense Dawson
  100. Callithamnion caudatum J. Agardh
  101. Callithamnion centprenum Sonder
  102. Callithamnion ceramicola (Lyngbye) Suhr
  103. Callithamnion ceramicola Kützing
  104. Callithamnion ceramicola Suhr
  105. Callithamnion chadefaudii (L'Hardy-Halos) South & Tittley
  106. Callithamnion cladodermum Zanardini
  107. Callithamnion cladodermum Zanardini
  108. Callithamnion clandestinum Montagne
  109. Callithamnion clavatum Schousboe ex C. Agardh
  110. Callithamnion clavatum Schousboe
  111. Callithamnion clavellatum Kützing
  112. Callithamnion coccineum (Hudson) Lyngbye
  113. Callithamnion coccineum Schousboe
  114. Callithamnion codicola Grunow
  115. Callithamnion codii Crouan frat.
  116. Callithamnion colensoi Harvey
  117. Callithamnion comosum Harvey
  118. Callithamnion comosum Kützing
  119. Callithamnion compactum Dawson
  120. Callithamnion compactum Schousboe
  121. Callithamnion condensatum Kützing
  122. Callithamnion confusum J. Agardh
  123. Callithamnion consanguineum Harvey
  124. Callithamnion conspicuum (Sonder) Harvey
  125. Callithamnion constrictum Hering
  126. Callithamnion corallinum (J. Murray) Lyngbye
  127. Callithamnion corallina Ruprecht
  128. Callithamnion cordatum Børgesen
  129. Callithamnion corniculifructum Crouan fr.
  130. Callithamnion corymbiferum (Kützing) Trevisan
  131. Callithamnion corymbosum (J. E. Smith) Lyngbye
  132. Callithamnion corymbosum var. amphicarpum ('amphicarpa') Thuret
  133. Callithamnion corymbosum var. australe ('australis') [Askenasy]
  134. Callithamnion corymbosum var. byssoides Crouan frat.
  135. Callithamnion corymbosum var. corymbiferum (Kützing) Adissone
  136. Callithamnion corymbosum var. heterocarpum Thuret
  137. Callithamnion corymbosum var. intricatum Lyngbye
  138. Callithamnion corymbosum f. laxum ('laxa') Schiffner
  139. Callithamnion corymbosum f. monosporum ('monospora') [Askenasy]
  140. Callithamnion corymbosum var. secundatum Harvey
  141. Callithamnion corymbosum var. seirospermum [Falkenberg]
  142. Callithamnion corynosporoides Crouan ft.
  143. Callithamnion crinale J. Agardh
  144. Callithamnion crinale J. Agardh
  145. Callithamnion crispellum C. Agardh
  146. Callithamnion crispellum C. Agardh (cont.)
  147. Callithamnion crispulum Harvey
  148. Callithamnion crouanii Kützing illeg.
  149. Callithamnion crouanioides Kützing in litt
  150. Callithamnion cruciatum C. Agardh
  151. Callithamnion cruciatum var. decipiens (J. Agardh) Kützing
  152. Callithamnion cruciatum var. dubium (Zanardini) Zanardini
  153. Callithamnion cruciatum var. majus J. Agardh
  154. Callithamnion cruciatum var. pumilum (Harvey) Harvey
  155. Callithamnion cruciatum var. radicans J. Agardh
  156. Callithamnion cruciatum var. tenue Harvey
  157. Callithamnion cruciatum var. villosum Kützing
  158. Callithamnion crustatum Schousboe
  159. Callithamnion cryptopterum Kützing
  160. Callithamnion cupressoides Meneghini
  161. Callithamnion cymosum Harvey
  162. Callithamnion cymosum Harvey
  163. Callithamnion cystosirarum Ardissone
  164. Callithamnion dasycladum J. Agardh
  165. Callithamnion dasyoides J. Agardh
  166. Callithamnion dasytrichum (Montagne) Montagne
  167. Callithamnion dasyurum Harvey
