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  2. Aulacomonas hyalina Skuja
  3. Aulacomonas submarina Skuja
  5. Aulacophycus pedatus Heer
  6. Aulacophycus sulcatulus Heer
  7. AULACOSEIRA Thwaites
  8. AULACOSIRA (Thwaites) Ralfs
  9. AULACOSIRA (Thwaites) Cleve-Euler
  10. Aulacoseira accincta (Hohn & Hellerman) Simonsen CAS
  11. Aulacoseira aculeifera (Sheshukova-Poretskaya) Simonsen CAS
  12. Aulacoseira agassizii (Ostenfeld) Simonsen CAS
  13. Aulacoseira agassizii var. malayensis (Hustedt) Simonsen CAS
  14. Aulacoseira ambigua (Grunow) Simonsen CAS
  15. Aulacoseira alpigena (Grunow) Krammer CAS
  16. Aulacoseira americana (Kützing) Simonsen CAS
  17. Aulacoseira argus (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  18. Aulacoseira bellicosa (Heribaud) Simonsen CAS
  19. Aulacoseira camusii (Heribaud) Simonsen CAS
  20. Aulacoseira canadensis (Hustedt) Simonsen CAS
  21. Aulacoseira canalifera (Brun & Heribaud) Simonsen CAS
  22. Aulacoseira canalifera var. anastomosans (Heribaud) Simonsen CAS
  23. Aulacoseira cataractarum_('cataractorum') (Hustedt) Simonsen
  24. Aulacoseira ceretana Haworth & Sabater CAS
  25. Aulacoseira circularis (Ehrenberg) Crawford CAS
  26. Aulacoseira crenulata (Ehrenberg) Thwaites
  27. Aulacoseira dendrophila (Ehrenberg) Crawford CAS
  28. Aulacoseira dendroteres (Ehrenberg) Crawford CAS
  29. Aulacoseira dianchiensis Yang, Stoermer & Kociolek CAS
  30. Aulacoseira distans (Ehrenberg) Simonsen CAS
  31. Aulacoseira distans var. africana (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  32. Aulacoseira distans var. alpigena (Grunow) Simonsen CAS
  33. Aulacoseira distans var. humilis (A. Cleve-Euler) R. Ross in Hartley CAS
  34. Aulacoseira distans var. laevissima (Grunow) Haworth CAS
  35. Aulacoseira distans var. laevissima (Grunow) Haworth CAS
  36. Aulacoseira distans var. limnetica (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  37. Aulacoseira distans var. lirata (Ehrenberg) Simonsen CAS
  38. Aulacoseira distans f. lacustris (Grunow) Simonsen CAS
  39. Aulacoseira distans var. nivalis (W. Smith) Haworth CAS
  40. Aulacoseira distans var. nivalis (W. Smith) Haworth CAS
  41. Aulacoseira distans var. tenella (Nugaard) Ross CAS
  42. Aulacoseira elegans (Mukhina) Simonsen CAS
  43. Aulacoseira epidendron (Ehrenberg) Crawford CAS
  44. Aulacoseira excurrens (Nygaard) Simonsen CAS
  45. Aulacoseira fennoscandica (A. Cleve-Euler) R. Ross in Hartley CAS
  46. Aulacoseira goetzeana (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  47. Aulacoseira granulata (Ehrenberg) Simonsen CAS
  48. Aulacoseira granulata var. angustissima (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  49. Aulacoseira granulata var. jonensis (Grunow) Simonsen CAS
  50. Aulacoseira granulata var. muzzanensis (Meister) Simonsen CAS
  51. Aulacoseira granulata var. valida (Hustedt) Simonsen CAS
  52. Aulacoseira granulata f. curvata (Hustedt) Simonsen
  53. Aulacoseira herzogii (Lemmermann) Simonsen CAS
  54. Aulacoseira ikapoensis (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  55. Aulacoseira ikapoensis var. procera (O. Müller) Simonsen
  56. Aulacoseira inordinata (Lohman & Andrews) Simonsen CAS
  57. Aulacoseira interrupta (Lohman & Andrews) Simonsen CAS
