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  1. ACTINOPTYCHUS C.G. Ehrenberg
  2. ACTINOPTYCHUS C.G. Ehrenberg
  5. Actinoptychus adamans J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun
  6. Actinoptychus adriaticus A. Grunow
  7. Actinoptychus adriaticus var. balearica A. Grunow
  8. Actinoptychus adriaticus var. pumila A. Grunow
  9. Actinoptychus affinis A. Grunow
  10. Actinoptychus affinis Barker & S.H. Meakin
  11. Actinoptychus africanus G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  12. Actinoptychus alternans A. Mann
  13. Actinoptychus amblyoceros A.W.F. Schmidt
  14. Actinoptychus amoenus G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  15. Actinoptychus ananinensis J. Pantocsek
  16. Actinoptychus anceps G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  17. Actinoptychus anemone J.-J. Brun
  18. Actinoptychus annulatus (G.C. Wallich) A. Grunow
  19. Actinoptychus annulatus var. minor A. Grunow
  20. Actinoptychus antarcticus (Castracane) H. Heiden
  21. Actinoptychus antistrophus J.-J. Brun
  22. Actinoptychus apicatus C.G. Ehrenberg
  23. Actinoptychus aquila C.G. Ehrenberg
  24. Actinoptychus arculifer A.W.F. Schmidt
  25. Actinoptychus areolatus (C.G. Ehrenberg) A.W.F. Schmidt
  26. Actinoptychus asiaticus J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun
  27. Actinoptychus aster J.-J. Brun
  28. Actinoptychus atlanticus (C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze) A.W.F. Schmidt
  29. Actinoptychus australis (A. Grunow) G.W. Andrews
  30. Actinoptychus baccatus J.-J. Brun
  31. Actinoptychus barboi J.-J. Brun
  32. Actinoptychus baxteri_('baxterii') J. Pantocsek
  33. Actinoptychus bessellii_('besselli') F.W. Payne
  34. Actinoptychus biformis J.-J. Brun
  35. Actinoptychus biformis var. perisetosus J.-J. Brun
  36. Actinoptychus bifrons A.W.F. Schmidt
  37. Actinoptychus biseptenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  38. Actinoptychus bismarckii A.W.F. Schmidt
  39. Actinoptychus biternarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  40. Actinoptychus biternatus C.G. Ehrenberg
  41. Actinoptychus boliviensis C. Janisch
  42. Actinoptychus boliviensis var. pfitzeri (A. Grunow) P.T. Cleve
  43. Actinoptychus boryanus J. Pantocsek
  44. Actinoptychus brunii A.W.F. Schmidt
  45. Actinoptychus calicinus A.W.F. Schmidt
  46. Actinoptychus californicus J. Pantocsek
  47. Actinoptychus campanulifer A.W.F. Schmidt
  48. Actinoptychus capensis A. Grunow
  49. Actinoptychus cathedralis J.-J. Brun
  50. Actinoptychus ceres C.G. Ehrenberg
  51. Actinoptychus ceylanensis G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  52. Actinoptychus chenevierei J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith
  53. Actinoptychus clavatus J.-J. Brun
  54. Actinoptychus clevei A.W.F. Schmidt
  55. Actinoptychus concentricus A.W.F. Schmidt
  56. Actinoptychus constellatus J.-J. Brun
  57. Actinoptychus [undulatus var.] constrictus E. Grove & G. Sturt
  58. Actinoptychus crepido A.W.F. Schmidt
  59. Actinoptychus decorans A.W.F. Schmidt
  60. Actinoptychus decorans var. japonica A.W.F. Schmidt
  61. Actinoptychus delectus A.W.F. Schmidt
  62. Actinoptychus delicatissimus O.N. Witt
  63. Actinoptychus denarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  64. Actinoptychus dilatatus J. Pantocsek
  65. Actinoptychus dives C.G. Ehrenberg
  66. Actinoptychus dives C.G. Ehrenberg
  67. Actinoptychus doljensis A. Jurilj
  68. Actinoptychus duodenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  69. Actinoptychus ehrenbergii A. Grunow
  70. Actinoptychus elegans J. Ralfs