  168. Callithamnion daviesii ('Dawiesii') (Dillwyn) Lyngbye
  169. Callithamnion daviesii var. secundatum Lyngbye
  170. Callithamnion daviesii var. secundatum Lyngbye {Second card}
  171. Callithamnion debile Harvey
  172. Callithamnion decipiens J. Agardh
  173. Callithamnion decompositum J. Agardh
  174. Callithamnion decussatum Meneghini
  175. Callithamnion delicatulum Harvey
  176. Callithamnion densum Suhr
  177. Callithamnion dietziae Hooper ex Harvey
  178. Callithamnion dimorphum Harvey nom. superfl.
  179. Callithamnion dispar Harvey
  180. Callithamnion distichum Zanardini
  181. Callithamnion divaricatum (Kützing) Trevisan
  182. Callithamnion divergens J. Agardh
  183. Callithamnion dubium Zanardini
  184. Callithamnion dudresnayi (Bonnemaison) Crouan frat.
  185. Callithamnion echigoense Noda
  186. Callithamnion efflorescens J. Agardh
  187. Callithamnion elegans Schousboe ex C. Agardh
  188. Callithamnion elegans Vidovich
  189. Callithamnion elegans Kützing
  190. Callithamnion ellipticum Montagne
  191. Callithamnion ellipticum var. majus ('major') Crouan fr.
  192. Callithamnion elongatum Harvey
  193. Callithamnion elongellum Zanardini
  194. Callithamnion elongellum Zanardini
  195. Callithamnion endovagum Setchell & Gardner
  196. Callithamnion entozoicum Reinsch in herb.
  197. Callithamnion entozoicum var. giardi Reinsch
  198. Callithamnion entozoicum f. spongiorum Reinsch
  199. Callithamnion epiphyticum Taylor
  200. Callithamnion exiguum Rodríguez & Femenías in herb.
  201. Callithamnion fallax Crouan frat.
  202. Callithamnion fasciculatum Harvey
  203. Callithamnion fastigiatum Harvey
  204. Callithamnion feldmannii (Halos) South & Tittley
  205. Callithamnion felipponei M.A. Howe
  206. Callithamnion felixii (Gaillon ex Bonnemaison) J. Agardh
  207. Callithamnion flabellatum Schousboe mscr.
  208. Callithamnion flabellatum Schousboe mscr.
  209. Callithamnion flabellatum (Montagne) Montagne in litt.
  210. Callithamnion flabellatum Schousboe
  211. Callithamnion flabellatum [A.C. Brown & N. Jarman]
  212. Callithamnion flabelligerum Harvey
  213. Callithamnion flaccidum J. Hooker & Harvey
  214. Callithamnion flaccidum var. alternifolium J. Agardh
  215. Callithamnion flaccidum var. alternifolium J. Hooker & Harvey
  216. Callithamnion flagellare Zanardini
  217. Callithamnion flagellare Zanardini
  218. Callithamnion flagelliferum De Notaris
  219. Callithamnion flagelliforme De Notaris
  220. Callithamnion flexuosum (C. Agardh) C. Agardh
  221. Callithamnion floccosum (O.F. Müller) S. F. Gray
  222. Callithamnion floccosum (Müller) C. Agardh
  223. Callithamnion floccosum var. atlanticum J. Agardh
  224. Callithamnion floccosum var. pacificum W. H. Harvey
  225. Callithamnion floccosum var. pusillum ('pusilla') (Lyngbye) J. Agardh .
  226. Callithamnion floridulum (Dillwyn) Lyngbye
  227. Callithamnion floridulum Schousboe
  228. Callithamnion floridulum Schousboe in coll. Horneman
  229. Callithamnion formosum Harvey
  230. Callithamnion fragilissimum Zanardini
  231. Callithamnion fruticulosum (Roth) Lyngbye
  232. Callithamnion fruticulosum J. Agardh
  233. Callithamnion fruticulosum Schousboe ex C. Agardh
  234. Callithamnion furcellariae J. Agardh
