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  1. CHAETOCEROS Ehrenberg
  2. CHAETOCEROS {second card}
  3. CHAETOCEROS subg. PHAEOCEROS H.H. Gran in K. Brandt & C. Apstein
  4. CHAETOCERAS subg. PHAEOCERAS H.H. Gran in K. Brandt & C. Apstein
  5. CHAETOCERAS sect. ATLANTICAE C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  6. CHAETOCERAS sect. BOREALIA C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  7. CHAETOCEROS sect. COARCTATA D.U. Hernández-Becerril
  8. CHAETOCERAS sect. CYLINDRICA C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  9. CHAETOCERAS sect. COMPRESSA C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  11. CHAETOCERAS sect. CONSTRICTA C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  12. CHAETOCERAS sect. STENOCINCTA C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  16. Chaetoceros abnormis A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  17. Chaetoceros aculeatus I.V. Makarova
  18. Chaetoceros adelianus_('adelianum') E.E. Manguin
  19. Chaetoceros adhaerens E.E. Manguin
  20. Chaetoceros aduncus I.N. Sukhanova
  21. Chaetoceros aequatorialis P.T. Cleve
  22. Chaetoceros aequatorialis var. antarcticus E.E. Manguin
  23. Chaetoceros aequatorialis f. paralleliseta E.E. Manguin
  24. Chaetoceros affinis_('affine') H.S. Lauder
  25. Chaetoceros affinis f. femur (F. Schütt) F.J.R. Taylor
  26. Chaetoceros affinis f. inaequalis_('inaequale') M. Thorrington-Smith
  27. Chaetoceros affinis var. intermedius R. Subrahmanyan
  28. Chaetoceros affinis f. parallelus_('parallelum') M. Thorrington-Smith
  29. Chaetoceros affinis f. pseudosymmetricus_('pseudosymmetricum') (E. Steemann Nielsen) M. Thorrington-Smith
  30. Chaetoceros affinis subf. extremis H. Takano
  31. Chaetoceros amanita A. Cleve-Euler
  32. Chaetoceros angulatus_('angulatum') F. Schütt
  33. Chaetoceros anastomosans A. Grunow
  34. Chaetoceros anastomosans var. externus (H.H. Gran) A. Cleve-Euler
  35. Chaetoceros anglicus A. Grunow
  36. Chaetoceros anastomosans var. speciosus F. Schütt
  37. Chaetoceros apendiculatus F.C. Müller Melchers
  38. Chaetoceros approximatus H.H. Gran & E.C. Angst
  39. Chaetoceros armatus ('armatum') T. West
  40. Chaetoceros astrabadicus A. Henckel
  41. Chaetoceros atlanticus_('atlanticum') P.T. Cleve
  42. Chaetoceros atlanticus var. attenuatus_('attenuata') A. Grunow
  43. Chaetoceros atlanticus f. audax (F. Schütt) H.H. Gran
  44. Chaetoceros atlanticus var. compacta (F. Schütt) P.T. Cleve
  45. Chaetoceros atlanticus var. cruciatus_('cruciatum') (G. Karsten) M. Thorrington-Smith
  46. Chaetoceros atlanticus var. exigua P.T. Cleve
  47. Chaetoceros atlanticus var. tumescens A. Grunow
  48. Chaetoceros atlantidae F.C. Müller Melchers
  49. Chaetoceros audax F. Schütt
  50. Chaetoceros aurivillii P.T. Cleve
  51. Chaetoceros bacillaria Ehrenberg
  52. Chaetoceros bacteriastrium G.C. Wallich
  53. Chaetoceros bacteriastroides G.H.H. Karsten
  54. Chaetoceros bacteriastroides f. imbricatus_('imbricatum') (L.A. Mangin) M. Thorrington-Smith
  55. Chaetoceros bacteriastroides f. parvi-torosus_('parvi-torosum') M. Thorrington-Smith
  56. Chaetoceros baculites A.F. Meunier
  57. Chaetoceros balticus P.T. Cleve
  58. Chaetoceros barbatus_('barbatum') (Ehrenberg) T. Brightwell