  71. Actinoptychus elegans G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  72. Actinoptychus elegantulus E. Grove & G. Sturt
  73. Actinoptychus erinaceus J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun
  74. Actinoptychus erosus Castracane
  75. Actinoptychus excellens J. Schumann
  76. Actinoptychus excellens J. Schumann
  77. Actinoptychus flos-marina J.-J. Brun
  78. Actinoptychus frenguellii F.C. Müller Melchers
  79. Actinoptychus fuscus E. Grove & G. Sturt
  80. Actinoptychus gallegosii_('gallegosi') G.D. Hanna & W.M. Grant
  81. Actinoptychus geminus A.W.F. Schmidt
  82. Actinoptychus glabratus A. Grunow
  83. Actinoptychus glabratus var. andesitica J. Pantocsek
  84. Actinoptychus glabratus var. angelorum A. Grunow
  85. Actinoptychus glabratus var. elegantulus E. Grove & G. Sturt
  86. Actinoptychus glabratus var. incisa A. Grunow
  87. Actinoptychus glabratus var. interpositus J.-J. Brun
  88. Actinoptychus glabratus var. montereyi A. Grunow
  89. Actinoptychus gracilis J. Schumann
  90. Actinoptychus grovei B.W. Thomas
  91. Actinoptychus gruendleri A.W.F. Schmidt
  92. Actinoptychus gruendleri f. minor A.W.F. Schmidt
  93. Actinoptychus grunovii A.W.F. Schmidt
  94. Actinoptychus guttatus (E.V. Østrup) M. Peragallo
  95. Actinoptychus halionyx A. Grunow
  96. Actinoptychus halionyx [second card]
  97. Actinoptychus heliopelta A. Grunow
  98. Actinoptychus heliopelta f. minor J.-J. Brun
  99. Actinoptychus heliopelta var. versicolor J.-J. Brun
  100. Actinoptychus heterostrophus A.W.F. Schmidt
  101. Actinoptychus hexagonus A. Grunow
  102. Actinoptychus hexagonus var. decumana A.W.F. Schmidt
  103. Actinoptychus hexagonus var. indicus J.-J. Brun
  104. Actinoptychus hexagonus var. tenella A.W.F. Schmidt
  105. Actinoptychus hexapterus C.G. Ehrenberg
  106. Actinoptychus hillabyanus J.-J. Brun
  107. Actinoptychus hillabyanus var. corallina J.-J. Brun
  108. Actinoptychus hispidus A. Grunow
  109. Actinoptychus hispidus var. erinaceus J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun
  110. Actinoptychus hispidus var. mosaica J.-J. Brun
  111. Actinoptychus hungaricus J. Pantocsek
  112. Actinoptychus huettlingerianus A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt
  113. Actinoptychus imperator J. Pantocsek
  114. Actinoptychus indeterminatus J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith
  115. Actinoptychus [hexagonus var.] indicus J.-J. Brun
  116. Actinoptychus inopinatus A.W.F. Schmidt
  117. Actinoptychus intermedius A.W.F. Schmidt
  118. Actinoptychus interpositus J.-J. Brun
  119. Actinoptychus interpunctatus T. Brightwell
  120. Actinoptychus janischii A. Grunow
  121. Actinoptychus japonicus A. Grunow
  122. Actinoptychus jupiter C.G. Ehrenberg
  123. Actinoptychus kernensis G.D. Hanna
  124. Actinoptychus klavsenii A.W.F. Schmidt
  125. Actinoptychus kraussii A.W.F. Schmidt
  126. Actinoptychus kusnetzkianus J. Pantocsek
  127. Actinoptychus kymatodes J. Pantocsek
  128. Actinoptychus kymatodes var. radiolata A.I. Forti
  129. Actinoptychus kymatodes var. tetramera A.I. Forti
  130. Actinoptychus laevigatus A. Grunow
  131. Actinoptychus laevigatus f. parva A.W.F. Schmidt
  132. Actinoptychus leptomitos J. Pantocsek
  133. Actinoptychus leptomitos f. spinulosus Z.I. Glezer & V.S. Sheshukova-Poretzkaja
  134. Actinoptychus lobatus J.-J. Brun
  135. Actinoptychus lucidus J.-J. Brun
  136. Actinoptychus macraei J.M. Deby
  137. Actinoptychus maculatus E. Grove & G. Sturt
  138. Actinoptychus maculosus J. Pantocsek
  139. Actinoptychus madreporus J.-J. Brun
  140. Actinoptychus marmoreus J.-J. Brun
  141. Actinoptychus marylandicus T. Brightwell