  235. Callithamnion furcellariae f. hiemale ('hiemalis') (Kjellman) Kylin
  236. Callithamnion gaillonii ('gailloni') (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) P. Crouan & H. Crouan
  237. Callithamnion gaudichaudii C. Agardh
  238. Callithamnion giraudii (Kützing) J. Agardh
  239. Callithamnion giraudii Solier mss.
  240. Callithamnion gorgoneum Montagne
  241. Callithamnion gracile J. Hooker & Harvey
  242. Callithamnion gracilentum Harvey
  243. Callithamnion gracillimum [J. Agardh]
  244. Callithamnion graeffei Grunow
  245. Callithamnion grande J. Agardh
  246. Callithamnion graniferum Meneghini
  247. Callithamnion granulatum (Ducluzeau) C. Agardh
  248. Callithamnion granulatum f. nanum ('nana') Schiffner
  249. Callithamnion grevillei ('Grevillii') Harvey
  250. Callithamnion griffithsiae Harvey mss.
  251. Callithamnion griffithsioides Sonder
  252. Callithamnion griffithsioides Solier in Hb. Lenormand
  253. Callithamnion halliae F.S. Collins
  254. Callithamnion halliae F.S. Collins
  255. Callithamnion hamelii ('Hameli') Nasr
  256. Callithamnion hannafordii ('hannafordi') (Harvey) J. Agardh
  257. Callithamnion hanovioides Sonder
  258. Callithamnion hapalidii Crouan frat.
  259. Callithamnion harveyanum J. Agardh
  260. Callithamnion hemiphorum J. Agardh
  261. Callithamnion hemystachyon Schousboe
  262. Callithamnion herveyi M.A. Howe
  263. Callithamnion heteromorphum J. Agardh mscr.
  264. Callithamnion heteromorphum J. Agardh
  265. Callithamnion hiemale Kjellman mscr.
  266. Callithamnion hirtellum Zanardini
  267. Callithamnion hirtellum Zanardini
  268. Callithamnion hirtum J. Hooker & Harvey
  269. Callithamnion hookeri (Dillwyn) S. F. Gray
  270. Callithamnion hookeri (Dillwyn) C. Agardh
  271. Callithamnion hookeri f. areschougii Rosenvinge
  272. Callithamnion hookeri f. typicum ('typica') Kylin
  273. Callithamnion horizontale Harvey
  274. Callithamnion hormocarpum E. M. Holmes
  275. Callithamnion horridulum J. Agardh
  276. Callithamnion horridulum J. Agardh (cont.)
  277. Callithamnion humile Kützing
  278. Callithamnion hypneae Crouan fr.
  279. Callithamnion imbricatum Schousboe ex Suhr
  280. Callithamnion imbricatum Zanardini
  281. Callithamnion imbricatum Schousboe
  282. Callithamnion implicatum Suhr mscr. in herb. Binder
  283. Callithamnion implicatum (Kützing) J. Agardh
  284. Callithamnion inordinatum Zanardini
  285. Callithamnion inordinatum Zanardini
  286. Callithamnion intermedium Harvey ms.
  287. Callithamnion interruptum (J.E. Smith) C. Agardh
  288. Callithamnion interruptum (J. E. Smith) S.F. Gray
  289. Callithamnion interruptum var. setaceum Kützing
  290. Callithamnion intricatum (C. Agardh) C. Agardh
  291. Callithamnion investiens Crouan fr.
  292. Callithamnion irregulare J. Agardh
  293. Callithamnion japonicum Noda
  294. Callithamnion kirillianum Zinova & Zaberzhinskaya
  295. Callithamnion korffense A.J.K. Millar
  296. Callithamnion labradorense Reinsch
  297. Callithamnion lanceolatum (Derbès) Bertoloni
  298. Callithamnion languinosum, err. cit.
  299. Callithamnion lanosum Harvey
  300. Callithamnion lanuginosum (Dillwyn) Lyngbye
  301. Callithamnion lapponicum Ruprecht
  302. Callithamnion laricinum Harvey