  59. Chaetoceros bermejensis D.U. Hernández-Becerril
  60. Chaetoceros biconcavus_('biconcavum') H.H. Gran
  61. Chaetoceros bicoronata K.S. Mereschkowsky
  62. Chaetoceros biharensis J. Pantocsek
  63. Chaetoceros bisetaceus_('bisetaceum') J. Schumann
  64. Chaetoceros borealis_('boreale') Bailey
  65. Chaetoceros borealis H.S. Lauder
  66. Chaetoceros borealis var. brightwellii P.T. Cleve
  67. Chaetoceros borealis var. densus_('densa') P.T. Cleve
  68. Chaetoceros borealis var. rudis P.T. Cleve
  69. Chaetoceros borealis var. solitaria P.T. Cleve
  70. Chaetoceros borealis f. solitaria "P.T. Cleve"
  71. Chaetoceros borealis f. typica T. Braarud
  72. Chaetoceros borealoides H.L. Honigmann
  73. Chaetoceros borgei E.J. Lemmermann
  74. Chaetoceros bottnicus P.T. Cleve
  75. Chaetoceros bottnicus var. didyma K.S. Mereschkowsky
  76. Chaetoceros brevis_('breve') F. Schütt
  77. Chaetoceros brightwellii (P.T. Cleve) P.T. Cleve
  78. Chaetoceros brussilowi A. Henckel
  79. Chaetoceros buceros G.H.H. Karsten
  80. Chaetoceros bulbosus_('bulbosum') (Ehrenberg) H. Heiden
  81. Chaetoceros bulbosus f. cruciatus_('cruciata') (G. Karsten) H. Heiden
  82. Chaetoceros bulbosus f. schimperianus_('schimperana') (G. Karsten) H. Heiden
  83. Chaetoceros bungei H.L. Honigmann
  84. Chaetoceros californicus_('californicum') A. Grunow
  85. Chaetoceros calvus P.T. Cleve
  86. Chaetoceros capensis_('capense') G.H.H. Karsten
  87. Chaetoceros capreolus (Ehrenberg) L.W. Bailey
  88. Chaetoceros capricornianus F.J.R. Taylor
  89. Chaetoceros caspicus_('caspicum') C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  90. Chaetoceros caspicus var. karianus_('kariana') A. Henckel
  91. Chaetoceros caspicus f. pinguichaetus_('pinguichaeta') A. Henckel & P. Henckel
  92. Chaetoceros castracanei G.H.H. Karsten
  93. Chaetoceros castracanei f. singularis G.R. Hasle
  94. Chaetoceros cellulosa H.S. Lauder
  95. Chaetoceros ceratospermus var. major A.F. Meunier
  96. Chaetoceros ceratospermus var. minor A.F. Meunier
  97. Chaetoceros ceratosporus_('ceratosporum') C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  98. Chaetoceros ceratosporus var. brachysetus J.E.B. Rines & P.E. Hargraves
  99. Chaetoceros chilensis G. Krasske
  100. Chaetoceros chinchae K.S. Mereschkowsky
  101. Chaetoceros chunii G.H.H. Karsten
  102. Chaetoceros ciliatus_('ciliata') H.S. Lauder
  103. Chaetoceros cinctus_('cinctum') H.H. Gran
  104. Chaetoceros cinctus var. hirtus G. Krasske
  105. Chaetoceros clavigera C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  106. Chaetoceros claviger_('clavigerum') A. Grunow
  107. Chaetoceros clevei F. Schütt
  108. Chaetoceros coarctatus_('coarctata') H.S. Lauder
  109. Chaetoceros cochlea F. Schütt
  110. Chaetoceros commutatus P.T. Cleve
  111. Chaetoceros compactus_('compactum') F. Schütt
  112. Chaetoceros compactus_('compactum') J. Ikari
  113. Chaetoceros compressus_('compressa') H.S. Lauder
  114. Chaetoceros compressus var. gracilis F. Hustedt
  115. Chaetoceros compressus var. hirtisetus J.E.B. Rines & P.E. Hargraves
  116. Chaetoceros concavicornis L.A. Mangin
  117. Chaetoceros confertus F.C. Müller Melchers
  118. Chaetoceros confervoides J. Ralfs
  119. Chaetoceros confusus_('confusum') S.L. VanLandingham
