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  1. ACTINOCYCLUS C.G. Ehrenberg
  2. ACTINOCYCLUS J.F. Klotzsch
  4. ACTINOCYCLUS subgenus CIRCULARES J. Rattray
  6. Actinocyclus abundans C.G. Ehrenberg
  7. Actinocyclus acharnar C.G. Ehrenberg
  8. Actinocyclus achar-nahr C.G. Ehrenberg
  9. Actinocyclus acharneus J. Ralfs
  10. Actinocyclus achates C.G. Ehrenberg
  11. Actinocyclus actinochilus (C.G. Ehrenberg) R. Simonsen
  12. Actinocyclus adamas C.G. Ehrenberg
  13. Actinocyclus adeliae E.E. Manguin
  14. Actinocyclus aeschylus C.G. Ehrenberg
  15. Actinocyclus africanus G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  16. Actinocyclus aldebaran C.G. Ehrenberg
  17. Actinocyclus aldebaran C.G. Ehrenberg
  18. Actinocyclus alexander C.G. Ehrenberg
  19. Actinocyclus alienus A. Grunow
  20. Actinocyclus alienus A. Grunow
  21. Actinocyclus alienus var. arctica A. Grunow
  22. Actinocyclus alienus var. californica A. Grunow
  23. Actinocyclus alienus var. undatus P.T. Cleve
  24. Actinocyclus allinearius G.D. Hanna & W.M. Grant
  25. Actinocyclus amethystus C.G. Ehrenberg
  26. Actinocyclus anacreon C.G. Ehrenberg
  27. Actinocyclus anceps G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  28. Actinocyclus anceps F.S. Castracane {illegitimate}
  29. Actinocyclus ancorifer J. Schumann
  30. Actinocyclus antarcticus G. Karsten
  31. Actinocyclus antares C.G. Ehrenberg
  32. Actinocyclus apelles C.G. Ehrenberg
  33. Actinocyclus apollo C.G. Ehrenberg
  34. Actinocyclus appendiculatus J. Rattray
  35. Actinocyclus aquila C.G. Ehrenberg
  36. Actinocyclus arcturus C.G. Ehrenberg
  37. Actinocyclus arcturus C.G. Ehrenberg
  38. Actinocyclus arcuatus J. Schumann
  39. Actinocyclus areolatus (C.G. Ehrenberg) T. Brightwell
  40. Actinocyclus armatus A. Cleve-Euler
  41. Actinocyclus asiaticus F. Meister
  42. Actinocyclus astroites C.G. Ehrenberg
  43. Actinocyclus astrolites J. Ralfs
  44. Actinocyclus atlanticus F.C. Müller Melchers
  45. Actinocyclus australis A. Grunow
  46. Actinocyclus barklyi var. aggregata J. Rattray
  47. Actinocyclus barklyi f. minor J. Frenguelli
  48. Actinocyclus beaufortianus (F. Hustedt) M.J. Sullivan
  49. Actinocyclus beryllus C.G. Ehrenberg
  50. Actinocyclus betegose C.G. Ehrenberg
  51. Actinocyclus bet-el-gose J. Ralfs
  52. Actinocyclus bias C.G. Ehrenberg
  53. Actinocyclus bifrons G. Karsten
  54. Actinocyclus bifrons (Castracane) A. Mann {illegitimate}
  55. Actinocyclus binonarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  56. Actinocyclus binonarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  57. Actinocyclus bioctonarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  58. Actinocyclus bipartitus A. Mann
  59. Actinocyclus bisenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  60. Actinocyclus biseptenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  61. Actinocyclus biternarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  62. Actinocyclus boryanus J. Pantocsek
  63. Actinocyclus brasiliensis F.C. Müller Melchers
  64. Actinocyclus bremianus J. Pantocsek
  65. Actinocyclus calix J.A. Tempčre & J.-J. Brun
