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1. Sepal obviously bearded ..... I. germanica

1' Sepal not obviously bearded

2. Perianth tube > 30 mm

3. Cauline leaves bract-like

4. Perianth pale cream-yellow with prominent brown-violet veins, rose-violet with darker veins, or ± white with rose veins; stigmas , ± rounded, or 2-lobed ..... I. purdyi

4' Flowers pale yellow or cream with same color (or ± red) veins; stigmas triangular or tongue-shaped ..... I. tenuissima subsp. purdyiformis

3' Cauline leaves similar to 

5. Stigmas tongue-shaped, tip rounded;  2–5 mm diam

6. Stigmas perianth parts  or narrowly elliptic; stem generally < 1 dm ..... I. chrysophylla

6' Stigmas finely toothed; perianth parts widely oblanceolate; stem >= 1 dm ..... I. tenuissima subsp. tenuissima

5' Stigmas triangular, tip ; rhizome 4–9 mm diam

7. Perianth tube ; basal leaves >= 6 mm wide ..... I. fernaldii

7' Perianth tube abruptly inflated at top (bowl-like); basal leaves <= 6 mm wide ..... I. macrosiphon

2' Perianth tube < 30 mm

8. Stigmas 2-lobed; rhizomes 9–30 mm diam; cauline leaves bract-like for at least 2/3 length

9. Lowest bracts ; moist, coastal prairie or open coastal forest; flowers 3–6, lilac-purple ..... I. longipetala

9' Lowest bracts ; seasonally wet sites; flowers 1–2, pale lilac to ± white, or 2–9, brown, red-brown, or green

10. Basal leaves 25–35 mm wide; bracts not scarious; flowers 2–9, pale yellow to brown, red-brown, or green, veined green or red-brown ..... I. foetidissima

10' Basal leaves 3–9 mm wide; bracts generally scarious; flowers 1–2, pale lilac to ± white, veined lilac-purple ..... I. missouriensis

8' Stigmas triangular, tongue-shaped, or rounded; rhizomes 1–12 mm or 30–40 mm diam; cauline leaves bract-like or similar to basal

11. Stigmas rounded; basal leaves 20–35 mm wide; rhizomes 30–40 mm diam; wetlands ..... I. pseudacorus

11' Stigmas triangular or tongue-shaped; basal leaves 2–20 mm wide; rhizomes 1–12 mm diam; dry slopes (moist meadows)

12. Cauline leaves bract-like for at least 2/3 of length

13. Perianth tube <= 10 mm; cauline leaves overlapped; flowers generally 2 ..... I. bracteata

13' Perianth tube > 10 mm; cauline leaves generally not overlapped; flowers 1–2

14. Lowest bracts ovary triangular, clearly winged

15. Ovary clearly winged; perianth with deep maroon or ± brown veins ..... I. tenax subsp. klamathensis

15' Ovary triangular but not winged; perianth lacking dark veins ..... I. hartwegii subsp. pinetorum

14' Lowest bracts enclosing perianth tube; ovary rounded or triangular, not winged

16. Flowers generally golden yellow; ovary rounded; petals elliptic ..... I. innominata

16' Flowers generally lavender to blue, occasionally ± white; ovary triangular; petals obovate ..... I. thompsonii

12' Cauline leaves similar to basal

17. Flowers pale cream to yellow or gold-yellow, veined gold or bright yellow or not

18. Flowers 3; outer  9–15 cm; perianth tube 11–15 mm ..... I. hartwegii subsp. columbiana

18' Flowers 2; outer bract 6–11 cm; perianth tube 5–10 mm ..... I. hartwegii subsp. hartwegii

17' Flowers blue to lavender or purple (white or pale cream), with cream or ± white throat or not

19. Basal leaves 7–10 mm wide; flowers 2; dry slopes ..... I. hartwegii subsp. australis

19' Basal leaves 10–22 mm wide; flowers generally > 2; grassy sites

20. Stem generally branched, flowers 2/branch; coastal plains ..... I. douglasiana

20' Stem unbranched, flowers 3; wet grassy sites in s SN ..... I. munzii


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