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  1. MASTOGLOIA Thwaites ex W. Smith
  2. Mastogloia andrussowii var. minor Pantocsek CAS
  3. Mastogloia angulata Lewis CAS
  4. Mastogloia angulata var. pusilla Grunow
  5. Mastogloia angulata var. sarmatica Jurilj CAS
  6. Mastogloia angustata Pantocsek CAS
  7. Mastogloia antiqua Schumann CAS
  8. Mastogloia antiqua Cleve CAS
  9. Mastogloia apiculata W. Smith CAS
  10. Mastogloia aquilegiae Grunow in A. Schmidt CAS
  11. Mastogloia arabica Hendey CAS
  12. Mastogloia arata Cleve CAS
  13. Mastogloia archaia Schrader CAS
  14. Mastogloia arcuata A. Berg CAS
  15. Mastogloia aspera Voigt CAS
  16. Mastogloia aspera f. lanceolata Ricard CAS
  17. Mastogloia asperula Grunow
  18. Mastogloia asperula var. gilbertii_('gilberti') (A. Schmidt) Cleve
  19. Mastogloia asperula f. minor Cleve in Schmidt et al. CAS
  20. Mastogloia asperula var. navicularis Jurilj CAS
  21. Mastogloia atacamae Hustedt CAS
  22. Mastogloia atacamae f. elliptica Frenguelli CAS
  23. Mastogloia atacamae f. minor Frenguelli
  24. Mastogloia baculus Hustedt CAS
  25. Mastogloia bahamensis Cleve CAS
  26. Mastogloia bahamensis f. doljensis Jurilj CAS
  27. Mastogloia bahamensis var. sussedana Jurilj CAS
  28. Mastogloia balatonis Pantocsek
  29. Mastogloia baldjikiana Grunow in Schmidt et al. CAS
  30. Mastogloia balkanica Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  31. Mastogloia balteata Voigt CAS
  32. Mastogloia baltica var. citrus {info}
  33. Mastogloia baltica f. denestriata A. Berg CAS
  34. Mastogloia baltjikiana Grunow
  35. Mastogloia baltjikiana var. bullata Cleve
  36. Mastogloia barbadensis (Greville) Cleve CAS
  37. Mastogloia barbadensis f. areata Jurilj CAS
  38. Mastogloia barbadensis var. splendens J. Brun CAS
  39. Mastogloia beaufortiana Hustedt CAS
  40. Mastogloia belaensis Voigt CAS
  41. Mastogloia belaensis var. elliptica Voigt CAS
  42. Mastogloia bellatula Voigt CAS
  43. Mastogloia biapiculata Hustedt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  44. Mastogloia bicuneata Voigt CAS
  45. Mastogloia biornata O'Meara CAS
  46. Mastogloia binotata O'Meara CAS
  47. Mastogloia binotata (Grunow) Cleve CAS
  48. Mastogloia binotata var. atlantica 'Grunow' {err. cit.}
  49. Mastogloia binotata f. cuneata Giffen CAS
  50. Mastogloia binotata f. ovata Voigt CAS
  51. Mastogloia binotata f. sparsipunctata Voigt CAS
  52. Mastogloia biocellata (Grunow) Novarino & Muftah CAS
  53. Mastogloia bipartita Voigt CAS
  54. Mastogloia bisulcata Grunow CAS
  55. Mastogloia borneensis Hustedt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  56. Mastogloia bourrellyana Ricard CAS
  57. Mastogloia braunii Grunow in litteris CAS
  58. Mastogloia braunii var. arguens Proschkina-Lavrenko CAS
  59. Mastogloia braunii f. elongata Voigt CAS
  60. Mastogloia braunii f. minor Schulz CAS
  61. Mastogloia braunii f. minuta Voigt CAS
  62. Mastogloia braunii var. sinensis Skvortzov CAS
  63. Mastogloia brockmannii_('brockmanni') D. Ko\*:nig
  64. Mastogloia brunii Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  65. Mastogloia brunii E.J.F. Wood
  66. Mastogloia canalicula McCall CAS
  67. Mastogloia cannii Kemp & Paddock CAS
  68. Mastogloia capax Mann CAS
  69. Mastogloia achnanthioides Mann CAS
  70. Mastogloia achnanthioides f. constricta Voigt CAS
  71. Mastogloia acuta Grunow in Cleve CAS
  72. Mastogloia acutiuscula Grunow in Cleve CAS
  73. Mastogloia acutiuscula var. labuensis Cleve
  74. Mastogloia acutiuscula var. vairaensis Ricard CAS