  66. Actinocyclus callimachus C.G. Ehrenberg
  67. Actinocyclus canestrus G.D. Hanna & W.M. Grant
  68. Actinocyclus canopus C.G. Ehrenberg
  69. Actinocyclus canopus C.G. Ehrenberg
  70. Actinocyclus capella C.G. Ehrenberg
  71. Actinocyclus carbunculus C.G. Ehrenberg
  72. Actinocyclus caspicus (I.V. Makarova) I.V. Makarova
  73. Actinocyclus ceres C.G. Ehrenberg
  74. Actinocyclus challengeri E. O'Meara
  75. Actinocyclus chilo C.G. Ehrenberg
  76. Actinocyclus cholnokyi S.L. VanLandingham
  77. Actinocyclus chrysolithus C.G. Ehrenberg
  78. Actinocyclus circellus T.P. Watkins
  79. Actinocyclus circumdatus J. Pantocsek
  80. Actinocyclus clavifer J. Schumann
  81. Actinocyclus claobulus C.G. Ehrenberg
  82. Actinocyclus clevei Castarcane
  83. Actinocyclus complanatus Castracane
  84. Actinocyclus concentricus J. Rattray
  85. Actinocyclus confluens A. Grunow
  86. Actinocyclus confluens var. appiculata J. Rattray
  87. Actinocyclus corona G. Karsten
  88. Actinocyclus coscinodiscoides A. Mann
  89. Actinocyclus crassus (W. Smith) J. Ralfs
  90. Actinocyclus crassus f. dissoluta Ĺ. Berg
  91. Actinocyclus croesus C.G. Ehrenberg
  92. Actinocyclus cruciatus J. Schumann
  93. Actinocyclus cubitus G.D. Hanna & W.M. Grant
  94. Actinocyclus curvatulus C. Janisch
  95. Actinocyclus curvatulus (A. Grunow) P.T. Cleve {illegitimate}
  96. Actinocyclus daedalus C.G. Ehrenberg
  97. Actinocyclus davides C.G. Ehrenberg
  98. Actinocyclus decussatus E. Grove, invalid
  99. Actinocyclus decussatus A. Mann
  100. Actinocyclus delicatus E.G. Lupikina & G.K. Khursevich
  101. Actinocyclus denarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  102. Actinocyclus denticulatus Castracane
  103. Actinocyclus dimorphus (Castracane) D.M. Harwood & T. Maruyama
  104. Actinocyclus disseminatus J. Pantocsek
  105. Actinocyclus distinguendus F. Hustedt
  106. Actinocyclus dives C.G. Ehrenberg
  107. Actinocyclus divisus I.A. Kisselev
  108. Actinocyclus divisus (A. Grunow) F. Hustedt
  109. Actinocyclus dubiosus G. Karsten
  110. Actinocyclus duodenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  111. Actinocyclus duodenarius (C.G. Ehrenberg) W. Smith
  112. Actinocyclus dux C.G. Ehrenberg
  113. Actinocyclus ehrenbergii J. Ralfs
  114. Actinocyclus ehrenbergii J. Schumann
  115. Actinocyclus ehrenbergii var. depressa A. Jurilj
  116. Actinocyclus ehrenbergii var. intermedia A. Grunow
  117. Actinocyclus ehrenbergii f. minuta J. Pantocsek
  118. Actinocyclus ehrenbergii var. spinosa A. Jurilj
  119. Actinocyclus ehrenbergii var. tamanicus ('tamanica') A.P. Jousé
  120. Actinocyclus elegans G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  121. Actinocyclus elegans G. Karsten
  122. Actinocyclus ellipticus A. Grunow
  123. Actinocyclus ellipticus var. delawarensis C.S. Boyer
  124. Actinocyclus ellipticus var. elongatus (A. Grunow) R.W. Kolbe
  125. Actinocyclus ellipticus f. fossilis A. Jurilj
  126. Actinocyclus ellipticus var. javanica T. Reinhold
  127. Actinocyclus ellipticus f. lanceolata R.W. Kolbe
  128. Actinocyclus ellipticus var. moronensis (J.M. Deby) R.W. Kolbe