  120. Chaetoceros constrictus_('constrictum') H.H. Gran
  121. Chaetoceros constrictus var. ambiguus A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  122. Chaetoceros contortus_('contortum') F. Schütt
  123. Chaetoceros convolutus_('convolutum') Castracane
  124. Chaetoceros convolutus f. clavipes E. Paasche
  125. Chaetoceros convolutus f. trisetosa J.F. Brunel
  126. Chaetoceros convolutus f. volans L.I. Smirnova
  127. Chaetoceros cornutus_('cornutum') G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  128. Chaetoceros coronatus_('coronatum') H.H. Gran
  129. Chaetoceros costatus_('costatum') J. Pavillard
  130. Chaetoceros crenatus_('crenatum') (Ehrenberg) T. Brightwell
  131. Chaetoceros crinitus_('crinitum') F. Schütt
  132. Chaetoceros criophilus_('criophilum') F.S. Castracane
  133. Chaetoceros criophilus f. volans (F. Schütt) H.H. Gran
  134. Chaetoceros cruciatus_('cruciatum') G.H.H. Karsten
  135. Chaetoceros crucifer H.H. Gran
  136. Chaetoceros curiosus I.V. Makarova
  137. Chaetoceros currens P.T. Cleve
  138. Chaetoceros curvatus_('curvatum') Castracane
  139. Chaetoceros curvisetus P.T. Cleve
  140. Chaetoceros cylindrosporus I.V. Makarova
  141. Chaetoceros dadayi J. Pavillard
  142. Chaetoceros debilis P.T. Cleve
  143. Chaetoceros decipiens P.T. Cleve
  144. Chaetoceros decipiens f. barrowensis A.S. Bursa
  145. Chaetoceros decipiens var. concreta A. Grunow
  146. Chaetoceros decipiens var. concreta A. Grunow
  147. Chaetoceros decipiens var. grunowii (F. Schütt) P.T. Cleve
  148. Chaetoceros decipiens f. hiemalis H.H. Gran
  149. Chaetoceros decipiens f. interruptus_('interrupta') H.H. Gran
  150. Chaetoceros decipiens f. princeps A.F. Meunier
  151. Chaetoceros decipiens f. singularis H.H. Gran
  152. Chaetoceros decipiens var. willei (H.H. Gran) E. Morales
  153. Chaetoceros deflandrei E.E. Manguin
  154. Chaetoceros delicatulus_('delicatulum') C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  155. Chaetoceros delicatulus f. cristatus A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  156. Chaetoceros densus (P.T. Cleve) P.T. Cleve
  157. Chaetoceros densus f. solitarius_('solitaria') (P.T. Cleve) J. Pavillard
  158. Chaetoceros dentatus O.S. Korotkevich
  159. Chaetoceros denticulatus_('denticulata') H.S. Lauder
  160. Chaetoceros denticulatus f. angustus_('angusta') F. Hustedt
  161. Chaetoceros denticulatus f. latus_('lata') F. Hustedt
  162. Chaetoceros diadema (Ehrenberg) H.H. Gran
  163. Chaetoceros diadema (Ehrenberg) H.H. Gran
  164. Chaetoceros diadema (Ehrenberg) H.H. Gran
  165. Chaetoceros diadema (Ehrenberg) P.T. Cleve
  166. Chaetoceros dichaeta Ehrenberg
  167. Chaetoceros dichaeta f. latus_('lata') L.A. Mangin
  168. Chaetoceros dichaeta f. longus_('longa') L.A. Mangin
  169. Chaetoceros dichaeta var. polygona (F. Schütt) H. Heiden
  170. Chaetoceros dichaeta f. unicellularis H. Heiden
  171. Chaetoceros dichaeta f. tenuicornis L.A. Mangin
  172. Chaetoceros dichaeta f. unicellularis H. Heiden
  173. Chaetoceros dicladia Castracane
  174. Chaetoceros didymus Ehrenberg
  175. Chaetoceros didymus f. aestiva H.H. Gran
  176. Chaetoceros didymus var. aggregatus L.A. Mangin
  177. Chaetoceros didymus f. autumnalis H.H. Gran
  178. Chaetoceros didymus f. genuina O.W. Paulsen