  303. Callithamnion lasioides Reinsch
  304. Callithamnion laterale Schousboe
  305. Callithamnion latissimum Harvey
  306. Callithamnion laxatum Zanardini
  307. Callithamnion laxum Setchell & Gardner
  308. Callithamnion lejolisea Farlow
  309. Callithamnion lenormandii ('lenormandi') Suhr
  310. Callithamnion lenormandii ('Lenormandi') Suhr ex Kützing
  311. Callithamnion lepadicola Welwitsch
  312. Callithamnion leptocladum Montagne
  313. Callithamnion levringii Lindauer
  314. Callithamnion lherminieri Crouan fr.
  315. Callithamnion licmophorum Harvey
  316. Callithamnion longinode Harvey
  317. Callithamnion luxurians J. Agardh ex Kützing
  318. Callithamnion luxurians J. Agardh ex Kützing (cont.)
  319. Callithamnion lyngbyei ('Lyngbyi') Bory
  320. Callithamnion macropterum Meneghini ex Kützing
  321. Callithamnion marshallense ('marshallensis') Dawson
  322. Callithamnion membranaceum P. Magnus
  323. Callithamnion mesarthrocarpum Meneghini
  324. Callithamnion mesocarpum Carmichael
  325. Callithamnion microdendron Zanardini
  326. Callithamnion micropterum (Montagne) Montagne
  327. Callithamnion micropterum J. Hooker & Harvey
  328. Callithamnion microptilum Grunow
  329. Callithamnion microscopicum Nägeli ex Kützing
  330. Callithamnion mildbraedii Pilger
  331. Callithamnion miniatum (C. Agardh) Naccari
  332. Callithamnion minimum Harvey
  333. Callithamnion minutissimum Zanardini
  334. Callithamnion minutissimum Suhr
  335. Callithamnion minutissimum ('minutissima') Yamada
  336. Callithamnion minutum Suhr
  337. Callithamnion mirabile (Suhr) Kützing
  338. Callithamnion montagnei J. Hooker
  339. Callithamnion mucronatum J. Agardh
  340. Callithamnion muelleri ('Mülleri') Sonder
  341. Callithamnion multifidum Harvey
  342. Callithamnion multifidum (Hudson) Kützing
  343. Callithamnion multifidum var. pilosum Kützing
  344. Callithamnion multifidum var. setosum Kützing
  345. Callithamnion mytili Schousboe
  346. Callithamnion mytili Schousboe in coll. Hornemann
  347. Callithamnion myuroides Zanardini
  348. Callithamnion myurum Suhr
  349. Callithamnion naccarianum Rudolphi
  350. Callithamnion nanum Kützing
  351. Callithamnion neglectum (G. Feldmann) Ballesteros & Romero
  352. Callithamnion neglectum (G. Feldmann-Mazoyer) South & Tittley
  353. Callithamnion neglectum (Feldmann-Mazoyer) M.J. Wynne
  354. Callithamnion nemalionis De Notaris
  355. Callithamnion nemalionis De Notaris
  356. supplanted
  357. Callithamnion nigrescens J. Agardh
  358. Callithamnion nipponicum Noda
  359. Callithamnion nodiferum J. Agardh
  360. Callithamnion nodulosum Zanardini
  361. Callithamnion nodulosum (C. Agardh) Kützing
  362. Callithamnion octosporum C. Agardh
  363. Callithamnion oosumiense (H. Itono) M. Kajimura
  364. Callithamnion oppositifolium J. Agardh
  365. Callithamnion orbignianum Montagne
  366. Callithamnion ovale Schousboe
  367. Callithamnion ovuligerum Askenasy
  368. Callithamnion pacificum Taylor
  369. Callithamnion pallens Zanardini
  370. Callithamnion pallens Zanardini
  371. Callithamnion paniculatum Schousboe
  372. Callithamnion paradoxum Harvey
  373. Callithamnion parvulum Crouan frat.
  374. Callithamnion paschale Børgesen
  375. Callithamnion pectinatum Montagne
