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Index Nominum Algarum

Bibliographia Phycologica Universalis

Here's what you can do.

  1. Help fill out the indexes once in a while. If you take a little time to write in the name from a card you just looked at, you (and everyone else) will be able to navigate more easily. Index data is logged and backed up, so your work will not be lost.
    Here are some index access and modification statistics
  2. Adopt an index! Note that some indexes are fairly complete. These have been made with Optical Character Recognition. Correcting OCR indexes is more time-consuming than generating them. If you would like to work on an index that hasn't yet been made, I can send you a raw OCR file, and you can clean it up. Indexes that include names proposed by Ehrenberg are being completed by Regine Jahn of the AlgaTerra-Project. Some of the diatom name indexes are being completed by Elisabeth Fourtanier of the California Academy of Sciences.
  3. Let us know if something doesn't work, or if you want something done differently.
  4. Please send me e-mail and let me know how you are using the INA.
  5. Send reprints of your own work to:
    Paul Silva
    Center for Phycological Documentation
    University Herbarium
    1001 VLSB #2465
    University of California
    Berkeley, CA, USA 94720-2465