  129. Actinocyclus ellipticus var. sendaiana J.-J. Brun
  130. Actinocyclus elongatus A. Grunow
  131. Actinocyclus elongatus var. dubia A. Grunow
  132. Actinocyclus eoes F. Kitton
  133. Actinocyclus euripides C.G. Ehrenberg
  134. Actinocyclus excentricus M. Peragallo
  135. Actinocyclus exiguus G.A. Fryxell & H.J. Semina
  136. Actinocyclus fasciculatus Castracane
  137. Actinocyclus fasciculatus D.M. Harwood & T. Maruyama
  138. Actinocyclus fistulis A.P. Ol'shtynskaya
  139. Actinocyclus flos J.-J. Brun
  140. Actinocyclus fomahot C.G. Ehrenberg
  141. Actinocyclus fom-el-hot C.G. Ehrenberg
  142. Actinocyclus fortunatus C.G. Ehrenberg
  143. Actinocyclus fryxelliae_('fryxellae') J.A. Barron
  144. Actinocyclus fulvus (W. Smith) J. Ralfs
  145. Actinocyclus gallicus F. Meister
  146. Actinocyclus giennensis F. Azpeitia Moros
  147. Actinocyclus graecorum C.G. Ehrenberg
  148. Actinocyclus guinensis E. Grove
  149. Actinocyclus hesiodus C.G. Ehrenberg
  150. Actinocyclus heteractis C.G. Ehrenberg
  151. Actinocyclus hispanicus F. Azpeitia Moros
  152. Actinocyclus homerus C.G. Ehrenberg
  153. Actinocyclus horatius C.G. Ehrenberg
  154. Actinocyclus hustedtii F. Meister
  155. Actinocyclus hyacinthus C.G. Ehrenberg
  156. Actinocyclus imperator C.G. Ehrenberg
  157. Actinocyclus incertus A. Grunow
  158. Actinocyclus ingens J. Rattray
  159. Actinocyclus ingens var. indica T.V. Desikachary & P. Prema
  160. Actinocyclus ingens var. irregularis (H.F. Van Heurck) D.M. Harwood & T. Maruyama
  161. Actinocyclus ingens var. nodus J.C. Baldauf
  162. Actinocyclus ingens f. nodus (J.C. Baldauf) M.C. Whiting & H. Schrader
  163. Actinocyclus ingens var. ovalis R. Gersonde
  164. Actinocyclus ingens f. planus M.C. Whiting & H. Schrader
  165. Actinocyclus intermittens G. Karsten
  166. Actinocyclus interpunctatus (T. Brightwell) J. Ralfs
  167. Actinocyclus irregularis H.F. Van Heurck
  168. Actinocyclus janischii J. Schumann
  169. Actinocyclus janus G. Karsten
  170. Actinocyclus japonicus Castracane
  171. Actinocyclus jaspis C.G. Ehrenberg
  172. Actinocyclus jasponyx C.G. Ehrenberg
  173. Actinocyclus juno C.G. Ehrenberg
  174. Actinocyclus juno C.G. Ehrenberg
  175. Actinocyclus jupiter C.G. Ehrenberg
  176. Actinocyclus karstenii H.F. Van Heurck
  177. Actinocyclus knemeides J. Pantocsek
  178. Actinocyclus kozyrenkoae A.P. Ol'shtynskaya
  179. Actinocyclus kuetzingii (A. Schmidt) R. Simonsen
  180. Actinocyclus labyrinthicus J. Pantocsek
  181. Actinocyclus leucochrysus C.G. Ehrenberg
  182. Actinocyclus levis A.P. Jousé
  183. Actinocyclus ligularis G.K. Khursevich [Chursevich] & E.G. Lupikina
  184. Actinocyclus limbatus F. Meister
  185. Actinocyclus locuples C.G. Ehrenberg
  186. Actinocyclus loczyi ('lóczyi') J. Pantocsek
  187. Actinocyclus luna C.G. Ehrenberg
  188. Actinocyclus luxuriosus C.G. Ehrenberg
  189. Actinocyclus lyra C.G. Ehrenberg
  190. Actinocyclus lyra C. G. Ehrenberg
  191. Actinocyclus maccollumii D.M. Harwood & T. Maruyama
  192. Actinocyclus magnificus C.G. Ehrenberg
  193. Actinocyclus magnificus A. Cleve-Euler
  194. Actinocyclus makarovae (D. Temniskova-Topalova & N. Ognjanova-Rumenova) D. Temniskova-Topalova & N. Ognjanova-Rumenova