  142. Actinoptychus meakinii S.L. VanLandingham
  143. Actinoptychus microsticta (A. Grunow) D. Mertz
  144. Actinoptychus millsii E. Chenevière
  145. Actinoptychus minutus R.K. Greville
  146. Actinoptychus minutus f. major A.I. Forti
  147. Actinoptychus mirabilis G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  148. Actinoptychus mirans G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  149. Actinoptychus moelleri A. Grunow
  150. Actinoptychus moronensis (R.K. Greville) P.T. Cleve
  151. Actinoptychus moronensis var. guttatus_('guttata') E.V. O\*/strup
  152. Actinoptychus mosaica J.-J. Brun
  153. Actinoptychus neogradensis J. Pantocsek
  154. Actinoptychus nicobaricus (A. Grunow) G.W. Andrews
  155. Actinoptychus nitidus (R.K. Greville) A.W.F. Schmidt
  156. Actinoptychus nonarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  157. Actinoptychus notabilis J.-J. Brun
  158. Actinoptychus notabilis J. Pantocsek
  159. Actinoptychus oamaruensis A. Grunow
  160. Actinoptychus octodenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  161. Actinoptychus octonarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  162. Actinoptychus octonarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  163. Actinoptychus omphalopelta A. Grunow
  164. Actinoptychus oppenoorthii_('oppenoorthi') T. Reinhold
  165. Actinoptychus packii_('packi') G.D. Hanna
  166. Actinoptychus packii var. immaculatus J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith
  167. Actinoptychus pantocsekii A. Truan y Luard
  168. Actinoptychus papillo J.-J. Brun
  169. Actinoptychus pardus var. tsuboneensis W. Ichikawa
  170. Actinoptychus parvus A. Mann
  171. Actinoptychus pellucidus A. Grunow
  172. Actinoptychus perennis J.-J. Brun
  173. Actinoptychus pericavatus J.-J. Brun
  174. Actinoptychus pericavatus var. oamaruensis A.W.F. Schmidt
  175. Actinoptychus [biformis var.] perisetosus J.-J. Brun
  176. out of order Actinoptychus pericavatus var. tropicalis J.-J. Brun
  177. Actinoptychus perplexus G.D. Hanna & W.M. Grant
  178. Actinoptychus pethoeii J. Pantocsek
  179. Actinoptychus petitii J. Pantocsek
  180. Actinoptychus pfitzeri Gründler
  181. Actinoptychus planus A. Mann
  182. Actinoptychus praetor A.W.F. Schmidt
  183. Actinoptychus pulchellus var. tenera E. Grove & G. Sturt
  184. Actinoptychus punctulatus J. Pantocsek
  185. Actinoptychus quaternarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  186. Actinoptychus racemosus A.W.F. Schmidt
  187. Actinoptychus radiolatus A. Grunow
  188. Actinoptychus radulus A. Mann
  189. Actinoptychus raeanus Castracane
  190. Actinoptychus ranunculus J.-J. Brun
  191. Actinoptychus reinholdii M. Hajós
  192. Actinoptychus reticulatus J. Pantocsek
  193. Actinoptychus reticulatus G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  194. Actinoptychus reticulatus A. Jurilj
  195. Actinoptychus rotifer G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  196. Actinoptychus rotula J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J.C. Smith
  197. Actinoptychus schmidtii J. Pantocsek
  198. Actinoptychus sculptilis A.W.F. Schmidt
  199. Actinoptychus sculptilis f. tetramera A.I. Forti
  200. Actinoptychus sedenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  201. Actinoptychus seductilis A.W.F. Schmidt
  202. Actinoptychus segmentatus J.-J. Brun
  203. Actinoptychus semilaevis A. Grunow
  204. Actinoptychus semseyi J. Pantocsek
  205. Actinoptychus senarius (C.G. Ehrenberg) C.G. Ehrenberg
  206. Actinoptychus senarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  207. Actinoptychus senarius var. denarius (C.G. Ehrenberg) E. O'Meara
