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  1. AMPHORAEMONAS A. Szabados
  2. Amphoraemonas scherffelii A. Szabados
  3. AMPHORISCOS Targioni-Tozzetti
  4. AMPHORISCUS Targioni-Tozzetti ms.
  5. AMPHOROPSIS (Pfitzer & Grunow) Cleve \{also on card: Section of Tropidoneis\}
  6. AMPHOROPSIS Cleve \{also on card: Section of Tropidoneis\}
  7. AMPHOROPSIS Mereschkowsky
  8. Amphoropsis conserta (Lewis) Mereschkowsky (CAS)
  9. Amphoropsis decipiens "Grunow in Van Heurck"
  10. Amphoropsis pontica C. Mereschkowsky
  11. Amphoropsis recta "Grunow in Van Heurck"
  12. Amphoropsis recta (Gregory) Mereschkowsky
  13. Amphoropsis spicula (Mereschkowsky) Mereschkowsky
  14. Amphoropsis stauroneis (Mereschkowsky) C. Mereschkowsky
  15. Amphoropsis stauroneis var. elegans Mereschkowsky
  16. Amphoropsis stauroneis var. gracilis (Mereschkowsky) Mereschkowsky
  17. Amphoropsis vanheurckii ('van heurckii') (Grunow) Mereschkowsky \{pcs\}
  19. Amphorosphaeridium axiale (Eisenack) R. J. Davey
  20. Amphorosphaeridium bipolare (Cookson & Eisenack) R. J. Davey
  21. Amphorosphaeridium fenestratum R. J. Davey
  22. Amphorosphaeridium fenestratum var. dividum R. J. Davey
  23. Amphorosphaeridium latitubulum R. J. Davey
  24. Amphorosphaeridium multibrevum R. J. Davey
  25. AMPHORULA Dodekova
  26. Amphorula metaelliptica Dodekova
  27. AMPLISIPHONIA G. J. Hollenberg
  28. Amplisiphonia pacifica G. J. Hollenberg
  29. AMPULLAMONAS Skvortsov
  30. AMPULLAMONAS Skvortsov
  31. AMPULLAMONAS Skvortsov
  32. Ampullamonas repentes Skvortsov
  33. Ampullamonas repentis Skvortsov
  34. Ampullamonas repentes Skvortsov
  35. Ampullamonas rotante Skvortsov
  36. AMSCOTTIA Grönblad
  37. Amscottia gulungulana Ling & Tyler
  38. Amscottia mira (Grönblad) Grönblad
  39. AMURELLA Vologdin
  40. Amurella pilosa Vologdin
  41. AMYLAX Meunier
  42. Amylax buxus (E. Balech) J.D. Dodge
  43. Amylax catenata (Lavender) Meunier
  44. Amylax diacantha Meunier
  45. Amylax lata Meunier
  46. Amylax nivicola Meunier
  47. Amylax perpusilla Meunier
  48. Amylax triacantha (Jørgensen) Sournia
  49. AMYLOODINIUM Brown & Hovasse
  50. Amyloodinium amylaceum (Bargoni) Brown & Hovasse
  51. Amyloodinium ocellatum (Brown) Brown & Hovasse
  52. AMYLOPHORA J. Agardh
  53. Amylophora coleae J. Agardh