  195. Actinocyclus mars C.G. Ehrenberg
  196. Actinocyclus marylandicus J. Rattray
  197. Actinocyclus mercurius C.G. Ehrenberg
  198. Actinocyclus minutus R.K. Greville
  199. Actinocyclus miocenicus A. Jousé
  200. Actinocyclus mirabilis J. Rattray
  201. Actinocyclus moniliformis J. Ralfs
  202. Actinocyclus moniliformis var. balticus ('baltica') J. Rattray
  203. Actinocyclus moniliformis var. knemeides J. Pantocsek
  204. Actinocyclus moronensis J.M. Deby
  205. Actinocyclus moroniensis J.-J. Brun
  206. Actinocyclus murrayensis E. Grove
  207. Actinocyclus nebulosus var. spiralis M. Peragallo {INFO}
  208. Actinocyclus neogenicus T. Reinhold
  209. Actinocyclus neogradensis J. Pantocsek
  210. Actinocyclus niagarae H.L. Smith
  211. Actinocyclus ninus C.G. Ehrenberg
  212. Actinocyclus nonarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  213. Actinocyclus normanii (W. Gregory) F. Hustedt
  214. Actinocyclus novemdenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  215. Actinocyclus novemdenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  216. Actinocyclus numa C.G. Ehrenberg
  217. Actinocyclus obscurus J. Rattray
  218. Actinocyclus oceanicus J. Rattray
  219. Actinocyclus ochotensis A.P. Jousé
  220. Actinocyclus octodenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  221. Actinocyclus octodenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  222. Actinocyclus octonarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  223. Actinocyclus octonarius var. crassus (W. Smith) N.I. Hendey
  224. Actinocyclus octonarius var. minuta (J. Pantocsek) M. Hajós
  225. Actinocyclus octonarius var. parva M. Hajós
  226. Actinocyclus octonarius var. ralfsii (W. Smith) N.I. Hendey
  227. Actinocyclus octonarius var. sparsus (W. Gregory) N.I. Hendey
  228. Actinocyclus octonarius var. tenellus (L.A. Brébisson) N.I. Hendey
  229. Actinocyclus oculatus A.P. Jousé
  230. Actinocyclus oliverianus_('oliveranus') E. O'Meara
  231. Actinocyclus omphax C.G. Ehrenberg
  232. Actinocyclus omphus J. Ralfs
  233. Actinocyclus onyx C.G. Ehrenberg
  234. Actinocyclus opalus C.G. Ehrenberg
  235. Actinocyclus opiparus C.G. Ehrenberg
  236. Actinocyclus opulentus C.G. Ehrenberg
  237. Actinocyclus ornatus J. Rattray
  238. Actinocyclus orpheus C.G. Ehrenberg
  239. Actinocyclus ovalis (G. Norman) A. Grunow
  240. Actinocyclus ovatus E.J.F. Wood
  241. Actinocyclus pallas C.G. Ehrenberg
  242. Actinocyclus pallas C.G. Ehrenberg
  243. Actinocyclus panhelios C.G. Ehrenberg
  244. supplanted
  245. Actinocyclus paradoxus C.G. Ehrenberg
  246. Actinocyclus paradoxus I.V. Makarova
  247. Actinocyclus parvus G.R. Hasle
  248. Actinocyclus pellucidus Castracane
  249. Actinocyclus peplum J.-J. Brun
  250. Actinocyclus periander C.G. Ehrenberg
  251. Actinocyclus phidias C.G. Ehrenberg
  252. Actinocyclus pindarus C.G. Ehrenberg
  253. Actinocyclus pittacus C.G. Ehrenberg
  254. Actinocyclus platensis F.C. Müller Melchers
  255. Actinocyclus plutus C.G. Ehrenberg
  256. Actinocyclus polyactis C.G. Ehrenberg
  257. Actinocyclus polygonus (Castracane) H.F. Van Heurck