  376. Callithamnion pectinatum Schousboe
  377. Callithamnion pedicellatum (J. E. Smith) S. F. Gray
  378. Callithamnion pedicellatum (J.E. Smith) C. Agardh
  379. Callithamnion pedicellatum Itono
  380. Callithamnion pedunculatum Kützing
  381. Callithamnion pedunculatum var. codicola Grunow
  382. Callithamnion pellucidum (Harvey) Harvey
  383. Callithamnion penicillatum Harvey
  384. Callithamnion peniculum Zanardini
  385. Callithamnion penna Schousboe
  386. Callithamnion penna Schousboe
  387. Callithamnion pennatum Harvey mscr.
  388. Callithamnion pennula Grunow
  389. Callithamnion peregrinum Kützing
  390. Callithamnion peregrinum Kützing
  391. Callithamnion perpusillum P.C. Silva
  392. Callithamnion pikeanum Harvey
  393. Callithamnion pikeanum var. laxum (Setchell & Gardner) Doty
  394. Callithamnion pikeanum var. pacificum Setchell & Gardner
  395. Callithamnion pikeanum var. pacificum Setchell & Gardner (cont.)
  396. Callithamnion piliferum Kützing
  397. Callithamnion pinastroides Reinsch
  398. Callithamnion pinastroides var. ramulosum Reinsch
  399. Callithamnion pinnatofurcatum ('pinnato-furcatum') Kützing
  400. Callithamnion planum Montagne
  401. Callithamnion pluma (Dillwyn) C. Agardh
  402. Callithamnion pluma var. micropterum Montagne
  403. Callithamnion plumigerum Harvey
  404. Callithamnion plumosum S. F. Gray
  405. Callithamnion plumosum Kützing
  406. Callithamnion plumosum Schousboe
  407. Callithamnion plumula (Ellis) Lyngbye
  408. Callithamnion plumula Schousboe
  409. Callithamnion plumula var. crispum (Ducluzeau) J. Agardh
  410. Callithamnion plumula f. crispum J. Agardh
  411. Callithamnion plumula var. horridulum J. Agardh
  412. Callithamnion plumula f. investiens J. Agardh
  413. Callithamnion plumula var. macropterum Meneghini
  414. Callithamnion plumula var. plumula J. Agardh
  415. Callithamnion plumula f. plumula J. Agardh
  416. Callithamnion plumula var. pusillum ('pusilla') Lyngbye
  417. Callithamnion pollexfenii W. H. Harvey
  418. Callithamnion polyacanthum Kützing
  419. Callithamnion polyacanthum Kützing
  420. Callithamnion polyrhizum Harvey
  421. Callithamnion polyspermum C. Agardh
  422. Callithamnion polyspermum f. juvenile ('juvenilis') J. Agardh
  423. Callithamnion posidoniae Zanardini
  424. Callithamnion posidoniae Zanardini
  425. Callithamnion posidoniae Zanardini
  426. Callithamnion preissii Sonder
  427. Callithamnion pseudobyssoides Crouan frat.
  428. Callithamnion pseudocorymbosum Shperk
  429. Callithamnion pteroton Schousboe
  430. Callithamnion ptilophora Eaton mscr.
  431. Callithamnion ptilota J.D. Hooker & Harvey
  432. Callithamnion pubes C. Agardh
  433. Callithamnion pulchellum C. Agardh
  434. Callithamnion pulchellum Harvey
  435. Callithamnion pulchellum Schousboe in Herb.
  436. Callithamnion pulchellum Schousboe
  437. Callithamnion pulcherrimum Crouan frat.
  438. Callithamnion pulvinatum Harvey [probably mss.]
  439. Callithamnion pumilum Harvey
  440. Callithamnion puniceum Harvey
  441. Callithamnion purpurascens (Hudson) S. F. Gray
  442. Callithamnion purpurascens (Hudson) "Sm."
  443. Callithamnion purpurascens Brodie mss.
  444. Callithamnion purpurascens var. roseum ('rosea') (Roth) S. F. Gray