  75. Mastogloia admirabilis Voigt CAS
  76. Mastogloia adriatica Voigt CAS
  77. Mastogloia adriatica var. linearis Voigt CAS
  78. Mastogloia affinis Cleve CAS
  79. Mastogloia affirmata (Leuduger-Fortmorel) Cleve CAS
  80. Mastogloia albifrons Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  81. Mastogloia ambigua Østrup CAS
  82. Mastogloia amoena Brun CAS
  83. Mastogloia amoena var. turgida Brun CAS
  84. Mastogloia amoyensis Voigt CAS
  85. Mastogloia amoyensis var. robusta Gonzalves & Gandhi CAS
  86. Mastogloia amphicephala var. humerosa Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  87. Mastogloia amphipleuroidea Voigt CAS
  88. Mastogloia amygdala Leuduger-Fortmorel CAS
  89. Mastogloia andrussowii Pantocsek CAS
  90. Mastogloia capitata Greville CAS
  91. Mastogloia capitata (Brun) Cleve CAS
  92. Mastogloia capitata var. intermedia (Grunow) Voigt CAS
  93. Mastogloia capitata var. lacustris (Grunow) Voigt CAS
  94. Mastogloia castracanei (Pantocsek) Brun
  95. Mastogloia castracani (Pantocsek) Brun {supplanted}
  96. Mastogloia cebuensis Mann CAS
  97. Mastogloia celebensis Voigt CAS
  98. Mastogloia chersonensis Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  99. Mastogloia chersonensis var. linearis Voigt CAS
  100. Mastogloia ciskeiensis Giffen CAS
  101. Mastogloia citroides Ricard CAS
  102. Mastogloia citrus Cleve
  103. Mastogloia citrus Cleve {supplanted}
  104. Mastogloia citrus f. lanceolata Voigt CAS
  105. Mastogloia clevei Brun in Brun & Tempère CAS
  106. Mastogloia closei_('closeii') O'Meara
  107. Mastogloia cocconeiformis Grunow CAS
  108. Mastogloia cocconeiformis var. polynesiae Brun CAS
  109. Mastogloia cocconeiformis f. sussedana Jurilj CAS
  110. Mastogloia composita Voigt CAS
  111. Mastogloia concinna Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  112. Mastogloia constricta Cleve CAS
  113. Mastogloia constricta Hajós CAS
  114. Mastogloia convergens O'Meara CAS
  115. Mastogloia corallum Paddock & Kemp CAS
  116. Mastogloia corsicana var. capitata Meister CAS
  117. Mastogloia corsicana var. constricta M. Møller ex Foged
  118. Mastogloia costata O’Meara CAS
  119. Mastogloia cravenii_('craveni') (Leuduger-Fortmorel) Cleve
  120. Mastogloia cribrosa Grunow
  121. Mastogloia cruciata (Leuduger-Fortmorel) Cleve CAS
  122. Mastogloia cruciata var. elliptica Voigt CAS
  123. Mastogloia crucicula (Grunow) Cleve CAS
  124. Mastogloia cucurbita Voigt CAS
  125. Mastogloia cuspidata Cleve CAS
  126. Mastogloia cuspidata var. punctifera Brun CAS
  127. Mastogloia cycladica Politis CAS
  128. Mastogloia cyclops Voigt CAS
  129. Mastogloia danseyi_('dansei') (Thwaites) Thwaites ex W. Smith
  130. Mastogloia danseyi var. inflata Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  131. Mastogloia danseyi var. limosa Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  132. Mastogloia danseyi var. turgida Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  133. Mastogloia debyi Cleve CAS
  134. Mastogloia decora Leuduger-Fortmorel CAS
  135. Mastogloia decussata Grunow
  136. Mastogloia delamarei Voigt CAS
  137. Mastogloia delicatula Cleve CAS
  138. Mastogloia delicatula Zimmermann CAS
  139. Mastogloia demerecii Jurilj CAS
  140. Mastogloia denizotii_('denizoti') Voigt
  141. Mastogloia desertorum Voigt CAS
  142. Mastogloia detonii ('de toni') Brun
  143. Mastogloia dicephala Voigt CAS
  144. Mastogloia difficilis Meister CAS
  145. Mastogloia discontinua Kemp & Paddock CAS
  146. Mastogloia divergens Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  147. Mastogloia divergens var. linearis Voigt CAS