  179. Chaetoceros didymus var. heterosetoides R. Subrahmanyan
  180. Chaetoceros didymus var. hiemalis P.T. Cleve
  181. Chaetoceros didymus var. longicruris P.T. Cleve
  182. Chaetoceros didymus var. praelongus_('praelongum') E.J. Lemmermann
  183. Chaetoceros didymus var. protuberans (H.S. Lauder) H.H. Gran & K. Yendo
  184. Chaetoceros didymus f. singularis H. Takano
  185. Chaetoceros difficilis P.T. Cleve
  186. Chaetoceros diploneis Ehrenberg
  187. Chaetoceros dipyrenops A.F. Meunier
  188. Chaetoceros dispar Castracane
  189. Chaetoceros distans P.T. Cleve
  190. Chaetoceros distans var. subsecunda A. Grunow
  191. Chaetoceros distichus_('distichum') F. Schütt
  192. Chaetoceros distinguendus_('distinguendum') E.J. Lemmermann
  193. Chaetoceros diversicurvatus_('diversicurvatum') A.C.J. Goor
  194. Chaetoceros diversus_('diversum') P.T. Cleve
  195. Chaetoceros diversus var. mediterraneus_('mediterranea') J.L.B. Schröder
  196. Chaetoceros diversus var. tenuis P.T. Cleve
  197. Chaetoceros dubius A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  198. Chaetoceros eibenii A. Grunow
  199. Chaetoceros elmorei C.S. Boyer
  200. Chaetoceros elongatus_('elongatum') H.L. Honigmann
  201. Chaetoceros equatorialis_('equatoriale') P.T. Cleve
  202. Chaetoceros exigus_('exigua') (P.T. Cleve) P.T. Cleve
  203. Chaetoceros exospermum A.F. Meunier
  204. Chaetoceros externus_('externum') H.H. Gran
  205. Chaetoceros fallax A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  206. Chaetoceros femur F. Schütt
  207. Chaetoceros filifer_('filiferum') G.H.H. Karsten
  208. Chaetoceros filiformis_('filiforme') A.F. Meunier
  209. Chaetoceros flexuosus L.A. Mangin
  210. Chaetoceros forcipatus L.A. Mangin
  211. Chaetoceros fragilis_('fragile') A.F. Meunier
  212. Chaetoceros frickei F. Hustedt
  213. Chaetoceros furca P.T. Cleve
  214. Chaetoceros furca var. macroceras J.L.B. Schröder
  215. Chaetoceros furcatus Ehrenberg
  216. Chaetoceros furcatus (G. Shadbolt) A. Mann
  217. Chaetoceros furcillatus var. anglicus A. Grunow
  218. Chaetoceros furcillatus var. mamillosus_('mamillosa') Grunow
  219. Chaetoceros furcillatus_('furcillatum') Bailey
  220. Chaetoceros fusus F. Schütt
  221. Chaetoceros galvestonensis A. Collier & A. Murphy
  222. Chaetoceros gastridium ([Ehrenberg]) Ehrenberg
  223. Chaetoceros gastridium (Ehrenberg) T. Brightwell
  224. Chaetoceros gaussii H. Heiden
  225. Chaetoceros glacialis_('glaciale') A.F. Meunier
  226. Chaetoceros glacialis A. Henckel
  227. Chaetoceros glandazii_('glandazi') L.A. Mangin
  228. Chaetoceros gobii A. Henckel
  229. Chaetoceros gracilis J. Pantocsek
  230. Chaetoceros gracilis_('gracile') F. Schütt
  231. Chaetoceros gracilis f. septentrionalis_('septentrionale') (E.V. Østrup) O.W. Paulsen
  232. Chaetoceros granii P.T. Cleve
  233. Chaetoceros groenlandicus P.T. Cleve
  234. Chaetoceros groenlandicus var. leptopus P.T. Cleve
  235. Chaetoceros grunowii F. Schütt
  236. Chaetoceros grunowii H.G.A. Engler
  237. Chaetoceros hamatus F. Hustedt
  238. Chaetoceros hebes A. Mann
  239. Chaetoceros hendeyi E.E. Manguin
  240. Chaetoceros heterovalvatus A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  241. Chaetoceros hiemalis (P.T. Cleve) P.T. Cleve
  242. Chaetoceros hispidus_('hispidum') (Ehrenberg) T. Brightwell
