}Bryophytes in Huckleberry{

The Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve is located in the Oakland hills. It includes a number of different habitats from chaparral to oak/bay woodland. A number of different bryophytes can be found at this park and can serve as an good introduction to bryophytes that live in the East Bay.

Identifying bryophytes can be a little intimidating at first. But don't fear, there are a number of useful resources for the beginning bryologist. The recent works by Norris & Shevock (2004a,b) are by far the most useful. However, keys and descriptions in Lawton (1971) and Flowers (1973) can also be used to identify bryophytes in California.

It is often difficult to get a sense of what to look for when beginning to identify any organism. To aid amateur bryologists in the East Bay, this website contains a list and pictures of most of the bryophytes that are found in Huckleberry. Hopefully these pictures will aid in the often challenging process of identification.

Huckleberry Bryophyte List and Images

More information, including directions to Huckleberry Preserve can be found here.

Definitions of bryological terms can be found at the Missouri Botanical Garden bryological glossary website.


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