  148. Mastogloia dogei Cholnoky CAS
  149. Mastogloia doljensis Pantocsek CAS
  150. Mastogloia dolosa Venkataraman CAS
  151. Mastogloia dolosa var. ambigua Gonzalves & Gandhi CAS
  152. Mastogloia drouetiana Patrick CAS
  153. Mastogloia dubia Cleve CAS
  154. Mastogloia dubitabilis Meister CAS
  155. Mastogloia egregia Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  156. Mastogloia electa Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  157. Mastogloia elegans F.W. Lewis CAS
  158. Mastogloia elegans Lewis CAS
  159. Mastogloia elegans Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  160. Mastogloia elliptica (Agardh) Cleve CAS
  161. Mastogloia elliptica var. ampliata A. Berg CAS
  162. Mastogloia elliptica var. australis Cleve CAS
  163. Mastogloia elliptica var. danseyi_('dansei') (Thwaites) Cleve
  164. Mastogloia elliptica f. major Cleve-Euler CAS
  165. Mastogloia elliptica var. punctata Cleve CAS
  166. Mastogloia elliptica var. puncata Cleve in Héribaud CAS
  167. Mastogloia elongata Leuduger-Fortmorel CAS
  168. Mastogloia emarginata Hustedt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  169. Mastogloia entoleia Cleve CAS
  170. Mastogloia erythraea Grunow CAS
  171. Mastogloia erythraea var. biocellata Grunow CAS
  172. Mastogloia erythraea var. elliptica Voigt CAS
  173. Mastogloia erythraea var. grunowii Foged CAS
  174. Mastogloia erythraea var. interrupta (Hantzsch) Cleve
  175. Mastogloia euxina Cleve CAS
  176. Mastogloia exarata Cleve in Schmidt et al. CAS
  177. Mastogloia exarata Cleve CAS
  178. Mastogloia exigua Lewis CAS
  179. Mastogloia exigua f. brevirostris Venkataraman
  180. Mastogloia exigua f. densestriata A. Berg CAS
  181. Mastogloia exigua var. gallica Petit in Schmidt et al. CAS
  182. Mastogloia exigua var. lyrata Heiden & Kolbe CAS
  183. Mastogloia exigua var. rostellata Cleve-Euler CAS
  184. Mastogloia exilissima Giffen CAS
  185. Mastogloia fallax Cleve CAS
  186. Mastogloia fallax f. biloculis Foged CAS
  187. Mastogloia falsa Voigt CAS
  188. Mastogloia fimbriata (Brightwell) Grunow CAS
  189. Mastogloia fimbriata var. paucicamerata Jurilj CAS
  190. Mastogloia flexuosa Cleve CAS
  191. Mastogloia floridana Cleve CAS
  192. Mastogloia floridea Cleve CAS
  193. Mastogloia foliolum Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  194. Mastogloia formosa Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  195. Mastogloia funafutensis Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  196. Mastogloia fusiformis Mann CAS
  197. Mastogloia gallica (W. Smith) Cleve CAS
  198. Mastogloia gibbosa Brun CAS
  199. Mastogloia gibbosa var. orientalis Voigt CAS
  200. Mastogloia gieskesii Cholnoky CAS
  201. Mastogloia gieskesii var. elliptica Cholnoky CAS
  202. Mastogloia gilbertii_('gilberti') Schmidt
  203. Mastogloia goesii (Cleve) Cleve CAS
  204. Mastogloia gomphonemoides var. cuneata Meister CAS
  205. Mastogloia gracillima Hustedt CAS
  206. Mastogloia grana Ricrad CAS
  207. Mastogloia gregorii Ricard CAS
  208. Mastogloia grevillei W. Smith in Gregory CAS
  209. Mastogloia grevillei W. Smith
  210. Mastogloia grevillei var. bacillaris [Brun] {in syn}
  211. Mastogloia grevillei var. duplopunctata Schulz CAS
  212. Mastogloia grevillei var. elliptica Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  213. Mastogloia grevillei var. genevensis Brun CAS
  214. Mastogloia grevillei var. sinica Skvortzov CAS
  215. Mastogloia grevillei var. subconstricta Pantocsek CAS