  243. Chaetoceros hispidus var. monicae A. Grunow
  244. Chaetoceros holsaticus_('holsaticum') F. Schütt
  245. Chaetoceros horridus G. Krasske
  246. Chaetoceros hungaricus J. Pantocsek
  247. Chaetoceros ikarii_('ikari') B.V. Skvortzov
  248. Chaetoceros imbricatus L.A. Mangin
  249. Chaetoceros implicans Ehrenberg
  250. Chaetoceros incertus I.V. Makarova
  251. Chaetoceros incisor J. Ralfs in H.S. Lauder
  252. Chaetoceros incurvus_('incurvum') Bailey
  253. Chaetoceros incurvus var. angustus_('angusta') K.S. Mereschkowsky
  254. Chaetoceros incurvus var. lyra K.S. Mereschkowsky
  255. Chaetoceros incurvus var. umbonatus_('umbonatum') Castracane
  256. Chaetoceros indicus_('indicum') G.H.H. Karsten
  257. Chaetoceros indicus R. Subrahmanyan
  258. Chaetoceros ingolfianus_('ingolfianum') C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  259. Chaetoceros ingolfianus_('ingolfianum') C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  260. Chaetoceros insignis A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  261. Chaetoceros insignis F.C. Müller Melchers
  262. Chaetoceros intermedius A. Henckel
  263. Chaetoceros janischianus_('janischianum') Castracane
  264. Chaetoceros japonicus Ehrenberg
  265. Chaetoceros javanicus_('javanicum') P.T. Cleve
  266. Chaetoceros karianus A. Grunow
  267. Chaetoceros karyanus_('karyanum') A. Henckel
  268. Chaetoceros kelleri J.-J. Brun
  269. Chaetoceros knipowitschii_('knipowitschi') A. Henckel
  270. Chaetoceros laciniosus_('laciniosum') F. Schütt
  271. Chaetoceros laciniosus f. pelagicus_('pelagica') H.H. Gran
  272. Chaetoceros laciniosus f. protuberans M. Thorrington-Smith
  273. Chaetoceros laevis_('laeve') G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  274. Chaetoceros lauderi J. Ralfs ex H.S. Lauder
  275. Chaetoceros lawii E.E. Manguin
  276. Chaetoceros leudugeri J.-J. Brun
  277. Chaetoceros levis_('leve') F. Schütt
  278. Chaetoceros limaniensis A. Ehrlich
  279. Chaetoceros litoralis E.J. Lemmermann
  280. Chaetoceros longicornis I.V. Makarova
  281. Chaetoceros longicruris (P.T. Cleve) P.T. Cleve
  282. Chaetoceros longisetus P.T. Cleve
  283. Chaetoceros lorenzianus A. Grunow
  284. Chaetoceros lorenzianus var. forceps A.F. Meunier
  285. Chaetoceros lorenzianus f. litoralis (E.J. Lemmermann) F. Hustedt
  286. Chaetoceros lorenzianus var. parvulus_('parvula') A. Grunow
  287. Chaetoceros lorenzianus f. singularis H. Takano
  288. Chaetoceros lorenzianus var. solitarius A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  289. Chaetoceros lorenzianus f. subsalinus A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  290. Chaetoceros lorenzii A. Grunow
  291. Chaetoceros lyra K.S. Mereschkowsky
  292. Chaetoceros malayensis E. Steemann Nielsen
  293. Chaetoceros malygini A. Henckel
  294. Chaetoceros manguinii P. Gayral
  295. Chaetoceros manguinii J. Reyssac
  296. Chaetoceros medius_('medium') F. Schütt
  297. Chaetoceros medusa A. Mann
  298. Chaetoceros melchersianus R. Margalef
  299. Chaetoceros meridiana (F. Schütt) G. Karsten
  300. Chaetoceros mertensii_('mertensi') H.L. Honigmann
  301. Chaetoceros minimus (Levander) D. Marino, G. Giuffre, M. Montresor & A. Zingone
  302. Chaetoceros minutissimus I.V. Makarova & A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  303. Chaetoceros mirabilis I.V. Makarova
