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1. Annual

2. Corolla tube 15–25 mm;  2–5 cm; plant white-woolly ..... S. carduacea

2' Corolla tube 6–8 mm; bract < ± 1 cm; plant short-hairy ..... S. columbariae

1' Perennial herb to shrub

3. Leaf spine-tipped

4. Leaf white-woolly, short-petioled, generally deciduousspines in 1–2 pairs or 0 on marginscalyx  triangular, white-woolly ..... S. funerea

4' Leaf green-tomentose,  or short-petioled, persistent, spines in 2–7 pairs on margins; calyx lobes , not white-woolly ..... S. greatae

3' Leaf not spine-tipped

5. Perennial herb;  ± green

6. Corolla tube red to salmon, 25–35 mm, upper lip straight; calyx hairs short, white ..... S. spathacea

6' Corolla tube pale yellow or violet-blue (white), 10–20 mm, upper lip arched; calyx soft-wavy-hairy and glandular, to white-woolly

7. Corolla tube pale yellow; calyx white-woolly ..... S. aethiopis

7' Corolla tube violet-blue (white); calyx soft-wavy-hairy and glandular ..... S. virgata

5' Subshrub or shrub (perennial herb); leaf ± green to ± gray-white

8. Stamens  to ± 

9. Leaf  to linear-elliptic, margins rolled under, abaxially with branched hairs; heterostylous ..... S. brandegeei

9' Leaf oblanceolate to oblong-elliptic or obovate, margins not or only ± rolled under, abaxially with  hairs; not heterostylous

10. Corolla tube white to pale blue or lavender (pale rose); flower clusters 1.6–4 cm wide; leaf oblong-elliptic to obovate ..... S. mellifera

10' Corolla tube dark blue; flower clusters 1–1.5 cm wide; leaf oblanceolate to obovate ..... S. munzii

8' Stamens generally exserted

11. Lower corolla lip generally > 2 × upper; hairs simple

12. Leaf generally ± green, or ± gray from ± bristly hairs; inflorescence generally < 5 dm

13. Erect shrub; leaf linear; corolla tube white to pale lilac ..... S. eremostachya

13' Prostrate subshrub; leaf lance-elliptic to obovate; corolla tube blue to lilac or purple ..... S. sonomensis

12' Leaf ± gray-velvety from minute  hairs; inflorescence generally > 10 dm

14. Leaf  base ; calyx lobes ± or not spine-tipped; flowers in ± spike-like clusters, arranged in ± raceme-like, interrupted  ..... S. apiana

14' Leaf blade base ±  to tapered; calyx lobes spine-tipped; flower clusters in ± spike-like, interrupted panicles ..... S. vaseyi

11' Lower corolla lip < 2 × upper; hairs simple or branched

15. Width of middle lower corolla  < 1/2 length; leaf puckered, teeth rounded, hairs simple or branched, moderately dense to sparse, 

16. Leaf blade base ± truncate to ± ; leaf ashy-gray, hairs branched; tissue between anther sacs glabrous ..... S. leucophylla

16' Leaf blade base tapered to ± truncate; leaf yellow- to gray-green, hairs simple; tissue between anther sacs glandular-hairy

17. Bracts dark, firm, < calyx; spikes of 1–3 flower clusters ..... S. clevelandii

17' Bracts pale to dark, papery, >> calyx; flower clusters generally 1 per flower stem ..... S. mohavensis

15' Width of middle lower corolla lobe >= length; leaf not puckered, ± , scaly or hairs simple, very dense, appressed

18. Corolla tube blue-violet to rose, generally 13–23 mm; bract 10–20 mm; leaf 2–5 cm ..... S. pachyphylla

18' Corolla tube blue (purple to rose, or white), generally 6–13 mm; bract 5–12(14) mm; leaf 0.4–3 cm ..... S. dorrii

19. Bract, calyx abaxially soft-shaggy-hairy or scaly, margin hairs long ..... var. pilosa

19' Bract, calyx glabrous to scaly, margin hairs generally short

20. Leaf abruptly narrowed to , 0.6–2 cm, widest 0.2–1.3 cm from base ..... var. dorrii

20' Leaf tapered to petiole, 1–4 cm, widest 0.6–2.8 cm from base ..... var. incana


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