  258. Actinocyclus polygonus var. ornata H.F. Van Heurck
  259. Actinocyclus polysculptus A. Mann
  260. Actinocyclus portaregiensis Ĺ. Berg
  261. Actinocyclus praxiteles C.G. Ehrenberg
  262. Actinocyclus pretiosus C.G. Ehrenberg
  263. Actinocyclus procyon C.G. Ehrenberg
  264. Actinocyclus prodigus C.G. Ehrenberg
  265. Actinocyclus propinquus A.P. Jousé
  266. Actinocyclus proserpina C.G. Ehrenberg
  267. Actinocyclus pruinosus Castracane
  268. Actinocyclus pruinosus var. minor J. Rattray
  269. Actinocyclus ptolemaeus C.G. Ehrenberg
  270. Actinocyclus pumilus Castracane
  271. Actinocyclus punctulatus Castracane
  272. Actinocyclus pusillus (E. Grove) E. Grove
  273. Actinocyclus pyrgoteles C.G. Ehrenberg
  274. Actinocyclus pyrotechinicus J.M. Deby
  275. Actinocyclus pyxidicula C.G. Ehrenberg
  276. Actinocyclus quaternarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  277. Actinocyclus quatuordenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  278. Actinocyclus quinarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  279. Actinocyclus quindenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  280. Actinocyclus radians J. Rattray
  281. Actinocyclus radians var. minor J. Rattray
  282. Actinocyclus radiatus J. Rattray
  283. Actinocyclus ralfsii (W. Smith) J. Ralfs
  284. Actinocyclus ralfsii var. australiensis A. Grunow
  285. Actinocyclus ralfsii f. minor A. Grunow
  286. Actinocyclus ralfsii f. major A. Grunow
  287. Actinocyclus ralfsii var. challengerensis Castracane
  288. Actinocyclus ralfsii var. monicae A. Grunow
  289. Actinocyclus ralfsii var. moniliformis F. Kitton
  290. Actinocyclus ralfsii var. samoensis A. Grunow
  291. Actinocyclus ralfsii var. sparsus (W. Gregory) W. Gregory
  292. Actinocyclus regulus C.G. Ehrenberg
  293. Actinocyclus regulus C.G. Ehrenberg
  294. Actinocyclus rex C.G. Ehrenberg
  295. Actinocyclus rex W.M. Bale
  296. Actinocyclus rigl C.G. Ehrenberg
  297. Actinocyclus roperi_('roperii') (L.A. Brébisson) A. Grunow
  298. Actinocyclus rosoleo G.D. Hanna & W.M. Grant
  299. Actinocyclus rotula J.-J. Brun
  300. Actinocyclus sagittulus T.A. Villareal
  301. Actinocyclus salomon C.G. Ehrenberg
  302. Actinocyclus samoensis (A. Grunow) De Toni & A.I. Forti
  303. Actinocyclus saphirus C.G. Ehrenberg
  304. Actinocyclus sappho C.G. Ehrenberg
  305. Actinocyclus sarda C.G. Ehrenberg
  306. Actinocyclus sardonyx C.G. Ehrenberg
  307. Actinocyclus saturnus C.G. Ehrenberg
  308. Actinocyclus sedenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  309. Actinocyclus sedenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  310. Actinocyclus semiocellatus J. Schumann
  311. Actinocyclus senarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  312. Actinocyclus senarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  313. problem card Card image
  314. Actinocyclus senarius P. Harting
  315. Actinocyclus sendaianus J.-J. Brun
  316. Actinocyclus septemdenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  317. Actinocyclus septenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  318. Actinocyclus signatus J. Rattray