  304. Chaetoceros misumensis_('misumense') H.H. Gran & K. Yendo
  305. Chaetoceros monicae A. Grunow
  306. Chaetoceros mitra (Bailey) P.T. Cleve
  307. Chaetoceros muelleri E.J. Lemmermann
  308. Chaetoceros muelleri var. duplex E.J. Lemmermann
  309. Chaetoceros muelleri var. subsalsus_('subsalsum') J.R. Johansen & S. Rushforth
  310. Chaetoceros nansenii_('nanseni') A. Henckel
  311. Chaetoceros natatus_('natatum') E.E. Manguin
  312. Chaetoceros navicula (Ehrenberg) T. Brightwell
  313. Chaetoceros neapolitanus_('neapolitanum') J.L.B. Schröder
  314. Chaetoceros neglectus_('neglectum') G.H.H. Karsten
  315. Chaetoceros neobulbosus_('neobulbosum') T.V. Desikachary, S. Gowthaman & Y. Latha
  316. Chaetoceros neocompactus S.L. VanLandingham
  317. Chaetoceros neogracilis S.L. VanLandingham
  318. Chaetoceros neupokojewi A. Henckel
  319. Chaetoceros nipponicus_('nipponica') J. Ikari
  320. Chaetoceros notabilis_('notabile') H. Lohmann
  321. Chaetoceros odontella (Ehrenberg) G.L. Rabenhorst
  322. Chaetoceros okamurae_('okamurai') J. Ikari
  323. Chaetoceros okamurae var. tetraseta J. Ikari
  324. Chaetoceros oppositisetaceus A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  325. Chaetoceros ostenfeldii P.T. Cleve
  326. Chaetoceros pachtussowi A. Henckel
  327. Chaetoceros pachyceros R. Margalef
  328. Chaetoceros pacificus_('pacificum') J. Ikari
  329. Chaetoceros pacificus G.I. Sëmina
  330. Chaetoceros paradoxus_('paradoxum') P.T. Cleve
  331. Chaetoceros paradoxus var. eibenii A. Grunow
  332. Chaetoceros paradoxus var. luedersii H.G.A. Engler
  333. Chaetoceros parallelis B.P. Boden
  334. Chaetoceros parvus_('parvum') F. Schütt
  335. Chaetoceros paulsenii C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  336. Chaetoceros paulsenii f. robustus_('robusta') A. Henckel
  337. Chaetoceros pavillardii J. Ikari
  338. Chaetoceros pelagicus_('pelagicum') P.T. Cleve
  339. Chaetoceros pendulus_('pendulum') G.H.H. Karsten
  340. Chaetoceros perpusillus P.T. Cleve
  341. Chaetoceros peruvianus_('peruvianum') T. Brightwell
  342. Chaetoceros peruvianus f. depressus A.K.M.N. Islam & A. Aziz
  343. Chaetoceros peruvianus var. gracilis J.L.B. Schröder
  344. Chaetoceros peruvianus f. ponticus_('pontica') K.S. Mereschkowsky
  345. Chaetoceros peruvianus var. robustus_('robustum') P.T. Cleve
  346. Chaetoceros peruvianus f. robustus_('robusta') (P.T. Cleve) C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  347. Chaetoceros peruvianus var. suadivae G.H.H. Karsten
  348. Chaetoceros peruvianus var. victoriae G.H.H. Karsten
  349. Chaetoceros peruvianus f. volans (F. Schütt) C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  350. Chaetoceros peruvio-atlanticus_('peruvio-atlanticum') G.H.H. Karsten
  351. Chaetoceros pethoei J. Pantocsek
  352. Chaetoceros pinguichaetus_('pinguichaetum') A. Henckel & P. Henckel
  353. Chaetoceros pinguis A. Henckel
  354. Chaetoceros plicatorugosus_('plicatorugosum') J.-J. Brun
  355. Chaetoceros pliocenus_('pliocenum') J.-J. Brun
  356. Chaetoceros polyamoebicus_('polyamoebicum') A. Henckel
  357. Chaetoceros polygonum F. Schütt
  358. Chaetoceros ponticus K.S. Mereschkowsky
  359. Chaetoceros princeps (Castracane) A. Mann