  445. Callithamnion purpureum (Lightfoot) Harvey
  446. Callithamnion purpuriferum Harvey nom. subnudum
  447. Callithamnion purpuriferum Harvey nom. subnudum (cont.)
  448. Callithamnion purpuriferum Harvey in herb.
  449. Callithamnion purpuriferum (Kützing) J. Agardh
  450. Callithamnion pusillum Ruprecht
  451. Callithamnion pusillum Schousboe
  452. Callithamnion pusillum Schousboe mss.
  453. Callithamnion pusillum Harvey
  454. Callithamnion pygmaeum Kützing
  455. Callithamnion pylaisaeanum Montagne
  456. Callithamnion pylaisaei Montagne
  457. Callithamnion pyramidatum Liebmann
  458. Callithamnion rabenhorstii (Kützing) Crouan frat.
  459. Callithamnion racemosum ('racemosa') Suhr
  460. Callithamnion radicans Harvey
  461. Scanning error
  462. Callithamnion ralfsii Harvey ms.
  463. Callithamnion ramellosum Sonder
  464. Callithamnion ramellosum Kützing
  465. Callithamnion ramosissimum Gardner
  466. Callithamnion recurvatum Schousboe
  467. Callithamnion reductum Baardseth
  468. Callithamnion refractum Kützing
  469. Callithamnion repens (Dillwyn) Lyngbye
  470. Callithamnion repens var. tenellum (Dillwyn) Lyngbye
  471. Callithamnion rigescens Zanardini
  472. Callithamnion rigescens Zanardini
  473. Callithamnion rigidum Dawson
  474. Callithamnion roseolum C. Agardh
  475. Callithamnion roseum (Roth) Lyngbye
  476. Callithamnion roseum Schousboe m.s.
  477. Callithamnion roseum var. scopulorum Lenormand in herb.
  478. Callithamnion roseum var. tenue Lyngbye
  479. Callithamnion rothii (Turton) Lyngbye
  480. Callithamnion rothii var. purpureum (Lightfoot) Harvey
  481. Callithamnion rupicola ('rupicolum') C.L. Anderson
  482. Callithamnion rupicola ('rupicolum') f. pygmaeum Collins
  483. Callithamnion sandrianum Zanardini
  484. Callithamnion savianum Meneghini
  485. Callithamnion scoparium J. Hooker & Harvey
  486. Callithamnion scoparium J. Agardh
  487. Callithamnion scoparium var. ramulosum J. Hooker & Harvey
  488. Callithamnion scopula Harvey
  489. Callithamnion scopulorum C. Agardh
  490. Callithamnion secundatum (Lyngbye) C. Agardh
  491. Callithamnion secundatum var. botryosum Montagne
  492. Callithamnion seirospermum (Harvey) Griffiths
  493. Callithamnion seirospermum var. graniferum (Meneghini) Hauck
  494. Callithamnion seirospermum var. lanceolatum (Derbès) Hauck
  495. Callithamnion seirospermum f. trifarium ('trifaria') Hauck
  496. Callithamnion seirospermum var. miniatum (Bonnemaison) Crouan frat.
  497. Callithamnion seirospermum f. miniatum ('miniata') Holmes & Batters
  498. Callithamnion seirospermum f. versicolor Holmes & Batters
  499. Callithamnion semicorticatum Baardseth
  500. Callithamnion seminudum C. Agardh
  501. Callithamnion semipennatum J. Agardh
  502. Callithamnion semipennatum var. tenuior Kützing
  503. Callithamnion semipinnatum ('semi-pinnatum') Schousboe
  504. Callithamnion sepositum Tittley & Wilkinson
  505. Callithamnion serpens Crouan fr.
  506. Callithamnion sertularioides Suhr
  507. Callithamnion sessile Meneghini
  508. Callithamnion siculum Ardissone
  509. Callithamnion simile J. Hooker & Harvey
  510. Callithamnion simile J. Hooker & Harvey
  511. Callithamnion simplex Crouan frat.
  512. Callithamnion simpliciusculum Suhr