  216. Mastogloia grovei Cleve CAS
  217. Mastogloia grovei var. rhombica Cleve CAS
  218. Mastogloia gruendleri ('gründleri') Schmidt
  219. Mastogloia grunovii Schmidt
  220. Mastogloia guillardii_('guillardi') Carpenter
  221. Mastogloia habensis Voigt CAS
  222. Mastogloia hainanensis Voigt CAS
  223. Mastogloia halophila J. John
  224. Mastogloia harrisonii Cholnoky CAS
  225. Mastogloia hillabyana Brun CAS
  226. Mastogloia horvathiana Grunow CAS
  227. Mastogloia hulburti Carpenter CAS
  228. Mastogloia hustedtii Meister CAS
  229. Mastogloia hustedtiana Simonsen CAS
  230. Mastogloia imitatrix Mann CAS
  231. Mastogloia imperfecta Cleve CAS
  232. Mastogloia inaequalis Cleve CAS
  233. Mastogloia indica Brun CAS
  234. Mastogloia indica Meister CAS
  235. Mastogloia indonesiana Voigt
  236. Mastogloia intermedia Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  237. Mastogloia interrupta Hantzsch in Rabenhorst CAS
  238. Mastogloia intersecta Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  239. Mastogloia intrita Voigt CAS
  240. Mastogloia jaoi Voigt CAS
  241. Mastogloia japonica Cleve CAS
  242. Mastogloia japonica var. subrostrata Voigt CAS
  243. Mastogloia javanica Cleve in Schmidt et al. CAS
  244. Mastogloia jelineckiana Grunow CAS
  245. Mastogloia jelineckiana (Grunow) [Grunow]
  246. Mastogloia jelineckiana var. italica Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  247. Mastogloia jelineckiana var. rostellata Grunow CAS
  248. Mastogloia jelinekii_('jelineckii') (Grunow) Grunow
  249. Mastogloia jelineckii var. extensa Voigt
  250. Mastogloia jelineckii var. fossilis Cleve CAS
  251. Mastogloia jelineckii var. marina (Janisch & Rabenhorst) Cleve CAS
  252. Mastogloia jelineckii var. rostellata Grunow {err. cit.}
  253. Mastogloia jobii Voigt CAS
  254. Mastogloia kariana Grunow in Cleve & Grunow CAS
  255. Mastogloia kelleri_('kellerii') (Pantocsek) Cleve
  256. Mastogloia kelleri Brun CAS
  257. Mastogloia kerguelenensis Castracane CAS
  258. Mastogloia kinkeri ('kinkerii') Pantocsek CAS
  259. Mastogloia kinsmanii Lewis CAS
  260. Mastogloia kjellmanii Cleve CAS
  261. Mastogloia labuensis Cleve
  262. Mastogloia labuensis Cleve in Schmidt et al. CAS
  263. Mastogloia lacrimata Voigt CAS
  264. Mastogloia lacustris var. alpina Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  265. Mastogloia lacustris var. canadensis Woodhead & Tweed CAS
  266. Mastogloia lacustris var. conifera Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  267. Mastogloia laminaris (Ehrenberg) Grunow in Cleve & Moller CAS
  268. Mastogloia laminaris var. intermedia Cleve CAS
  269. Mastogloia lamprostricta (Greville) J. Brun CAS
  270. Mastogloia lamprostricta var. adamantina J. Brun CAS
  271. Mastogloia lancea Jurilj CAS
  272. Mastogloia lanceolata Thwaites in W. Smith CAS
  273. Mastogloia lanceolata f. aequalis A. Berg CAS
  274. Mastogloia lanceolata var. hungarica Pantocsek CAS
  275. Mastogloia lanceolata var. minuta Grunow CAS
  276. Mastogloia lanceolata f. radiolata Proschkina-Lavrenko CAS
  277. Mastogloia lanceolata var. rostrata M. Peragallo CAS
  278. Mastogloia lanceolata var. subelliptica Proschkina-Lavrenko CAS
  279. Mastogloia lancettula Cleve CAS
  280. Mastogloia lancettula f. miocena Brun CAS
  281. Mastogloia latericia (Schmidt) Cleve
  282. Mastogloia laterostrata f. lanceolata Voigt CAS
  283. Mastogloia lemniscata Leuduger-Fortmorel CAS
  284. Mastogloia lentiformis Voigt CAS
  285. Mastogloia leudugeri Cleve & Grove
  286. Mastogloia levis Voigt CAS