  360. Chaetoceros procerus_('procerum') F. Schütt
  361. Chaetoceros processus I.V. Makarova
  362. Chaetoceros protuberans H.S. Lauder
  363. Chaetoceros protuberans var. nivalii H.A. Stosch
  364. Chaetoceros pseudoaurivillii J. Ikari
  365. Chaetoceros pseudobrevis_('pseudobreve') J. Pavillard
  366. Chaetoceros pseudocrinitus_('pseudocrinitum') C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  367. Chaetoceros pseudocrinitus var. tropicus_('tropica') F. Hustedt
  368. Chaetoceros pseudo-curvisetus L.A. Mangin
  369. Chaetoceros pseudodichaeta J. Ikari
  370. Chaetoceros pseudosimilis_('pseudosimile') A. Cleve-Euler
  371. Chaetoceros pseudosymmetricus E. Steemann Nielsen
  372. Chaetoceros radians F. Schütt
  373. Chaetoceros radicans F. Schütt
  374. Chaetoceros radiculus_('radiculum') Castracane
  375. Chaetoceros ralfsii P.T. Cleve
  376. Chaetoceros ramosus O.S. Korotkevich
  377. Chaetoceros recurvatus_('recurvatum') A. Henckel
  378. Chaetoceros recurvatus f. robustus_('robusta') A. Henckel
  379. Chaetoceros reicheltii_('reichelti') F. Hustedt
  380. Chaetoceros remotus P.T. Cleve & A. Grunow
  381. Chaetoceros rigidus_('rigidum') C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  382. Chaetoceros robustus_('robustum') (P.T. Cleve) C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  383. Chaetoceros robustus I.V. Makarova
  384. Chaetoceros rogersii (Ehrenberg) G.L. Rabenhorst
  385. Chaetoceros rostratus_('rostrata') J. Ralfs in H.S. Lauder
  386. Chaetoceros rostratus var. glandazii (L.A. Mangin) F.J.R. Taylor
  387. Chaetoceros rudis_('rude') G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  388. Chaetoceros rudis (P.T. Cleve) P.T. Cleve
  389. Chaetoceros russanowi A. Henckel
  390. Chaetoceros saltans P.T. Cleve
  391. Chaetoceros scabrosus A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  392. Chaetoceros sceleton V. Hensen
  393. Chaetoceros schimperianus_('schimperianum') G.H.H. Karsten
  394. Chaetoceros schmidtii C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  395. Chaetoceros schuettii P.T. Cleve
  396. Chaetoceros schuettii var. circinalis A.F. Meunier
  397. Chaetoceros schuettii f. oceanica H.H. Gran
  398. Chaetoceros schuettii var. willei (H.H. Gran) A.F. Meunier
  399. Chaetoceros scolopendra P.T. Cleve
  400. Chaetoceros scriptus J. Frenguelli
  401. Chaetoceros secundus_('secundum') P.T. Cleve
  402. Chaetoceros seiracanthus_('seiracanthum') H.H. Gran
  403. Chaetoceros septentrionalis ('septentrionale') E.V. Østrup
  404. Chaetoceros sessilis J. Gröntved
  405. Chaetoceros setoensis J. Ikari
  406. Chaetoceros seychellarum G.H.H. Karsten
  407. Chaetoceros seychellarum var. australis_('australe') E.E. Manguin
  408. Chaetoceros siamensis_('siamense') C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  409. Chaetoceros sigmo-calamus J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun
  410. Chaetoceros similis P.T. Cleve
  411. Chaetoceros similis f. solitarius A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  412. Chaetoceros similoides F. Hustedt
  413. Chaetoceros simplex C.E.H. Ostenfeld
  414. Chaetoceros simplex var. calcitrans O.W. Paulsen
  415. Chaetoceros simplex var. major A.I. Forti & R. Issel
  416. Chaetoceros skeleton F. Schütt
