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1. Perianth ± yellow; filaments ± completely free (sect. Echthronema)

2. Stem generally 2–7 mm wide; perianth generally 11–18 mm ..... S. californicum

2' Stem generally < 2 mm wide; perianth generally 7–11 mm

3. Pedicels  to drooping in fruit; fruit generally widest near or above middle ..... S. elmeri

3' Pedicels  to  in fruit; fruit generally widest at middle ..... S. longipes

1' Perianth ± blue to violet (white), parts generally with a  yellow blotch; filaments ± completely fused (sect. Sisyrinchium)

4. Stem branched; leaves cauline at >= 1 

5. Translucent margins of inner  not extended above tip; perianth deep blue-purple to -violet or pale blue, occasionally white, 10.5–17 mm, outer parts generally widely wedge-shaped; w California ..... S. bellum

5' Translucent margins of inner bract extended above tip as 2 rounded teeth; perianth generally pale blue, 10–15 mm, outer parts generally narrowly wedge-shaped; ne DMoj ..... S. funereum

4' Stem unbranched; leaves all ± basal

6. Rhizome elongate; perianth ± purple, base darker ..... S. hitchcockii

6' Rhizome compact; perianth light to dark violet-blue (white), base not darker, with yellow blotch

7. Inner bract ± = outer, with widely translucent margins extended above tip as 2 rounded teeth; outer perianth parts generally wedge-shaped ..... S. halophilum

7' Inner bract << outer, with ± narrowly translucent margins ended at or below tip; outer perianth parts generally  to narrowly oblanceolate ..... S. idahoense

8. Stem 2–2.5 mm wide, distal margins generally with a few small teeth; outer perianth parts 13–17(20) mm ..... var. idahoense

8' Stem 1.5–2 mm wide, distal margins generally ; outer perianth parts 8–13 mm ..... var. occidentale



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