  287. Mastogloia liaotungensis Voigt CAS
  288. Mastogloia linearis Simonsen CAS
  289. Mastogloia lineata Cleve & Grove CAS
  290. Mastogloia lineata var. furcillata Voigt CAS
  291. Mastogloia lineolata Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  292. Mastogloia lunula Voigt CAS
  293. Mastogloia macdonaldii Greville CAS
  294. Mastogloia maculosa Meister CAS
  295. Mastogloia magellani Voigt CAS
  296. Mastogloia malayensis Hustedt CAS
  297. Mastogloia malayensis var. robusta Manguin CAS
  298. Mastogloia mammosa Voigt CAS
  299. Mastogloia manca A. Schmidt CAS
  300. Mastogloia manguini Voigt CAS
  301. Mastogloia manguinii Cholnoky CAS
  302. Mastogloia manokwariensis Cholnoky CAS
  303. Mastogloia marginulata Grunow CAS
  304. Mastogloia marmorata Jurilj CAS
  305. Mastogloia mauritiana Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  306. Mastogloia mauritiana var. capitata Voigt CAS
  307. Mastogloia mauritiana var. rostrata Voigt CAS
  308. Mastogloia maxima Grunow in litteris CAS
  309. Mastogloia mediterranea var. elliptica Voigt CAS
  310. Mastogloia meleagris (Kützing) Grunow CAS
  311. Mastogloia meleagris var. undulata (Grunow) Rabenhorst CAS
  312. Mastogloia meridiana Voigt CAS
  313. Mastogloia minuta Greville CAS
  314. Mastogloia minutissima Voigt CAS
  315. Mastogloia modesta Voigt CAS
  316. Mastogloia muradii Voigt CAS
  317. Mastogloia muralis Voigt CAS
  318. Mastogloia naviculoides (Greville) J. Brun CAS
  319. Mastogloia naviculoides var. miocena J. Brun CAS
  320. Mastogloia nebulosa Voigt CAS
  321. Mastogloia neogena Pantocsek CAS
  322. Mastogloia neomauritiana Paddock & Kemp CAS
  323. Mastogloia noosaensis Foged CAS
  324. Mastogloia notata (Pantocsek) Cleve CAS
  325. Mastogloia notata Meister CAS
  326. Mastogloia nova Voigt CAS
  327. Mastogloia nuiensis Ricard CAS
  328. Mastogloia oamaruensis Cleve CAS
  329. Mastogloia obesa Cleve CAS
  330. Mastogloia obesa var. polynesiae Brun CAS
  331. Mastogloia obliqua Hagelstein CAS
  332. Mastogloia obscura Leuduger-Fortmorel CAS
  333. Mastogloia obtusa Pantocsek CAS
  334. Mastogloia obtusa var. fluvialis Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  335. Mastogloia occulta Voigt CAS
  336. Mastogloia oculiformis Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  337. Mastogloia oliffii Cholnoky CAS
  338. Mastogloia omissa Voigt CAS
  339. Mastogloia orientalis Voigt CAS
  340. Mastogloia oestrupii ('østrupi') Schulz
  341. Mastogloia ovalis Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  342. Mastogloia ovalis var. areata Jurilj CAS
  343. Mastogloia ovata Grunow CAS
  344. Mastogloia ovata Grunow CAS
  345. Mastogloia ovum-paschale (A. Schmidt) Mann CAS
  346. Mastogloia pacifica Brun CAS
  347. Mastogloia paludium Voigt CAS
  348. Mastogloia panduriformis Cleve CAS
  349. Mastogloia panduriformis Voigt CAS
  350. Mastogloia paracelsiana Voigt CAS
  351. Mastogloia paradoxa Grunow in Cleve CAS
  352. Mastogloia paradoxa var. convexa Voigt CAS
  353. Mastogloia paradoxa var. tenera Proschkina-Lavrenko CAS
  354. Mastogloia parvula Østrup CAS
  355. Mastogloia patrickiae_('patrickae') Hustedt
  356. Mastogloia peracuta Janisch in Schmidt et al. CAS
  357. Mastogloia peragalloi_('peragalli') Cleve
  358. Mastogloia peragalloi var. circumnodosa Brun
  359. Mastogloia perfecta Ricard
  360. Mastogloia pernotata Mereschkowsky CAS
  361. Mastogloia pethoi Pantocsek {pethoi with o double acute} CAS
  362. Mastogloia pisciculus Cleve CAS
  363. Mastogloia pisciculus var. staurophora Ricard CAS