  417. Chaetoceros socialis H.S. Lauder
  418. Chaetoceros socialis f. autumnalis A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  419. Chaetoceros socialis var. congestus_('congesta') A.F. Meunier
  420. Chaetoceros socialis f. flabelliformis A.F. Meunier
  421. Chaetoceros socialis var. flabelliformis A.F. Meunier
  422. Chaetoceros socialis f. major L.A. Mangin
  423. Chaetoceros socialis f. minor L.A. Mangin
  424. Chaetoceros socialis f. radians (F. Schütt) A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  425. Chaetoceros socialis f. solitarius_('solitaria') A.F. Meunier
  426. Chaetoceros socialis var. solitarius_('solitaria') A.F. Meunier
  427. Chaetoceros socialis f. vernalis A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  428. Chaetoceros solitarius (Cleve) Cleve
  429. Chaetoceros spinosus_('spinosum') G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  430. Chaetoceros ssedowi A. Henckel
  431. Chaetoceros strictus_('strictum') G.H.H. Karsten
  432. Chaetoceros subcompressus_('subcompressum') J.L.B. Schröder
  433. Chaetoceros subcoronatus G. Krasske
  434. Chaetoceros subsalsus_('subsalsum') E.J. Lemmermann
  435. Chaetoceros subtilis P.T. Cleve
  436. Chaetoceros subtilis var. abnormis (A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko) A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  437. Chaetoceros subtilis var. abnormis f. simplex A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  438. Chaetoceros subtortilis A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  439. Chaetoceros sumatranus_('sumatranum') G.H.H. Karsten
  440. Chaetoceros surirella J. Frenguelli
  441. Chaetoceros tenellus Ehrenberg
  442. Chaetoceros tenuissimus_('tenuissimum') A.F. Meunier
  443. Chaetoceros teres P.T. Cleve
  444. Chaetoceros teres f. spinulosus_('spinulosa') H.H. Gran
  445. Chaetoceros tetrachaeta Ehrenberg
  446. Chaetoceros tetras G.H.H. Karsten
  447. Chaetoceros tetrastichon P.T. Cleve
  448. Chaetoceros throndsenii (D. Marino, M. Montresor & A. Zingone) D. Marino, M. Montresor & A. Zingone
  449. Chaetoceros throndsenii var. throndsenia D. Marino, M. Montresor & A. Zingone
  450. Chaetoceros throndsenii var. trisetosa A. Zingone in D. Marino, G. Giuffre, M. Montreso & A. Zingone
  451. Chaetoceros tiltilensis J. Frenguelli
  452. Chaetoceros tortilisetus L.A. Mangin
  453. Chaetoceros tortissimus H. Gran
  454. Chaetoceros transisetus J.R. Johansen & J.S. Boyer
  455. Chaetoceros turbineus Makarova & A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko
  456. Chaetoceros uruguayensis F.C. Müller Melchers
  457. Chaetoceros vanheurckii H.H. Gran
  458. Chaetoceros vermiculus F. Schütt
  459. Chaetoceros vistulae C. Apstein
  460. Chaetoceros volans F. Schütt
  461. Chaetoceros weissflogii F. Schütt
  462. Chaetoceros wighamii T. Brightwell
  463. Chaetoceros wighamoides B.J. Cholnoky
  464. Chaetoceros willei H.H. Gran
  465. Chaetoceros zachariasii_('zachariasi') H.L. Honigmann
  466. Chaetoceros zachariasii var. latus_('lata') H.L. Honigmann
  467. Chaetoceros zachariasii var. longus_('longa') H.L. Honigmann
  468. Chaetoceros zachariasii var. variatus_('variata') H.L. Honigmann
  469. Chaetoceros ziwolkae_('Ziwolki') A. Henckel
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