  319. Actinocyclus similis G. Karsten
  320. Actinocyclus sirius C.G. Ehrenberg
  321. Actinocyclus smaragdus C.G. Ehrenberg
  322. Actinocyclus socrates C.G. Ehrenberg
  323. Actinocyclus sol C.G. Ehrenberg
  324. Actinocyclus solon C.G. Ehrenberg
  325. Actinocyclus sophocles C.G. Ehrenberg
  326. Actinocyclus sparsus (W. Gregory) J. Rattray
  327. Actinocyclus spica C.G. Ehrenberg
  328. Actinocyclus spinosus T. Brightwell
  329. Actinocyclus spiralis M. Peragallo
  330. Actinocyclus spiritus T.P. Watkins
  331. Actinocyclus splendens J. Rattray
  332. Actinocyclus srinivasanii T.V. Desikachary & K.A. Ranjitha Devi
  333. Actinocyclus stella-polaris C.G. Ehrenberg
  334. Actinocyclus stictodiscus A. Grunow
  335. Actinocyclus subcrassus J. Rattray
  336. Actinocyclus subocellatus (A. Grunow) J. Rattray
  337. Actinocyclus subtilis (W. Gregory) J. Ralfs
  338. Actinocyclus subtilis var. aperta J. Rattray
  339. Actinocyclus subtilis var. arcticus (A. Grunow) A. Cleve-Euler
  340. Actinocyclus subtilis var. disjuncta J. Rattray
  341. Actinocyclus subtilis f. major A. Grunow
  342. Actinocyclus subtilis f. minor A. Grunow
  343. Actinocyclus subtilis f. subtilissima H.F. Van Heurck
  344. Actinocyclus tenellus (L.A. Brébisson) A. Grunow
  345. Actinocyclus tenuissimus P.T. Cleve
  346. Actinocyclus tenuissimus var. australiensis A. Grunow
  347. Actinocyclus ternarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  348. Actinocyclus terra C.G. Ehrenberg
  349. Actinocyclus terra C.G. Ehrenberg
  350. Actinocyclus tessellatus (F.C.S. Roper) J. Ralfs
  351. Actinocyclus thales C.G. Ehrenberg
  352. Actinocyclus thomei G. Leuduger-Fortmorel
  353. Actinocyclus thumii (P.T. Cleve) J. Pantocsek
  354. Actinocyclus topazius C.G. Ehrenberg
  355. Actinocyclus tortuosus A. Mann
  356. Actinocyclus tredenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  357. Actinocyclus trilingulatus T. Brightwell
  358. Actinocyclus triradiatus F.C.S. Roper
  359. Actinocyclus tropicus F. Hustedt
  360. Actinocyclus tsugaruensis T. Kanaya
  361. Actinocyclus tubalcain C.G. Ehrenberg
  362. Actinocyclus tunkaensis G.K. Khursevich
  363. Actinocyclus tyrtaeus C.G. Ehrenberg
  364. Actinocyclus umbonatus Castracane
  365. Actinocyclus undatus P. Harting
  366. Actinocyclus undatus P.T. Cleve
  367. Actinocyclus undenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  368. Actinocyclus uranus C.G. Ehrenberg
  369. Actinocyclus valdiviae G. Karsten
  370. Actinocyclus variabilis - -
  371. Actinocyclus variabilis A.K.J. Corda
  372. Actinocyclus variabilis (I.V. Makarova) I.V. Makarova
  373. Actinocyclus varians A. Mann
  374. Actinocyclus venus C.G. Ehrenberg
  375. Actinocyclus venus C.G. Ehrenberg
  376. Actinocyclus vesta C.G. Ehrenberg
  377. Actinocyclus vesta C.G. Ehrenberg
  378. Actinocyclus vestigulus T.P. Watkins
  379. Actinocyclus vetustissimus J. Rattray
  380. Actinocyclus vicenarius C.G. Ehrenberg
  381. Actinocyclus virgilius C.G. Ehrenberg
  382. Actinocyclus zeuxis C.G. Ehrenberg
  383. Actinocyclus zoroaster C.G. Ehrenberg
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