  364. Mastogloia polynesiae Brun CAS
  365. Mastogloia pontica Alexeenko CAS
  366. Mastogloia portieriana_('portierana') Grunow
  367. Mastogloia praecincta Voigt CAS
  368. Mastogloia pseudexilis Voigt CAS
  369. Mastogloia pseudexigua Cholnoky CAS
  370. Mastogloia pseudexigua var. capitata Cholnoky CAS
  371. {scanning error}
  372. Mastogloia pseudobalteata Novarino CAS
  373. Mastogloia pseudocruciata Voigt CAS
  374. Mastogloia pseudoelegans Hustedt CAS
  375. Mastogloia pseudolacrimata T.A. Yohn & R. A. Gibson CAS
  376. Mastogloia pseudolatecostata Yohn & Gibson CAS
  377. Mastogloia pseudolatericia Voigt CAS
  378. Mastogloia pseudomauritiana Voigt CAS
  379. Mastogloia pulchella Cleve CAS
  380. Mastogloia pumila f. africana Giffen CAS
  381. Mastogloia pumila var. capensis Cholnoky CAS
  382. Mastogloia pumila f. densestriata Berg
  383. Mastogloia pumila var. papuarum Cholnoky CAS
  384. Mastogloia pumila var. rennellensis Foged CAS
  385. Mastogloia pumila var. sinensis Skvortzov CAS
  386. Mastogloia pumila var. tetramera Frenguelli CAS
  387. Mastogloia punctatissima (Greville) Ricard CAS
  388. Mastogloia punctifera Brun CAS
  389. Mastogloia pusilla Grunow CAS
  390. Mastogloia pusilla var. linearis Østrup CAS
  391. Mastogloia pusilla var. subrhombica Proschkina-Lavrenko CAS
  392. Mastogloia pygmaea Meister CAS
  393. Mastogloia quadrinotata Østrup CAS
  394. Mastogloia quinquecostata Grunow CAS
  395. Mastogloia quinquecostata var. concinna (Schmidt) Cleve
  396. Mastogloia quinquecostata var. elongata Grove in A. Schmidt CAS
  397. Mastogloia quinquecostata var. elongata (Leuduger-Fortmorel) Cleve CAS
  398. Mastogloia quinquecostata f. kerguelenensis (Castracane) Cleve CAS
  399. Mastogloia quinquecostata f. minor Van Heurck CAS
  400. Mastogloia quinquecostata var. neapolitana Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  401. Mastogloia quinquecostata var. rhombica Cleve CAS
  402. Mastogloia quinquecostata var. tropicalis Brun in A. Schmidt CAS
  403. Mastogloia radians Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  404. Mastogloia recta Hustedt CAS
  405. Mastogloia recta var. kolhapurensis Sarode & Kamat CAS
  406. Mastogloia recta var. nagpurensis Sarode & Kamat CAS
  407. Mastogloia recta var. pulchella Voigt CAS
  408. Mastogloia reimeri John CAS
  409. Mastogloia remota Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  410. Mastogloia reticulata (Grunow) Grunow CAS
  411. Mastogloia reticulata var. japonica Brun in Brun & Tempère CAS
  412. Mastogloia rhombica Cleve CAS
  413. Mastogloia rhomboidalis Pantocsek CAS
  414. Mastogloia rhombulus Cleve CAS
  415. Mastogloia rigidula Voigt CAS
  416. Mastogloia rimosa Cleve CAS
  417. Mastogloia robusta var. subconstricta Voigt CAS
  418. Mastogloia rogallii Jurilj CAS
  419. Mastogloia rostellata (Grunow) Grunow
  420. Mastogloia rugosa Tempère & Brun in Brun & Tempère CAS
  421. Mastogloia rugosa Voigt CAS
  422. Mastogloia rutilans Brun CAS
  423. Mastogloia sagitta-cupidinis ('sagitta cupidinis') J. Brun CAS
  424. Mastogloia sancti-johannis Hagelstein
  425. Mastogloia sandae Jurilj CAS
  426. Mastogloia sansibarica Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  427. Mastogloia sarmae Sarode & Kamat CAS
  428. Mastogloia sarmatica Jurilj CAS
  429. Mastogloia savensis Jurilj CAS
  430. Mastogloia schmidtii Heiden & Kolbe
  431. Mastogloia serians Brun CAS
  432. Mastogloia serians Voigt CAS
  433. Mastogloia seriata Cleve & Grove CAS
  434. Mastogloia serrata Voigt CAS