  513. Callithamnion soccoriense Taylor
  514. Callithamnion sparsum Harvey
  515. Callithamnion sphaericum P. Crouan & H. Crouan ex J. Agardh
  516. Callithamnion sphaericum Crouan frat.
  517. Callithamnion spinescens Kützing
  518. Callithamnion spinescens var. julaceum Kützing
  519. Callithamnion spiniferum Kylin
  520. Callithamnion spinosulum Suhr
  521. Callithamnion spinosum Crouan frat.
  522. Callithamnion spinosum Harvey
  523. Callithamnion spinuliferum Ardissone
  524. Callithamnion spinulosum Kützing
  525. Callithamnion spongiosum Harvey
  526. Callithamnion squarrosum Harvey in herb.
  527. Callithamnion squarrosum (Kützing) 'Harvey'
  528. Callithamnion squarrulosum Harvey
  529. Callithamnion striatulum Suhr
  530. Callithamnion strictum C. Agardh
  531. Callithamnion stuposum Suhr
  532. Callithamnion subnudum Ruprecht
  533. Callithamnion subsecundum Grunow
  534. Callithamnion subsimplex Harvey
  535. Callithamnion subsimplex Harvey ex J. Agardh
  536. Callithamnion subtile Kützing
  537. Callithamnion subtilissimum ('subtillissimum') De Notaris
  538. Scanning error
  539. Callithamnion subtilissimum Kützing
  540. Callithamnion subtilissimum var. tongatense Grunow
  541. Callithamnion subulatum W. H. Harvey
  542. Callithamnion subverticillatum Zanardini
  543. Callithamnion subverticillatum Zanardini
  544. Callithamnion superbiens Harvey
  545. Callithamnion tenue (C. Agardh) Harvey
  546. Callithamnion tenuissimum (Bonnemaison) Zanardini
  547. Callithamnion tenuissimum var. pinnatofurcatum ('pinnato-furcatum') (Kützing) Ardissone
  548. Callithamnion ternifolium J. Hooker & Harvey
  549. Callithamnion tetracladum J. Agardh ms.
  550. Callithamnion tetracladum J. Agardh
  551. Callithamnion tetracladum J. Agardh mscr.
  552. Callithamnion tetragonum (Withering) S. F. Gray
  553. Callithamnion tetragonum (Stackhouse) C. Agardh
  554. Callithamnion tetragonum var. brachiatum (Bonnemaison) Crouan frat.
  555. Callithamnion tetragonum f. brachiatum ('brachiata') ([Bonnemaison]) Miranda
  556. Callithamnion tetragonum var. divaricatum ('divaricata') Rosenvinge
  557. Callithamnion tetragonum var. firmius C. Agardh
  558. Callithamnion tetragonum var. fruticulosum ('fruticulosa') (J. Agardh) Rosenvinge
  559. Callithamnion tetragonum var. genuinum Hauck
  560. Callithamnion tetragonum var. tetragonum J. Agardh
  561. Callithamnion tetricum (Dillwyn) S.F. Gray
  562. Callithamnion tetricum var. minus C. Agardh
  563. Callithamnion tetricum var. pectinatum C. Agardh
  564. Callithamnion thouarsii Montagne
  565. Callithamnion thuioides_('thujoides') (J.E. Smith) S.F. Gray
  566. Callithamnion thuioides_('thuyoides') (J.E. Smith) C. Agardh
  567. Callithamnion thuioides f. breviarticulatum [Piccone]
  568. Callithamnion thuyoideum (Smith) C. Agardh orth. mut. Harvey
  569. Callithamnion thyrsigerum Thwaites ex Harvey
  570. Callithamnion tingens Harvey mss.
  571. Callithamnion tingitanum Schousboe ex Bornet
  572. Callithamnion tocwottoniense ('tocwottoniensis') Harvey mss.
  573. Callithamnion tomentellum Harvey mss.
  574. Callithamnion trifarium Meneghini
  575. Callithamnion tripinnatum C. Agardh
  576. Callithamnion truncatum Meneghini
