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1' Staminodes generally present (see Brodiaea santarosae)

2. Staminodes thread-like or narrow, uniformly  base to tip

3. Perianth 13–28 mm; filaments 0.5–1.5 mm; staminodes 1–4 mm,  against perianth ..... B. filifolia

3' Perianth 24–36.5 mm; filaments 2.4–8.2 mm; staminodes 0 in ± 10% of flowers, or <= 7 mm,  to  or reflexed, the shorter against perianth ..... B. santarosae

2' Staminodes  to , uniformly wide or abruptly narrowed at tip

4. Perianth tube narrowed above ovary

5. Staminode tips erect to margins 3/4 inrolled; stamens narrow-notched at apex between anther sacs; filaments T-shaped in ×-section

6. Perianth violet, outer midribs of  red-violet ..... B. minor

6' Perianth pink (white), outer midribs of lobes green –  tips and inner midribs often rose-pink ..... B. matsonii

5' Staminode tips erect, margins flat to 1/2 inrolled; stamens wide-notched between anther sacs; filaments V- or Y-shaped in ×-section

7. Perianth lobes not paler toward base; perianth tube narrowed above ovary; staminodes in width < outer perianth lobes ..... B. nana

7' Perianth lobes paler toward base; perianth tube ± narrowed above ovary; staminodes in width >= outer perianth lobes ..... B. pallida

4' Perianth tube not narrowed above ovary

8. Staminodes generally > 15 mm

9. Staminode margins wavy or toothed, 1/4–1/2 inrolled, midrib not noticeably thickened ..... B. californica

9' Staminode margins generally flat, 1/4 inrolled, midrib noticeably thickened

10. Perianth lobes violet with green midrib; staminodes 14.5–21.5 mm; style 15.5–23.5 mm ..... B. leptandra

10' Perianth lobes violet (pink); staminodes 20.5–30 mm; style 20–31.5 mm ..... B. sierrae

8' Staminodes < 15 mm

11. Perianth <= 25(28) mm; filaments <= 3 mm, channeled abaxially,  1–2 mm fused with staminodes; style generally < ovary

12. Staminodes held away from stamens, tip narrowed abruptly to sharp point ..... B. kinkiensis

12' Staminodes leaning toward or  to stamens, tip  or notched

13. Perianth lobes spreading; staminodes not hooded at tip, appressed to stamens, margins 1/4–3/4 inrolled ..... B. insignis

13' Perianth lobes ; staminodes hooded at tip, leaning toward stamens, margins not to 1/4 incurved

14. Staminodes violet or white, in width < perianth lobes; filament appendages 0; ovary purple or green ..... B. jolonensis

14' Staminodes white, in width = perianth lobes; filament abaxial wings extended at tip as 2 wide, white appendages; ovary green ..... B. stellaris

11' Perianth (15)21.5–47 mm; filaments generally >= 3 mm, flat to convex abaxially, free from staminodes to base; style generally >= ovary

15. Perianth tube ; staminodes held away from, < stamens ..... B. elegans subsp. elegans

15' Perianth tube  to bell-shaped; staminodes leaning toward or appressed to, > stamens

16. Staminode margins wavy or toothed; filaments with 2 thread-like appendages at anther bases ..... B. appendiculata

16' Staminode margins not wavy or toothed; filament appendages 0

17. Perianth lobes white, pink, or pale or dark violet, occasionally streaked purple; staminodes bottle-shaped (widest at base, middle), margins inrolled ..... B. rosea

18. Perianth tube <= 10(11.6) mm, lobes <= 16(20) mm; style <= 7(8.7) mm; staminodes recurving above middle as flowers age, > (1.5)3 mm longer than stamens; on serpentine (se KR, NCoRI) or volcanic soils (CaR, MP) ..... B. rosea subsp. rosea

18' Perianth tube >= (9)11 mm, lobes >= (14)19 mm; style >= (7)8 mm; staminodes recurving near tips as flowers age, < 1.5(3) mm longer than stamens; on old alluvial soils (n SNF, e GV) ..... B. rosea subsp. vallicola

17' Perianth lobes violet; staminodes oblong, margins incurved, often to tip (flat or incurved below tip in Brodiaea coronaria)

19. Scape 0.5–7 cm, generally < ; anther tips generally reflexed, with  lobe in notch ..... B. terrestris subsp. terrestris

19' Scape 2–30 cm, generally > pedicels; anther tips erect to reflexed, generally without dentate lobe in notch

20. Staminodes generally white, margins flat or incurved below tip, tips erect to reflexed, obtuse ..... B. coronaria

20' Staminodes violet (white), margins incurved, often to tip, tips erect, notched or with small  ..... B. terrestris subsp. kernensis


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