  435. Mastogloia seyshellensis Grunow
  436. Mastogloia sigillata Voigt CAS
  437. Mastogloia signata Konig CAS
  438. Mastogloia simplex Konig CAS
  439. Mastogloia singaporensis Voigt CAS
  440. Mastogloia sinuata Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  441. Mastogloia sirbonensis Ehrlich CAS
  442. Mastogloia smithii Thwaites ex W. Smith
  443. Mastogloia smithii var. abnormis Grunow CAS
  444. Mastogloia smithii var. capitata (Greville) E.J.F. Wood CAS
  445. Mastogloia smithii var. capitata O'Meara CAS
  446. Mastogloia smithii var. doljensis Pantocsek CAS
  447. Mastogloia smithii var. elliptica M. Peragallo CAS
  448. Mastogloia smithii var. grevillei ('grevilli') (W. Smith) [Brun]
  449. Mastogloia smithii var. heteroloculata Ehrlich CAS
  450. Mastogloia smithii var. intermedia Grunow CAS
  451. Mastogloia smithii var. lacustris Grunow CAS
  452. Mastogloia smithii var. lanceolata Brun CAS
  453. Mastogloia smithii var. lanceolata Grunow in Cleve CAS
  454. Mastogloia smithii var. pusilla Grunw {info}
  455. Mastogloia smithii f. strigosa A. Berg CAS
  456. Mastogloia spinosa Jurilj CAS
  457. Mastogloia splendens Brun CAS
  458. Mastogloia splendida (Gregory) H. Peragallo CAS
  459. Mastogloia splendida var. sparsepunctata Mereschkowsky CAS
  460. Mastogloia splendida var. tristani Cleve-Euler CAS
  461. Mastogloia squamosa Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  462. Mastogloia stefaninii Frenguelli CAS
  463. Mastogloia stephensiana Yohn & Gibson CAS
  464. Mastogloia striata Meister CAS
  465. Mastogloia sturdyi Paddock & Kemp CAS
  466. Mastogloia subaffirmata Hustedt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  467. Mastogloia subapiculata Voigt CAS
  468. Mastogloia subaspera Hustedt
  469. {Scanning error}
  470. Mastogloia subaspera var. producta Voigt CAS
  471. Mastogloia sublanceolata Voigt CAS
  472. Mastogloia sublatericia var. elongata Voigt CAS
  473. Mastogloia submarginata Cleve & Grunow in Cleve CAS
  474. Mastogloia subminuta Hustedt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  475. Mastogloia suborbicularis Leuduger-Fortmorel CAS
  476. Mastogloia subrobusta Hustedt CAS
  477. Mastogloia sulcata Cleve CAS
  478. Mastogloia szontaghii Pantocsek CAS
  479. Mastogloia taeniata (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst CAS
  480. Mastogloia tautirensis Ricard CAS
  481. Mastogloia temperei Cleve in Tempere CAS
  482. Mastogloia testudinea Voigt CAS
  483. Mastogloia testudinea f. rostrata Ricard CAS
  484. Mastogloia thaitiana Castracane CAS
  485. Mastogloia tortilis Brun CAS
  486. Mastogloia trachyneis Mereschkowsky CAS
  487. Mastogloia trivolva Brun in Schmidt et al. CAS
  488. Mastogloia tropica Hustedt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  489. Mastogloia tumescens Schmidt in Schmidt et al. CAS
  490. Mastogloia tumidula Frenguelli CAS
  491. Mastogloia tuscula (Ehrenberg) Hajós CAS
  492. Mastogloia umbilicata Voigt CAS
  493. Mastogloia umbra Paddock & Kemp CAS
  494. Mastogloia undulata Grunow CAS
  495. Mastogloia unica Voigt CAS
  496. Mastogloia variata Voigt CAS
  497. Mastogloia viperina Voigt CAS
  498. Mastogloia voigtii ('voigti') Meister
  499. Mastogloia voukii Jurilj CAS
  500. Mastogloia vulnerata Voigt CAS
  501. Mastogloia woodiana Taylor CAS
  502. Mastogloia woodiana var. lanceolata (Wallich) Taylor CAS
  503. Mastogloia wrightii (O'Meara) Cleve CAS
  504. Mastogloia yenii Voigt CAS
  505. Mastogloia zonulata Voigt CAS
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