  58. Aulacoseira islandica (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  59. Aulacoseira islandica subsp. helvetica (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  60. Aulacoseira italica (Ehrenberg) Simonsen CAS
  61. Aulacoseira italica f. crenulata (Ehrenberg) R. Ross in Hartley CAS
  62. Aulacoseira italica var. tenuissima (Grunow) Simonsen CAS
  63. Aulacoseira italica var. valida (Grunow) Simonsen CAS
  64. Aulacoseira italica subsp. subarctica (O. Muller) R. Simonsen
  65. Aulacoseira karelica (Molder) Simonsen CAS
  66. Aulacoseira kondeensis (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  67. Aulacoseira lacustris (Grunow) Krammer
  68. Aulacoseira laevissima (Grunow) Krammer
  69. Aulacoseira lirata (Ehrenberg) R. Ross in Hartley CAS
  70. Aulacoseira lirata var. alpigena (Grunow) Haworth CAS
  71. Aulacoseira lirata var. alpigena (Grunow) Haworth CAS
  72. Aulacoseira lirata f. biseriata (Grunow) Haworth
  73. Aulacoseira lirata var. lacustris (Grunow) R. Ross
  74. Aulacoseira lirata var. perglabra (Østrup) R. Ross in Hartley CAS
  75. Aulacoseira longispina (Hustedt) Simonsen CAS
  76. Aulacoseira longispina var. tenuis (Hustedt) Simonsen CAS
  77. Aulacoseira magnusii (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  78. Aulacoseira mbasiensis (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  79. Aulacoseira muzzanensis (Meister) Krammer CAS
  80. Aulacoseira nyassensis (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  81. Aulacoseira nyassensis var. victoriae (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  82. Aulacoseira papilio (Mukhina) Simonsen CAS
  83. Aulacoseira patagonica (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  84. Aulacoseira pella (Lohman & Andrews) Simonsen CAS
  85. Aulacoseira perglabra (Østrup) Haworth CAS
  86. Aulacoseira perglabra (Østrup) Haworth CAS
  87. Aulacoseira perglabra var. florinae (Camburn) Haworth CAS
  88. Aulacoseira pfaffiana (Reinsch) Krammer CAS
  89. Aulacoseira praegranulata (Jouse) Simonsen CAS
  90. Aulacoseira praegranulata f. curvata (Jouse) Simonsen CAS
  91. Aulacoseira praeislandica (Jouse) Simonsen CAS
  92. Aulacoseira pseudogranulata (Cleve-Euler) Simonsen CAS
  93. Aulacoseira pseudoislandica E.G. Lupikina & S.P. Ozornina
  94. Aulacoseira pyxig (O. Muller) Simonsen CAS
  95. Aulacoseira robusta Khursevich CAS
  96. Aulacoseira skvortzowii Edlund, Stoermer & Taylor CAS
  97. Aulacoseira solida (Eulenstein) Krammer
  98. Aulacoseira subarctica (O. Muller) Haworth CAS
  99. Aulacoseira subarctica (O. Muller) Haworth CAS
  100. Aulacoseira subarctica f. subborealis (Nygaard) Haworth CAS
  101. Aulacoseira subarctica f. subborealis (Nygaard) Haworth CAS
  102. Aulacoseira tenella (Nygaard) Simonsen CAS
  103. Aulacoseira tenuior (Grunow) Krammer CAS
  104. Aulacoseira tethera Haworth CAS
  105. Aulacoseira tethera Haworth CAS
  106. Aulacoseira valida (Grunow) Krammer
  107. Aulacoseira vitrea (Lohman & Andrews) Simonsen CAS
  108. AULAKOCHLORIS Pascher
  109. Aulakochloris areolata Pascher
  110. Aulakochloris costata Pascher
  111. Aulakochloris reticulata Pascher
  112. Aulakochloris striata Pascher
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