  208. Actinoptychus senarius var. duodenarius (C.G. Ehrenberg) E. O'Meara
  209. Actinoptychus senarius var. incommoda D. Mertz
  210. Actinoptychus senarius var. matraensis M. Hajós
  211. Actinoptychus senarius var. minor (A. Cleve) M. Hajós
  212. Actinoptychus senarius var. minutus (R.K. Greville) W.W. Wornardt
  213. Actinoptychus senarius var. sedenarius (C.G. Ehrenberg) E. O'Meara
  214. Actinoptychus senarius var. turgida (J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun) T.V. Desikachary, S. Gowthaman & Y. Latha
  215. Actinoptychus senarius var. vicenarius (C.G. Ehrenberg) E. O'Meara
  216. Actinoptychus separatus G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  217. Actinoptychus septenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  218. Actinoptychus sibiricus N.V. Paramonova
  219. Actinoptychus signatus J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith
  220. Actinoptychus simbirskianus A.W.F. Schmidt
  221. Actinoptychus similaris V.S. Sheshukova-Poretskaya & Z.I. Glezer
  222. Actinoptychus socius A.W.F. Schmidt
  223. Actinoptychus solisi G.D. Hanna & W.M. Grant
  224. Actinoptychus speciosus F. Meister
  225. Actinoptychus spinifer A. Grunow
  226. Actinoptychus spinifer J. Pantocsek
  227. Actinoptychus spiniferus A. Grunow
  228. Actinoptychus spinosus (T. Brightwell) J. Ralfs
  229. Actinoptychus spinulosus A.W.F. Schmidt
  230. Actinoptychus splendens (G. Shadbolt) J. Ralfs
  231. Actinoptychus splendens var. angelorum (A. Grunow) W.W. Wornardt
  232. Actinoptychus splendens var. californica A. Grunow
  233. Actinoptychus splendens var. cruciferus_('crucifera') A. Grunow
  234. Actinoptychus splendens var. fusca (E. Grove & G. Sturt) E. Grove & G. Sturt
  235. Actinoptychus splendens var. glabratus A. Grunow
  236. Actinoptychus splendens var. glabrata f. partita J. Pantocsek
  237. Actinoptychus splendens var. halionyx (A. Grunow) A. Grunow
  238. Actinoptychus splendens var. incisa (A. Grunow) W.W. Wornardt
  239. Actinoptychus splendens var. nicobarica A. Grunow
  240. Actinoptychus splendens var. nobilis J. Pantocsek
  241. Actinoptychus splendens f. partita J. Pantocsek
  242. Actinoptychus splendens var. solisii_('solisi') (G.D. Hanna & W.M. Grant) W.W. Wornardt
  243. Actinoptychus splendens var. subglabrata A. Grunow
  244. Actinoptychus splendens var. zagrebiensis A. Jurilj
  245. Actinoptychus staubii J. Pantocsek
  246. Actinoptychus stella A.W.F. Schmidt
  247. Actinoptychus stella var. clevei (A.W.F. Schmidt) W.W. Wornardt
  248. Actinoptychus stella var. thumii A.W.F. Schmidt
  249. Actinoptychus stella f. fenestrata A.I. Forti
  250. Actinoptychus stella f. fenestrata A.I. Forti
  251. Actinoptychus stella f. moronensis (R.K. Greville) A.I. Forti
  252. Actinoptychus sturii J. Pantocsek
  253. Actinoptychus subangulatus A.W.F. Schmidt
  254. Actinoptychus subtilis C.G. Ehrenberg
  255. Actinoptychus sumatrensis G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  256. Actinoptychus summissus A.W.F. Schmidt
  257. Actinoptychus szaboi ('szabói') J. Pantocsek
  258. Actinoptychus szontaghii ('szontághii') J. Pantocsek
  259. Actinoptychus szontaghii var. minor J. Pantocsek
  260. Actinoptychus taeniatus F. Hustedt
  261. Actinoptychus taffi G.D. Hanna
  262. Actinoptychus temperei A.W.F. Schmidt
  263. Actinoptychus tener (E. Grove & G. Sturt) E. Grove & G. Sturt
  264. Actinoptychus tenuis N.I. Strelnikova
  265. Actinoptychus ternarius C. Janisch
  266. Actinoptychus thumii (A.W.F. Schmidt) G.D. Hanna
  267. Actinoptychus triangulus A.W.F. Schmidt
  268. Actinoptychus trifolium J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun
  269. Actinoptychus trifolium var. constellata J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun
  270. Actinoptychus trifurcatus J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun
  271. Actinoptychus trigonus A.W.F. Schmidt
  272. Actinoptychus trilineatus C.S. Boyer
  273. Actinoptychus trilingulatus (T. Brightwell) J. Ralfs
  274. Actinoptychus trilobatus M. Hajós
  275. Actinoptychus trilunatus J.-J. Brun
  276. Actinoptychus trivolva J.-J. Brun
  277. Actinoptychus truanii A.W.F. Schmidt
  278. Actinoptychus truanii f. trivittata J. Pantocsek
  279. Actinoptychus tschestnovii J. Pantocsek
  280. Actinoptychus tschestnovii J. Pantocsek
  281. Actinoptychus tuberosus G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  282. Actinoptychus turgidus (J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun) J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun
  283. Actinoptychus undulatus var. barbadensis A.W.F. Schmidt
  284. Actinoptychus undulatus var. confusus S.L. VanLandingham
  285. Actinoptychus undulatus var. constrictus E. Grove & G. Sturt
  286. Actinoptychus undulatus f. debya A.F. Meunier
  287. Actinoptychus undulatus var. denarius (C.G. Ehrenberg) A. Grunow
  288. Actinoptychus undulatus var. duodenarius (C.G. Ehrenberg) A. Grunow
  289. Actinoptychus undulatus var. inaequisculpta A.I. Forti
  290. Actinoptychus undulatus var. labyrinthiformis A.I. Forti
  291. Actinoptychus undulatus f. maxima A.W.F. Schmidt
  292. Actinoptychus undulatus var. microsticta A. Grunow
  293. Actinoptychus undulatus f. sexappendiculata A. Grunow
  294. Actinoptychus undulatus f. minor J. Frenguelli
  295. Actinoptychus undulatus var. minor A. Cleve-Euler
  296. Actinoptychus undulatus var. octonarius (C.G. Ehrenberg) A. Grunow
  297. Actinoptychus undulatus var. parallelistriata A.I. Forti
  298. Actinoptychus undulatus f. quaternata J. Frenguelli
  299. Actinoptychus undulatus var. senarius (C.G. Ehrenberg) A. Grunow
  300. Actinoptychus undulatus var. subtilis J. Pantocsek
  301. Actinoptychus undulatus var. tamanicus_('tamanica') A.P. Jousé
  302. Actinoptychus undulatus f. ternata J. Frenguelli
  303. Actinoptychus undulatus var. turgida J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun
  304. Actinoptychus undulatus var. verrucosa H.H. Chase
  305. Actinoptychus vancouveri Mackay
  306. Actinoptychus vanheurckii_('Van Heurckii') J. Pantocsek
  307. Actinoptychus velatus C.G. Ehrenberg
  308. Actinoptychus vicenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  309. Actinoptychus v-latinum_('V latinum') A.W.F. Schmidt
  310. Actinoptychus vulgaris J. Schumann
  311. Actinoptychus vulgaris var. australis A. Grunow
  312. Actinoptychus vulgaris var. doljensis J. Pantocsek
  313. Actinoptychus vulgaris var. maculata E. Grove & G. Sturt
  314. Actinoptychus vulgaris var. monicae A. Grunow
  315. Actinoptychus vulgaris var. neogradensis J. Pantocsek
  316. Actinoptychus vulgaris f. octonaria (C.G. Ehrenberg) J. Frenguelli
  317. Actinoptychus vulgaris f. senaria J. Frenguelli
  318. Actinoptychus vulgaris var. spiniferus A. Grunow
  319. Actinoptychus vulgaris var. tropica J.-J. Brun
  320. Actinoptychus vulgaris var. virginica A. Grunow
  321. Actinoptychus weissflogii A.W.F. Schmidt
  322. Actinoptychus wilmottii E. Chenevière
  323. Actinoptychus wittianus var. hexagona A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt
  324. Actinoptychus wittianus A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt
  325. Actinoptychus wittii C. Janisch
  326. Actinoptychus wittii var. scutiformis W.C. Walker & H.H. Chase
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