  577. Callithamnion turneri (Roth) S. F. Gray
  578. Callithamnion turneri var. subverticillatum Lenormand in herb.
  579. Callithamnion turneri var. turneri J. Agardh
  580. Callithamnion turneri var. turneri J. Agardh
  581. Callithamnion turneri var. variabile J. Agardh
  582. Callithamnion uncinatum Dawson
  583. Callithamnion unilaterale Zanardini
  584. Callithamnion unilaterale Zanardini
  585. Callithamnion unilaterale Harvey ms.
  586. Callithamnion uruguayense Taylor
  587. Callithamnion utriculosum Kützing
  588. Callithamnion vancouverianum J. Agardh
  589. Callithamnion variabile C. Agardh
  590. Callithamnion variegatum Suhr
  591. Callithamnion varispirale ('varispiralis') Dawson
  592. Callithamnion veleroae Dawson
  593. Callithamnion ventricosum Kützing
  594. Callithamnion venustissimum Montagne in litt.
  595. Callithamnion venustissimum Montagne in litt.
  596. Callithamnion vermilarae De Notaris
  597. Callithamnion versicolor (C. Agardh) Naccari
  598. Callithamnion versicolor (C. Agardh) C. Agardh
  599. Callithamnion versicolor var. furcatum C. Agardh
  600. Callithamnion versicolor var. minus ('minor') C. Agardh in literis
  601. Callithamnion versicolor var. seirospermum Harvey
  602. Callithamnion verticale Harvey
  603. Callithamnion verticillaster Shperk
  604. Callithamnion verticillatum Suhr
  605. Callithamnion verticillatum (Lightfoot) Kützing
  606. Callithamnion vidovichii Meneghini
  607. Callithamnion vidovichii f. divaricatum ('divaricata') (Kützing) Hauck
  608. Callithamnion vieillardii ('Vieillardi') Kützing
  609. Callithamnion vieillardii ('Vieillardi') Kützing
  610. Callithamnion violaceum Harvey
  611. Callithamnion violaceum Schousboe
  612. Callithamnion virgatulum Harvey
  613. Callithamnion welwitschii J. Agardh
  614. Callithamnion wilsonianum J. Agardh ms.
  615. Callithamnion wilsonianum J. Agardh
  616. Callithamnion wollastonianum Harvey
  617. CALLITHAMNOPSIS Whitfield
  618. Callithamnopsis delicatula Ruedemann
  619. Callithamnopsis fruticosa Whitfield
  620. CALLOCOLAX Schmitz ex Batters
  621. Callocolax acicularis M. J. Wynne & J. N. Heine
  622. Callocolax fungiformis Kylin
  623. Callocolax globulosis Dawson mss
  624. Callocolax globulosis Dawson
  625. Callocolax japonicus Tsuji
  626. Callocolax japonicus Tsuji
  627. Callocolax neglectus Schmitz ex Batters
  628. CALLONEMA Reinsch
  629. CALLONEMA Reinsch
  630. Callonema aerugineum Reinsch
  631. Callonema elegans (Chauvin) Reinsch
  632. Callonema itzigsohnii Reinsch
  633. Callonema olivaceum Reinsch
  634. Callonema smaragdinum Reinsch
  635. Callonema subtile Reinsch
  636. CALLOPHYCUS Trevisan
  637. Callophycus africanus (Schmitz) Hewitt
  638. Callophycus condominius R. E. Norris
  639. Callophycus costatus (Harvey) P. C. Silva
  640. Callophycus densus (Sonder) Kraft
  641. Callophycus dentatus (Kützing) Silva invalid
  642. Callophycus dorsiferus (C. Agardh) Trevisan invalid
  643. Callophycus dorsiferus (C. Agardh) P.C. Silva
  644. Callophycus harveyanus (J. Agardh) P. C. Silva
  645. Callophycus laxus (Sonder) P. C. Silva
  646. Callophycus oppositifolius (C. Agardh) P. C. Silva
  647. Callophycus serratus (Harvey ex Kützing) P. C. Silva
  648. Callophycus tridentifer Kraft